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Interracial Gloryhole Initiations

Studio: Shane's World » Review by Vincent Pierce » Review Date: 2/14/10

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Genre: Gloryhole, Interracial, Straight

Director:  ???

Cast: Allison Wyte, Andi Anderson, Ashton Pierce, Jenna Moretti, Jessi Stone, Katie St. Ives, Missy Woods, Sadie West, Sarah Vandella, Stephanie Wylde

Date of Production: 12/16/09

Length:  ???

Audio/Video: The audio is standard, but clear quality. The video is in a widescreen format, but I'm not sure the ratio of it. The picture quality is good.

Overview: As the title states, this is an interracial gloryhole DVD. It involves an all white female cast enjoying straight sex with anonymous black men through a hole in a bathroom stall (called a gloryhole). Gloryholes are a rather kinky form of porn where females perform various sexual acts on guys they can't even see.

Scene 1: Stephanie Wylde

The scene starts of with a rather cougar/milf looking Stephanie Wylde observing the writing on the walls of the gloryhole. The whole time she keeps talking to the camera man, so you can pretty much figure this is a staged gloryhole event, unlike a real gloryhole. Stephanie strips down to nothing, and plays with herself for a bit before a large black cock makes it's appearance through the hole in the wall. She doesn't waste time, and gets down to business sucking, and doing some doggystyle. The scene ends with Stephanie taking a mouthfull of man juice. Although this scene was obviously staged, it wasn't that bad. The big plus was that they didn't show the guy.

Scene 2: Katie St. Ives

Katie St. Ives is one foxy girl. She starts off with a short tease, fingering herself on the toilet located in the stall. Soon enough she was greeted by a monster of a cock. At first I was thinking there's no way she's going to get this beast inside her like the girl in the scene before, but let me tell you, I was dead wrong! Before that happened, though, Katie did some rather playful sucking ... she couldn't deepthroat the massive man meat, but she did give it a good try. Katie tried several times to get that massive cock inside of her, but she just couldn't seem to mount it right. The feisty girl didn't give up though, and finally got in a good position for some pussy pounding. The girl just didn't give up, and her reward was a nice, large load on her tongue which she happily consumed. I believe Katie St. Ives is the true star of this DVD!

Scene 3: Missy Woods

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Missy Woods, a quite attractive, tall blonde makes her way into the gloryhole briefly observing the writings on the wall. Like the girls before her Missy undresses and plays with herself a bit. Missy has a look of surprise when she sees the massive cock that makes it's way through the hole. This reaction is quickly replaced by her lustful hunger, as she tries hard to get the huge cock down her throat (but fails miserably). I don't know what it is but these girls all seem to have a bit of trouble getting the massive cocks inside of them, and Missy was no exception as she tried hard for a good while before she succeded. After a little doggystyle through the gloryhole wall, Missy drops to her knees and tugs on the large cock in front of her ending the scene in a very lengthy double handjob. She worked harder than the two girls before her for that creamy desert, but when it was in her mouth she swallowed it all. This scene wasn't as satisfying as the previous ones for some reason, maybe it was because of the lengthy handjob?

Scene 4: Jenna Moretti

Jenna Moretti walks into the gloryhole looking like a barely legal starlet, which she may be??? She is wearing a pair of red secretary glasses, and even has her hair done up in a secretary style. Her scene starts off with the same routine as the other girls, she goes into the gloryhole strips, then plays with herself a bit. Jenna's body is adorned with tattoos, and she has a rather distracting piercing through one of her fingers (which is rather nasty ...). Jenna suceeds where the other girls have failed. She can get her mouth further down on the massive cock, and she even mounted it doggystyle on the first attempt. This was amazing considering Jenna's petite stature.  I her scene, Jenna seems to favor riding the cock doggystle, as she does this alot more than the previous girls. She does a good bit of sucking two. Two things that ruined this scene for me was that Jenna didn't get a huge load, and the nasty thing she did to the guys cock at the end of the scene (which I will not describe ...). So much potential ... wasted ...

Scene 5:  Jessi Stone

Jessi Stone a hot young looking blonde takes on the cock in this scene like a pro. The scene starts off like the others, a strip, then a tease, and then Jessi gets down to business. She really knows how to suck! She gets the massive cock at least half way in her mouth! She sucks for a while then mounts the large cock with ease. Her recieves a just reward, a large gooey mouthfull cum. Jessi did a great job. This scene is one of my favorites!

Scene 6: Ashton Pierce

Ashton Pierce is a blonde haired, tattooed girl who is somewhat attractive. She seemed a bit cocky, no pun intended. She did mostly a lot o sucking in this scene, but did mount the guy's cock for a little bit. It seemed that the large cock was too much for Ashton to handle, as she struggled giving a blowjob, and riding the cock. She just didn't seem to be really into it. At the end when she recieved a mouthfull of jizz, she did swallow, but she also gagged. She also didn't clean up the large amount left on her chin. What a waste!

Scene 7:  Sadie West

Same Routine, Different Girl ... Sadie West is one sexy brunette! She really knows how to give a blowjob, and sloppy balls deep one at that (well, very close to balls deep). It seems to me that all the girls in this video have tattoos, or piercings, and Sadie is no exception. That was just an observation of mine ... For the most part of this scene sadie is giving some seriously sloppy head, and you can tell this girl is really into it. She does a short bit of rather intense doggystyle through the stall. You can tell this sort of thing really turns her on. This scene is definitely one of my favorites, but I couldn't really tell that Sadie got a load in the end. That's the only fault I find with this scene.

Scene 8:  Allison Wyte

At first glance I thought Allison Wyte looked rather out of place in this DVD. She looked like she would belong in a cougar, or milf DVD. There is something oddly attractive about this freckled beauty (when I say freckled I mean from head to toe!). The more I watched her the better the scene got, and the better she looked. She went through the usual routine, strip, tease, suck, and mount. She couldn't seem to go very deep when she was sucking, and she also had trouble getting the large cock inside of her. I guess it would be kind of hard doing doggystyle in a small bathroom stall like that? Allison ends up with a mouthfull of man juice and swallows it without hesitation.

Scene 9: Andi Anderson

Andi Anderson is a sexy Barbie doll look alike with a very naughty side. She one of the few girls on this DVD that can actually go deep on a cock during a blowjob. She also likes to get the cock all wet and sloppy, applying her spit every once in a while. Andi worked a little harder than the other girls I think. She did a little more blowing, and two rounds of doggystle. When she dismounted from the last doggystlye position, she had got the guy off so good he about exploded inside of her, but she managed to reap a healthy dose of protein on her face and in her mouth. This scene is also a favorite of mine.

Scene 10: Sarah Vandella

Sarah Vandella graces us with her wonderful presence, and a worthy end ing scene to this rather lacking video. She appears dressed up like a pin-up girl in red fishnet stockings, and matching lingerie. Her gloryhole setting is extremely different from the rest. All the other girls got to use a regular bathroom stall, but for Sarah, they gave her the luxury gloryhole suite. Instead of one hole for one cock she has two holes arranged for different postions. Let me tell you folks this girl does not dissappoint. She knows how to work a cock, and finally, She is the only girl who could deepthroat the massive cock all the way down! Sarah's frosty facial, and swallow ends the best scene on the entire DVD. Ladies and Gents Sarah is by far the best gal on the disc!

Extras: The extras include a 'Bonus Scene With Ivy Rider' which is an interracial sex scene that doesn't take palce in a gloryhole, 'Cumshot Recap' which shows the cumshot results from each scene, 'Photo Gallery' which shows  pictures of the girls in the scenes, and 'Websites' which show links to websites associated with the DVD. There is also on neat little extra that's not on the disc ... the outside cover of the DVD case can be removed and reversed for a different DVD cover.

Final Thoughts: There is one part of a scene that keeps me from giving this DVD a 'High' recommendation, and it is rather weird. Scene 4 with Jenna Moretti is the one I speak of. Other than that the diverse cast of ladies was refreshing. For the most part all the girls did a fantastic job, except for Jenna Moretti. The routine for each scene was pretty repetative, and could have used more variation in my opinion. But the ending scene alone gives me reason enough to recommend this DVD. *Also, on a side note, the dvd menu setup was awkward. To stop the DVD you have to be playing a scene, and I could not find the total video length, because the timer started over at every scene*

Final Rating: Recommended.

"I'm the man who coined the phrase "Same Sex Different Dame". If you're gonna produce porn PLEASE go all out, and don't fall victim to retro ruination. Innovation is king!"

- Vincent Pierce 2014 A.D.

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