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Face Fuck

Studio: Pulse Pictures » Review by Vincent Pierce » Review Date: 2/14/10

XCritic's Advice: Watch On Demand

Genre: Blowjobs, Oral

Director: Various

Cast: Kathalina, Mia Moon, Sandra Black, Vanessa Moore

Date of Production: 2008

Length: 2 hrs.

Audio/Video:  The audio was ok, and clear. The video was as clear as it could be, I guess ... considering these were all foreign scenes. The scenes are in full screen.

Overview: This video is all about the 'oral' side of porn. The girls all seem to be of foreign origin, and the DVD gives you the option of three languages, one of which is english, the others are Spanish, and French. The atmosphere of the film leads me to believe these scenes were shot in europe. I would classify this as more of a mini compilation due to the fact that each scene was pulled from a different video collection. there are five scenes in total.

Scene 1:  (Real Whore) Vanessa Moore

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Vanessa, a rather attractive girl, starts the scene in what looks like an italian apartment room. She even has an accent about her. The outfit she is wearing is a white knitted sweater, and a pair of lacy panties. The camera man does a rather lengthy interview/chat with vanessa, and then get's her to suck on a dildo (I guess to measure how far down she could go on a cock???). After that a foreign fellow walks in and gets busy with her. There is no sex, other than the oral kind. The guy does tend to get rough with her a bit (guess that's why it's called Face Fuck). The camera man even contributes to the scene by occasionally forcing Vanessa's mouth deeper on the cock. Vanessa doesn't seem to mind at all, and I think she was rather into it. Vanessa is my favorite girl out of all the other girls on this video.

Scene 2: (Six Guys Cum On My Face) Kathalina

From what I can gather, Kathalina is a german girl. I get the German part from the accents spoken by the guys and Kathalina, because they spoke english for the most part (but with heavy German accents). Who knows I could be wrong though??? Kathalina has a very sexy look to her, and she acted like she really enjoyed what she was doing. She had to service five different guy's cocks. She took turns about sucking and blowing each guy. She changed from servicing the guys on the couch in the room, to down on her knees on the floor. When it came to the end each guy blessed Kathalina with a healthy dose of cum upon her face. The reason they said 'six guys', is that one guy came twice one her face. There were three younger guys, and two older guys. One of the older guys looked really old.

Scene 3: (Petite Teen) Mia Moon

Mia Moon is a rather scrawny looking brunette girl. For her scene she has to entertain a large bald, hairy guy. And again this scene seems to be of European origin. the large guy plays around with Mia a bit, and the Mia gets to sucking away at this man's rather small cock. Unlike the scenes before Mia actually has some sex. She rides the guy's cock reverse cowgirl, and cowgirl style as well. I also forgot to mention the doggystyle, and missionary styles as well. I guess they pretty much covered all bases. After getting through doing missionary the guy spills his load all over the petite Mia Moon's face. Not one of my favorites, and it was a bit creepy.

Scene 4: (My Fave is Back!) Cindy

Cindy blesses us with a little outdoor, public sneak peek of her nice body before making her way to a room. When she arrives she is greeted by a rather large cock, and the guy weilding it gives her a nice face fucking. This scene compares alot to the first scene, and to tell you the truth it looks like the same locale. Cindy can go deep on a cock, and she doesn't seem to mind the rough attention one bit. Cindy switches positions several times to better suck the cock, I guess? The end esult is the usual a face splattered with cum ... This scene was good but it seemed a lot like the first scene ...

Scene 5: (Bukkake Party) Aleksandra Black

Sandra Black, a dark haired girl sporting pink lingerie gives the viewer a little intervew/chat session before her 'bukkake' party. She is joined by the same guys that were in Kathalina's scene, except for maybe one, or two? Sandra services the men in an outside courtyard. She takes turns sucking each ones cock. I don't really think this counts as a 'bukkake' ... the bukkake's I've seen have always had a lot more guys ... who knows? And like Kathalina, Sandra recieves a load from each guy right on her face. Let me just add that Sandra recieves a bulk of the loads over her mouth area. I thought this really good for a facial scene, and a girl who is willing to take on six loads is alright in my book.

Extras: The only extra was 'Previews', which in my opion was rather sad. Considering this DVD only had five scenes, there's not many extras that can be had, I guess?

Final Thought: While the scenes were fairly good, the overall content as a package was a severe let down. A couple of the scenes were down right creepy with the odd male performers that were in the scenes. The girls all looked great except for one. I cannot honestly tell you this DVD is worth watching, or spending your money on. It is most definitely something you won't miss out on if you choose not to watch it. The fact that the only 'extra' was a preview was a major let down as well.

"I'm the man who coined the phrase "Same Sex Different Dame". If you're gonna produce porn PLEASE go all out, and don't fall victim to retro ruination. Innovation is king!"

- Vincent Pierce 2014 A.D.

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