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Teen Idol #4

Studio: Smash Pictures » Review by Dr. Jay » Review Date: 3/19/10

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Genre: All sex.
Director: Rick Davis
Cast: Alexis Love, Aubrey Addams, Barbie Love, Jay Huntington, John West, Kylie Reese, Lee Stone, Reno, Riley, Talon, Tyler Stevenz, Will Powers. 
Length: 02:43
Condoms: None.
Bonus:One bonus star for condom-free sex.


Teen Idol #4 continues Smash Pictures' excellent teen series that has introduced me to some of my favorite young performers, including scrumptious Cassie Young and lovely Karina Kay.

The nearly three-hour-long movie consists of the conventional five sex scenes. Three are boy/girl and two are threesomes (one b/b/g and one b/g/g).

Frankly, there are two reasons that I chose to review Teen Idol 4. First, I really liked Teen Idol #2 when I reviewed it a couple of years ago and wanted to see how the series is progressing. Second, the movie features two of the hottest young women in porn...Aubrey Addams and Alexis Love. Both of these women are winners of my 2008 Must-See-Girls award. Frankly, my eyes can never get enough of these two awesome little sluts!

Teen Idol #4 is an upbeat movie with cute storylines, hot young women, and some pretty hot (although definitely not edgy) all-vaginal sex. It's really worth a look--especially if you like 'em young! If your "better half" doesn't mind you watching barely-legal girls have sex, this movie would be OK for couples viewing.

As with all recent Smash releases, you can choose to play Teen Idol 4 with or without a story line. With the story line (basically, scene setups), the movie lasts 02:43. Without the story, in "wall to wall sex" mode, it runs 02:21. The scene setups are really very appealing as well as sex-charged. So, I suggest you choose the storyline version.

Check out some photos of the girls in Teen Idol 4 here. Pay particular attention to the photos of sweet-looking--yet not so innocent--Alexis Love and Aubrey Addams! Enjoy!


Teen Idol #4 is composed of a traditional five scenes...three are boy/girl and two are threesomes (b/b/g and b/g/g). Cover girl cutie Alexis Love is featured in a boy/girl/girl threesome with cute blond Barbie Love and Jay Huntington in Scene Five. Another young starlet-on-the-rise Aubrey Addams performs with Talon in an explosive boy/girl encounter in Scene Four. The other three scenes are just icing on the cake...buy Teen Idol #4 for Scenes Four and Five...enjoy the rest as a "bonus."

Here's an overview of the five scenes:

Scene One

Scene One
is a boy/boy/girl threesome featuring Tyler Stevenz, John West, and Will Powers. It is set indoors in a garage (for the scene set up) and then in a living room atop an oversized ottoman. Tyler is a cute sandy-blond girl-next-door with dancing blue eyes and an electric smile. Her tiny teen titties are perfect (I hope to God she never has implants), her ass is firm and tight, and her young body is lean and lithe. Like most porn stars nowadays, Tyler's pussy is completely bald. Tyler has tattoos of stars on her lower right abdomen and on both wrists. She also has a pierced navel. Foreplay consists of a double blowjob during which she strokes one cock while joyfully--but cautiously--sucking the other. At first, it appears that Tyler can't deep-throat. However, the guys eventually get their cocks most of the way down her virginal throat! Neither guy goes down on Tyler's pussy. Pity. Vaginal sex takes place in 1) reverse cowgirl (Tyler and John fuck each other while she sucks Will's rod); 2) doggie (both guys get to pound her cunt individually while she blows the other); 3) cowgirl (Will pounds her cunt while John fucks her mouth); 4) missionary (sweaty John reams her tight young vagina while she blows Will); 5) cowgirl part two (Tyler slides her juicy cunt (her labia are engorged with lust) up and down on Will's rod while sucking and stroking John's cock); and 6) missionary revisited (John pounds her pussy while Will fucks her throat and she squeezes his balls). Pop: During missionary, John pulls out and shoots his load on Tyler's face and tightly-closed mouth. John tries to get her to open her mouth, but she'll have none of that. In fact, she doesn't open up until his spasms have receded. Even so, she begs, "I want some more cum!" Will responds by plastering her cum-covered face and her nubile breasts with his load. She still keeps her mouth tightly closed...but grins from ear to ear! Girl's orgasm: Nothing. Not even close. Bottom line: This scene is obviously either the first or one of the first scenes in which cute Tyler appeared. Her obvious naiveté is endearing, but results in a less-than-scorching scene. I hope that she learns to loosen up and let her passion and lust become apparent in future scenes.Three stars.

Scene Two

Scene Two is a boy/girl twosome in which charming blond Kylee Reese mixes it up with Reno. The scene set-up was shot outdoors around a pool and then the action moves inside to a living room couch. Twenty-one-year-old Kylee is an attractive girl with sandy blond hair, blue eyes, and all-natural small breasts with nipples that harden attractively when she's horny. Her pretty pink pussy is completely hairless and her blemish-free, meaty, and shapely ass is to die for. WOW! What a butt! She has tattoos inked on her back between her shoulder blades and a very pretty flowered motif on her lower right abdomen. And, interestingly, she has a ring through her lower lip Foreplay: After cute Kylee runs over Reno's foot with her bicycle outdoors while he's trying to clean her pool, she brings him inside to heal him. To minister to his aching foot, she makes him take off his jeans. That, of course, gives them both the impetus for some medicinal fellatio. Kylee uses her mouth and perfectly manicured hands to drive his big long cock wild...it's obvious she's sucked and stroked cock and suckled balls before. Of course, Reno responds by groaning ecstatically--especially when she takes him all the way down her throat--and by pulling on her long flowing hair. In due course, Kylee strips off her panties and strokes her pussy while she continues to gorge herself on Reno's rod. Reno never goes down on Kylee's pussy. Why the hell not, Reno? Kylee's pussy fucking BEGS to be eaten! Vaginal sex begins in cowgirl (great high energy fucking by Kylee) and is followed by: 2) missionary (Reno gapes her pretty pink pussy when taking breaks from balls-deep, fast, and furious squeal-inducing pounding); 3) kneeling doggie (Reno rims her asshole and licks her labia before sliding in for lots of intense in-and-out action intensified by some sharp butt spanks); 4) missionary revisited (Kylee sucks her cum off of Reno's cock before he continues to fuck her); 5) reverse cowgirl (Kylee and Reno fuck each other with incredible clit-swelling and orgasm-inducing intensity); and 6) missionary part three. Pop: Reno pounds Kylee missionary style until he's ready to explode. Then, he pulls out and has her kneel at his feet to receive his bounty. Lusty Kylee tilts her head back and opens her mouth super wide as Reno's spasms begin. He plasters her face, but somehow misses her mouth. That's a shame, because I think nasty Kylee would have swallowed!Girl's orgasm: Kylee screams through an intense orgasm in missionary, a second during doggie, and a third during reverse cowgirl. Bottom line: Kylee's a very enthusiastic and very watchable fuck. She has a fine body--especially her ass--and is really worth a look. I hope she stays in the business so I can see her again in the future. Four and one-half stars.

Scene Three

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Scene Three is a hard-hitting boy/girl encounter in which one of my all-time favorite male performers--Lee Stone--fucks the soul out of cute-as-a-button Riley. The scene set-up occurs outdoors around a pool and then the action moves inside to a plush ottoman and carpeted floor in a living room. Riley has honey blond hair, brown eyes, and small all-natural breasts with perky nipples. Her body is soft and cuddly (I don't mean she's fat...she's just more than skin-and-bone!), a completely bald and very inviting pussy with puffy labia, meaty thighs, a nice round blemish-free ass, pretty manicured fingers, and a pierced navel. Foreplay: After faking an injury in order to seduce Lee Stone, an appraiser who stops by to inspect her brother's house, cute Riley, dressed in a schoolgirl outfit, readily agrees to horny Lee's ideas to take her mind off of her pain. He kisses and nuzzles her neck, undresses her, squeezes and suckles her boobs, strokes her flesh, squeezes and sharply spanks her meaty ass, and then goes down on her pussy with his extremely talented tongue. Riley writhes and groans with true pleasure (her nipples swell like thimbles) as he rapidly licks and suckles her labia and tongues her clit. Later, Lee stands and tugs off his pants to reveal his flaccid dick. "Wow, it's so huge" she exclaims as she savors its pre-engorged size. Believe me, Riley's hands and mouth soon make him mammoth and titanium hard! Vaginal sex begins in missionary as Riley shouts for joy in reaction to Lee's balls-deep strokes. Sex continues in: 2) standing cowgirl (Lee, using his massive muscles, stands and tosses Riley up and down on his cock); 3) cowgirl (she fucks him and they fuck each other very well); 4) kneeling doggie (Riley's ass is the center of attention as Lee spanks it and when its flesh jiggles delightfully); 5) missionary part two; 6) reverse cowgirl (she fucks him passionately and he pounds her balls-deep); 7) cowgirl part two (more awesome jiggling assflesh); 8) reverse cowgirl part two (Riley's cunt devours every inch of Lee's mammoth rod and rewards her with a screaming orgasm); and 9) missionary...so Lee can ramp up to his pop. Pop: Lee pounds Riley ever harder in missionary until he reaches the point of no return. He pulls out, has her drop to her knees, and fills her mouth (and sprays her face) with his cum. She swallows. Girl's orgasm: Riley cums hard during their second round of reverse cowgirl. Bottom line: Lee does an excellent job giving cute 18-year-old Riley lots of pleasure with his tongue and cock. He's really an awesome male performer and Riley should feel privileged because she had the opportunity to be fucked by him. Four and one-half stars.

Scene Four

You simply MUST see Scene Four, which features supernova-on-the-rise Aubrey Addams and Talon. The scene set-up occurs outside in a large backyard and then the couple moves indoors into a living room for sex on a bright red couch. Aubrey Addams is an uber-cute platinum blond with blue eyes and an appealing face that is almost always beaming a bright and endearing smile. Her tiny breasts are cute and attractive, her body is petite and lithe, her blemish- and cellulite-free ass is superb, and her legs are long and attractive. In Teen Idol #4, Aubrey wears a very colorful navel ring and clit-hood ring (you've got to admire a woman with a pierced clit-hood!). In addition, she has a small tattoo of a shooting star on her lower right abdomen. Foreplay: After a cock-stiffening or pussy-drenching scene set-up (see the list of things I most liked about this movie below), Aubrey strips off her clothes (damn, her body's hot) and enjoys Talon's hands as they explore her flesh. Then, she gives him an absolutely incendiary, very enthusiastic, noisy, slobbery, and deep-throat-intensive blowjob. She even suckles his balls and lets him fucks her throat. Sadly, Talon doesn't go down on Aubrey's pussy...what a shame! Aubrey and Talon enjoy vaginal sex in: 1) cowgirl (Aubrey frantically fucks Talon balls-deep with her juice-dripping cunt and then sucks her juices off his rod); 2) kneeling doggie (as Talon and Aubrey fuck each other powerfully, Aubrey's ass becomes the center of attention when it jiggles provocatively and when Talon sharply spanks it--leaving his handprint in red on her flesh); 3) reverse cowgirl (while Aubrey pounds Talon relentlessly, he jacks her clit); and 4) missionary (Talon redlines his pistoning cock as he drives Aubrey to a prolonged orgasm). Pop: Talon sits back on the couch and strokes his cock while Aubrey kneels on the floor and worships his feet and toes with her tongue and mouth. Then, Talon stands and Aubrey kneels before him and stuffs her mouth with her pussy-juice-fragrant panties. As Aubrey turns her beaming eyes and electric smile toward Talon, he jacks off into her wide-open mouth and onto her face and skimpy panties. Aubrey turns to us, smiles, and swallows. Girl's orgasm: Aubrey cums at least three times during the scene...during doggie, reverse, and missionary. Her orgasm during missionary is why I think Aubrey's fucking hot. Bottom line. You can't go wrong with an Aubrey Addams scene. She's an insatiable slut, she's enthusiastic, she inflames passion with her words, and she cums like a volcano. Five stars.

Scene Five

Scene Five is an awesome boy/girl/girl threesome featuring drop-dead-gorgeous Alexis Love, cute blond Barbie Love, and Jay Huntington. It is set indoors on a coffee table and couch in a living room. I'm fucking in love with Alexis Love! Alexis has big brown eyes; ass-length brunette hair; an exciting and enticing exotic face; a long-and-lithe body; perfect small all-natural breasts; a magnificent and blemish-free ass; a bald pussy; and long shapely legs. I want Alexis Love in my bed. Now. Even better, I want her tits in my mouth...NOW! Barbie Love is a cute girl-next-door blond with dancing brown eyes, a bright smile, a soft and cuddly body, medium-sized natural tits, and long and shapely legs. In Teen Idol #4, Barbie wears belly button, tongue, and clit-hood rings and has her fingernails nicely manicured. Foreplay: after a very funny and erotic set-up (see my comments in item 3 of my favorite things list below), Jay has the girls fondle and kiss each other on the lips. After protesting that they're roommates, but nothing more, the girls kiss and find they really like it: "It's kinda hot." Soon, they're giggling delightfully as they fondle each others' breasts and hug each others' naked bodies. Jay joins the action when the girls insist that he remove his pants. "Oh, my God! What have we gotten ourselves into?" exclaims Barbie when she sees Jay's huge semi-erect cock. Believe me, that rod doesn't stay semi anything for very long as both girls go down on it at once, stroke it with their hands, and devour it with their mouths and tongue (superb close-ups). They also stroke, squeeze, and suckle his lucky balls. Is there anything better than two girls on the same cock at the same time? Later, Barbie lies back on a couch so that Jay can slowly and deeply fuck her throat while Alexis greedily goes down on Barbie's pussy with her mouth and fingers. Vaginal sex begins when Jay slides his cock into Barbie's extremely creamy pussy and fucks her slow and deep ("Oh, it's so big...it hurts SO bad!"). Then, Kay turns his attention to Alexis' twat as she lies back missionary style on the couch and spreads her legs wide (great close-ups of the in-and-out action and Alexis' gaping pussy). As the scene progresses, Jay and the girls share: 2) kneeling doggie (Jay reams Barbie cunt with cock and fingers while Barbie eats Alexis' pussy and Alexis rubs Barbie's clit); 3) stacked doggie (Alexis straddles Barbie and bends down so that Jay can take turns fucking one pussy and then the other. While Jay pounds one cunt, the other girl jacks her own clit. And, Jay keeps his cock clean by pulling it out of a vagina and shoving it into a wide-open mouth. This is fuckin' hot stuff!); and 4) stacked missionary (Alexis lies on Barbie's belly so Jay can alternatingly fuck each girl's cunt--Alexis' hole gapes beautifully. God, I wish I were Jay Huntington right now!). After a break for some extended two-girls-on-one-penis cock-cleaning and throat-fucking action, the trio moves on to: 5) reverse cowgirl (Barbie pounds Jay's cock while Alexis strokes Barbie's clit, suckles her nipples, and caresses her flesh. Alexis also sucks Barbie's juices off of Jay's rod. Then, Alexis rides Jay's thrusting dick in reverse while Barbie fucks his face and squeezes Alexis' pretty tits. Alexis' gorgeous pussy, engorged clit, and bouncing boobies are gorgeous during this segment. Later, Barbie lifts herself off of Jay's face, pulls his dick out of Alexis' vagina, sucks it clean, and then uses its tip to tease Alexis' clit. Barbie also erotically licks Alexis' belly and swollen clit. All this action, coupled with Alexis' own sexy grinding moves, causes Alexis to cum all over Jay's dick.). Pop: After Alexis' orgasmic spasms recede, Jay pounds her ever more furiously in reverse until he's ready to explode. At the last second, Jay stands as the girls drop to their knees and open their mouths wide. Jay gives each girl a mouthful of his semen. Then, the girls vacuum him dry and kiss to share his bounty. Alexis accumulates his semen and then spits it into Barbie's willing mouth. The girls continue to swap as the scene fades to black. Nice job, girls. Girls' orgasms. Alexis cums hard during reverse cowgirl. Sadly, Barbie doesn't climax. Bottom line: This is a very appealing boy/girl/girl threesome in which the girls work together very well to please themselves and Jay. Alexis is absolutely adorable and is always worth a look. Five stars.

DVD Perspectives

Video (technical): The 16:9 shot-in-HD video is slightly above average in comparison to other recent adult releases. Some of the footage (especially in Scene One) is a bit overexposed (too light). I don't care for some of the acute camera angles that cause the performers to be on a 45-degree angle instead of straight. In addition, I think that some of the camera movements are a bit jerky. And, there are numerous edits that are too abrupt (the action abruptly cuts from one position or camera angle to another in such a way that I thought I may have missed something important). On the positive side, the image is crisp and clean, even when blown up to fill my 24" computer monitor, is nicely color balanced, and is full of very effective shot-from-below and shot-from-above angles in addition to super-tight close-ups and full-body medium-range shots. Three and one-half stars.

Audio (technical): There are a couple of minor issues with the audio...there's quite a bit of background noise during the outdoor scene set-up segments and the dialog drops out entirely for a couple of seconds during Scene Three's set-up footage. Other than that, the audio is clear and of an appropriate volume so that every nuance of pleasure can be heard. Music accompanies some of the scene set-ups but fades away during sex so as to not be intrusive. Three and one-half stars.

Extras: In addition to the two video versions I mentioned above in the Synopsis, Teen Idol #4's DVD disc comes with full-motion chapter selector by girl, a positions menu that lets you choose "eating pussy," "blowjob," "doggy style," "cumshot," and so forth. Then, a reel is played of all the related footage in the movie. There's also a 22-minute behind-the-scenes featurette that includes impromptu interviews; wardrobe selection (In the BTS, Kylee has both nipples and her clit hood pierced, but she takes those rings out for her scene...pity.); behind-the-scenes tomfoolery; rehearsals for the scene set-ups; video footage of still photo shoots; behind-the-camera shots of the sex scenes; and footage of Riley douching her pussy.) In addition, a nearly six-minute-long self-running slide show displays really hot stills of the action. Finally, the DVD includes previews of eight Smash Pictures releases and website information. This array of Extras is about average in today's marketplace. However, these extras coupled with the storyline and all-sex versions of the movie makes this DVD stand out from the crowd. Four and one-half stars.

Production Values: Teen Idol #4 was shot in some fairly nice locations, both indoors and outdoors. I'm pleased that the director didn't resort to the trite "let's fuck on the couch" routine and, instead, used other types of furniture and beautiful floors as the bases for sex. I like the girls' outfits...especially Alexis' colorful stockings and Aubrey's sexy thong. The make-up is professional. Three and one-half stars.

Final Thoughts

Here are some things I really liked about Teen Idol #4:

  1. Aubrey Addams is prominently featured in Teen Idol #4. Believe me, if you haven't seen this absolutely adorable and cuter-than-can-be girl fuck and experience an orgasm, you're not watching enough porn! I've written a few words about Aubrey's body in the overview of Scene 4 above. However, Aubrey's attractiveness goes far beyond her cute physical attributes. Most appealing about her, I think, is her enthusiasm and bubbly personality. She's a young woman who really loves what she does for a living...and it shows in every aspect of her being. I don't know about you, but I really appreciate people who love their jobs. I like Aubrey so much that I awarded her a 2008 Dr. Jay's Must-See Girls award. Needless to say, I loved every second with Talon in Teen Idol #4.
  2. Teen Idol #4 features delicious teen sweetheart Alexis Love. I think that Alexis' look is among the sexiest of any pornstar I've ever enjoyed. Think I'm exaggerating? Look at her prominent picture Teen Idol #4's box cover then write me at [email protected] if you think her body isn't among the best you've ever seen. Not only is Alexis cuter-than-cute, she's also a superb performer. For these reasons, Alexis won a 2008 Dr. Jay's Must-See Girls awardIf you like what I do, you really owe it to yourself to collect Alexis' movies. Her threesome b/g/g scene in Teen Idol #4 is a great way to start.
  3. The scene set-ups are very cute and, in two instances, extremely effective. Scene Four,featuring Aubrey Addams, begins when Aubrey plays with her "toys" outdoors. No, those toys aren't vibrators and dildos. Instead, she plays with a hula-hoop and a jump rope. Believe me, watching Aubrey gyrate her fine body as she twirls the hula-hoop around her waist is, without a doubt, bone-stiffening. Now, imagine Aubrey wearing super low-cut pants that reveal her miniscule thong panties and a shirt that shows off nearly all of her belly. God, I'm hard! So is Talon, who watches the action from the sidelines. Now, Aubrey may excel with a hula-hoop, but she sucks with the jump rope. So, Talon shows her how it's done. Aubrey thinks that Talon is showing off...so she takes him inside to show him her best skills...sucking and fucking, of course. Scene Five also begins with a superb set-up. Roommates Alexis Love and Barbie Love are playing cards when a plumber, played by Jay Huntington, barges in (without knocking) to work on the girls' bathroom. The girls like Jay's hunky body and soon entice him into playing a game of strip poker. Each time the girls lose--and they lose on purpose--they have to remove an article of clothing. Soon, of course, they're gloriously naked. Then, Jay throws them for a loop...he insists that they kiss and make out with each other. The girls, taken aback, start gingerly but are soon in the throes of Sapphic lust. Yum!
  4. Lee Stone's performance with Riley in Scene Three is awesome. Damn, that guy can fuck...especially when he picks up his girl and tosses her up and down on his cock as he stands. Although this might sound sort of peculiar, if a genie gave me three wishes, I'd like to trade bodies with Lee. He's that fucking good...and lucky, I think.
  5. The camera angles are really very effective. I especially liked the shot-from-below angles during Lee Stone and Riley's standing cowgirl position and the numerous shot-from-above angles throughout the movie.
  6. Tyler Stevenz' obvious deer-in-the-headlights naiveté is endearing. Her awestruck teenaged reaction to being fucked by two hunky and well-endowed guys is volcanic...she LOVES it! Not only does she giggle happily throughout the whole scene, but she orders the guys to "Do it harder!" Sadly, her innocence is cute, but her overall performance needs work (see my review of Scene One above).
  7. Kylee Reese has a stupendous ass! When I previewed this movie the first time, I couldn't help but exclaim throughout her scene, "What a gorgeous butt!"
  8. Teen Idol #4 includes a boy/girl/girl threeway. I'm not much for b/b/g scenes--since I could never imagine sharing a girl with another guy--but I love sharing two girls...especially when both go down on my cock at once or when one fucks my face while the other fucks my cock. Whew! Thankfully, Alexis Love and Barbie Love do an excellentjob working together to please Jay and each other during Scene Five. The girls squeeze and suck each others' tits, vacuum each others' cunt juices off of Jay's rod, squeeze each others' butts, kiss each others' open mouths, guide Jay's cock into each others' pussies, and, in general, do everything they can to please all three.

Here are some things I didn't like about Teen Idol #4:

  1. There are some issues with the audio that should have been fixed. In the first place, there's a lot of extraneous background noise during the outdoor shots that could have been prevented by using more effective microphones. Second, the dialog drops out entirely for a few seconds during the set-up for Scene Three.
  2. Although the videographer really knows what we want to see and how to capture it for us, he jerks his camera a bit too much when moving from position to position. Also, he turns the camera to an acute 45-degree angle or so on several occasions. This technique was necessary in the days of 4:3 video to capture the width of a couple fucking in, for example, missionary. However, 16:9 video is wide enough to negate the need for such tricks. So, I think it's annoying to have the video change from one acute angle to another.

Here are some of my ideas about how Teen Idol #4 could have been better:

  1. If there are two guys in a scene, I really think they should plug both of the girl's holes at the same time. In Scene One, one guy fucks Tyler while she sucks the other. The scene would have been so much hotter had they double-plugged her pussy and her asshole.
  2. Every girl deserves cunnilingus during foreplay. Although I'm happy that Lee Stone went down on his girl, the other scenes contain only fellatio for foreplay.
  3. New girls need to be taught to talk nasty during sex...porn is about what you hear as well as what you see. Shouts of ecstasy are OK...but any animal could do that. Only a human woman can say to her partner, "Lick my clit faster," or "Fuck me deeper," "Don't you dare stop," or Aubrey Addams' favorite, " Beat that shit up!" That's what guys need to hear...at least in my opinion. New girls should be required to watch Aubrey in Scene Four of this movie...or any of Jewel de' Nyle's scenes. These two women really know how to fuck for the camera.
  4. I'm a sucker for girl/girl sex and prefer to see at least one Sapphic scene in every movie. The girl/girl interplay between Alexis Love and Barbie Love in Scene Five is hot. But, it could have been much hotter had they done a complete girl/girl scene replete with toys.


Average sex rating: 4.40
Average video rating: 3.50
Average audio rating: 3.50
Average production values rating: 3.50
Bonus point(s): 1.00
Extras rating: 4.50
Overall rating: 4.08


X Critic Pick (4.5+ sex; 4.0+ production values; 4.5+ overall)
Highly Recommended (4.5+ sex; 4.0+ overall)
Recommended (4.0+ sex; 4.0+ overall)
Rent It (<4.00 sex; <4.00 overall)
Skip It (<3.50 sex; <4.00 overall)

Dr. Jay

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