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Frisk Me

Studio: Good Releasing » Review by Garnet Joyce » Review Date: 2/25/10

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Genre: Independent, Feminist, BDSM

Director: Madison Young

Cast: Madison Young, Tyler Knight, Satine Phoenix, Syd Blakovich, Mickey Mod, Malia Mojado, Raina Degrey, Maestro, special appearance by James Mogul.

Length: 80 minutes

Production Date: 8/23 & 8/27/09


Behind the Scenes:

All of the Madison Young movies I've seen (which actually haven't been that many yet) end with interviews of the cast. Sometimes these can be horribly tedious and annoying and other times they can be intellectually stimulating. I was glad that for this movie, she kept it shorter than some others. She does not interview everyone and she does not ask them all the same questions.

Some highlights:

  • Syd talking about porn where eels are coming out of a woman's ass.
  • Some behind the scenes stuff where we watch Madison give direction. This is pretty boring, skip it.
  • An interview with Malia about choosing a porn name, deciding to do porn, and feminist porn and why it is important. Malia does talk about her "kinkiest experience" which includes fucking on the hood of a car on the side of a busy highway.
  • Once again, they save the best for last. I loved the interview with Tyler Knight. He is an extremely intelligent and well spoken man. He talks about how he got into porn, what makes porn feminist, how he likes working on a set with all women, and why he thinks that most hetero porn starts and ends with a blowjob.
  • We then get to see Tyler Knight be a fluffer to Madison Young before their scene begins. Heck if I knew this happened, but I'm glad I got to see it.

Slide Show:

Pictures of the actors during their scenes. The pictures were surprisingly low quality and seemed to jump across the screen. I'm used to seeing beautiful high resolution pictures in the extras. Why even bother when they're not?

Safer Sex: Condoms and gloves used some of the time, but not always.

Audio/Video Quality: I would really like to see better lighting and sound quality for all non-mainstream movies and this film is no exception. There are shadows and dark spots. There will be times you can't hear what people are saying and other times when the screaming will create a scratchy sound in your speakers. So sad.

Overview: Frisk Me is where violence, submission, and voyeurism meet sex. We have cops and robbers, Big Brother watching you masturbate, TSA Agents doing body cavity searches, and cops chastising you for making a mess on the sidewalk. There's not really a plot so much as a linking together of ideas. What results is a hot BDSM kink fest.

Scene 1: Satine Phoenix and Syd Blakovich

Can I just start by saying that I could not wait to watch this movie because of this pairing? These are some of the hottest women in porn in my opinion. It does not get much better than this. What makes it even hotter is the gender play that is involved in this scene. Syd is often the more masculine presenting and Satine more feminine presenting. In this scene the roles were reversed: Syd in makeup, girly undies, and a skirt and Satine in a suit and tie. Although Satine was also wearing lacey undies.

The scene starts where the two are presumably getting ready for a heist of some sort. They have guns strapped to their thighs and they're mischievous and determined looking. But of course when you're about to do something really bad the adrenaline starts pumping and you can't help but get a little horny. Or at least that's what I assume happened when these two decided to tear into each other on a piano. The piano, by the way, was extremely distracting and annoying. I do not enjoy loud bangings on a piano to break up my hot sex and jar me back into reality.

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Despite the piano, the sex was totally hot. These two would have to have absolutely no chemistry at all in order for this scene to not be hot. So what did it involve? Pussy licking, Satine's pussy grinding into Syd's face (omg hot!), clit sucking and rubbing, and an njoy eleven in Syd's ass. Holy crap! While that eleven is in her ass she's rubbing away at her clit and her entire body is shaking. You know that was a good orgasm!

Scene 2: Satine Phoenix, Syd Blakovich, and Mickey Mod

The second scene starts with Satine and Syd outside on the street about to make their heist. They're pretty charged up and stop to kiss every so often. We see them with their guns drawn outside of a door and then flash to the next scene where they are interrogating a tied up security guard(Mickey). They want the code to that safe and they'll get it the only way they know how: by beating and fucking him into submission. Syd runs the show here. There's chest punching and slapping, scratching, nipple pinching, and even some thuddy slapping with his own night stick. All the while, Satine is on top of the safe masturbating and egging Syd on. Satine really comes off as a crazy criminal here, surprising me with her excitement and encouragement of Syd's interrogation style. Crazy can be totally hot as long as its from a distance.

Syd then starts stroking the security guard's cock which has, unfortunately, been flaccid this whole time. As she strokes he slowly starts giving up the code to the safe and Satine is masturbating with what looks like a Lelo Nea. The action escalates as Syd puts a condom on Mickey's now hard dick and starts sucking him off with lots of saliva. Satine, watching the scene, begins to suck on the night stick and then proceeds to masturbate with it. Wow! I did not expect to see that thing in her vagina, but I am so glad they went there. The security guard continues to slowly give out numbers as Syd hops on his cock for a good ass fucking.

Satine finally joins in on the action, rubbing Syd's clit while she is hopping up and down on Mickey's cock. But then Satine disappears. It is strange. No idea where she went, but she reappears after Syd gets off of Mickey's cock. Satine continues to masturbate with the night stick, while Mickey masturbates and then cums on Syd's boot. He is then forced to lick it off.

Afterwards he is tied back to the chair. They have all the numbers to the safe, but we don't see them open it. I feel gypped!

Scene 3: Malia Mojado with special appearance by James Mogul

The third scene starts with a flash of James Mogul's face with an overall red tint and the message "Big Brother is Watching" and then we see Malia in an apron and pearls making a cake. The scene flashes back and forth a few times so they can drive the message home. Malia then says "if you're always watching me, I'm going to give you a show." 

The spoon she's been stirring the cake batter with magically turns into a pink slimline vibrator! She then slowly licks and sucks the batter off of her vibe and starts to strip down into a set of pretty unattractive baggy underwear. I have to wonder if she looked at herself in the mirror or if the crew did any film tests of her in this set of undies. I understand she was going for 50's housewife, but that doesn't mean that she couldn't wear a set of undies that fit her better, highlighting her beautiful curves. She pulls aside the underwear and masturbates using the pink slimline. She gets pretty into it and then thankfully takes off the ill-fitting undies. Some more masturbation with the slimline and then Malia pulls out the big guns aka a Hitachi Magic Wand. Orgasm! Malia has a powerful orgasm accompanied by wild laughter. It was hot and interesting to watch. Always love a woman who cums in a different way.

Scene 4: Raina Degrey and Maestro

Raina, a long haired blonde in a trench coat and fishnets gets stopped by a TSA Agent (Maestro). Maestro orders her to open her suitcase where he finds a harness, dildo, vibrator, and lube. Unfortunately, this is not foreshadowing like I had hoped. He chastises her for carrying too much lube, since you're only allowed to have 3 oz bottles of liquids in your carry-on. He informs her that he will have to do a cavity search and will be nice enough to help her get rid of some of that lube in the process.

Now I have seen Maestro in porn before and he is a very effective and damn sexy master. I'm not a big fan of Raina, mostly because she's not my type - I don't like blondes - but she does give quite a performance in this flick. She really gets into the fucking and it is obvious when at one point she actually breaks character. Throughout the scene she is pretty good at remaining calm and calling Maestro "sir," but at one point when they're fucking and she's just screaming up a storm she shouts "Oh my God you fuck so good!" It was pretty funny, but hot at the same time since she was just so into it. I'm surprised that Maestro didn't give her a beating for slipping out of character.

So this scene contained a lot so I'll just give you the gist of it. Domination/submission, tit slapping, blowjob, finger fucking (with a glove- which just makes sense since he is TSA), face smacking, belt beating, and of course fucking (with a condom). My biggest complaint with this scene is that Maestro gives his orders pretty quietly and Raina screams pretty loudly, which means you hear a lot of screaming and not much of the dirty talk. I want dirty talk damn it! I hate that. There's gotta be a better way. The lighting is also pretty crappy with lots of shadows being cast.

Scene 5: Madison Young and Tyler Knight

This was the best scene on the DVD in my opinion. The chemistry between these two was just phenomenal. You could tell that they were really into each other and having so much fun. I caught Tyler with a big old stupid grin on his face a few times throughout the scene and it just made me so happy. I like to see my porn actors having fun.

The scene starts off pretty ridiculously. Tyler, dressed as a cop, threatens Madison that he's going to give her a ticket for spilling coffee on the sidewalk, to which she replies that she likes making messes. This turns into them being inside and spreading red paint on a wall. Yeah, I don't get it either, but that's what happens when your director and star of the movie is also an artist. Luckily for us, the action soon gets way hotter. They seem to drop all pretenses of cop and messy woman and just dive into each other.

The oral sex from both actors in this scene is really well done. Too often in porn I see oral sex that I would not want to receive, but in this scene I can't help but wonder just how Tyler's tongue feels on Madison's swollen pussy especially when she sits on his face. His cock even curves perfectly for her to deep throat him while they're in 69. These two should work together all the time!

And then the fucking starts and it is hot. So many positions and so much moaning There is no condom and you can see Madison's juices dripping down Tyler's cock.

Even though this scene was epically hot, it also had a couple downsides. For one, the lighting is pretty bad. Throw some more lights on the actors! I like to be able to see everything. The second issue was a really minor one. There was a bad edit when Tyler was about to cum. You could tell that he probably reached orgasm before he was supposed to because there was a quick snip from fucking to Madison sucking his cock and him cumming in her mouth. Like I said, minor.

Final Thoughts: This movie is super hot. The chemistry between actors is fantastic, the beatings and orgasms are real, the sex toys are high quality, the actors are very fuckable, and the costumes are for the most part really sexy. If it wasn't for the bad sound and lighting I would give this a highly recommended rating. 

Preview via Good Releasing:


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