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Studio: Hot House » Review by Guybrush » Review Date: 2/25/10

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Date of Production: 2009

Length: 140 minutes

Director: Steven Scarborough

Cast: Tony Mecelli, Kyle King, Paul Wagner, Vince Ferelli, Craig Reynolds, Rod Daily, Tim Kruger, Rafael Alencar, Damien Holt, and Beaux Banner

Body Types: Buff, big-dicked men, guys with tattoos and facial hair

Condoms: yes

Things to See
: threesomes, light spit play, and some good, old-fashioned screwing

Plot: no plot

The Movie:

Reckless is a compilation film set in an urban warehouse environment.  While the film lacks a cohesive story, the various scenes exist to simply satisfy our voyeuristic desires to see manly men sharing passionate sex with each other.  The sex falls into the rough category from time to time, if only because the bottoms like Kyle King and Beaux Banner seem hellbent on making their partner's climax so fast.  Just look to the pairing of Beaux Banner and Rafael Alencar as a perfect example of this.  In this scene, Beaux somehow manages to take all of Rafael's huge cock without a hitch, and he practically begs to be fucked deeper.  Moments like this make you appreciate how good the sex can be when you have a really good bottom.   The rest of the scenes are similarly good, though I found myself wanting to return to the Beaux scene again for some "hands-on fun".  Overall, Reckless is a great film, full of attractive models and erotic sex.  Read on for more examples:   

Scene One: Kyle King and Tony Mecelli

Tony Mecelli, who is blessed with the chest of a Greek God, opens up his jeans for his admirer Kyle (brunette with goatee and a perfect ass).  Kyle quickly plants his mouth around Tony's plump pecker and starts to suck away with glee.  Tony face-fucks Kyle until he brings him up for some air, where he starts to kiss him.  Tony then gets on his knees so that he can get properly acquainted with Kyle's dick.  While Kyle enjoys his sloppy blow job, he stands up on a table so that he can feed Tony his cock in a more forceful manner. 

On the aforementioned table, Kyle assumes the position (on his back with his legs held up) for Tony to screw his tight little ass.  Things heat up significantly when Kyle climbs on top of Tony's pole in a straddle position.  Here, Kyle shows off his limber fucking prowess as he effortlessly moves his ass up and down Tony's shaft.  Tony then rips off his rubber and strokes his cock, only to deliver a huge spurt of cum that lands all over Kyle's chest and face.  Kyle looks both impressed and amazed so he continues to stroke his own dick until he unloads a thick wad.

Scene Two: Beaux Banner and Rafael Alencar

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Beaux Banner, a redhead/brunette with a creamy Minnesotan complexion and a rockin' ass, lounges in his chair looking bored.  Fortunately, Beaux finds his cure for the boredom in the form of Rafael's gigantic package.  Rafael (oh-so-attractive Latin guy) shows off his big dick through his revealing jeans.  Beaux immediately walks over and tries to get Rafel's cock to poke out from the jeans.  Miraculously, Beaux finds a hole in Rafael's pocket, so he starts to lick and tease Rafael's uncut cock head.  As soon as Rafael pulls out his porn star cock, Beaux can't help but wolf down that big monster.  While his dick is expertly serviced, Rafael reaches over and begins to lick Beaux's hairless hole.   Beaux then tilts his ass up in the air for Rafael to lick and probe him some more.  At this point, Beaux practically begs Rafael to fuck his hole, so Rafael sheathes his dick and starts to fuck away.  Beaux takes the pounding like a pro; grunting and grinning with pleasure while still maintaining his erection.  Rafael then starts to tease Beaux's hole by completely removing his fat cock, only to plunge it back in a second later.  Finally, Beaux climbs on top of Rafael's dick in a straddle position.  Here, Beaux demonstrates his excellent bottoming skills by maintaining consistent rhythm with Rafael's fucking.  Rafael then pulls out and strokes off an impressive load all over Beaux's chest.  Beaux completes the scene with a nice load.

Scene Three: Kyle King and Craig Reynolds

Kyle walks over to a muscled stud smoking a cigarette (Craig).  Craig lifts up his arm so that Kyle can lick his armpits and nipples.  Kyle savor's Craig's sweaty chest before heading south for some forceful dick sucking.  Craig is the proud owner of a beautiful pink tinted cock and some low hanging balls which Kyle savors.  Craig eventually takes control of the festivities by forcing Kyle to deep-throat his dick.  Though Kyle's mouth may be parched, he proceeds to lick out Craig's tasty looking asshole.  Craig eventually gets on his knees to blow Kyle's engorged member.  In between sucking, Craig opens up his mouth so that Kyle can spit some saliva down into it.  After the oral action, Kyle penetrates Craig's lovely ass from behind.  Kyle really jack-hammers his dick deep into Craig's accommodating hole.  The guys then take a break where Kyle rims Craig's ass some more.  With his hole both stretched and wet, Craig is fucked even more on the ground.  Kyle continues to slam his cock hard and furiously into Craig's ass.  Finally, Kyle pulls out and squirts his white gold onto Craig's back and ass.  Kyle then licks up some of his own cum.  Craig concludes the scene by jacking off onto his own chest.

Scene Four: Vince Ferelli and Damien Holt

Vince (dark, manly brunette) checks out some electrical equipment on the wall but is soon interrupted by a hot brother stroking his big black cock nearby.  Damien, who is blessed with a beefy chest, walks over to Vince and allows him to play with his cock.  Though Vince attempts to suck down most of it, he can only get so far down on the shaft.  Damien then returns the oral favors before he starts to lick and probe Tony's tight asshole.  Tony then climbs on top of a table so that Damien can fuck him from behind.  Damien tugs on Vince's hair while he screws his ass.  The guys then switch positions so that Vince is fucked on his side, with one leg held up.  In this position, Vince lustfully watches Damien glide his cock in and out.  Vince then strokes his cock until he can no longer take the pressure, resulting in a very impressive cumshot all over his own chest.  Damien oozes out a thick wad of cum that lands on Vince's crotch.

Scene Five: Tim Kruger, Paul Wagner, and Rod Daily

Tim Kruger (Nordic looking blond guy with a short haircut) plays with his huge cock while still wearing tight fitting jeans.  Rod Daily, a tanned muscle boy with some tattoos, walks over and starts to orally service him.  Paul Wagner (beefy and furry in all the right ways) watches the action on the sidelines while he strokes his own cock.  Paul then walks over and starts to rim Rod's hairless hole.   Rod then climbs on top of Tim's huge dick in a straddle position.  Paul helps out the guys by stroking Rod's dick.  The guys then switch positions so that Rod is fucked from behind.  Here, Rod sucks on Paul's cock while Tim fucks away on the other end.  Paul doesn't want Rod to have all of the fun, so he gets on his back, holds up his own legs, and allows Tim to fuck his hairy hole.  Tim proceeds to ruthlessly fuck Paul; plunging his cock deep into Paul's nether regions.  Meanwhile, Rod plants his tan ass in front of Paul's eager tongue. Eventually, Rod shoots out his cum onto Paul's furry chest, followed by Tim cumming on Paul's leg, and Paul squirting out some spunk onto his own chest. 

The DVD:


Presented in fullscreen, the image was sharp, properly lit, colorful, and quite nice to look at.


The audio mix was decent for this feature.  All of the action can be heard without a hitch.


Extras are slim, consisting of animated chapter selection, and cumshot and fuck compilations from the film. 

Final Thoughts:

If you are looking for a great compilation title to add to your library then you should consider Reckless.  The film is loaded with attractive models and erotic scenarios.  Though the DVD is light on features, I can see many of you returning to this DVD time and time again.  Highly Recommended!

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