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Hot House Backroom Exclusive Videos 16

Studio: Hot House » Review by Guybrush » Review Date: 2/25/10

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Date of Production: 2009

Length: 87 minutes

Director: Robert Drake

Cast: Paul Wagner, Kyle King, Ross Hurston, Blu Kennedy, Andrew Justice, Luke Cassidy, Dak Ramsey, J. R. Mathews, and Robbie Ireland

Body Types: young beefy guys, smooth chests, guys with tattoos

Condoms: yes

Things to See
: Lots of fucking

Plot: no plot

The Movie:

It looks like the company Hot House will continue to release an infinite number of its Backroom Exclusive Video series.  Based on the quality of Volume 16, as well as some exposure to some of the previous films in this series, I look forward to reviewing these compilations until Volume 500 comes out, though I call dibs on reviewing Volume 69 if only just for the significance of the number.  Hot House Backroom Exclusive Videos Volume 16 features even more hunky models sexing each other up.  Models such as Paul Wagner, Kyle King, and Blu Kennedy make a welcomed return; continuing to demonstrate their masterful fucking abilities.  While the sex may look vanilla at first, things tend to progress into a passionate jack-hammer screw for nearly bottom in the film, especially Kyle King's forceful bottoming by Andrew Justice.  There is also a delightful daddy/twink pairing between the nubile Luke Cassidy and tattooed big boy Dak Ramsey.  Just watching Luke bounce up and down on Dak's fat cock sends chills up my nether-regions!  If you enjoy watching attractive guys have sex with each other (who doesn't?), then you should add Hot House Backroom Exclusive Videos Volume 16 to your collection.

Scene One: Paul Wagner and Blu Kennedy

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Paul, a beefy brunette with some natural chest hair starts to kiss Blu (cute redhead) on the couch.  Things quickly progress when Paul starts to stroke Blu's cock.  Paul then shows off his oral abilities, being gentle but firm with Blu's red pecker.  Blu returns the oral favors while Paul continues to wear his tight fitting jeans.  Blu then bends over to show off his ass to Paul, as a sort of invitation.  Paul happily rims and finger probes Blu's hairless hole, getting it all ready for his dick.  After that, Paul screws Blu from behind.  Blu moans a ton, which makes Paul fuck him even harder.  Blu then gets to screw Paul's tight and hairy hole; fucking him with his legs held up.  While Paul furiously strokes his cock, he unleashes a delicious load that splatters all over his chest.  Blu then oozes out a load down below. 

Scene Two: Kyle King and Andrew Justice

The guys start out well, both kissing passionately and rubbing their dicks through their shorts.  Once their pants come down, they rub their cocks together and share even more intense kissing.  Kyle (brunette with tanned body and a nice ass) then heads south and plants his wet lips around Andrew's cock and balls.  Though Andrew (brunette with a curved cock) enjoys the sensations, he switches with Kyle so that he can suck some cock as well.  Andrew also rims Kyle's smooth asshole; Kyle really grinds his ass in Andrew's face.  Like the eager bottom he is, Kyle then bends over and offers up his ass.  Andrew gives him a serious pounding, making Kyle grunt and moan.  At one point, Andrew slams Kyle to the ground, holding him down while he mercilessly fucks his hole.  Andrew eventually spills his seed all over Kyle's backside, followed by Kyle stroking off his own dick thanks to some passionate kissing. 

Scene Three: J.R. Mathews and Robbie Ireland

J.R. (cherry blond with an impressive chest) plays with his humongous cock through his jeans.  He eventually pulls off his pants, revealing even more of his pink pecker as well as his golden red pubes.  Though he thinks he's alone, he soon discovers that he has a horny admirer watching him.  Robbie, a cute brunette with a curved cock, walks over and allows J.R. to touch his dick.  J.R. then sucks on Robbie's cock and licks all over his balls, taint, and ass.  After that J.R. receives some oral play and rimming action as well.  J.R. then climbs on top of Robbie's cock for a nice straddle fuck.  J.R. clearly enjoys his ass being screwed since he bumps and grinds his ass in unison with Robbie's fucking.  Finally, Robbie jacks off a load onto J.R.'s pecs and J.R. shoots out an impressively forceful cumshot that lands on his own face and chest.

Scene Four: Luke Cassidy and Dak Ramsey

Two hunky brunettes make out, wearing only their jeans.  Dak looks like a prison fantasy guard with lots of tattoos and a big fat cock.  Luke, on the other hand, is a tender young lad who is about to be taught the ropes of the bedroom.  Luke is eager to get into Dak's pants, so he gets on his knees and immediately starts to suck on Dak.  However, Dak is similarly eager to taste Luke's young cock so he wolfs it down and allows Luke to face-fuck him.  Dak then turns Luke around so that he can rim his tight little hole.  After some deep rimming action, Luke climbs on top of Dak's fat cock in a straddle position.  Dak moves Luke up and down on his cock as if he were bouncing a beach ball up in the air.  The guys then switch to Kyle being fucked from behind.  It doesn't take long for Dak to release a vocal cumshot all over Luke's smooth chest.  Luke finishes up by jacking off.

Scene Five: Ross Hurston and Paul Wagner

Ross (an Aussie with a wicked physique) invites Paul to come over and kiss him.  Paul obliges, giving Ross some passionate lip action.  Ross then gets on his knees where he inhales Paul's dick.  Next, Paul allows Ross to face-fuck his pretty mouth.  After that, Paul shoves his ass in front of Ross's face for some licking and probing.  Ross rims Paul's hairy taint and hole like a madman; getting it ready for the main event.  Ross then proceeds to screw Paul from behind.  Paul's hard dick flops all over the place while Ross power fucks his hole.  Ross seems determined to stretch out Paul's hole since he continues to pull out and then shove his hard cock back in forcefully.  After the fucking the guys jack off together on the couch.

The DVD:


Presented in fullscreen, the image was sharp and colorful. 


The audio was decent, without distortion or any of those stereotypical "cheap porno" sounds like the AC running in the background or police cars driving by. 


The extras include animated scene selection and some trailers.

Final Thoughts:

Hot House Backroom Exclusive Videos Volume 16 continues the level of quality present in the previous volumes of this series.  Whether you are new to this series or already a fan, this compilation of fuck flicks is a great title to add to your collection. Highly Recommended!

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