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POV Pervert #11

Studio: Jules Jordan Video » Review by Wind Tunnel » Review Date: 3/1/10

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

POV Pervert 11
A Mike John Production Released by Jules Jordan Video
Starring:  Avy Scott, Katie St. Ives, Evie Delotasso, Jessica Bangkok, Katie Cummings, Sierra Skye & Andy San Dimas.
With:  Mike John & Tim Von Swine.
Condoms?:  None.
Runtime:  3hrs 17min
Keywords:  Point Of View, Blow Job, One On One, Drain Me

Brief Summary:  Eleventh in the formerly Red Light District series (but always, purely Mike John in quality), this edition finds a selection of his favorites coming back for strictly one-on-one action (Katie St. Ives, Jessica Bangkok, Evie Delotasso), as well as a few newbies thrown affectionately into the mix (Katie Cummings, Sierra Skye) for good measure.  And eleven is probably somebody's lucky number, right?
- Disc One -
[Scene One]  Avy Scott

Opening up between Avy's legs, Mike rubs her kitten with a free thumb, prompting her to ask "can I kiss it hello?" referring to his man pouch.  Avy tugs and blows him on the edge of the bed while he fondles her sizable, honestly delicious breasts, smacking the three together before hurdling into missionary (with Avy still halfway dressed).  "This is way too good," Mike mutters as he darts and shakes the frame, pulling back so Avy can defrock herself completely.  On her knees she strokes his flesh pill, spitting and rubbing those tits of hers together in a wrap, eventually throating it down to the hilt.  Another run of missionary fucking brims the two into a smooth frenzy, Avy pausing for a brief suck before switching to a giggly cowgirl squat.  At an angle she leans while Mike grabs what bit of her isn't jiggling, causing him to shoot a short sample of whiteness into Avy's mouth.  We fade into doggy-style action, her legs pressed together and Mike prying her ass cheeks apart,  a mist of sweat accumulating on her back with each thick push.  After plenty of ass swatting of her apple bottom, Avy throats his dick once again, floating along in even more doggy afterward.  Mike feeds her his unplugged thumb straight from her ass, which Avy laps up before yet more prick swishing and a final session of missionary and titty fucking.  The final dose pops straight into Avy's mouth, downing it all and capping it off with a "nice to meet you".  On the whole, the scene sizzles along nicely, with Avy's unflappable proclivities keeping Mike all but unhinged throughout.  She's more than willing to keep his givings going and going, be it via her deep throat or her beautifully natural & wonderfully malleable tits.  As even Mike himself ends up popping his top more than once before it's all over, the same could be said for anyone watching the two of them in action.  Sure, the camera may wobble a bit, but so would you!

[Scene Two]  Katie St. Ives

We open poolside to find Katie bursting out of her teenie tiny outfit, with she and Mike fumbling into chit chat that takes them into the bedroom (thank goodness!).  Stripping down to nothing but heels, Ms. Ives shows off a triangle patch of fur gracing her crotch, taking hold of a sparkly pink vibrator, courtesy of her partner/man behind the camera.  She masturbates while blowing him ("multitasking!," she bleats) moving herself to the floor and employing both her hands to his knobby cause ("I'm going to give you my undivided attention"), turning the toy off and smacking her cheeks with that prick.  Katie giggles as Mike pours his effort into keeping himself under control, shaking as she lubes up her hands and kneads; the results of someone who has seriously been practicing her stroking skills, really!  Her switch ups guide Mike toward the bed, propping her legs up for missionary, grabbing that vibrator for some self-diddling while he plays johnny thrust.  As she crawls closer with each peg, Katie finally whispers "oh fuck?" as she drops the toy and fingers her way into a healthy squirt.  A twister of a blow job carries the now-soaked action into cowgirl, angling a little sideways while Mike sticks his fingers into her mouth as she huffs gloriously along.  In doggy he peers at her little brown jughole, hovering over the wet spot on the bedspread, smacking her ass until it turns a blush of red.  Another run of missionary (toy included) follows, with Katie spurting even more juice as a result, kind of an oh-dang! moment once the sheets start looking like the former Soviet Union.  Pleased with her array of soaking, she's back on the floor, urging Mike's goo to rush out, cooing "shoot it all over my face", catching his eruptions all across her desired bull's eye.  Katie breaks into a smile a waves goodbye, skin coated and glazed in glory.  Always managing to find herself in Mike's movies in the past, it's no wonder that he keeps inviting her back, and this one-on-one shows off Katie's newly honed tugging skills, as well as her eager fountain of squirt via that tiny (hopefully waterproof) vibrator.  With her wide smile and unending, truly plucky enthusiasm, you'd find it hard to say no, or to even not crack a smile during this scene.  And like the very best out there, she revels in every minute of it - wonderful stuff!

[Scene Three]  Evie Delotasso

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Underwearless and already rubbing herself, Evie opens herself up for a little boobie play with Mike as he finds her, catching those wavering fingers up close as his pipe ripens up for a blow job.  Before long she's licking her own titties, spitting frost on that spear and grabbing onto it with both hands.  Missionary enlivens us with Evie's dancing breasts flopping this way and that, Mike grappling those lusciously ripe melons as he fucks her, finger licking worthy.  Another blow job stop shifts gears to cowgirl, Evie hopping and crashing her whole curvy body onto Mike's swordly goodness.  She slows for a prick taste before turning into reverse cowgirl, sparking the room with flurries of "ohmygod!fuck!shit!", over and over, sliding her ass up for a pound's worth of doggy, rumbling that cock down her throat before another dose of missionary.  "I wanna cum on your cock again," she says, fiddling with her clit and curdling her words into a frenetic grind, letting Mike straddle her for titty fucking.  His seed shoots out and hits the ridge of her eye and onto her nose, causing Evie to ecstatically giggle and open up her unsplooged peeper for a bit of post-dose stroke.  As another returning champ, Ms. Delotasso really doesn't have to apply herself so much with her co-star, though her copious riches (both up front and in rear display) do well to aid her already semi-crazed nature.  She seems to love her breasts just as much as we do (and that's quite a lot!), and her performance here with Mike is super-strokeworthy. 

[Scene Four]  Jessica Bangkok

Well-busted in the chest area, Jessica thumbs through a magazine (showcasing Mike's finer works, or at least a few stills from his films), engaging the camera with a few post-dated quips and aggressively purring her way out of her handful of uber-tight clothes, showing off her pencil-thin V of bush, it aiming south.  By now her laughter has overtaken any words, furthermore obliterated by the stuffing of Mike's rod against her tongue, crushing her face down into his crotch as close as she possibly can, choking out in loud heaves when she comes up for air.  She switches from her mouth to tits, spitting globs and squeaking in her efforts, fingering herself along the way.  Once missionary begins, Jessica is nearly hyperventilating with each pull inward, slapping Mike's dick before switching to cowgirl and its reverse, all still wearing her pair of heels.  The rumpus is such that her elevated breath turns into typhoons of yelps and bursting shouts, eventually hitting a high cry during a doggy-style run on the edge of the bed ("AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaeeeeeeeee", she says).  A floor-bound taste guides the two into even more titty fucking, with Jessica stroking Mike off by hand, all of his seed into her mouth, and finally the room falls into silence: she gurgles and foams it between her teeth, downing it and wiping up the stray drops.  If Evie's scene were any indication of expressive vocal gratitude, Jessica more than raises that expectation by several feet/miles/kilometers strong, somehow just shy of blowing out the speakers on the set.  Far from mild, Ms. Bangkok is beyond brassy, and scrunches her face so in ecstasy and pure lust that some may find it unbelievable - nary a moment isn't filled with her screams for more, now, & again.  Though she did read a tad false during her introduction, I warmed to her brash ways pretty quickly (and so did Mike, it seems), and her good time is ours to enjoy.  Intense, but not wholly demonic, thank goodness!

- Disc Two - 

[Scene Five]  Katie Cummings


Cute newbie Katie meets Mike down by the pool, showing off her barbell-pierced right titty, displaying her healthy pair in a waltz into the house.  Atop the bed she rubs her bald purse, a few fingers finding themselves between both sets of her lips while she warms up to Mike's hardness.  On her knees she slows down her oral intake, spitting up and utilizing those lightly tan mounds to squish her partner's cock between them, gliding along as per Mike's commands.  In missionary, her balloons swings as she pushes her palms against the wall for balance, swinging her legs out and around before diddling her clit once again.  As she smokes his pole, Mike paws around with her, continuing the missionary for another round, pacing himself to a crawl and testing Katie's ass with a finger (she passes with flying colors!).  Cowgirl is tenuous at first and soon blends into a light thump, with a brief taste preceding a run in doggy, with even more ass teasing to follow.  Between the cheek smacks and the crack spreading, Katie utters out a few bolts of joy, going to the floor for a final blow off, jerked by her own hand onto her tongue, down to the very last bit of butter.  Overall, Katie is a little green overall, though her skills with her tits and hands are the most pronounced, with her cowgirl riding leaving a bit to be desired.  The final run of doggy (as well as all that missionary fucking) is probably the highest peak of the action, and I'm sure many will find her just too cute to refuse watching.  With time, she could be something special, though she could use a brush up in her overall skills.

[Scene Six]  Sierra Skye

Slightly more plus-sized than your standard porn girl, Sierra wiggles her chesticles in a wispy nightie as she almost immediately begins sucking on Mike's baseball bat.  He gazes over her sheen of natural fur gracing her pussy, nudging her whoppers out and watching them spill just about everywhere.  On the floor she focuses on filling up her mouth with that swatter, inhaling it at a hard clip, switching to the seeming endlessness of those breasts for a good flesh pressing.  Those flour sacks sway and shift like high and low tide as Sierra is fucked in missionary, with Mike semi-obsessed/hypnotized by them, ogling and grabbing what he can with only one free hand.  Sierra twiddles her nethers while sucking him yet again, shifting the action into a nearby bedroom for a yelp-worthy, doggy-style thumping.  Cowgirl continues on the floor (and even more jiggling, to boot), cresting into a slow grind before switching to its reverse.  A brief titty pull leads Mike to stroke off a serving of white goo directly into Sierra's mouth, a pop that oozes down one side of her chin and onto (you guessed it!) her chest, spreading it on her skin like a rejuvenating balm.  A forceful amount of missionary continues, with another arched poke in reverse afterward.  The scene ends with a conclusive blow job, with Mike unloading his second gust of slurm into Sierra's mouth, which she, again, spits out and coats her chin and chest.  Sierra does make the most of her prized assets, though she oftentimes relies on them too exclusively: the scene lacks and overall oomph that even her roundest features cannot account for 100%.  As exciting the wonder of her moving in space is, quite frankly, hypnotizing, it's just not all too exciting (though Mike's two pops obviously disagree with me).  So it goes, I suppose.

[Scene Seven]  Andy San Dimas  (with Tim Von Swine)

The always affable Andy meets her co-conspirator Tim while she's perched on a leather ottoman.  A few words later, she's bottomless, her fingers finding their way between her thighs, doing a slow dazzle while Tim turns a little starry-eyed.  She flips around and begins suckling his pig, twisting her hands faster and faster while he pulls on her hair.  Andy chokes his hog down, coating it with spit and attending to his sack while her digits do the walking.  Ass out, she lets Tim smack her ass as they begin the full coitus in doggy, slowing into a tight squeak (he thumbs her ass, she slurps it up).  A pause later, the doggy carries them further along, shifting to a mid-level suck before a fast bout of cowgirl on the floor.  Andy rides Tim in a flurry, her hands taking turns balancing herself while the other keeps her clit ruby red with joy.  Such is the cracking that in reverse, her smoothed out and super-lean ass bolts like a metronome above 200 bpm, briefly stopping only for a gentle lube up, Andy a little punch drunk at this point ("sorry: dick drunk", she spouts).  A straight hop in cowgirl concludes with a whispering/sucking: "I'm beginning to think you like me," Tim says.  "Don't tell my boyfriend," she responds.  "I'm gonna stand up and jerk right in your mouth," to which Andy says, cheerfully, "fill my belly with pig slop, huh?", prying open her cheeks with two fingers (trademark move!) and gulping it down.  "I just got my H1N1 vaccine!", and yes, she did.  Andy is her usual self here, rocking out on Tim's dick as easily and with all the delight of an eager beaver.  The action happens quite smoothly, easily enough that she's relaxed, even while balancing herself (in and out of her heels) atop Swine's rock, losing herself in a gentle fury that really is nice to see these days.  Though some may find her tattoos distracting, her relaxed personality almost makes it seem like you already know her after only a few moments (her rapport with Tim helps, I would think), and her slop-heavy blow job skills are certainly a plus.  Good job, Andy!
Bonus Features

A one-hour Behind the Scenes segment contains photoshoots and pre/post moments with each girl, as well as an alternate bit of camera angling with Emma and Andy, an alternative view for those who like seeing two people fuck instead of just one being fucked.  Some of the post-scene glory is really priceless (as with Tim and Andy), showing off more of the congenial nature of the performers only hinted at in a few cases.  Elsewhere a Cum Shot Recap (10min) does just that, as well as a rotating Photo Gallery (4min), the usual web/internet links, and quite a few Trailers for various Mike John Productions (6 trailers, about 1-2min per).  Not too shabby for a two disc set, though a bonus scene would have been a real boon.

Audio/Video Quality
Presented in 1.78:1 high definition/16x9 format, the picture appears on the darker side of the spectrum than most other POV/self-shooter type of films, not too bright but still light enough to be flattering to skin tones overall.  Likewise, most of the blurs that occur are during the heat of the moment, so to speak, when Mike can't quite stand the intensity of the fucking and it causing his limbs to jitter, which is totally  understandable, but still suffers a slight sharpness from time to time.  Added with the darkness that tends and does happen when the camera goes in close (usually in missionary), it can be detrimental at times.  Likewise, a few stray outdoor bits of sunshine sometimes appear during the bedroom work, occasionally leaving a few halos hitting the girls (again, in missionary) as it reflects off the camera lens.  Otherwise, the picture is clean and tidy enough, even when Katie squirts (twice).  The sound isn't quite sparkling, with a bit of the high end rolled off in favor of a medium/low register.  Oftentimes the more quiet, close murmurs are totally lost, even when the camera pushes in close, and jacking the audio bay on your home setup may cause you more headache than it's worth (it's a common happening, especially in POV-type features, and no different here).

Final Thoughts
Despite the small technical flaws, POV Pervert 11 serves up a bounty of swell sessions that beg to be revisited, be it Katie St. Ives' overflowing, vibrating cup or Andy's swift, hard fuck.  Breast enthusiasts (are there really any other kind?) will find Avy and Evie's scenes more than delightful and up to snuff, though Sierra's patter and overall mood could use some polishing.  And Jessica, without a doubt, is a true high point on the already thoroughly enjoyable disc(s), and even Katie Cummings has her moments, even as she's gaining sexual traction with this, one of her early scenes.  It's all enough to send this straight to the Recommended pile, though I still miss the option of pussy eating that most of Mike John's work tends to eschew, strangely enough.  However, for point-of-view action that is so classic in its execution, it's hard to not be impressed by this set.

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