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Make Me Creamy

Studio: Vouyer Media » Review by Dr. Jay » Review Date: 3/26/10

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Genre: Gonzo.
Director: Vince Vouyer.
Cast: Allie Ray, Arnold Schwarzenpecker, Erik Everhard, Joanna Angel, John Strong, Katalina Linda, Kyle Stone, Marquetta Jewel, Randy Spears, Renee Richards, Roxy DeVille, Sascha, Steve Taylor, Steven French, Tim Von Swine. 
Length: 02:43
Condoms: None.
Bonus: One bonus star for condom-free sex and a second for Roxy Deville, one of my 2009 Dr. Jay's Must-See Girls.


I want someone to make me creamy! What finer sentence can the English language produce? Not only do the six horny girls in Make Me Creamy want you to fuck the shit out of them...they also want you to deposit your seed deep inside their bodies (pussy or ass, it's your choice!).

The six scenes in Make Me Creamy boast a diverse female cast ranging from sweet girl-next-door types like Allie Ray to nasty and edgy Joanna Angel. In addition, the male cast boasts studs ranging from porn legend Randy Spears to newer-cummers like Steven French. Of course, the guys get to do what we guys like best...plow gorgeous chicks and plant seeds in fertile soil.

The six scenes follow a similar pattern...the girl gives us a little tease routine and then she chats with director Vince for a short while before being joined by her partner(s).

Most of the girls in Make Me Creamy aren't satisfied with one dose of cream filling. So, director Vince has extra guys on hand so that, at a moment's notice, they can give the girl a double or even triple deposit of cum.

Check out some photos of the girls in Make Me Creamy here. Pay particular attention to the photos of Joanna Angel and Roxy Deville! Enjoy!


Scene One

In Scene One, cute-as-a-button--and very funny--19-year-old Latina/Filipina Allie Ray begs Sascha to "make her creamy." To fulfill Allie's wish, Sascha not only fills her pussy but also invites two of his buddies, Arnold Schwarzenpecker
and Kyle Stone, to contribute their loads to Allie's stuffed cunt. Talk about creamy! This is a boy/girl vaginal-only scene that lacks a female orgasm. The scene rates four stars on my scale.
  • Tease: Dressed in a cute turquoise top and matching panties, Allie crawls across the floor as we follow behind her and savor her shapely ass cheeks. She eventually climbs atop a couch and lies on her belly so she can tell us a little about her sexual preferences (She likes ALL kinds of cocks!) by chatting with director Vince Vouyer behind the camera. What a cutie! Eventually, she spends some time showing off her tight and cute body (she has a fabulous ass and real cute titties!), spreads her tight pink teen pussy, slaps her ass, and confesses that she wants to be filled with "man cream." She also reveals that she wasn't happy with Sascha's performance in a previous scene she did with him (he made her nose bleed in pile-driver). So, this is going to be a grudge match for her!
  • Foreplay 1: Sascha lies behind Allie on the couch, spoon style, and squeezes her scrumptious ass cheeks and cute teen tits. After rolling Allie onto her back, Sascha strips off her panties, spreads her legs, and then spreads her gorgeous, wet, pink, bald teen pussy and jacks her clit. He promises to make her creamy.
  • Foreplay 2: Too soon, I think, Sascha stands us and pulls off his jeans so that Allie can worship his cock with her eager mouth and stroke it with her practiced hands. I like how Allie moves her hands in a twisting motion as she strokes him and how she loudly and enthusiastically slurps his cock. Sascha responds to Allie's excitement by fucking her throat, by making jawbreakers in her cheeks, and by spanking her pretty butt.
  • Position 1: Allie transitions to the doggie position, presents her pussy to Sascha, and then demands, "Come on, start fucking me!" Who the fuck would deny her? So, Sascha slips his cock into her tempting cunt and pounds her with increasingly deep and long strokes (great camerawork) as she pants with pleasure and encourages him with provocative words: "You're definitely gonna make me creamy!" During doggie, Sascha pulls Allie's hair, spanks her butt, and makes her suck her girl-juice off of his cock.
  • Position 2: Sascha reclines on the couch and Allie rides him reverse cowgirl style. While Sascha pistons in and out of Allie's pretty vagina, she lies back on his chest to enjoy the ride and uses her fingers to jack her clit. In due course, Allie begins to match Sascha's strokes with her own. In fact, she is soon doing most of the work, tossing her cute body up and down with abandon on Sascha's rod. She also fingers her clit and grinds his cock using very erotic and forceful moves. Allie loves it: "That feels good...bouncing on that dick!"
  • Position 3: Wasting nary a stroke, Allie rotates on Sascha's body so that she's in the cowgirl position. Allie and Sascha then match their strokes with precise synchronization, fucking each other like a well-engineered machine. Allie not only fucks him like a champion cowgirl, but she also grinds his lucky cock as her pleasure level builds inexorably. Allie's a really good fuck and boasts a repertoire of fabulous moves! And, Allie's pussy looks absolutely incredible when Sascha momentarily pulls out so we can savor her inner beauty.
  • Position 4: Sascha lifts Allie and sets her down onto the couch in the missionary position. Sascha plows Allie's spit-lubricated cunt with very forceful strokes (great close-ups) as she, in turn, lies back, jacks and spanks her clit, spreads her labia wide, and absorbs untold pleasure. She really wants his semen: "I can't wait for that cream! Make me creamy! CREAM THAT PUSSY!"
  • Popshot 1: Sascha continues to pound Allie's cunt missionary style until he cums. His penis spasms volcanically as it deposits a substantial amount of semen into Allie's fertile hole. Damn, I could almost feels his spasms in my cock! However, Allie isn't satisfied! She wants more cum! So, Sascha invites Arnold Schwarzenpecker
and Kyle Stone to join them.
  • Popshots 2-3: Arnold and Kyle both briefly fuck her pussy until they each explode inside her. Damn! Now she's creamy! As rivers of semen dribble out of her, Allie uses her fingers to dig out even more of the triple load. That's a "lot of cream! Thanks, you guys! You got me nice and creamy!" Indeed.

Scene Two

Scene Two features the box-cover girl, 21-year-old brunette Brit Renee Richards in her, according to the box art, "very first cream pie." John Strong is the lucky guy who gets to fuck her pussy in this vag-only scene with a creamy ending. This is a high-energy, multiple-position scene that, unfortunately, does not include a female orgasm. Four stars!

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  • Tease 1: Renee, dressed in a translucent white top and frilly white panties, shows off her toned body by posing in several positions. She suckles her fingers, probes her panty-clad pussy, and gives us glimpses of her boobies.
  • Tease 2: While laying on her tummy atop a bright red couch, Renee introduces herself (she's a dirty whore!); shows off her tattoos; confesses that she likes to dominate guys, that assholes are "one-way" (she won't take it up the ass), and that she's about to turn her pussy into a "cum dripper;" jiggles her ass for the camera; and shows off her medium-sized all-natural tits and bejeweled pussy.
  • Foreplay 1: John joins Renee on the couch and she strokes his cock through his jeans while they share an open-mouthed kiss. Meanwhile, he wraps his arms around Renee and strokes her hot flesh.
  • Foreplay 2: Renee unzips John's jeans and releases his already-erect cock from bondage so that she can greedily suck it. Acting as if John's rod were a piece of hard candy, Renee spits-on, strokes, sucks, and swallows it ravenously. She also licks and suckles his balls. John loves the attention and encourages her: "Suck that fuckin' dick. Oh, God, baby!" He also slaps her naughty face and makes jawbreakers in her cheek with his rigid rod. And, he pulls her hair when he fucks her face all the way down her throat (lots of slobber).
  • Position 1: While John sits on the red couch, he removes Renee's panties (she has a nicely-groomed bush) and then helps her mount him reverse cowgirl style. After Renee guides John's cock into her pussy, they immediately begin to pound each other with well-synchronized strokes that force his cock balls-deep into her cunt. She fingers her clit, tosses her head backward, and arches her back in ecstasy as they frantically fuck each other. Nice moves, guys!
  • Position 2: After sucking John's cock clean, Renee straddles John cowgirl style and lowers her body until her pussy again swallows his enormous cock (Renee has awesome long legs!). John spanks Renee's pretty butt while pistoning in-and-out of her pussy at redline speed. Damn, both John and Renee look like they're having the time of their lives as they fuck--especially when Renee grinds her cunt against John's rod.
  • Position 3: John and Renee transition to the spoon position as they lay chest-to-back on the couch. John inches his tingling rod into Renee's slippery cunt and then reams her fast and deep as she jacks her own clit. Renee really likes it and shouts, "Don't stop! Don't FUCKING stop! I fucking LOVE it! Give it to me DEEP!" As always, spoon gives us, the viewers, an excellent look at not only the intense in-and-out action, but also at Renee's lean, lithe, and leggy body.
  • Position 4: After Renee moves into doggie position, she begs, "Come fuck my little cunt from behind!" As Renee arches her back oh-so-erotically, John does her bidding and pounds her with fast and deep strokes. Of course, since Renee's an insatiable whore, she reaches down and frantically fingers her clit while John reams her and sharply spanks her ass cheeks. Meanwhile, Renee keeps up involved with the scene, "You like watching him fuck my cunt?" I assume that's a rhetorical question.
  • Position 5: After Renee sucks John's cock clean and lubricates it with a generous glob of her saliva, she again mounts him cowgirl style. John pistons in-and-out of Renee so fast that the image blurs on the screen. Then, as Renee's lust becomes further inflamed, she grinds him frantically, riding him like a champion.
  • Position 6: Renee again sucks her juices off of John's cock and then mounts him for some additional reverse cowgirl sex. Renee demands, "Fucking POUND IT." Of course, gallant John gives her what she wants...a thorough pounding. She also gives him what he wants...some erotic undulating and grinding moves to complement his thrusts.
  • Position 7: John positions Renee in the doggie position on the floor. Excellent camera angles and close-ups capture the action as Renee's cunt swallows every centimeter of John's cock.
  • Position 8: John fucks Renee's throat for a minute or so and then they move back to missionary. John furiously reams Renee's pussy as she lies back on the couch and positions her long legs behind her head. Meanwhile, Renee spreads her butt cheeks wide so that we can enjoy her tight brown asshole.
  • Popshot: "Give it to me...and give it to me in my fucking cunt. Yeah! Fill my fucking cunt! Fuckin' FILL IT! SPUNK IN MY CUNT!" After John does just that, Renee sits up and uses her vaginal muscles to expel the semen. John helps out by using his fingers to dig out his seed so he can feed it to her. "Give it to me. Feed it to me!" She swallows every drop!

Scene Three

Exotic 21-year-old Latina Marquetta Jewel gets her pussy reamed by legendary stud Randy Spears in Scene Three. The scene starts out as a conventional b/g. However, Marquetta, like Allie Ray in Scene One, needs more than one dose of cum. So, two other guys add their swimmers to the mix at the end of the scene. I'm pleased to say that, in addition to all three guys, Marquetta had an orgasm, too. Four and one-half stars.
  • Tease 1: Marquetta crawls toward us on all fours across a carpeted hardwood floor. Her big boobs and long brunette hair hang in a very appealing and provocative way as she crawls toward us. Marquetta, dressed in a sexy pink and black bra and satiny pink panties, also poses in several sexy positions to show off her pretty tits, accommodating cunt, and meaty ass. In addition, she finger-fucks her pussy and her mouth.
  • Tease 2: While standing at a diagonal angle facing away from us, Marquetta, showing a little "attitude," introduces herself and then sits on a comfy blue couch to chat with us: "I'm not a bitch, but I got attitude!" Meanwhile, she gives us some glimpses of her perky tits, pierced navel, clean-shaven pussy, and jiggly butt cheeks. While erotically rubbing her panty-covered pussy, she also confesses to having five loads of cum inside her vagina at one time.
  • Foreplay 1: Randy, nude and achingly hard, joins Marquetta on the couch. He immediately grabs her boobs and the squeezes and suckles them while she jacks her clit and probes her pussy with her fingers. Randy, too, gets an opportunity to finger-fuck her juicy hole and rapidly jack her swollen and gorgeous clit. Randy does a great job fingering Marquetta's pussy and makes her groan with pleasure.
  • Foreplay 2: Randy sits astride the couch so that Marquetta can gobble his dick. Marquetta's throat opens right up and allows Randy's cock to slip down balls-deep: "I like it when you choke me with your cock!" Wow, Marquetta is a great cock swallower! However, she has other things on her mind: "You wanna come fill this pussy?"
  • Position 1: Marquetta lies back on the couch, missionary style, spreads her legs super wide to give Randy easy access, and then lubricates her nicely-manicured pussy with spit-soaked fingers. Randy first slaps Marquetta's clit with his cock and then, using a very slow and erotic motion, slips his cock into her. As Randy's thrusts become more animated, Marquetta tosses her head back, moans pleasurably, and encourages him with attitude while staring directly into his eyes. As Randy pounds her harder and harder, Marquetta's soft and womanly flesh and all-natural breasts jiggle provocatively as pleasure begins to envelop her.
  • Position 2: After taking an opportunity to taste her pussy juice by sucking Randy's cunt-covered rod (again, Marquetta proves she's a champion cock swallower!), Marquetta straddles Randy cowgirl style and shoves his cock insider her pussy. She immediately begins to thrust and grind his dick, bouncing up and down joyfully as her pussy swallows it entirely. At first, Marquetta does most of the fucking. However, Randy soon begins to match her stroke-for-stroke as her eyes glaze over and she screams and murmurs incoherently. However, the most visually appealing parts of this segment occur when Randy lies motionless and lets Marquetta do her sexy bouncing and grinding moves on his rod. She really knows how to fuck and grind and how to shake her ass!
  • Position 3: At Marquetta's prompting, she and Randy move into doggie atop the couch. As Marquetta kneels on all fours, Randy puts his dick back inside her pussy and fucks her with long, deep, and fast strokes as she pants ecstatically and shouts, "Fuck that pussy!" Marquetta increases her own pleasure by fingering her clit while Randy plows her. The combination jacking/fucking action pays big dividends for Marquetta when she screams through an orgasm: "You feel that cum all over your dick? You made that pussy cum good. KEEP FUCKING IT!"
  • Position 4: Marquetta sucks her cum off of Randy's dick and sucks his balls. After making Randy promise to shoot his cum up inside her, she mounts him reverse cowgirl style. Again, Marquetta uses her combination thrusting/grinding moves to drive Randy crazy. And, her moves look damned fine, too. Meanwhile, Randy grabs handfuls of Marquetta's ass cheeks and squeezes hard.
  • Popshot 1: Randy and Marquetta move into the missionary position so he can fuck her pussy until he explodes inside. "Oh yeah, make it nice and creamy. I wanna taste it, too!" Meanwhile, she spreads her labia wide open and fingers her clit. Damn, it's pretty! Of course, Randy spews his entire load in her vagina. Then, Randy announces, "You're not done yet! I have a way to make that pussy even more creamy!"
  • Popshot 2-3: Marquetta spreads her pussy lips wide so that we can see its creamy filling. However, she's careful to not expel a drop. Then, the two other guys very briefly fuck her cunt until they, too, pop inside. Between fillings, Marquetta uses her fingers to scoop every wayward drop of semen into her pussy. To finish up, Marquetta slides her butt to the edge of the couch and, using both her fingers and vaginal muscles, expels wads of the triple load all over her asshole, the couch, and the floor. She even wipes the semen off of the couch and puts it in her mouth. She then spits the cum onto her pussy and massages it into her skin. "They sure did make my pussy creamy!'

Scene Four

Joanna Angel and Katalina Linda join forces to take on Steven French in Scene Four. The b/g/g scene is very fulfilling for Katalina, who gets cream filled by Steven. However, hot and nasty Joanna Angel doesn't get even one drop of cream pie. So, she'll come back in Scene Five to get creamy...in her ass, no less. This is a fucking excellent five-star scene!
  • Tease 1: Clips of both girls posing in numerous positions in various stages of undress are stitched together to make a music-video-style sequence that is not only hot but also introduces us to the girls' bodies, tattoos, and piercings. The girls are nicely complementary...whereas Joanna has the look of a hardcore slut, Katalina is more innocent, more Hispanic-girl-next-door. Katalina is very cute and even has braces! I've got to admit that I like both of their styles--and how director Vince Vouyer teamed them together in this scene. However, Joanna is more my style--I like 'em nasty.
  • Tease 2: Director Vince interviews the girls from behind the camera as they lie next to each other--and fondle each others' bodies--on a loveseat. It seems that both girls really like each other--and their butts, tits, and so on. Katalina even suckles Joanna's nipples to prove it. Both girls apparently like guys, too, because they want "somebody--anybody" to make them creamy. Katalina confesses that she got into porn so she could get fucked "enough...all the time."
  • Foreplay 1: Steven joins the girls and immediately grabs handfuls of flesh to squeeze. He also strokes their flesh, finger-fucks their mouths, helps them out of their clothes, kisses their lips, and suckles their tits.
  • Foreplay 2: Katalina soon becomes the center of attention as both Joanna and Steven spread and please her pussy with multiple spit-lubricated fingers.
  • Foreplay 3: While Joanna eats and fingers Katalina's pretty pink pussy, Steven shoves his cock into Katalina's mouth. Katalina attacks his rod as if it were the first cock she'd ever sucked! In fact, she likes it so much that she giggles like a schoolgirl! Katalina also loves Joanna's touch--and soon has her first orgasm of the scene.
  • Foreplay 4: Steven lies on his back so that both girls can fight over his cock. "I want some!" is the battle cry as both girls do their best to please his lucky penis and balls with their mouths. Even though they "battle" over his cock, the girls still lust for each other--and kiss to prove it.
  • Position 1: Katalina strips off her schoolgirl skirt and panties and then mounts Steven cowgirl style. Joanna guides Steven's spit-soaked cock into Katalina's pussy and then Katalina fucks Steven with the excitement that only a young Latina can demonstrate. While Katalina bounces up and down gleefully on Steven, Joanna rubs, squeezes, and slaps Katalina's ass; kisses her mouth; suckles her tits; and encourages her and Steven with nasty vocabulary. Joanna also sucks Katalina's juices off of Steven's shaft. The highlight of the scene is when Katalina cries for joy when she says, "I'm cumming now!" Afterward, she and Joann suck her ejaculate off of Steven's cock.
  • Position 2: Joann, too, wants some of Steven's dick. So, after she and Katalina suck his rod squeaky-clean, she climbs aboard cowgirl style. While Joanna tosses her tight body up and down on Steven's rod, Katalina and Steven spank her ass. During this segment, Katalina keeps Steven's balls happy by squeezing them and keeps his rod clean by pulling it out of Joanna's pussy and sucking it.
  • Position 3: Katalina moves into the doggie position and Steven spreads her labia open wide to reveal her super-saturated and ravenous cunt. Then, while Steven pulls her hair and pounds her pussy hard, fast, and deep, Katalina squeals with delight and eats Joanna's tasty twat. Even better, horny Katalina cums for the third time! In fact, her fucking juices dribble out of her pussy!
  • Position 4: Joanna and Katalina again work together to suck Steven's dick clean. Then, Steven again fucks Katalina--this time in the missionary position. Katalina's glistening and oh-so-excited pussy looks awesome as Joanna holds it open while Steven fucks it! Meanwhile, Joanna straddles Katalina and fucks her face while using her spit-soaked fingers to jack Katalina's clit.
  • Popshot: Katalina exclaims, "I want you to cum in my pussy!" So, while Joanna uses her fingers to spread Katalina's labia wide and to jack her clit, Steven explodes inside Katalina. When Steven pulls out, Katalina pushes a massive river of cum out of her pussy, down her butt crack, and onto the floor. Katalina also uses her fingers to dig more semen out of her cunt. Damn, this is fucking beautiful!

Scene Five

Scene Five is a continuation of Scene Four. Joanna Angel, pissed that she didn't get creamy in Scene Four, stalks off the set in search of another fully-charged dick. She finds exactly what she wants when she encounters Steve Taylor. Steve not only makes her creamy, but he also reams her ass, too. This boy/girl/anal scene rates 4.5 stars on my scale.
  • Tease: Joanna's in no mood to tease. Neither is Steve. In fact, his cock is already fully erect and peaking out of his pants when she, still naked from Scene Four, accosts him. Joanna's tease can be summed up as, "Hey mister! Can you fuck my ass!"
  • Foreplay: At Steven's request, Joanna drops to her knees and blows his cock. She's so damned horny from Scene Four that she literally attacks his rod and gobbles his balls with gusto. In fact, he has to warn her to "suck it nice and slow, baby." After all, he doesn't want to pop during fellatio! FYI, Joanna's big tits hang delightfully as she kneels to suck his rod.
  • Position 1: "Please stick it in my ass!" To prepare herself, Joanna lies back on a red couch, missionary style, and loosens her asshole with her finger. Once her sphincter has relaxed a bit, Steve shoves his cock deep inside. "Thank you," moans Joanna. "That's what I wanted!" As the camera captures the action close-up and personal, Steve reams Joanna's asshole while she, in turn, fingers her clit. Joanna's spread-wide cunt looks superb as Steve thrusts in-and-out of her asshole. "Oh, my God!" Joanna exclaims when she cums hard.
  • Position 2: After Joanna cums, she sucks his cock, ATM style, and then they transition so that Joanna lies on her side as Steve fucks her asshole. It's sort of a combination of spoon and missionary. Joanna's multi-inked body looks fine as her gorgeous tits bounce joyfully in sync with Steve's thrusts. And, she sounds ecstatic as her pleasure builds again toward ass-gasm.
  • Position 3: Joanna rides Steve reverse cowgirl style as he pistons in-and-out of her asshole at redline speed. Again, Joanna's fleshy and bald-shaven pussy looks superb as he fucks her. In due course, Joanna becomes so inflamed that she fucks him back with powerful strokes guaranteed to please. She even takes a break to show her nastiest side by sucking his cock ATM style.
  • Position 4: Joanna rolls over into the doggie position and, after Steve lubes up her anus with his spit, he again plows her ass with long and balls-deep strokes while she groans and encourages him: "Fuck me! That feels fuckin' good. Oh, yeah. I LIKE THAT!" I believe her words because she cums like a volcano!
  • Popshot 1: To make Joanna creamy, she and Steve move back into the missionary position. Joanna begs, "Cum in my fucking ASS! I wanna feel that fuckin' cum in my ass! Make me creamy!" So, Steve fucks her until he fills her asshole with his seed. After Steve's cock stops smasming, he gently pulls out. Then, Joanna, exerting tremendous control, squeezes down tight to hold his cum inside her ass. "Hey guys," she shouts, "I want some more."
  • Popshots 2-3: Two more disembodied cocks (I don't know to whom they belong) come to Joanna's rescue and blow their loads in her asshole as she remains comfortably in the missionary position. Between fill-ups, Joanna again shows tremendous control as she uses her sphincter to capture nearly every drop inside her anus. "How do you feel?" asks director Vince. "I'm all creamy," whispers Joanna. Then, she sits up and pushes the semen out of her ass and into her cupped hand.

Scene Six

Twenty-three-year-old Roxy Deville is the final girl to get creamy--with Erik Everhard's cum--in Scene Six of Make Me Creamy. This is a boy/girl all vaginal scene that features numerous sexual positions and was shot primarily with POV camera angles. Truthfully, although I also adore Joanna Angel, I like Roxy's look--and her performance--better than any other girl in Make Me Creamy. Her jet-black hair; mesmerizing big brown eyes; pretty smiling face; dripping, bald-shaven cunt; heart-shaped made-for-spankin' ass; perfect, all-natural, and medium-sized boobs; pierced nipples, navel, lip, tongue, and clit-hood; sexy cowgirl outfit (complete with ammunition belt); fun-loving responses to interview questions; deliciously-naughty vocabulary delivered in a sexy and teasing manner; exotic-dancer-quality impromptu strip show; and extremely nasty demeanor during sex (she licks Erik's cum off of the floor at the end of the scene) are bone-stiffening--at least to me! And, her doggie-style cream pie is, I think, the most beautiful in all of the six scenes in Make Me Creamy. Best of all, her sexual energy and enthusiasm--as well as her performance--are outstanding. In particular, I think she gives the best blowjob/titty fuck in the movie (it was shot POV style) and I fuckin' loved watching her cum--repeatedly--like a volcano. I liked this five-star scene so much that I'm gonna make you watch it for yourself. Roxy fuckin' rocks my world!

DVD Perspectives

Video (technical): The widescreen video is really quite good. There's no sign of grain, pixelization, or digital compression artifacts. It is well lit, nicely color balanced, and seems to have been shot by a professional videographer who knows what we want to see and how to show it to us. The camera motions are effective without being jerky or uncomfortably angular. In addition, there are few edits--and those few were expertly executed. So, it never seems as if anything important was skipped--except, on occasion, some of the transitions and insertions. There are no continuity issues, either. I must also mention my appreciation of the MTV-style editing during the girls' tease sequences that precede each scene. Nice work--especially for a gonzo release. Four stars.

Audio (technical): The digital stereo sound was well recorded. Every word and delicious moan and groan that escapes the performers' mouths are clear, audible, and of the appropriate volume. There's no music during the sex scenes, so nothing comes between you and the sounds of sex. That said, there's nothing spectacular about the audio. For example, it's not Dolby Digital, or anything like that. Nor are there multiple audio tracks, languages, or commentary. Bottom line? It's good audio for a gonzo flick. Three and one-half stars.

Extras: The full-motion chapter selector allows you to choose a particular girl you want to watch. A 30-minute behind-the-scenes feature, called Cutting Room Floor, includes very funny impromptu interviews (wait until you hear Joanna Angel's "interview"), footage of the girls getting ready for their scenes (choosing wardrobe, massaging cream into their flesh, peeing) behind-the-scenes tomfoolery, behind-the-camera shots, outtakes, and a limited amount of still-photo-shoot video. You'll also find a feature called Bonus Core: Nut on the Nanny. In two-to-four minute mini-scenes, Roxy Deville, Allie Ray, and Marquetta Jewel all fuck or suck their guys until they pop on the outside of their pussies (nannies). Hence, the term, Nut on the Nanny. Cute, huh? How creamy! Of course, the girls play with the cum and massage it into their pussies. In addition, there's a nearly 14-minute long self-running slide show. Finally, there's website access information. Four stars.

Aesthetics: Make Me Creamy was shot in nice, but not noteworthy, locations. Not much creativity was displayed in blocking the scenes, either...the scenes were shot in living rooms on or around couches. Not bad, but not inspired either. The girls' outfits and make-up are OK, but not particularly noteworthy. There's no supporting musical soundtrack during the sex scenes. So, there's nothing to evaluate. Three stars.

Final Thoughts


Average sex rating: 4.50
Average video rating: 4.00
Average audio rating: 3.50
Average production values rating: 3.00
Extras rating: 4.00
Bonus point(s): 2.00
Overall rating: 4.20

X Critic Pick (4.5+ sex; 4.0+ production values; 4.5+ overall)
Highly Recommended (4.5+ sex; 4.0+ overall)
Recommended (4.0+ sex; 4.0+ overall)
Rent It (<4.00 sex; <4.00 overall)
Skip It (<3.50 sex; <4.00 overall)

Dr. Jay

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