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Fluid: Women Redefining Sexuality

Studio: Good Releasing » Review by Garnet Joyce » Review Date: 3/11/10

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Genre: Queer, Independent, Feminist

Director: Madison Young

Cast: Dylan Ryan, Aiden Starr, Tina Horn, Amber Keen, Billie Sweet, Mickey Mod, Maestro, Lilla Kat, and LeRock with special appearance by Madison Young.

Length: 115 mins

Production Date: 9/19/09


Slideshow: Pictures of the models posing and having sex, but it only includes the first 3 scenes, which I found to be a bit odd. The pictures are not high resolution and seem to be pixelated on my computer monitor. Maybe I need to actually start checking these out on a TV and DVD player because they keep looking like crap on my monitor. Some of the pictures are pretty hot, but there are also some very unflattering pictures as well, which I was surprised to see. The slideshow is about 10 minutes long and plays the same song over and over and over again until your ears bleed ... or until you hit mute.

Trailers: These include Frisk Me and MacBeth. Both trailers show more sex than the online trailers that I have scene do so that is a plus and can help you to decide a little better on whether or not you want to check these two films out. For the record, I've seen both and while I recommend Frisk Me, I cannot say the same for MacBeth.

Safer Sex: Condoms and gloves used.

Audio/Video Quality: As I've found with all the Madison Young films I've seen, these both aren't great. The moaning is loud and the dirty talking is almost undecipherable. I'd really like to see this done better because I feel like I'm missing out on a lot of really hot dirty talk because I don't want to turn the volume up and go deaf with all the screaming. The lighting is still a bit too dark and shadowy, but seems to be better than some of her other films.

Overview: This flick is part porno, part documentary. I've seen a few of these done before and they often end up leaving me well informed of a couple's dynamic, but horribly bored and teased. This is because a lot of the time they intersperse sex scenes while the couple is interviewed, but we never actually see an entire sex scene by itself. That's fine if you want to watch people talk a whole bunch and see some sex, but if your ultimate goal is to be able to wank to this movie you want sex you can keep coming back to. You don't need to watch the interviews more than just once or twice. Luckily, Fluid shows entire scenes full of chemistry filled sex.

Each star: Dylan Ryan, Aiden Starr, Tina Horn, and Amber Keen are interviewed on a couch about how they define their sexuality (queer, bisexual, or pansexual), their gender identity, and what they love about queer porn as a genre and sex work in general. They are all very intelligent well spoken women who have a lust for life and all genders. The one disappointment is that they spend a lot of time talking about trans people and those who exhibit different genders other than the usual two we think about, but all of the people in the movie were cis-gendered.

During the interview we get snippets of sex scenes to tantalize us and then after the interview we see the entire sex scene in all its glory.

Scene 1: Dylan Ryan and Maestro

In Dylan's interview we learn that she identifies as queer and as a sex worker. She is working on reclaiming the word "ho." She is naturally submissive, but it can depend on the partner that she is with. She loves gender play, but identifies as femme herself. She defines cis-gendered for those in the audience who are not in the know and she talks about her primary partner a bit who is a transman. She doesn't mention it, but there are films where she is featured with her boyfriend, Trucker Crash. I haven't seen these myself, but I've heard they are some of the hottest scenes in existence. I look forward to searching them out.

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After the interview we see Dylan and Maestro fucking on a roof. I've seen Maestro a few times before and he's always played the dominant role; ordering his co-stars around. In this scene though he is almost sweet. There isn't really any dirty talk, just straight up sucking and fucking. The scene consists of deep passionate kissing, blowjobs and pussy eating, and some world-class fucking. Dylan can barely hold onto the railing of the roof with all of her convulsing from the intense pounding. She cums pretty hard and Maestro does not ... yet.

Scene 2: Aiden Starr, Dylan Ryan, and Maestro

In Aiden's interview we learn that she identifies as a bisexual humanist (as opposed to feminist) woman. Even though she most closely identifies with these labels, she prefers to avoid labels completely. Aiden is attracted to a person's pheremones more than anything else. She has to get close enough to smell them in order to know if she wants to fuck them. But when she does decide to jump into bed with someone, she likes to torture them. She is a sadist who enjoys power play, fear, and messing with people's heads.

Aiden's scene takes off where Dylan and Maestro's scene ends. Dylan and Maestro are kissing on the roof and Aiden steals Dylan away. The height difference between the two of them is humorous and they play into that. They start kissing while Aiden is wearing Dylan's high heels which are obviously too large for her. Even with the heels on, Aiden barely comes up to Dylan's shoulder. Dylan then picks the tiny girl up and carries her over to a lounge chair to ravage her. They both eat each other's pussies and there's lots of moaning and nipple pinching and some giggling even. The contrasted bodies working together makes for a hot scene. Dylan's tall lean body working on Aiden's short, curvy one and vice versa.

Maestro then shows up again to have his cock sucked by Dylan who is also being fisted by Aiden while luxuriously sprawled out on the lounge chair. Dylan is moaning and gasping and making these kind of trilling noises until she finally ejaculates all over the place. Then Dylan and Aiden share in the responsibility of getting Maestro off who then cums all over Dylan's tits.

Scene 3: Tina Horn, Billie Sweet, and Mickey Mod

In Tina's interview we learn that she identifies as queer and tends to prefer labels that are inclusive and changing, ones that allow her to be fluid in how she lives and who she is attracted to. She talks about all the wonderful things that being a sex worker has done for her and her relationships. She also talks about the power of the word slut and when she likes it used and when it is inappropriate.

Tina's scene starts in a gorgeous cherry wood cabinet, granite counter, stainless steel appliance kitchen. Oh sorry, I have a thing for kitchens so this scene totally did it for me because it was super hot sex with one of my favorite porn stars (Tina Horn) in a kitchen that I would want to fuck in.

Anyhoo ... Tina who gets so into fucking and Billie Sweet who is just ridiculously adorable are all up on each other. Billie takes off her dress to reveal that she is wearing a cock, which Tina then sucks. And then Billie fucks Tina on top of the breakfast bar. There is some uncomfortable stumbling around and giggling, which I feel just adds to the scene. It makes it more real and more fun. After a bit of fucking doggy style, Mickey Mod hops up onto the breakfast bar and makes a comment that shows off the fact that all three are wearing nerdy glasses.

Tina is super excited that Mickey decided to show up to the party and they kiss a whole bunch followed by Mickey donning a black glove and playing with Tina's pussy. Then there's the requisite blowjob and then the fucking. Oh but Mickey won't give it to Tina unless she begs for it and beg she does. Tina orders Billie to fuck herself with her own cock while Mickey fucks Tina.

At this point we have another moment of silliness that probably would've ended up on the cutting room floor in a mainstream porn. Mickey is fucking Tina while standing on a step stool so he can reach her up on the breakfast bar and as you can probably imagine, the stool starts to slide and he slides with it. No one ends up injured, but it is humorous and soon the action continues when Mickey climbs up on the breakfast bar.

Big complaint here: Behind Billie's back we see a Lelo Gigi and I assume this is kind of like foreshadowing. I mean when you see a sex toy in porn it is almost always used in that scene. It wasn't used! What a gyp! But really that was my only complaint about the scene.

After some time fucking the three all sit together on the breakfast bar and masturbate. Billie cums first and it is loud and sexy as hell. You can feel and see the effect of her orgasm on the other two as they really get into the stroking. Mickey is about to cum and Tina tells him to cum on her glasses. She lays down in front of him on the breakfast bar and moans and giggles as his cum gushes out onto glasses.

Scene 4: Amber Keene, Lilla Kat, and LeRock

In Amber's interview we learn that she identifies as a polyamorous pansexual who never felt the need to be monogamous and is completely comfortable in her sexuality. She talks a bit about growing up and coming out to her mom as well.

This scene is what I like to refer to as a cum-fest. There are so many orgasms you just can't even keep track! Yay for multiple orgasms. Although, I can say that LeRock doesn't cum once, but the ladies make up for it in quality and quantity.

Amber's scene starts with her and Lilla Kat making out on a couch. Their limbs are all entwined around each other, bodies pressing up against one another, and breathing heavily. Clothes start coming off and Amber eats Lilla's pussy. Lilla cums pretty quickly and loudly.

This is when LeRock shows up to join in on the fun. And here is when the orgasm fest just starts getting crazy. There's a blowjob, fingering, pussy eating, masturbation, and fucking with Lelo Gigi which is now apparently making an appearance in a completely different scene in a completely different room. Cumfest! But like I said, dude does not cum. And then there is kissing all around.

Scene 5: Madison Young

Now I don't want to get your hopes up here so I'll just tell you right away that there is no sex in this scene. Its just an interview with Madison Young interspersed with pictures of her having sex in other movies. But no actual real live sex going on.

In the interview we learn that Madison identifies with a lot of labels. She identifies as queer, polyamorous, rope slut, slut, masochist, sensation slut, whore, spaniel, feminist, feminist porn star, and activist. That's a lot of labels! So we have Aiden who wants nothing to do with them and Madison who can't get enough.

I bet you saw spaniel in there and were like "WTF?" Yes, spaniel like the dog. She is into puppy play. Google it if you don't know what it is. The first time I heard her say she identified as a spaniel I have to admit that I chuckled a bit, but that's because I thought it was just the perfect dog for her to pick. It seems to suit her.

Madison talks a bit about her queer identity and how it is all encompassing and political. She goes a bit into the different identities she's had growing up and experiencing life and sexuality. She defines the word slut as she sees it and talks about her different levels of attraction to different genders and sexes. And I think the most interesting and quite possibly funny things she brings up is that she named herself after her family's landscaping business. I have to wonder what her family thinks of that.

 Final Thoughts: I can really see why this film was nominated for a Feminist Porn Award. The women are expressing their own sexuality on their terms through words and actions. This film is informative and also super hot. I really like to know my porn stars because I feel like I can get in their heads more when they're fucking. I know what they want and I know what makes them cum. What could possibly be hotter? And sure, you're probably not going to watch the interviews more than a couple of times max (unless you're writing your thesis on feminist or queer porn), but the sex is so hot that it will keep you coming back for more. And they were smart enough to separate the interviews from the sex in the scene selections so you don't have to fast forward through all the talking to get to the fucking.

Speaking of fucking, what sets this movie apart from a lot of others is that the women are very obviously enjoying themselves. Hell they set up their own scenes so they should be enjoying them! There is also a lot more passionate kissing in this porn that I've seen in most. You can tell the actors are really into it. And yeah, the sound and lighting isn't great, but I'm starting to expect that from independent porn studios. The extras are total crap, but the film stands by itself really well so for that reason I highly recommend it.

Read more of my ramblings at AskGarnet

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