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Studio: Red Light District Video » Review by Dr. Jay » Review Date: 4/3/10

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Genre: All sex.
Director: Manuel Ferrara
Cast: Brianna Love, Carmella Bing, Codi Milo, Holly Wellin, Joachim Kessef, Joe Blow, Joe Rock, Johnny Fender, Katsumi, Manuel Ferrara, Michael Stefano, Michelle B., Mike Hash, Mr. Pete, Nadia Styles. 
Must-See Girls in Cast: Brianna Love, Carmella Bing, Katsumi.
Length: 03:01
Condoms: None.
Bonus: Two bonus points: one for condom-free sex and the second for Dr. Jay's Must-See Girls Brianna Love, Carmella Bing, and Katsumi (Katsuni)


Brianna Love Oversexed, filmed in stages across several months, tells the story of how director/performer Manuel Ferrara converted female star Brianna Love from a man-heating veggie into a dick-craving freak.

In the beginning of the movie, Brianna and Manuel, behind the camera, engage in lots of good-natured banter, each trying to prove he or she fucks girls best. Brianna keeps insisting "I can fuck girls better than you...you're boring....men are boring!" and Manuel does his best to prove her wrong.

Since Brianna plays a girl who's initially only and completely into other girls, the movie begins with a absolutely superb all-girl threeway featuring Brianna and two of her girlfriends, the utterly mesmerizing busty blond Codi Milo and brunette-and-built Carmella Bing. If you're a lover of big-chested girls, like me, you have got to put both Codi and Carmella on your must-see lists because they're both too damned gorgeous for words! Poor Manuel, behind the camera, literally begs all three girls to suck his cock and to let him fuck them. However, all three are definitely into girls and reject Manuel's dismayed cock hands down.

In an attempt to pay Brianna back for rejecting his cock, Manuel arranges for two hot chicks to, ostensibly, come and fuck Brianna. However, when busty blond Michelle B. and brunette hellion Nadia Styles arrive at Manuel's house for an afternoon of wild sex, neither girl will even touch poor Brianna! So, Brianna is forced to watch absolutely incendiary boy/girl/girl sex. Of course, she becomes hotter than hell, and her pussy drips to prove it. However, Brianna's not ready to turn to the "meat-lover" side of the force...at least yet. So, she summarily rejects Manuel's offer to fuck her throat.

After Scene Two, Brianna is still unwilling to touch a cock. However, Manuel did plant a seed in Brianna's fertile and lusty mind. So, in due course, Brianna takes the plunge...in a big way when she gives five lusty guys a gang-bang blowjob. She even sits on--and fucks--their happy faces!

Once Brianna has tasted five mammoth loads of semen, she becomes hooked on cock and cum. So, at long last, Manuel gets his way with her in an explosive boy/girl fuckfest.

By now, horny Brianna has turned into a real freak. And, to prove how much she's learned, she sets up and amazing six-way orgy in which she and her girlfriends Holly Wellin and Katsumi take the king-sized cocks of Michael Stefano, Mr. Pete, and Joachin Kessef in their pussies and their assholes. Even better, all three girls get both of their holes plugged when the guys double-penetrate them!

I really enjoyed watching Brianna Love Oversexed! In particular, I think that Brianna Love did an absolutely outstanding job playing a man-phobic lesbian. I also enjoyed the extremely effective, believable, and effective dialog through which Manuel, in both his roles as director and performer, eventually converts Brianna to a meat-eater.

With regards to the sex...wow! It's explosive! Brianna, whom I had never had the pleasure of seeing perform before, is an amazing fuck! And, the other girls are a real treat, too. In particular, being a big-bust fan, Codi, Carmella, and Michelle B. had me in heaven. Katsumi's performance and body also particularly impressed me. Although I've seen Katsumi in numerous other releases, I've never before noticed how fucking gorgeous her pussy really is!

It goes without saying that Manuel Ferrara is a super stud if there ever was one. Not only is he built like a horse, but he also really knows how to inflame a woman while he's fucking her. His well-chosen naughty words of encouragement, as well as his animalistic sounds, drive his women to never-before-reached plateaus of lust. Finally Manuel's male co-stars, Michael Stefano, Mr. Pete, Joachin Kessef, and the five blowjob guys, are first-class, too.

All in all, Brianna Love Oversexed is a full three hours of volcanic sex that is sure to please. Even though the movie is quite long, I never tired of watching it! Indeed, I was constantly interested in what Brianna was going to do next.

I highly recommend Brianna Love Oversexed.

Check out some photos of the girls in Brianna Love Oversexed here. Pay particular attention to the photos of busty Carmella Bing, drop-dead gorgeous Codi Milo, and edgy Katsuni...especially her scene with insatiable Brianna Love. Enjoy!


Sometimes, the best things in life happen by accident! When I received my review copy of Brianna Love Oversexed from Red Light District, I noticed that two of my must-see girls, Codi Milo and Carmella Bing, are featured in the movie. So, I put it in my "to-review" stack. When it came time for me to review a Red Light District release, I popped Brianna Love Oversexed in my computer's DVD player and, in the very first scene, my lust for both Codi and Carmella was temporarily sated by Brianna, a fucking amazing performer who I'd never seen before. Believe me, I was very happy as I watched Brianna play Codi's and Carmella's "daddy." However, as I sat back to enjoy the remaining two and one-half hours of this white-hot flick, I became more and more taken by Brianna Love. She's a lithe, small-breasted, girl-next-door who has a playful attitude and youthful voice that betray her very grown up lust. As I enjoyed her escapades with Manuel and the other performers, I began to realize how serendipitous it was that I chose to watch Brianna Love Oversexed.

If you read my reviews, you know that I generally give you a position-by-position description of each of the sex scenes. However, I oftentimes refrain from telling you much about one or more scenes in a movie because I don't want to spoil them for you. So, that's why I'm not going to give you much blow-by-blow on Brianna Love Oversexed. With the possible exception of Scene Three (a five-guy blowjob), each and every scene is incendiary! If you like what I do, you can stop reading now and get yourself a copy of Brianna Love Oversexed. Your cock--or your pussy--will thank you!

However, for those of you who may not be tuned into my sexual predilections, I'll tell give you an overview of each of the pleasantly long scenes.

Scene One

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Scene One is an absolutely outstanding five-star all-girl threeway featuring Brianna Love, Carmella Bing, and Codi Milo. After primping herself in front of a bathroom mirror, Brianna, naked and cute-as-can-be, dons a humongous strap-on dick. After bragging to Manuel that her cock is bigger than his, Brianna walks across the bathroom to an oversized tub where stunningly-nude Brianna and Codi soak in the water and await the untold pleasure that Brianna will soon provide. For the next 30 minutes, Brianna plays the other girls' "daddy" and pounds the shit out of their incredibly gorgeous bodies. Believe me, if you haven't seen Codi or Carmella, you're missing out on two of the most beautiful and busty porn girls in 2006. If you like breathtaking women, I strongly advise you to watch as many of these girls' movies as you can! Back to the scene...Brianna does an incredibly guy-like job fucking the girls' mouths, throats, titties, and pussies. Brianna also gets to fuck Carmella's asshole with a dildo (she performs ATM with her mouth), encourages the girls with delicious nasty talk, and enjoys her "daddy" role so much that her nipples swell as large as thimbles with lust. For their part, both Codi and Carmella do outstanding jobs sucking and fucking Brianna's oversized penis. In particular, I cried out with pleasure when I saw Carmella's voluptuous, perfect, and womanly body fuck Brianna's cock reverse cowgirl style. Throughout the scene, all the girls keep each other very happy. Significantly, Codi and Carmella really know how to eat pussy! Bottom line? Expert girl-on-girl cunnilingus, toy-assisted vaginal and anal masturbation, and Brianna's first-class fucking technique result in orgasm after orgasm. And, Carmella's ass-gasm is sweet, too! I loved every second!

Scene Two

In Scene Two, Manuel tricks Brianna into thinking that he's going to give her two pussies to play with. However, he ends up making her sit on the sidelines as he proceeds to give Michelle B. and Nadia Style nearly 45 minutes of high-intensity fucking in this never-tedious five-star boy/girl/girl scene. Throughout the scene, Brianna watches and masturbates until juice literally flows out of her frustrated pussy. Both girls...and Manuel...try to convince Brianna to join in on the fun. Manuel even gives Brianna his ass-juice-covered cock to smell. However, she stubbornly refuses to play with a real cock. It's a pity, because Brianna would have had a fucking good time with superbly stacked blond Michelle B and hotter-than-hell brunette Nadia Styles. Instead of getting fucked, Brianna obstinately sits out the scene and watches the other girls as they please Manuel: "We're here for Manuel!" However, before Michelle and Nadia get to play with Manuel's king-sized dick, Michelle and Nadia suck, slobber on, and deep-throat some extra-large dildos. They also share a double-ended dildo with their mouths, spanks each others' butts, and rim each others' assholes. And, both girls use oversized ATM-cleaned toys to fuck their tight--yet accommodating--assholes. Meanwhile, Manuel grabs handfuls of both girls' asses, squeezes hard, and spanks them sharply. He also gives Brianna a dildo covered with Nadia's ass juices to suck. When Michelle and Nadia are ready to attack Manuel's cock, they kneel before him and suck, lick, stroke, and nosily swallow his drool-soaked rod...both individually and as a team. Manuel, wielding the camera while the girls blow him, provides us with outstanding POV footage of this white-hot blowjob. Nadia's fellatio skills, in particular, are absolutely superb. And, Michelle expertly squeezes her tits around Manuel's cock to give him a first class titty-fuck. During foreplay, Michelle eagerly rims Nadia's asshole and then shares an open-mouthed kiss with Brianna. In due course, Manuel, of course, gets to fuck both girls. And, the girls play with, spank, and kiss each other--and pull each others' hair--as Manuel reams them. They also suck each others' juices off of his cock to keep it clean (including ATM). Nadia gets her pussy pounded in reverse cowgirl (she cums) and cowgirl (her pussy drenches Manuel's cock with juice). Michelle, too, enjoys her share of vaginal sex in cowgirl and is rewarded with a screaming orgasm. Manuel also gets to stretch both girls' sphincters to the max. Nadia loves it when she takes him up her ass in reverse and then sucks him clean (superb video of her asshole swallowing his rod). Later during the scene, she gets her asshole fucked in doggie (her fleshy labia look wonderful). Don't worry about Michelle's anus! Manuel reams it in the cowgirl, reverse cowgirl (her voluptuous body and spread-wide pink pussy look superb--especially when she cums!), and spoon positions. To conclude the scene, Manuel pops on both girls' faces and in their mouths as they kneel cheek-to-cheek in front of him. The girls then kiss to cum-swap his semen (Michelle swallows it). Then, the camera turns toward Brianna who fingers her super-soaked pussy until she climaxes.

Scene Three

After the filming of Scene Two, Brianna comes to the conclusion that she really does want to fuck guys: "I've been craving cock ever since!" So, Manuel arranges for her to have five cocks--all at the same time--to suck in Scene Three After tasting just one dick, Brianna's hooked...her transformation from a veggie lover to a meat lover is complete. The guys--Joe Blow, Joe Rock, Johnny Fender, Mike Hash, and Mr. Pete--all enjoy the fruits of Brianna's new-found cock addiction when they gather around Brianna--or stand in line--to have her attack their cocks. God, Brianna looks good surrounded by cocks...she definitely found her true calling! She even discovers the bottomless depth of her throat when she learns the joy of balls-deep cock-swallowing! And, she gets to experience what it's like to be eaten to orgasm by a real man when she sits on one guy's face while blowing the other guys. Believe me, the guys really reap the benefit of Brianna's lust...especially when she bares her body--she has a magnificent ass--and shows off her youthful physique. To conclude the scene, Brianna kneels in the center of the room and looks up longingly at the camera (the POV effect means she's looking at you!). She wants cum so fucking bad that you can see it in her big brown eyes. So, one by one, the guys fill her mouth and plaster her face. She keeps the accumulated semen in her mouth, shows us her full mouth, and then she swallows the voluminous load. Afterward, she massages wayward globs of cum into the skin of her face. For a blowjob-only scene, this is about as good as it gets. Four stars!

Scene Four

Manuel finally gets his way with Brianna in five-star Scene Four. It's as if all the lust in the universe explodes in 35 minutes of anal-intensive and multi-orgasmic bliss. After sharing a little good-natured banter with Manuel, Brianna goes fucking wild when she orally worships his massive rod. As the camera captures the action from our POV, a look of unmitigated joy beams from Brianna's face when she kneels before Manuel and blissfully licks, sucks, strokes, swallows, and slobbers on his oh-so-lucky cock. And, she gets even happier when he forcefully fucks her wide-open drool-spewing throat: "I love this fuckin' big cock!" Meanwhile, he reaches down and grabs handfuls of--and spanks--her gorgeous ass flesh or pulls on her hair. During foreplay, Manuel also indulges his foot fetish when he rips off Brianna's shoes and eagerly licks her soles and suckles her "little piggies." Later, he ravenously eats her bald-shaven pussy and multiple-finger-fucks her spit-soaked tight asshole, causing her to squeal with delight. Vaginal sex begins in cowgirl as Manuel pistons in-and-out of her so fast that his cock blurs on the screen. Meanwhile, Manuel works his finger into Brianna's asshole. Inflamed Brianna fucks him back as she tosses her oversexed body back-and-forth on his dick. After a bit of absolutely beautiful 69, during which Manuel finger-fucks her asshole and spanks her butt cheeks while he licks her clit, Brianna and Manuel fuck reverse cowgirl style. Manuel frantically jacks her clit as he pounds her...and gives her a back-arching orgasm. Then, they seamlessly transition to spoon and, to satisfy Brianna's request, Manuel inches his humongous shaft up her tight asshole. Brianna reacts to the insertion and subsequent fucking by squealing with delight, by curling her toes, by murmuring incoherently, and by screaming, "Oh, that's good!" Meanwhile, we're treated to lots of exquisite close-ups of the action and of Brianna's pleasure-beaming face. As the scene continues, Brianna gets her asshole plowed in the reverse cowgirl position and then they take a break so that Manuel can four-finger-fuck her G-Spot until she squirts. Before they resume anal sex, Brianna spits on and licks her feet and then uses them to massage Manuel's achingly hard dick and sensitive balls. She also reverently licks, strokes, and sucks him before mounting him cowgirl style for more intensely pleasurable anal sex. Brianna is now so fucking horny that she fucks him by tossing her body up and down until her asshole swallows his entire rod. She soon screams through repeated ass-gasms as her entire body clenches while she shouts out her pleasure. After a particularly intense orgasm, Manuel slips out from under her, licks her gaping asshole, and then fucks her doggie style. Pay special attention to Brianna's face during the insertion and the anal reaming that follows...her contorted face betrays her unmistakable lust. After Brianna cums again, she lays next to him, side-by-side, and uses both hands (and occasionally her mouth) to milk his aching cock until she makes him cum all over her face and in her mouth (don't you love it when a woman makes a guy cum?). As he spasms repeatedly, Brianna continues to milk him and swallows almost every drop.

Scene Five

To prove just how good a student she's been--and how much she now loves cock--Brianna takes Manuel to a secret hideaway where she has two girls (Holly Wellin and Katsumi) and three guys (Michael Stefano, Mr. Pete, and Joachin Kessef) waiting. The five-star orgy that explodes during the remaining 50 minutes of Brianna Love Oversexed nearly defies words. For one thing, Brianna gets her pussy and ass fucked by the huge black cock belonging to Joachin Kessef. All the girls get their pussies stuffed and their assholes reamed by all the guys. Well, almost all the guys. To prove that she's now independent of professor Manuel, Brianna leaves him on the sidelines to operate the camera. Poor Manuel! In addition to serial one-on-one fuckings, each of the girls gets double-penetrated in several positions. Needless to say, everybody cums...and cums often. Speaking of cum, all the guys blow their loads onto Brianna's face. Then, to share the bounty with her deprived girlfriends, Brianna lets Holly and Katsumi lick every drop of cum off of her face. What more needs to be said? Well, I guess there's one more thing...I really enjoyed savoring Katsumi's pussy throughout this scene. She has a nicely cropped patch of jet-black pubic hair above her cleanly-shaven bright red pussy. Damn, it's gorgeous!

DVD Perspectives

Video (technical): The conventional 4:3 video is surprisingly good for a gonzo movie. The lighting is always sufficient, the color balance is good, and the camera motions, angles, and close-ups are effective. In addition, there is a limited amount of well-executed video special effect video. The editing is effective and the sense of continuity is never disrupted by poor cuts. Four stars.

Audio (technical): Some of the dialog that was taped outdoors is a bit too quiet. Otherwise, the volume level of the sex is perfect. No music obfuscates the lusty sounds of bodies in heat. Three and one-half stars.

Extras: In addition to a now-standard full-motion chapter selector and interactive menus, Brianna Love Oversexed includes a cum-shot recap; a 10-minute Behind the Scenes featurette (mostly impromptu on-the-set interviews); 11 minutes of video shot during the still photo shoots (the girls look great!); a self-running slide show; and website access information. This assortment of Extras is about average in today's marketplace. Three and one-half stars.

Aesthetics: For a gonzo flick, the production values are surprisingly good. Very nice locations were used when the scenes were filmed (you'll probably recognize some of them). And, the locations were used a bit more creatively than the all-too-typical "let's fuck on the couch" routine. In particular, I really liked the elegant bathroom used in Scene One. I must also say that the girls' outfits--especially the outfit worn by Brianna in Scene Five and those worn by Holly Wellin, Michelle B., and Katsumi--are very sexy. And, the girls' make-up is professional and appealing. Music supports some of the clips in the movie, but doesn't become an integral part of the experience. Four stars.

Final Thoughts


Average sex rating: 4.80
Average video rating: 4.00
Average audio rating: 3.50
Average production values rating: 4.00
Extras rating: 3.50
Bonus point(s): 2.00
Overall rating: 4.36

X Critic Pick (4.5+ sex; 4.0+ production values; 4.5+ overall)
Highly Recommended (4.5+ sex; 4.0+ overall)
Recommended (4.0+ sex; 4.0+ overall)
Rent It (<4.00 sex; <4.00 overall)
Skip It (<3.50 sex; <4.00 overall)

Dr. Jay

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