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Out of Place

Studio: Vivid » Review by Dr. Jay » Review Date: 4/9/10

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Genre: Feature
Director: Chuck Lords
Cast: Eva Angelina, Franco Del Toro, Jack Lawrence, Lexie Marie, Luscious Lopez, Marcos Leon, Monique Alexander, Nadia Styles, Tommy Gunn, Tony T.
Length: 01:20
Condoms: Yes
Bonus: One bonus point for Eva Angelina, a Dr. Jay's Must-See Girls recipient.


Out of Place is a pleasing feature in which cute-as-can-be Monique Alexander and Jack Lawrence play a well-to-do couple. After purchasing a piece of god-awful art at an exclusive gallery, Monique takes the wheel of their car--and gets really lost. Without the help of an on-board navigation system, and, like a guy, unwilling to stop and asks for directions, Monique drives on and on until she ends up in a really bad part of Pacoima (a rough-and-tumble neighborhood in the San Fernando Valley region of Los Angeles).

Eventually, Monique and Jack stop at a raunchy barrio bar/pool hall. A very tense standoff then unfolds as the rich couple comes face-to-face with a Latino gang. Eventually, the gang lets Monique and Jack leave...after stealing their new canvas.

Once Monique and Jack discover that their painting is missing, they return to the pool hall to find the gang-bangers using it as a target for darts (my sentiments exactly). To get back their art, Monique and Jack have to fuck the locals.

Out of Place unfolds in four sex scenes interspersed with dialog and plot development. All of the sex takes place in the pool hall--atop the pool table or bar. Scene One is a boy/girl/girl threeway that occurs before Monique and Jack arrive at the pool hall. Scene Two is Monique's fuck-for-art coupling with gang-member Tommy Gunn. Scene Three is really two couplings at once: Jack Lawrence takes on the gang's girl leader (Lexie Marie) while two of the locals (Eva Angelina and Marcos Leon) get it on alongside Lexie and Jack. Scene Four transpires in a different part of the pool hall while Monique and Tommy are fucking. It's the hardest of all the four scenes and features Luscious Lopez and Tony T. in a hard-core anal scene.

Lexie Marie is the reason I chose to review this movie. She's a stunning blond with a very pretty face, big shapely boobs, a hard body, and never-ending legs. Not only that, she's a damned good fuck, too. I've heard (can't say for positive) that Lexie has retired from the business. All I've gotta say is, "what a fucking shame."

I also chose to watch Out of Control because Eva Angelina is in the cast. I firmly believe that she's the best performer in the business right now. She's so damned cute--and nobody fucks better than she does! Needless to say, I wasn't disappointed with my choice to watch and write about Out of Place.

Check out some photos of the girls in Out of Place here. Pay particular attention to the photos of scrumptious Lexie Marie and superstar Eva Angelina! Enjoy!


Scene One

Scene One
is a hot threeway that features gorgeous Lexi Marie, Nadia Styles, and Franco Del Torro. It occurs in the pool hall on and around the pool table. The scene rates four and one-half stars.
  • Scene Setup: Lexie, Nadia, and Franco play pool--Nadia even lays atop the table and lets Lexie and Franco use her ass crack as a cradle from which to hit the ball. To make the game a bit more interesting, Lexie strips off her panties and then sits at the corner of the table so that her pussy is immediately above the corner pocket. What a great target for Franco! Meanwhile, Nadia cuddles with Lexi and squeezes her perfect boobs. Eventually, both girls sit on opposite corners of the table and use their wide-open pussies as goals. The technique works for Franco--because he sinks two balls at the same time using the girls' pussies as lures! Frankly, it's been a long time since I've seen the pussy-as-pocket routine and I thoroughly enjoyed it!
  • Foreplay 1: As a reward for sinking two balls at the same time, Nadia and Lexie boldly stroke Franco's cock through his jeans using their hands and bare feet. Then, after the girls hike up each others' blouses, all three of them begin to fondle each other--licking, squeezing, suckling, and stroking boobs; sharing open-mouthed kisses; and gently caressing each others' flesh.
  • Foreplay 2: The girls help Franco out of his clothes and then work as a team to please him as he lies atop the pool table. Lexie immediately goes down on Franco's cock while Nadia licks his chest. Eventually, both girls take turns sucking, stroking, and licking Franco's cock and balls. During fellatio, Nadia and Franco share some sweet 69 action...both girls share his cock while he, in turn, gorges himself on Nadia's pussy. Few things in life compare with having one girl's pussy on your face while two girls' mouths please your penis! Of course, Nadia truly enjoys Franco's cunnilingus technique--and moans in ecstasy to prove it!
  • Foreplay 3: Nadia propositions Lexie, "I wanna taste your pussy!" "So do I," confesses Franco. So, gorgeous Lexi leans back on the table and spreads her legs wide so that both Franco and Nadia can use their hands and mouths to please her delicious bald-shaven, pretty, pink, and juicy cunt. Damn, Lexie looks wonderful...especially when she thrusts her hips up and down to force Franco's fingers deeper into her pussy (damned nice moves, Lexie!) while he simultaneously licks her sensitive clit. Lexie's body soon rewards her with a sweet back-arching orgasm. Meanwhile, Nadia sucks, strokes, and licks Franco's cock and squeezes his balls.
  • Position 1: After Lexie cums, she whispers to Nadia, "You wanna ride that cock now?" Of course she does! So, Franco lies on his back atop the pool table, Lexie gives his cock a few slobbery sucks to make sure it's nice and wet, and then Lexie guides his penis into Nadia's pussy as she squats above him in the cowgirl position. After Nadia has inched Franco's super-long condom-protected cock into her tight wet hole, she fucks him with increasing fervor using very sexy moves: "Ah, his cock is good!" I believe her words because she squeals with delight! Meanwhile, Lexie straddles Franco's face and fucks it.
  • Position 2: Nadia lifts herself off Franco's cock and sucks her juices off of his rod. Then, Lexie kneels on all fours on top of the pool table and arches her butt up high so that Franco can fuck her doggie style. While Franco reams Lexie's pussy, Nadia spanks Lexie's drop-dead-gorgeous ass cheeks, pulls on her flowing blond hair, and squeezes her boobs. Nadia also takes time to masturbate and to encourage Lexie and Franco with well-chosen commentary. Lexie loves the attention and literally growls with passion. She also pleasures Nadia by multiple-finger-fucking her pussy while stroking her clit with her thumb.
  • Position 3: Both girls lie on their backs atop the bar. While Lexie multiple-finger-fucks herself--and intently watches Nadia get fucked--Franco pounds Nadia's pussy missionary style. Insatiable Lexie finger-fucks her cunt until she climaxes again. Then, she uses her finger to dig out some of her cum and feeds it to Nadia. Franco, too, eats fingers-full of Lexie's pussy juice while he continues to fuck Nadia.
  • Position 4: After Nadia sucks her juices off of Franco's cock, Lexie positions herself on top of the bar so that she, too, can get fucked in the missionary position. Lexie and Franco match each others' strokes as his cock penetrates her pussy deeper and deeper (nice camera angles). Meanwhile, Nadia strokes Lexie's flesh, jacks her clit, and kisses her open mouth. Lexie's hair-trigger pleasure engine soon rewards her with yet another volcanic orgasm. Damn, Lexie's a great fuck!
  • Popshot: Franco gets so inflamed that he's barely able to tear off his condom before he unleashes a high-powered and very generous load of his semen all over Lexie's belly and thighs. I don't think I've seen as powerful an ejaculation since, well, Peter North! Nadia uses her fingers to scoop Franco's semen off of Lexie's body and then eats every drop she captures.

Scene Two

Monique and Jack stop at the pool hall to ask for directions. While Jack goes inside, Monique remains in the car and is soon accosted by a large group of gang-bangers--including chola-styled Eva Angelina. Monique and Jack barely escape with their lives...only to discover that their new painting has been stolen. Monique is pissed and insists that they return to the pool hall to reclaim their new possession. She becomes even more irate when she discovers that her prized possession is being used as a dartboard. Little does she know that she's going to have to fuck the gang leader, Tommy Gunn, to get back her artwork. But, Monique really wants her painting back. So, she gives Tommy what he wants in Scene Two.

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The scene is disappointing for a several reasons. First, the sex is rather pedestrian--a "go through the motions" affair. Second, Monique reacts in a completely out-of-character way. What upper-middle-class women would acquiesce so easily to being fucked by a gang-banger? Third, the scene is too short (about ten minutes). So, there's not enough time for any real passion to develop. Fourth, Monique doesn't come anywhere close to orgasm. Frankly, the only thing that makes this scene watchable is Monique's glorious body. Three and one-half stars
  • Scene Setup: Monique, nude under her coat, reaches up to remove her painting from the wall. As she stretches, her panty-less ass and pretty pussy give the bar's patrons an unexpected show. Of course, many of the guys come forward to cop a feel and to yank off her coat. Gang leader Tommy Gunn soon takes command and, with the help of his homies, drags Monique to the pool table and lays her naked on top of it. Four guys grope, lick, stroke, and suckle her body and then spread her legs wide for Tommy, their illustrious leader.
  • Foreplay 1: Tommy licks Monique's hard belly, pretty all-natural-boobs, and perky nipples. Then, he goes down on her pussy and buries his tongue between her tasty folds. As Monique smiles, undulates her body, and groans with pleasure--she doesn't seem to fear for her life or to be intimidated by Tommy--Tommy tongue-fucks her cunt, suckles her labia, tickles her clit with the tip of his tongue, and rims her asshole (nice close-ups).
  • Foreplay 2: Just as Monique appears to be ramping up to an orgasm, the action abruptly cuts to fellatio. While Tommy pulls on Monique's blond hair, she kneels atop the pool table and eagerly sucks, strokes, and deep-throats his cock. While sucking Tommy's cock, Monique does a nice job of making stringers of spit from her mouth to his rod. Meanwhile, he reaches across Monique's body and finger-fucks her pussy. (During this segment, it's obvious that somebody else is fucking in the room because the audio consists of secondary moans and groans in addition to Monique's and Tommy's.)
  • Position 1: Monique lies on her side in the spoon position so that Tommy can use his condom-protected cock to fuck her from behind while she uses her fingers to jack her clit (tight close-ups highlight the action). Monique pants and murmurs incoherently in ecstasy as Tommy fills her accommodating hole. Meanwhile, Tommy grabs and squeezes handfuls of Monique's pretty butt flesh.
  • Position 2: Monique straddles Tommy cowgirl style and lowers her pretty and clean-shaven pussy down so that it swallows his cock. Then, she enjoys the ride as Tommy thrusts in-and-out of her with increasing intensity. As Monique's pleasure intensifies, she fucks him back--and her pretty ass cheeks jiggle delightfully each time their bodies collide.
  • Position 3: Without benefit of transitioning footage, the action abruptly cuts to doggie. Monique stands on the floor with her left foot resting on the corner of the pool table. This position provides an excellent view of the action as Tommy slides in-and-out of Monique's puffy cunt. As Tommy slides in-and-out, Monique thrusts her body back-and-forth (great close-ups) to force him ever deeper into her vagina.
  • Popshot: "You wanna fuckin' cum all over my ass?" With such an invitation, how could Tommy say no? So, he pounds her doggie style with increasing fury until he's ready to explode. When he can no longer hold back, he pulls out, tears off his condom, and blows his load on Monique's butt cheeks and into her pretty crack. Monique giggles, "Fuckin' cum on my ass!"

Scene Three

Seeing his wife fuck a gangbanger is a real turn on for Jack. So, when one of the lady gangsters, Lexie Marie, comes on to him, he immediately joins in on the action. Gang members Eva Angelina and Marcos Leon get excited by all the sex they see happening in front of their eyes. So, they, too, get it on. Both of these couples fuck separately...Jack and Lexie atop the pool table and Eva and Marcos on and around the bar. The two couples only come into close contact toward the end of the scene when both girls lay missionary style on the pool table. So, this is not a four-way orgy. Instead, it's two simultaneous couplings.

Eva Angelina, to my knowledge, has never been in a scene that's less than scorching. Given Eva's track record, and Lexie's beauty and passion, Scene Three is a volcanic and five-star explosion of passion and lust.
  • Scene Setup: In reality, the setup for Scene Three is Scene Two. Watching Monique and Tommy fuck makes everybody in the bar horny. Lexie boldly walks up to Jack and he instantly decides "what the fuck" and tosses her atop the pool table. Meanwhile, Marcos and Eva sit at the bar, turn to each other, and start making out.
Lexie and Jack
  • Foreplay 1: Jack lifts Lexie on top of the pool table and then nuzzles her neck while greedily feeling out her big boobs with her lusty hands. He lifts up her blouse so that he can squeeze and suckle her boobs. In due course, he kisses her open mouth while stroking her pussy through her jeans.
  • Foreplay 2: Of course, simply stroking Lexie's demin-covered pussy is not enough for Jack. So, he unzips and tugs her jeans down so that he can eat her tasty twat. To help Jack gain better access to her pussy, Lexie lies back on the table and arches her hips up high to force her cunt tightly against his mouth as he greedily devours her. This looks--and probably tastes--awesome! Later, he really drives Lexie wild by finger-fucking her pussy (he rubs her G-spot with the tip of his finger) while simultaneously licking her clit with rapid-fire motions.
  • Foreplay 3: Lexie kneels on all fours atop the pool table. Then, as her magnificent boobs hang and sway, she attacks Jack's aching cock with her insatiable mouth. She also uses her hands to squeeze his balls and to expertly stroke his shaft while she consumes--and deep-throats--it with her mouth. Meanwhile, Jack squeezes Lexie's boobs.
  • Foreplay 4: While Lexie continues to kneel on the pool table, Jack moves into position behind her. He then finger-fucks and spanks her pussy with his spit-soaked hand and rims her asshole with his tongue.
  • Position 1: Lexie lies on the pool table in the missionary position. As Jack pounds her cunt, she lifts up her left leg to touch his chest and wraps her right leg around his body. This is a damned pleasing position for sex! While Jack reams her pussy, Lexie thrusts her body back-and-forth to match his strokes, squeezes her boobs, spanks her clit, and groans contentedly as pleasure courses through her body. Jack, too, gets numerous opportunities to squeeze Lexie's pretty breasts.
  • Position 2: Jack lies on the table behind Lexie so that he can frantically fuck her in the spoon position. Lexie's inextinguishable pleasure engine soon kicks into overdrive as she shouts: "Make me cum! FUCK ME HARDER!" Jack does the lady's bidding and soon has her screaming through a delightful back-arching orgasm.
  • Position 3: Jack rolls Lexie onto her side in a half missionary/half doggie position and fucks her with long and deep thrusts. Lexie hurls her body back-and-forth to match Jack's powerful strokes. Damn, they're a good team--like a well-engineered fucking machine!
  • Position 4: Jack pounds Lexie's pussy from behind doggie style as she kneels on all fours on top of the pool table. As her pleasure increases, she tosses her pretty hips back and forth to fuck him back as he slides in-and-out of her. He helps out by reaching down to rub her clit with his fingertips. During this segment, Lexie's body--especially her dangling breasts--looks superb.
  • Position 5: Lexie rolls over onto her back on top of the pool table. Then, Eva and Marcos join them. Jack slowly and deeply plows Lexie's pussy in the missionary position while she, in turn, kisses Eva.
  • Popshot: When Jack can no longer contain himself, he pulls out of Lexie's pussy, rips off his condom, and jacks himself off until he blows a considerable amount of semen onto Lexie's hard belly and sculpted tits. Lexie turns to Eva and kisses her.
Eva and Marcos
  • Foreplay 1: Marcos suckles Eva's pert nipples through the fabric of her white "wife-beater" shirt. He then pulls up her top so that he can suckle her nipples while running his hands over her delectable belly.
  • Foreplay 2: As Eva and Marcos stand face-to-face, she unzips his pants and tugs them down so that his erect cock can spring into action. Then, she squats on the floor before him and gives him one of her trademarked, slobbery, and incendiary blowjobs. Eva is a champion cocksucker and, it appears, can suck a man's soul out of the tip of his cock! Meanwhile, she squeezes her own outstandingly sculpted breasts. Marcos, too, gets several opportunities to squeeze her gorgeous tits. He also pulls on her hair as she swallows his rod.
  • Foreplay 3: One of the reasons that Eva got her breasts enlarged was so that she could use them to fuck cocks. So, she makes sure that Marcos gets to slide his rod between her exquisite spit-lubricated breasts. Damn, I'd give almost anything to fuck those tits!
  • Foreplay 4: After taking another opportunity to suck Eva's nipples, Marcos lifts her up onto the bar and then helps her remove her jeans. Damn, I never tire of seeing that naked body. Then, to make sure she's nice and wet, Marcos goes down on Eva's pussy and ravenously eats it. He also jacks her clit and multiple-finger-fucks her vagina with his fingers. Meanwhile, Eva strokes her own fine curves and growls with pleasure. She also grinds her cunt against Marco's face as he eats her.
  • Position 1: While standing on the floor, Eva bends over a bar stool so that Marcos can fuck her juicy, glistening, and gorgeous pussy in the standing doggie position (great close-ups of Eva's pussy and hugely-engorged and oh-so-happy clit). He also reaches down and strokes her clit. Eva screams, growls, and uses delightfully nasty commentary to motivate Marcos to greater heights of lust. As always, Eva succeeds and, as a side benefit, is soon rewarded with an orgasm that can be measured on the Richter scale!
  • Position 2: Eva and Marcos lie in the spoon position at the corner of the bar. As Marcos reams her with increasingly forceful strokes, he runs his hands all over her magnificent body, squeezes her boobs, and jacks her clit. Meanwhile, we get to savor Eva's heavenly body--and bouncing boobs--as wave after wave of pleasure course through it. Of course, it doesn't take long for lusty Eva to cum again! Afterward, Marcos continues to fuck her--to keep her pleasure flowing--until she has yet another orgasm.
  • Position 3: Eva and Marcos joins Jack and Lexie on top of the pool table. Marcos then pounds Eva's pussy in the missionary position while she, in turn, kisses Lexie. Marcos fucks Eva with redline-speed strokes as she screams and growls with delight.
  • Popshot: Marcos pounds Eva until he's ready to pop. Then, after tearing off his condom, he unlooses a powerful stream of semen that sprays her belly and cleavage. As her body undulates with pleasure, Eva turns to Lexie and kisses her.

Scene Four

Meanwhile, in another part of the bar, Tony T teaches us how to make love to a "hoodrat." His assistant? Lusty Latina Luscious Lopez. Scene Four is anal-intensive and the edgiest in Out of Place. Even though the sex is edgy and hard, it doesn't result in a female orgasm. Four stars
  • Foreplay: As the scene fades in, Tony T is already busy frantically fucking Luscious' throat. While forcefully fucking her face, he firmly pulls on Luscious' hair. Luscious gives Tony a work-class and edgy blowjob replete with globs and globs of spit. There's only one downside. Foreplay is completely over in a few seconds!
  • Position 1: Tony bends Luscious over a lounge chair and powerfully fucks her pussy from behind doggie style while taking ample opportunities to spank her shapely ass cheeks. He also finger-fucks her mouth and pulls her jet-black hair. Meanwhile, Luscious uses her hand to spread her ass cheeks wide and encourages Tony with lots of naughty talk. She also moans and growls in ecstasy, fingers her own clit, and squeezes her cute all-natural boobies.
  • Position 2: Tony sits down on the lounge chair and invites Luscious to "sit on it." She complies by straddling him in the cowgirl position and then lowering her cunt down around his condom-sheathed rod. Once he's completely inside her, she lies down on his chest and rides him like a champion cowgirl as he reams her with frenzied and out-of-control strokes (great camera angles). Meanwhile, he grabs handfuls of her ass and squeezes hard.
  • Position 3: While continuing to fuck Luscious, powerful Tony stands up and gently sets Luscious onto a cocktail table. Then, he plows her pussy in the missionary position. Damn, he pounds her hard!
  • Position 4: After an abrupt edit that leaves out the insertion, Tony, still in the missionary position, reams Luscious' asshole while she, in turn, massages her juicy wet labia and clit with her nicely-manicured fingertips. Luscious' words and ecstatic facial expressions reveal her true love of anal sex: "Give it to me...GIVE IT TO ME. FUCK! FUCK MY ASS! I love it. I FUCKIN' LOVE IT!"
  • Position 5: Luscious assumes the doggie position as she straddles the cocktail table. Seemingly unwilling to wait for more than a second, Tony shoves his cock back into Luscious' asshole and continues to fuck her deep and hard (great close-ups) while pulling tautly on her hair. Luscious' pretty, glistening, and soaking-wet pink pussy winks open and closed each in rhythm with each of Tony's strokes. To give us a better view of the Luscious' winking pussy and cock-swallowing asshole, Tony lifts her right leg high in the air.
  • Popshot: Luscious screams, "I want your fuckin' cum so bad! You KNOW I want it!" So, after Tony pulls his cock out of her ass and rips off his condom, Luscious squats on the floor in front of him, and takes his entire load into her wide-open mouth. Then, she sucks him dry and swallows.

DVD Perspectives

Video (technical): I am not very impressed with the lighting in Out of Control. Granted, the action takes place inside a dimly-lit bar. However, the lighting seems to be from a spotlight--the center of the image is brightly lit and the edges are in deep shadows. That's OK...unless, as is often the case, the action we want to see is at the end of the screen! Even worse, shadows of the camera equipment often fall across the performers' bodies. I am also less-that-satisfied with the color balance. Most of the video is too yellow-orange. This makes the performers' flesh look jaundiced. There are also instances in which the camera operator who shot Scene Two is visible in the background during Scene Four (the two scenes are presented separately but were apparently shot at the same time). The image is slightly soft (pixelized) when shown at regular size on my computer monitor and quite pixelized when enlarged to fill my screen. And, there are numerous jumpy camera movements. With regards to the editing...on numerous occasions, the action cuts from one position to another without benefit of transition on insertion footage. Bottom line...in comparison with most contemporary adult features, the conventional 4:3 video is a little sloppy and slightly below average. Two stars.

Audio (technical): The sound is crisp and clear throughout and is of consistent and sufficient volume. The dialog is clear and easy to follow. Music (see my comments under aesthetics) accompanies the sex scenes, but does not overwhelm the sounds of sex. It's very obvious that multiple couplings were being taped at the same time when the movie was shot. This adversely impacts the soundtrack because you can hear more than one set of moans and groans while only one couple is shown on the screen. I don't mind that fact that, in essence, Scenes Two and Four are an orgy. However, I think that the orgy should be shown as such and not as separate scenes. That would prevent the unnerving and incongruent sounds that serve to confuse the on-screen action. Three stars.

Extras: Out of Control boasts an above-average set of extras. In addition to full-motion chapter selector and interactive menus, Out of Control features a "Positions Room" that you can use to select clips of pussy eating, blow jobs, missionary, doggie, or cum shots. There are also five full-length bonus "Vivid Girl" scenes, one each from Filters (Kobe Tai and Brad Armstrong), Impulse (Jenteal and Tony Tedeschi), Photo Club (Dasha and Dillion Day), The House of Love (Taylor Hayes and Julian), and Taya's Tales (Taya and Mario Rossi). You'll also find Lexie's biography, a self-running slide show featuring Lexie, a separate slide show of shots of the other girls in Out of Control, a nine-minute Behind the Scenes featurette (makeup, impromptu interviews, photoshoot video, and rehearsals), seven minutes of previews, phone sex ads, a commercial for Vivid's on-line shop, and website information. Four stars.

Aesthetics: From a visual perspective, Out of Control is OK. Supporting the plot, all the sex scenes were shot in a run-down bar/pool hall. It's not an especially appealing place to fuck. But, it's plot relevant. Some effort was made to coordinate the cast members' wardrobe with the plot...wife-beater undershirts for the guys; gang-banger attire for Eva Angelina, Lexie, Luscious Lopez, and Nadia; and upper-middle-class clothes for Monique and Jack. The girls' makeup is fine and appropriate to the plot. However, I have a problem with the musical soundtrack. Maybe I'm dating myself, but it seems to me that the background music is definitely ghetto and not barrio! To me, the choice of music is incongruent with the plot. Three and one-half stars.

Final Thoughts 

Average sex rating: 4.25
Average video rating: 2.00
Average audio rating: 3.00
Average production values rating: 3.50
Extras rating: 4.00
Bonus point(s): 1.00
Overall rating: 3.55

X Critic Pick (4.5+ sex; 4.0+ production values; 4.5+ overall)
Highly Recommended (4.5+ sex; 4.0+ overall)
Recommended (4.0+ sex; 4.0+ overall)
Rent It (<4.00 sex; <4.00 overall)
Skip It (<3.50 sex; <4.00 overall)

Dr. Jay

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