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Performers Of The Year 2010 (Blu-Ray)

Studio: Elegant Angel » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 3/25/10

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Performers of the Year 2010 Blu-ray

Elegant Angel

Genre: Gonzo

Director: William H. Nutsack

Cast: Tori Black, Mark Ashley, Kristina Rose, Mick Blue, Alexis Texas, Johnny Sins, Julia Ann, Manuel Ferrara, Jenna Haze, Michael Stefano, Kagney Linn Karter, James Deen, Bobbi Starr

Length: 235:04 minutes (195:18 minutes & 39:46 minutes)

Tori Black

Date of Production: 12/19/2009 (box cover); 12/12/2009 (credits)

Extras: For many, the best extras will be the four bonus scenes on the second disc from movies like Pornstar Workout, Massive Asses 4, Battle of the Asses 1, and She's The Boss. I described them below in detail but it remains notable that none of the ladies were included in the main flick, though all of them were certainly eligible, these scenes gaining "honorable mention" as if they were almost winners (not all of them provided in high definition here either). There was then a related extra in the form of a short, 5:06 minute Behind the Scenes feature, never really able to detail much given how brief the clips were this time. There were then four interviews by Alexis Texas (6:25 minutes), Kagney Linn Karter (7:45 minutes), Kristina Rose (8:46), and Tori Black (14:41), the others apparently feeling they said enough during the opening of their scenes. The rest of the extras were just generic fodder including some trailers, a photogallery, and a pop shot compilation from the scenes along with some spam.

Condoms: None

Kristina Rose

Audio/Video Quality: Performers of the Year 2010 was presented in the usual 1.78:1 ratio widescreen color as shot by director William H. Nutsack for Elegant Angel using the high definition VC-1 codec with 1080p resolution. The lighting was good as expected and helped minimize the grain & video noise. The composition of the shots tended to favor the ladies, rarely chopping off their heads in a frame or missing out on significant portions of the action. The editing was a bit better this time though a few of the edits by Robert Laplanc were too noticeable but part of that might be due to what kind of footage was presented him by the director/cameraman. I saw no compression artifacts although the bitrate varied substantially, often seeming to be in the 12.6 Mbps range. One thing to keep in mind is that not all of the bonus scenes were in high definition but they still looked decent or better, depending on the case. The audio was presented in the usual 2.0 Dolby Digital English using the 256 Kbps bitrate (and 48 kHz sampling rate), the separation was nonexistent and the dynamic range limited but at least the vocals could be heard most of the time (as could some background noise). The music from Mybeatshop (Team Green, DT Phenomenal, and others) and the company archives were solid enough for the scenes themselves, showing some polishing up indicative of a movie of the year attempt.

Alexis Texas

Body of Review: Elegant Angel is one of the modern porn industry's success stories in part thanks to the efforts of director William H. Nutsack. He loves the ladies and it shows in his works all the time, his sly bits of humor never overshadowing the sexy women or heated action he provides. His latest movie of merit making it my way of late is Performers of the Year 2010 (Blu-ray), the flick a smash hit and instant classic in the words of so many colleagues of mine. With names like Alexis Texas, Kristina Rose, Julia Ann, Tori Black, and several others here, the likelihood of this one standing out was very high going into watching the double disc treat. The short version is that all the elements were polished up significantly beyond average, culminating in a fantastic hit to be appreciated for a long, hard time. Here's a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:

Julia Ann

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Scene One: Tori Black, arguably one of the best looking ladies in porn (mentioning that the AVN nominations came out the day this was shot, Tori picking up a nom for performer of the year), was up first, the brunette featured on the front cover (third lady in from the left). In terms of all natural bodies, Tori is one of the best in the jizz biz, her willingness to start doing anal elevating her status among many. This time, the scenes all started with interviews and she made the most of it, the understated tease montage working better than usual for her, ending when she was shown in bed with Mark Ashley. Tori had on a beige bikini and gold stripper shoes, the kissing leading to some spanking before the two gave in to provide each other with a wealth of oral on each other. Normally, Tori is not one of my favorite performers though she certainly has charmed many others. In this case though, she was into it, showed some chemistry, and gave her all, the taste testing leading to him beating off to launch his load of population pudding to her spread ass cheeks.

Jenna Haze

Scene Two: Kristina Rose, the short brunette featured on the left side of the front cover, was up next as she followed the formula, the interview leading into her tease montage with purple and black lingerie. Her ass was as great as ever and she certainly learned a few moves from last January when she pleased the audiences at AVN in my presence, her dancing ability clearly upgraded to make for a better performance. As delightful (and strokable) as her tease was, I knew she would be an even stronger performer once she got out of the bathtub and frolicked with studly Mick Blue on the beige couch, his hand on her crotch in no time. Kristina sported a large bushy patch of pubic hair and was all over him too, their kissing and dry humping leading to a lot of oral on each other. The wonderfully heated blowjob was longer than the cunnilingus he provided her and Kristina was turned on when she begged him to get rougher, some choking taking place between the bouts of boning that included both vaginal as well as anal. She was just as determined to provide an active ride anally here too, their personal connection elevated along the way. Fans might appreciate that she rimmed him as much as he rimmed her, their eye contact extensive right up until he unleashed his seed into her mouth and all over her face as she orally worshipped him one last time.

Kagney Linn Karter

Scene Three: Alexis Texas, the curvy blond babe featured on the far right side of the front cover and her star certainly rising in recent years, was up next for an unprecedented third year in the series. The interview was informative and she seemed at ease with Nutsack, the montage focusing as much on her splendid ass as her pretty face. She ended up on a green couch with Johnny Sins, the pairing benefitting her performance as she helped him remove his clothing, her green lingerie barely holding in her sweet curves. They kissed a lot and the dynamic of two suitable performers working together was elevated with their chemistry pretty solid throughout. She also had a pubic mound full of hair, perhaps signaling a trend, but I think I noticed her relative leanness the most (thankfully, her ass as big as ever though the bruises not all that appealing). Their eye contact was superior to most performances elsewhere, the attention to kissing and each other offering up one of her best scenes of the year to date. The riding was active and showed some additional intensity, Johnny even briefly choking her a bit as they saw fit. Alexis continued working him too, milking his nuts dry of semen when he rubbed one out to her face.

Bobbi Starr

Scene Four: Julia Ann, the sole MILF of the group and one of the ladies not seen on the front cover, was up next as she followed the formula with an informative interview, a tease session, and some outright hardcore sexual misconduct with stud-of-the-year, Manuel Ferrara. Some have claimed that her career has taken a dive since leaving Wicked Pictures but they were mostly the same that said the same thing when she left other contracts, the lady certainly deserving of being called one of the performers of the year. Years of working the strip club circuit have kept her fit and looking just fine, her moves put into place as she paraded around in purple lingerie while providing seductive glances in and around the house. For my money, she seemed to be given a longer montage, her beautiful eyes speaking volumes as to her desirability, the tease ending abruptly with her stretched out on a concrete bench while Manuel ate her out. He then pounded her vaginally and she blew him aggressively, moving into the house where they continued to show the younger folks just how good experience can make a person. They engaged in a lot of eye contact and kissing that led each to get naughty with rimming the other, the taste testing frequent and fun. The scene closed up when she sucked him dry, her mouth full of his genetic juice as she continued to stroke him off to a messy conclusion.

Scene Five: Jenna Haze, another truly popular performer (who also wasn't on the front cover), was up next with Michael Stefano, her interview including talk about her own production company. Jenna is leaner than my tastes generally go for but she always seems so into the action that I overlook that fact most times. She wore some revealing black and pink bikini undies this time, shaking around at night while eyeballing the camera extensively. This led to some solo action on the white bed and Michael coming up from behind her to savor the taste of her ass. She blew him afterwards but both of them seemed destined to continue providing oral to the other throughout the scene, frisky Jenna inviting him inside her pussy for some high powered pounding, my only surprise being that he didn't get to take her anally as well. Jenna's dirty talk and foot fetish action gave it some distinctive appeal too, the ending round of baby batter tossed off to her face and mouth for swallowing.

Scene Six: Kagney Linn Karter, a busty blond newcomer showcased on the front cover (between Kristina Rose and Tori Black), was up last on the first disc, her interview outfit of a sheer black bikini dropped for the montage to be replaced with a shiny purple bikini she wore out in public. Her confidence levels have grown and her tease worked even better as a result, the beauty ending up with James Deen on the green couch. He was fully dressed in a black suit while she had on her revealing sheer black outfit and stockings, her implants on the large side but still fetching all the same. He pawed at her while they kissed and her perfectly shaven snatch liked being played with, her moans and eye contact increasing as time went by. She provided more oral on him during the blowjob and taste testing then he did on her but she was even better once she warmed up for the active vaginal riding. There was some minimal choking and thumb sucking here, the lady impaling herself but never quite as active as some of the others in the lineup. He nearly lost it at the end thanks to her dirty talk, the load of spew landing on her face.

Scene Seven: Bobbi Starr, an all natural brunette with a lean body and willingness to do anal, was up last in a scene reserved for the second disc (by itself). During the obligatory introductory interview, she outlined her travels in the past year and her successes, the young lady all dolled up and showing her new short hairdo. The tease took place by an inside pool where she wore black lingerie, her ass as sweet as ever as she sashayed until some low light work was offered up. She was eventually joined by studly Mark Ashley by the pool again, his hands pawing her as they kissed and caressed for a time. There was a lot of oral this time, both of them taking turns before and after the penetration portions of the scene, the young lady as well versed in anal as she was in vaginal plowing. Bobbi was an active rider and pushed back to meet his thrusts, even showing chemistry with the guy as they continued to perform. I enjoyed that she wasn't so willing to go over the top in how she showed her vocal appreciation this time, marking her taking a step up as a performer as far as I'm concerned (she was still loud and proud, but she managed to tone it down a bit). The scene ended when he jerked out a nut of genetic juice to her mouth for swallowing, Bobbi providing some post coital head in messy fashion.

Bonus Scene: Pornstar Workout: Phoenix Marie, a wonderfully curvy blond in a neon blue bikini, was up next as a fitness show hostess livening things up with Charley Chase as her assistant by the swimming pool on the sunny day. The fitness tips were decent but the eye candy even better as the pair showed just how much room there is in porn for some fun but sexy fitness tips, not to mention Mark Ashley joining them. Phoenix was the better of the two in terms of the tease and fitness message but Charley was a lot of fun too, making me think there could be a real market for this kind of thing even without the sex. The gals were soon showing a lot of skin and going down on each other, Mark reciprocating as well as receiving some heated sex. Phoenix made sweet use of her ass for fingers, tongues, and eventually Mark's cock as he pounded her hard, Charley content with the vaginal penetration offered up. The active riding added to the strokability factor and this was another winner ending with a facial the gals could share, the semen rubbed out by the contented man as they stuck their tongues out. Sweet!

Bonus Scene: Massive Asses 4: Ava Rose, the curvy brunette featured on the front cover, was up next as her gold thong rode up her ass crack. Mason pointed out that she did not have such a fine ass while under contract, the fleshy rump shaking as Ava walked about the expansive living room. The preliminary tease with Mason did not compare to the real deal though, the lighting nicely handled as Ava pranced around the room on the clear day, her limited gyrations helping her to stand out but ultimately her montage showing Ava as highly fuckable stroke material. Mick Blue then walked in when the music stopped, stuffing his face into her ass crack and eating her out, with some kissing again establishing a connection between the partners. They were playful together and communicated via eye contact as often as not, the active vaginal riding and taste testing making it just as good a scene as the last one. Ava's ass shook really well during the penetration too and she was not yelling out as if that equated with being turned on too, this being a better scene than anything she did under contract. The eventual wad of spew milked out of Mick's nuts was rubbed out onto her stomach, some post coital head provided him as she wanted to taste her effect on him firsthand. Yeah!

Bonus Scene: Battle of the Asses 1: Kelly Divine, another curvy cutie, was shown outside by the manmade waterfall as she teased in her red bikini, her smile invoking a warm fuzzy feeling as much as her tease routine was invoking a growing erection in my shorts. It might have been nice to enjoy an interview similar to Alexis' but jumping right into the tease was a pretty good plan too, Kelly always managing to show a seductive spin to her tease even before the obligatory (and much appreciated) oiling up took place. Her red bikini pulled aside showed just how perfectly curvy she was, the posing and playful tease continuing until she was in the living room getting rimmed by studly Mark Ashley, her bent over stature impressive too. He snacked on her ass crack and she purred in delight, the pussy getting eaten too before she blew him with zest. The fucking almost immediately went into anal mode where she showed me yet again how active she could be as her fleshy ass rippled delightfully well with his huge pecker being milked inside. The rest of the scene continued their exploits and it was a surprisingly strong scene in some ways, her performance full of chemistry and passion (even more than Alexis'). As expected, he bust a nut of population pudding on her ass to finish up, even her pussy showing how tight she was as she drained his nuts dry. Yowza!

Bonus Scene: She's The Boss: Lisa Ann, the babe featured on the front cover, was up next with James Deen, this particular pairing happening a lot of late given the way they work so well together. Lisa once more plays the strict boss, pissed off with James' incompetence and ready to take him to task for screwing up. As expected, she demanded he make it up to her sexually, her big breasts barely held in by her satin purple top and bra, James snacking on her box as she jerked him off. She sat on his face and otherwise appreciated the moment, James earning his way back up the corporate ladder by means of his talented tongue. He was then invited into her pussy where both of them actively bumped uglies in various positions with some occasional oral by both of them to spice things up. The scene finished up with him jerking off to her mouth, Lisa savoring the salty taste of semen as she sent him back to his office.

Summary: Performers of the Year 2010 Blu-ray by director William H. Nutsack for Elegant Angel was designed to be one of the big hits of the year, the cast selection and double disc treatment providing fans with a tremendous wealth of strokable footage and replay value. The technical values were superior too and there was no doubt in my mind that the movie earned every bit of the Xcritic Pick given all it had to offer. In short, Performers of the Year 2010 joins previous volumes in the series to showcase some of the most popular ladies of the year in what often amounts to their best scenes. I found it curious that a single scene was placed on the second disc as part of the movie and some of the music was mixed in too loud compared to the interview vocals but movies like this truly stand out from the pack, the Blu-ray upgrade enhancing it even more so pick up a copy if you haven't already, you won't be sorry.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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