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Pink Ink

Studio: Exquisite » Review by Dr. Jay » Review Date: 4/26/10

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Genre: All sex.
Director: Jordan Septo.
Cast: Adrianna Nicole, Dana Vespoli, Demi Marx, Gianna Lynn, Lee Stone, Lexi Bardot, Scott Nails, Van Damage. 
Must-See Girls in Cast: None.
Length: 02:16
Condoms: None.
Bonus: One bonus star for condom-free sex.


OK, I'll admit it. I have a thing for inked girls. Somehow, seeing a girl's sexy curves transformed into a three-dimensional canvas makes by blood boil and my cock swell.

So, it's understandable that I plucked Pink Ink from a recent shipment from Exquisite Pleasures and put it in my "to review" stack. I've got to say that the gorgeous photo of Demi Marx on the boxcover sealed the deal. Wow, what a looker!

After I previewed Pink Ink, I've got to say that I was just a bit disappointed. First, there are major photographic issues throughout that led to much of my displeasure. However, beyond that, I think that director Jordan Septo did not choose the best girls from the roster of "decorated" porn stars. For one thing, most of the girls--with the notable exception of Adrianna Nicole and Lexi Bardot--sport monotonal (single-color) tattoos. In addition, the girls have lots of undecorated flesh--blank canvas just screaming to be inked. To me, the epitome of the perfect tattooed woman is Janine Lindemulder. Not only are her vibrant-colored tattoos works of art, but they are also very meaningful to her as well. Although each of the girls in Pink Ink tells the story of her inkings, none of them thought through their tattoos as much as Janine did (I know because I interviewed Janine at length about her body art).

I suppose that one of the reasons I like inked girls so much is that they generally exude naughtiness and edginess--traits that, in my book, lead to an awesome fuck. That's true in Pink Ink for Gianna Lynn and Lexi Bardot. Both of these girls--and their scenes--are worth a close look. Demi Marx is worth a look because of her superb appearance. However, I think that the scenes featuring Dana Vespoli and Adrianna Nicole are mechanical and passionless. These girls "get fucked" rather than "fuck." They go through the motions, working for the "buck" rather than the "fuck." Sad.

Check out some photos of the girls in Pink Ink here. Pay particular attention to the photos of exotic Demi Marx and colorful Lexi Bardot. Enjoy!


All five of the sex scenes follow a similar pattern. Presumably director Jordan Septo, behind the camera, interviews each girl and inquires about her body art. After they chat a bit, the girl's male partner joins her and foreplay begins.

Scene One

Scene One is, in my opinion, the second best in Pink Ink. It features Gianna Lynn, who's new to me, and veteran stud Cheyne Collins. It's a high-energy scene that features some incredible missionary pounding (way to go, Cheyne!). Gianna is a magnificent fuck, the kind with whom I'd love to spend countless hours. She's brunette, Asian-looking, multi-inked, and has bellybutton and nipple rings. This vaginal-only scene results in numerous female orgasms--and one popshot, of course. It rates four and one-half stars on my boy/girl scale.
  • Interview Quote: "My very first tattoo (and he hates me) is my ex-boyfriend's name. It resulted in this giant dragon (to cover up his name) which symbolizes the wrath of a bad relationship."
  • Foreplay 1: Cheyne Collins joins Gianna on screen and immediately licks her exposed tattoos, strokes her flesh, kisses her open mouth, and strips off her clothes. Then, after greedily suckling her pierced nipple, he sits her back on a white leather couch, spreads her legs wide, and then attacks her bald-shaven pussy with his spit, mouth, teeth, and tongue. Gianna shouts, "MORE," pants with delight, and undulates her body as pleasure from her clit radiates through her sexy body.
  • Foreplay 2: Cheyne sits back on the couch and commands, "Suck that cock!" Gianna readily complies and gobbles and strokes his already-rigid cock while making lots of naughty gurgling sounds. She also deep-throats his rod balls-deep and licks his lucky balls. Cheyne, on his part, fucks Gianna's throat and bends over so he can spank her shapely ass cheeks. He also repeatedly spits in Gianna's mouth--she, in turn, spits his saliva onto his soaking-wet and achingly-hard cock. This is great fellatio!
  • Position 1: Gianna sits back on the couch missionary style and spreads her legs wide to make per pussy into an inviting target for Cheyne's cock. She strokes her pussy for a short time while Cheyne, in turn, jacks his rod. The intense eye contact that Gianna and Cheyene share is prophetic of the passion that will soon develop between them. Missionary is usually my least favorite position. However, Cheyne's high-powered and frenzied strokes drive Gianna out of her mind and cause her to pant and babble incoherently. Even better, Cheyne's frantic thrusts cause Gianna to scream through an orgasm! By the way, during this segment Cheyne gapes Gianna's pussy and takes a break to shove his cock down her capacious throat.
  • Position 2: Gianna kneels on the couch doggie style, spits a glob of saliva into her hands, massages the spit into her pussy, and presents her tingling cunt to Cheyne for his--and our--pleasure. Again, Cheyne's eagerness ignites Gianna's pleasure engine and the result is volcanic--especially when Gianna and Cheyne match their strokes and fuck each other with perfect synchronization.
  • Position 3: Cheyne spits several loads into Gianna's mouth and then she transfers it to his cock to lubricate the throat-fucking action. Then, she mounts him cowgirl style. As his cock penetrates her, the pleasure is so intense that she cries out with joy. Then, with unbridled energy and enthusiasm, Gianna bounces up and down on--and grinds--Cheyne's lucky cock until she cums again. Meanwhile, Cheyne need only lie back and enjoy the ride! Well, he does keep his hands busy by spanking Gianna's shapely ass cheeks! Wow! Gianna's an incredible fuck!
  • Position 4: Cheyne and Gianna lie on the floor so that they can fuck spoon style. As always, this position allows us to savor Gianna's pretty body and intricate tattoos as Cheyne pounds her pussy with fast and deep strokes. Of course, since this is spoon, Cheyne gets to do all the work. He, of course, doesn't mind and eagerly pounds her pussy, chokes her throat and spanks her ass cheeks as she moans ecstatically and talks nasty. In due course, insatiable Gianna screams through yet another orgasm. However, Cheyne continues to pound her to keep waves of pleasure flowing through her body: "Oh, God. I can't get enough of your cock!"
  • Popshot: To finish up, Gianna lies on the floor and opens her mouth super wide. Cheyne jacks himself off until he fills her mouth and splatters her face with semen. She spits his cum onto the tip of his rod and then sucks him dry.

Scene Two

In Scene Two, Dana Vespoli gives up her asshole--in numerous positions--to Lee Stone. Most of the time, it appears that Dana "gets fucked" instead of "fucks." However, I must admit that she does a hell of a good job in reverse cowgirl and gets so fucking horny during vaginal missionary that she creams all over Lee's cock. This anal-intensive scene does not provide Dana with an orgasm and rates three and one-half stars.

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  • Interview Quote: "I'm a little bit of a pain junkie. (Getting a tattoo) is constant stinging. I like it. I'm a total submissive. I like having things done to me...I got turned on with this one (she points to art above and to the right of her pussy) because the tattoo artist was resting his arm across my pussy. It was HOT!"
  • Foreplay 1: Lee helps Dana to her feet and bends down to kiss her bikini-area tattoo while caressing her pussy and lower abdomen with his hand. Lee bends Dana into the doggie position and then, little-by-little, he helps her out of her clothes, suckles her tiny tits, repeatedly spanks her butt cheeks, and spits-on and rims her asshole and fingers her cunt.
  • Foreplay 2: Dana kneels in front of Lee as he strips off his jeans to release his huge bent cock from confinement. Immediately enthused, Dana wraps her lips--and hands--around his shaft to please it as it grows ever harder. Lee uses his rod to slap her tongue and tits, spits in her mouth (she transfers it to his cock), and fucks her mouth (Dana tries hard, but can't swallow his rod all the way down).
  • Position 1: Lee positions Dana on the couch missionary style, spreads her legs, spits on her asshole, and then inches his cock past her tight sphincter. As soon as her asshole has accommodated Lee's cock, Dana begs Lee to give her long strokes as she uses her fingers to jack her clit. Dana's face beams with delight as her pleasure begins to build. Lee, too, enjoys himself immensely and groans with animal satisfaction as Dana's tight asshole clamps down hard around his cock.
  • Position 2: Dana sucks Lee's cock clean ATM style and then mounts him anally in the cowgirl position. Dana then fucks Lee with increasingly deep strokes, forcing ever more of his cock into her tight asshole. Soon, Lee starts to fuck her back, the two functioning together like a well-engineered sex machine. Meanwhile, Dana works two of her fingers into her asshole--in addition to Lee's cock!
  • Position 3: Lee stands up so that they can fuck in the standing cowgirl position. As excellent camera angles capture the action from below, Lee tosses Dana's body up and down to force his cock nearly balls-deep into her asshole. Meanwhile, Dana's ass flesh jiggles delightfully every time it rams into Lee's body.
  • Position 4: Dana again performs ATM on Lee's cock while he takes the opportunity to spank her butt cheeks. And, he tries hard to fuck her throat (she can't swallow it). Then, Lee lies back on the couch and lifts Dana onto him so that she can fuck him in the reverse cowgirl position. Lee reams her asshole while she fingers her clit, groans ecstatically, and talks naughty: "I love that! Oh, my God. That fuckin' makes me crazy!" She likes it even more when he works several of his fingers up her cunt so that he can, in effect, double-penetrate her holes (great close-ups). Lee enjoys himself tremendously, groaning and babbling incoherently as he reams her.
  • Position 5: Following a bit more nasty and very erotic ATM, Dana assumes the doggie position atop the couch and thrusts her ass high in the air to present it to Lee. Of course, Lee does what any right-minded guy would do. He slips his cock inside and then pounds her asshole with balls-deep strokes.
  • Position 6: Lee has Dana suck his cock clean and then positions her missionary style on the couch. Instead of sliding back into her asshole, he penetrates her as-yet-unfucked cunt. As he reams it, Dana's horny pussy responds very positively by creaming all over his shaft.
  • Popshot: Lee gets so excited while fucking Dana's pussy that he almost explodes inside her. However, just in the nick of time, Dana drops to her knees and opens her mouth to receive Lee's bounty. Afterward, she gently sucks his cock dry and then turns to the camera to smile and wink at us.

Scene Three

Adrianna Nicole, in Scene Three, boasts the most colorful--and beautiful--tattoos of any of the girls in Pink Ink. She's an all-natural, busty, and curvy blond who is new to me. She's coupled with Scott Nails in this mostly anal scene. Overall, I think her performance is quite mechanical and lacks passion. In particular, Adrianna never cums during the scene. Nevertheless, she displays first-class moves in cowgirl and enjoys ass-to-mouth and ass-to-pussy In addition, her asshole gapes beautifully. This scene was filmed in a room that is supposed to be a tattoo parlor in and around a tattoo chair. It rates three and one-half stars on my boy/girl scale.
  • Interview Quote: "I really like being in tattoo parlors. The sound of the machines and the smell of it really gets me wet!"
  • Foreplay 1: Adrianna sits with her legs splayed wide on the edge of the tattoo chair. She's bottomless, but dressed in a sexy black corset and coarse-mesh top that does nothing to cover her magnificent tits. Scott approaches her, pulls her big tits out of her almost-there top, squeezes her boobs, and kisses her open mouth.
  • Foreplay 2: Adrianna squats on the floor and pulls Scott's camouflage pants down so that she can gobble his super-long dick and lick his balls. Scott tries to fuck her throat, but she's unable to swallow his cock. However, she does do a nice job of spitting on his rod and then using her hands and mouth to please it.
  • Position 1: Scott bends Adrianna over the tattoo chair, doggie style, and slips his rigid rod up her inviting cunt. He then pounds her with rapid and deep strokes while she pants and groans--rather mechanically, I think--and jacks her clit. Meanwhile, Adrianna's big tits bounce and gyrate joyfully. During doggie, Adrianna takes an opportunity to suck her girl-juice off of Scott's cock.
  • Position 2: While continuing to fuck Adrianna's pussy doggie style, Scott works his thumb up her asshole to loosen her sphincter. Once he's satisfied that her tight hole will accommodate his super-sized dick, he slips out of her pussy and slowly inches himself into her anus. Adrianna's asshole immediately accepts his shaft so that he can, within seconds, pound her with fast and deep strokes. Meanwhile, Adrianna jacks her clit and fingers her wide open, pretty, and oh-so-pink pussy.
  • Position 3: While staring into Scott's eyes, Adrianna sucks her ass off of his cock and suckles his balls. Then, they move into the cowgirl position after Scott sits back on the tattoo chair. The cowgirl action is the best in this scene...in a very animated way, Adrianna tosses her voluptuous body up and down so that her asshole swallows almost all of Scott's rigid cock (nice close-ups--especially of Adrianna's gaping asshole when Scott momentarily pulls out). Adrianna also grinds Scott's rod.
  • Position 4: Again, Adrianna cleanses Scott's penis ATM style. Once he's squeaky clean, she mounts him reverse cowgirl style. As Scott pistons balls-deep in-and-out of her asshole, her pretty, pink, and bald pussy looks outstanding--especially when she uses her fingers to spread it wide and to jack her huge and proud clit. And, her big bouncing boobs look damned nice, too.
  • Position 5: Before returning to doggie for more anal sex. Adrianna gets another chance to show off her nasty ATM skills. During this second round of doggie, Adrianna lies face down on the tattoo chair as Scott reams her now-relaxed and oh-so-accommodating asshole while she fingers her clit. Best of all, Scott repeatedly gapes her asshole for his--and our--viewing pleasure. And, Adrianna keeps Scott's rod clean using her insatiable ATM technique.
  • Position 6: Adrianna rolls onto her side atop the tattoo chair and uses her hands to spread her ass cheeks wide so that Scott can fuck her anus and squeeze her thighs from the side as he stands adjacent to the chair. This is a very effective position for anal sex--at least from our viewing vantage point--because Adrianna's pink pussy and capacious ass are perfectly visible front-and-center on the screen.
  • Position 7: Responding to Adrianna's invitation to "fuck my pussy with that dirty cock," Scott slips his cock out of her asshole and directly (without ATM) rams it up her as-yet-unfucked pussy. Scott fucks her with rapid-fire and balls-deep strokes that cause her big boobs to dance joyfully. Meanwhile, Adrianna maintains intense eye contact with Scott and pants a bit mechanically, I think.
  • Popshot: Adrianna drops to her knees and opens her mouth wide so that Scott can pump a generous amount of his seed onto her tongue and face. She gingerly suckles his tip, shows us her cum-coated tongue, and then swallows.

Scene Four

Stunningly-exotic and raven-haired beauty Demi Marx is featured in Scene Four. Frankly, Demi's picture on Pink Ink's boxcover was enough to make me want to watch the movie. After watching her scene, I am still wildly infatuated with her striking appearance and full-arm "sleeve" of tattoos that are a work in progress and are not colored-in yet. I also like her colorful "mud-flap" girls on her tailbone (they're reminiscent of mud-flap girls on trucks). Frankly, Demi's appearance is the best thing about the scene. For whatever reason--let's blame her male partner Van Damage (just kidding!)--her sexual performance is a bit too predictable, pedestrian, and mechanical for my taste. Nonetheless, the chance to see Demi's naked body is reason enough to watch her scene. This vaginal-and-anal boy/girl scene rates four stars.
  • Interview Quote: "I had my sleeve done about six months ago and it represents my role in porno...I have film that wraps all the way around, a little Hollywood Walk of Fame star, and my little pin-up with her little tattoos...It's all going to be filled-in and colored...not soon enough!...I like tattooed guys. That's why I keep going back (for more tattoos)...because of all the hot tattooed guys in tattoo shops."
  • Foreplay 1: From off camera, Van Damage begs Demi to remove her very sexy black skirt and bright red panties (she's also wearing a matching black bra, black fishnet stockings, and a metal-studded black belt...HOT OUTFIT!) so he--and we--can see the colorful tattoo on her back. Yowza! Demi's a hot little bitch! Van then joins her, bends her into the doggie position atop a couch, and then gently massages her spread-side pussy with spit-soaked fingers. He also licks her pussy and asshole.
  • Position 1: Foregoing fellatio, Van slips his titanium-hard shaft into Demi's cunt as she kneels on all fours, doggie style. He plows her slowly at first, accelerating little by little as her juicy pussy stretches to accommodate him. While fucking her, Van takes several opportunities to squeeze and spank Demi's gorgeous butt. Meanwhile, Demi groans somewhat mechanically and repetitively. Nice camera angles capture the in-and-out action as Demi's glistening pussy swallows Van's lucky penis. In due course, Demi becomes more animated and fucks him back, tossing her tight and gorgeous body back-and-forth on his rod instead of just letting him fuck her.
  • Position 2: Demi lies on her back the pillows of the couch and spreads her legs super wide. Van licks her quivering cunt and then fucks her bald pussy missionary style. Meanwhile, Van squeezes Demi's cute and medium-size tits and she jacks her own clit and pinches her nipples.
  • Position 3: Demi sucks her juices off, licks, strokes, and deep-throats (lots of slobber) Van's rod and then they transition back to doggie--this time for anal sex. Van plows Demi's tight ass with powerful and balls-deep strokes while she fingers her cunt and encourages him with motivating words: "You like fucking my ass?" During this segment, Van thoughtfully gapes Demi's asshole on several occasions for our viewing pleasure.
  • Position 4: Van sits on the couch so that Demi can anally fuck him reverse cowgirl style. As is always the case, reverse cowgirl gives, in my opinion, the girl the best opportunity to shine. At first, Demi's moves are really hot as she squats above him and tosses her hot body up and down. However, she (too soon, I think) quickly lies back on Van's chest and lets him do all the fucking while she enjoys the ride. I would have preferred it if she would have continued to fuck him rather than being content to have him fuck her. Nonetheless, Demi's body looks superb as Van fucks her ass in reverse--especially when she spreads her labia with her fingers and strokes her pussy.
  • Position 5: In the last (too short) position of the scene, Demi lies on her back so that Van can ream her asshole missionary style. As Van slides in-and-out of has asshole, Demi erotically rubs her clit.
  • Popshot: Van needs less than a minute up Demi's asshole in missionary to reach the point of no return. So, Demi quickly gets into position so that Van can fill her mouth--and coat her face--with his semen. Demi then licks his tip with her pierced tongue and swallows every drop that landed in her wide-open mouth.

Scene Five 

I liked Scene Five, featuring Lexi Bardot and Lee Stone, more than any other in Pink Ink. Lexi has a half-sleeve of very colorful tattoos; is a cute, wholesome-looking, girl-next-door brunette; has magnificent all-natural tits; and is a great--and very demonstrative--fuck. Even better, she brings out Lee Stone's power--and even gets an upside down 69 ride while Lee stands and carries her. Awesome! This multi-orgasmic scene rates five stars on my scale. 
  • Interview Quote: "I love tattoos. I love the whole, like, planning them out (and) seeing where they're gonna go. This one (her colorful sleeve) has been progressing for like six years...I try and think of sexual fantasies while I'm getting poked with a needle in my arm...Who wouldn't?"
  • Foreplay 1: Lee joins Lexi, strips off his shirt; kisses her open mouth, neck, and boobs; caresses her pretty body; and strips off her clothes. Lexi responds by licking Lee's bulging biceps. He then bends her doggie style over a couch, spreads her ass cheeks, and then licks her spread-wide pink pussy and asshole.
  • Foreplay 2: "May I suck your cock? Please? PLEASE? It's my favorite thing!" Wow, how polite can a girl be? Of course, Lee responds by quickly pulling off his jeans so that Lexi can have unfettered access to his already-swollen cock. She then bends over Lee, as he sits back on the couch, and, using lots of spit, attacks his dick as if it were a piece of hard and tasty candy. She also skillfully uses her hands to stroke his lucky rod. Meanwhile, Lee fingers her puffy pussy.
  • Foreplay 3: Lexi kneels on the back of the couch and straddles Lee's body so that they can please each other orally in the 69 position. Damn, this is HOT! And, Lexi's upside-down body looks very attractive and sexy. Best of all, strong and powerful Lee stands up during this segment so that he and Lexi can share some superb standing 69. Wow! You can't beat Lee Stone for male talent!
  • Position 1: Lee sits back on the couch and then Lexi mounts him cowgirl style. After he slides his dick into her, she immediately begins to joyfully toss her body up and down on him while talking deliciously nasty--Lexi's moves are HOT! And, Lexi's pussy gets so horny that it soon coats Lee's massive rod with a thick layer of slippery white girl-juice. Meanwhile, Lee squeezes and slaps her perfectly shaped ass.
  • Position 2: While keeping his cock deeply planted inside Lexi's pussy, Lee stands and tosses her body up and down to fuck her in the standing cowgirl position (great camera angles). Lexi loves it so much that she giggles, cries, groans, and screams with joy. God, this is awesome sex!
  • Position 3: Lee gently sets Lexi down on the couch so that he can fuck her in the missionary position. As he reams her balls-deep, she fingers her clit and encourages him with ecstatic words and groans. Lee's frantic pounding soon results in a world-class screaming orgasm that I doubt Lexi will forget for a long time. After taking a short break so that Lexi can suck her cum off of Lee's cock, the couple returns to missionary so that Lee can keep her orgasmic pleasure flowing.
  • Position 4: Lee lifts Lexi and positions her in the doggie position atop the couch. Then, while holding her right leg aright (so we can see the action more completely), he drills her pussy with hard and deep strokes as she exclaims: "Oh, my God! That feels so good! Oh, my God! That cock feels so good in that hole right there!" In due course, Lee releases Lexi's leg so that he can pound her pussy in the traditional doggie position while she grabs and squeezes his balls.
  • Position 5: Lexi again sucks Lee's cock clean and then mounts him reverse cowgirl position. Lexi loves reverse as much as I do: "Oh God," she exclaims, "It's my favorite position ever." She loves it for how her hot and energetic moves make her feel. I, on the other hand, love it for how good her body appears as she and Lee frantically fuck--and spank--each other. li>
  • Position 6: While transitioning to spoon, Lexi takes a moment to suck her juices off of Lee's rod. Then, after Lee and Lexi's glistening and sweaty bodies slide off the couch and onto the floor, Lee reams Lexi's pussy hard and deep while she fingers her clit.
  • Popshot: To ramp up to his orgasm, Lee shifts Lexi to the missionary position and pounds her until he's ready to pop. Lexi begs, "Oh, my God. I WANT IT!" Lee soon obliges by showering Lexi's smiling face (her eyes are wide open) and mouth with his semen. She then licks her lips with intense satisfaction.

DVD Perspectives

Video (technical): Good and bad. I really liked how there are very few edits during the sex scenes. This means we get to see virtually everything that transpires between the couple. In addition, the traditional 4:3 image is clear...but not overly sharp. It appears that the lighting was insufficient during many segments...and that resulted in a distinctly grainy (noisy) appearance even when the video is shown on my computer screen at same size (the video is very noisy when blown up to fill my screen). The exposure often changes abruptly from light to dark (or visa-versa). In addition, the white balance and color saturation are off throughout the movie, causing the performers to look off-color. And, the color balance changes appreciably after many of the edits. Finally, although the videographer knows what we want to see and shows it to us, many of the camera movements are abrupt, jerky, and amateurish. Three stars.

Audio (technical): The audio is usually quite good. However, due to the positioning of the microphone, there are many cases in which one of the performers' moans and groans are much louder than the other's. So much so, in fact, that you can't hear the ecstatic murmurings of the girl. Pity. Three and one-half stars.

Extras: The Extras are about average in relation to recent adult movie releases. In addition to a full motion chapter selector that allows you to choose your girl's scene, you'll find a sub-menu you can use to jump to a particular portion of the scene (Interview, Oral, Sex, Anal, Cumshot, and so on). There's also a 43-minute Behind-the-Scenes featurette that highlights the performers signing paperwork, choosing wardrobe, and getting dressed as well as impromptu interviews, behind-the-camera sex footage, refreshment/meal breaks, still photo shoots, and planning the sexual positions. In addition, you'll find a five and one-half minute self-running slide show, a cum-shot compilation feature, trailers for six Exquisite movies, and internet access information. Three stars.

Aesthetics: Pink Ink is an incredibly low-budget production that doesn't even have opening credits! Four of the five scenes are shot on trite same-ole, same-ole couches in nondescript living rooms (one scene was shot in and around a tattoo chair). The girls' outfits are sexy and slutty. However, the make-up leaves a lot to be desired. In particular, the make-up is not appropriate to the inferior lighting used while the video was being captured. So, the girls look too pale and monolithic. No music accompanies the sex scenes. So, there's no soundtrack to evaluate. Three stars.

Final Thoughts

Average sex rating: 4.10
Average video rating: 3.00
Average audio rating: 3.00
Average production values rating: 3.00
Extras rating: 3.00
Bonus point(s): 1.00
Overall rating: 3.52

X Critic Pick (4.5+ sex; 4.0+ production values; 4.5+ overall)
Highly Recommended (4.5+ sex; 4.0+ overall)
Recommended (4.0+ sex; 4.0+ overall)
Rent It (<4.00 sex; <4.00 overall)
Skip It (<3.50 sex; <4.00 overall)

Dr. Jay

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