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Masturbation Nation 6

Studio: Tom Byron Pictures » Review by Dr. Jay » Review Date: 5/19/10

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Genre: Solo Female Masturbation.  
Director: Tom Byron.

Cast:  Alyssa Reece, Angelina Stoli, Aurora Snow, Charlie Laine, Chastity Lynn, Chelsie Rae, Christina, Claire Dames, Cristina Agave, Dana DeArmond, Delilah Strong, Eden Adams, Faye Runaway, Janet Alfano, Jazmine Star, Jenna Presley, Jennifer Dark, Kaci Starr, Kensey Knox, Memphis Monroe, Rebeca Linares, Riley Shy, Tara Lynn Foxx, Tatiana Kush, Trisha Oaks.   
Length: 02:00  
Condoms: None.
Bonus: One bonus star for Jenna Presley, a 2010 winner of a Dr. Jay's Must-See Girl Award.


Here's a case where the name of the movie says it all: Masturbation Nation 6 is all about self pleasure, about girls getting themselves off for us. The movie lasts two hours and is composed of 19 scenes. Twenty-five horny hotties populate the movie.

Frankly, I decided to review Masturbation Nation 6 because I love to see pretty girls play with themselves--especially if they make themselves cum. And, the cover shot of magnificent heart-stopping Memphis Monroe made my blood boil. I expected to see some luscious, extensive, and very pleasurable self service like I saw in Self Service, which I reviewed recently. Sadly, I was quite disappointed by Masturbation Nation 6.

Although the box trumpets "25 GIRLS," the large number of scenes in this movie is really a detriment rather than an advantage. If you do the math, 120 minutes divided by 19 scenes is just about six minutes per scene. That incredibly short amount of time is not really enough for a girl to fast-forward herself to an orgasm, not mind get our juices flowing by stripping, teasing, and talking nasty to us. Just as I was getting accustomed to a girl's bounteous body, her scene came to an end. Talk about wham-bam-thank-you-ma'am!

Although my overall opinion of Masturbation Nation 6 is just "rent it," there are a couple of interesting and noteworthy attributes of the movie. In particular, six of the scenes feature two girls at once. The girls don't really get into each other--the scenes are not girl-girl sex scenes--but they do "pet" and "make out" with each other a bit while they masturbate. That's hot.

A second very positive side of Masturbation Nation 6 is its cast. Dr. Jay's Must-See Girl Jenna Presley is among the 25 horny girls as are gorgeous Memphis Monroe and naturally voluptuous Claire Dames. Interestingly, however, none of these girls puts on the best--or most pleasurable--show. That honor goes to Janet Alfano, a girl I've never reviewed before. She's certainly the naughtiest girl in Masturbation Nation 6 and is certainly worth a look.

Check out some photos of the girls in Masturbation Nation 6 here. Pay particular attention to the numerous screen captures I have provided to stimulate you! Enjoy!


When I first started reviewing all-girl solo movies several years, I debated for a while about how I should write them up. After all, each of the eight scenes in Masturbation Nation 6 is pretty much the same: the girl poses erotically, teases us, talks nasty, fucks herself with fingers and toy, and makes herself cum. Therefore, if I wrote about each scene, each paragraph would be pretty much the same.

So, several years ago, while I was previewing 12 Nasty Girls Masturbating Volume 1, I decided to give awards for varying attributes of the girls' performances. Here's what I came up with for Masturbation Nation 6. Keep in mind that these are my faves in each category. If you like to watch girls fuck themselves, you ought to watch the movie and judge for yourself!

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I've given you lots of screen captures to whet your appetite for the real thing. Click each link to reveal the reason why I chose contestants for each category and why I chose the winner. Better yet, get a copy of Masturbation Nation 6 into your DVD player, get lost in the girls' self-love, and pick your own winners.;

Most Beautiful Girl
  • Comment: Although I think that all girls who are willing to take their clothes off and fuck for the camera are beautiful, including each and every girl in Masturbation Nation 6, these girls stand out as gorgeous, striking, and literally stunning. Of course, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so you are free to disagree with me!
  • Contestants:
  • Winner and why: Memphis Monroe. She has the perfect package: she looks gorgeous dressed and undressed!
Cutest Girl
  • Comment: To me, a cute girl is not only physically attractive but is also adorable and endearing. There's just something about her personality that makes me want to spend time with her...to get to know her. 
  • Contestants:
  • Winner and why: Jenna Presley. I love her personality, how she consistently giggles with delight, and how she always seems interested in her partner's pleasure. That's particularly true in her scene with Alyssa Reece.
Best Body
  • Comment: OK, so you'll probably disagree with my contestants. That's totally OK. But, since I like hard-bodied, lithe, toned, and all-natural girls, here are the girls whose bodies I appreciated most in Masturbation Nation 6:
  • Contestants:
  • Winner and why: Chelsie Rae. She has a great ass, inviting pussy, gorgeous never-ending legs, and a firm and toned belly.
Best Outfit 
  • Comment: Sometimes, a girl's attire can simply make my blood boil. Most of the girls in Masturbation Nation 6 are naked when their scenes begin. That's definitely not a problem! But, it doesn't give us a chance to see them strip out of something sexy. Some girls, however, did begin their scenes dressed. Some outfits they wore are actually quite how!
  • Contestants:
  • Winner and why: Memphis Monroe. Her outfit helps her to look and act as sultry as her namesake Marilyn!
Best Tease 
  • Comment: During each girl's scene, she does her best to inflame our lust with her body and her movements. Three girls really made me focus and pay close attention to her every move.
  • Contestants:
  • Winner and why: Dana DeArmond. Just look at her come-hither eyes as she coyly strips off her bikini top.
Best Piercings 
  • Comment: I love to savor a woman's body jewelry, whether it be in her navel, lip, nose, tongue, or wherever else. I especially like genitalia jewelry and pierced nipples. And, I truly appreciate a girl choosing body jewelry that somehow reflects her personality.
  • Contestants:
  • Winner and why: Few of the girls in Masturbation Nation 6 have noteworthy piercings. Faye Runaway, however, has rings in her navel, mouth, and lower abdomen.
Best Tattoos 
  • Comment: I am also turned on by a woman's body art (tattoos, inkings). Particularly intriguing are tattoos that are both beautiful and meaningful. In particular, I'm thinking of Janine Lindemulder's inkings that represent her love for her children.
  • Contestants:
  • Winner and why: Tricia Oaks. Her extensive tattoos are very colorful and intriguing. Faye's barbed-wire thigh and leg tattoos are unique and different. But, Tricia's colorful inkings are more attractive, I think.
Best Breasts (Natural)  Best Breasts (Enhanced) 
  • Comment: Although I prefer 100% natural female breast meat, I do appreciate nicely enhanced boobs, too. This requires a skilled and talented surgeon who does not leave hideous scars under the woman's breasts. The best of the best enlarged breasts also look and feel natural.
  • Contestants:
  • Winner and why: Memphis Monroe. Although her magnificent tits bear faint signs of her surgery, Memphis' tits look and hang superbly.
Best Nipples  Best Ass  Prettiest Eyes 
  • Comment: Although it's true that the eyes are the portal to the soul, some eyes are so mesmerizing, so entrancing, that I get lost in them. My dick, however, does not seem to get lost...instead, it really makes its presence felt!
  • Contestants:
  • Winner and why: Dana DeArmond. Her big brown eyes sparkle with lust!
Prettiest Pussy
  • Comment: I love pussy so damned much that I'm certain that if I die and go to heaven, the pathway will lead directly through a pink, slippery, warm, and accommodating vagina. Although I like most every pussy I've ever seen, I prefer those with puffy labia. I also prefer those labia to be shaved. But, I do appreciate a nicely-cropped patch of pubic hair above clit level. What are your criteria?
  • Contestants:
  • Winner and why: This one is tough...I love all these three vaginas! However, since full bushes are so rare these days...at least in the porn world, I'm giving the nod to Kaci Starr.
Most Extensive Gooseflesh Juiciest Pussy
  • Comment: I don't know about you, but I prefer all-natural girl-juice as lubricant in contrast to something that comes out of a bottle or tube. Really horny girls' pussies provide all the lube that we need.
  • Contestants:
  • Winner and why: Kaci Starr. Her copious juice runs out of her pussy and into her asshole!
Best Gaping Pussy Most Engorged Clit
  • Comment: Goose bumps reveal a woman's pleasure. So does her clit...the bigger it swells, the better she feels. Personally, I like to suck on erect clits as if they were lollypops.
  • Contestants:
  • Winner and why: Delilah Strong. Not sure why, but not many of the girls' clits became engorged during their scenes. A notable exception, however, is the clitoris belonging to horny Delilah. What a pretty button!
Most Fingers (Pussy)
  • Comment: Being well endowed, I appreciate vaginas that accommodate! One way to test a pussy's capacity is to inch multiple fingers inside. Pussies that remain tight and accommodate lots of fingers are the best! In Movie, most of the girls don't go as far as I'd like...I've seen vaginas hold as many as eight fingers. (By the way, I don't count single- or two-finger penetrations in this category.) 
  • Contestants:
    • None!
  • Winner and why: All the girls used one or two fingers in their pussies. No more. So, there is no winner in this category.
Best Use of Fingers
  • Comment: Of course, girls use their fingers to stroke their clits and probe their vaginas while masturbating. But, some girls simply have more dexterity than others!
  • Contestants:
  • Winner and why: Christina. She uses her fingers to pull back her labia so that her toy can better touch her clit. Unique move, Christina!
Best Pussy Juice Eating (Pussy-to-Mouth) Best Orgasm (Non-Squirting)
  • Comment: Truth be told, I watch porn to see pretty girls cum. I prefer to see orgasms that cause the girl to convulse with pleasure...to shake uncontrollably as pleasure courses through her body. Not all the girls in Masturbation Nation 6 appear to climax, however. 
  • Contestants:
  • Winner and why: Aurora Snow. I have seldom had the pleasure of seeing Aurora climax. So, I was very pleased to watch her cum--hard--twice during her short scene in Masturbation Nation.
Best Orgasm (Squirting)
  • Comment: Although I know there's a controversy over the reality of female ejaculation, I don't give a damn. I love to see a climaxing girl's pussy erupt with juice...no matter what it is. Two girls in Movie squirted for us: Names. For some reason, Name, who squirts in many of her scenes, didn't ejaculate in this movie.
  • Contestants:
    • None.
  • Winner and why: None of the girls in Masturbation Nation 6 squirted for us. This is disappointing since we all know that Jenna Presley is, in fact, a squirter!
Most Amazing Toy
  • Comment: Girls will sometimes fuck themselves with nearly unimaginable things...like pistols, broom handles, vegetables, and so on. And, they sometimes use fucking machines, too. Unfortunately, in Masturbation Nation 6, the girls keep to fairly standard--yet occasionally unique banana-shaped--dildos. In fact, most of the girls use the exact same blue vibrator.
  • Contestants:
  • Winner and why: Jennifer Dark. I've seen a lot of girls masturbate, but I don't think I've ever seen a girl fuck herself with her underwear before!
Nastiest Use of Toy(s)
  • Comment: Sometimes, girls use toys in very nasty ways during solo or girl/girl scenes. For example, I've seen girls take a double-headed dildo and shove one end into their pussies and the other end into their assholes. Unfortunately, very little "nastiness" occurs with toys in Masturbation Nation 6. One notable exception, however, is Jennifer Dark's use of her panties as a sex toy.
  • Contestants:
    • Aurora Snow presses the tip of a banana vibrator--on high--against her clit.
    • Jennifer Dark fucks herself with her panties.
    • Tara Lynn Foxx presses the tip of vibrator, turned to "high," against her clit.
    • Kaci Starr's pussy swallows almost all of her toy.
    • Christina presses the tip of her high-speed vibrator against her clit.
    • Janet Alfano fucks herself through her panties. She also fucks her asshole with the toy.
    • Chastity Lynn uses rapid-fire strokes with the vibrator and rocks her pelvis up and down to give herself maximum pleasure.
  • Winner and why: Jennifer Dark, because she fucks herself with her panties.
Best Use of Spit Best Anal Sex
  • Comment: Although pussies are the portals to heaven, assholes come in a close second. To me, a first-class solo scene features anal reaming as well as pussy stuffing. Thankfully, two girls did an nice job plowing both of their holes. On the other hand, all the other sphincters remained, sadly, unopened.
  • Contestants:
  • Winner and why:  Janet Alfano. While Tara Lynn finger fucks her tightest hole, Janet rams a dildo deep inside!
Best Double Penetration
  • Comment: If one stuffed hole is good, two are better, no?
  • Contestants:
  • Winner and why: While Tara rams a finger up her ass while a toy fills her cunt, naughty Janet reverses the action so that the larger toy reams her asshole while two fingers slide in-and-out of her vagina.
Best Ass-to-Mouth
  • Comment: Talk about nasty. Only naughty girls will do ATM for us.
  • Contestants:
  • Winner and why: When a girl's running uncontested, she wins!
Best Ass-to-Pussy
  • Comment: If ass-to-mouth is nasty, ass-to-pussy is truly nefarious. Only the hottest and naughtiest girls will do ATP for us.
  • Contestants:
  • Winner and why: Janet's the nastiest girl in the movie and the only one to risk ass-to-pussy for us!
Best Gaping Asshole
  • Comment: Wide-open assholes are, like gaping pussies, portals to womens' souls. I love to gaze deeply into red, dark, and gaping holes. You?
  • Contestants:
  • Winner and why: When it comes to anal, Janet really has no competition!
Best Ass-gasm
  • Comment: Few girls can actually cum as a result of anal sex. But, those who can experience ass-gasms are a real treat.
  • Contestants
    • None.
  • Winner and why: Although Tara Lynn and Janet reamed their assholes, neither one experienced an ass-gasm
Most Enthusiastic/Excited Girl
  • Comment: Don't you love it when your girl truly enjoys herself? When she has the time of her life? Well, that's how I felt about several of the girls in Masturbation Nation 6.
  • Contestants:
  • Winner and why: Charlie Laine. Wow! She has a great time and her enthusiasm consistently bubbles to the surface!
Most Flexible Girl
  • Comment: Some girls, possibly due to dance or gymnastics classes/teams during their teen years, are so flexible that they can do seemingly impossible things with their bodies. When that happens, it's hard to take your eyes off them!
  • Contestants:
  • Winner and why: Delilah Strong. Damn, she can sure open up wide!
Best Girl/Girl Action Nastiest Vocabulary
  • Comment: I think that the words a woman says during sex (either solo or with a partner) are nearly as sexy as her body and her moves. Some of the girls in Masturbation Nation 6 seem to agree as torrents of extremely naughty--and very motivating--words continuously flow from their mouths.
  • Contestants:
    • Rebeca Linares: Rebeca Linares "Stroke your fucking cock for me, baby!" "You wanna cum in my mouth?"
    • Jennifer Dark (constantly talks nasty to us in hot Eastern-European-accented English
    • Jenna Presley talks about her slutty little cunt. To Alyssa, she says: "I like watching you play with your fucking cunt!"
    • Charlie Lane: My "pussy is so fucking wet!"
  • Winner and why: Jenna Presley. In this--and, indeed all her movies, Jenna proves that she knows how to talk the talk as well as fuck the fuck.
Best at Keeping Us Involved
  • Comment: Girls who provide world-class solo masturbation scenes do everything in their power to keep us involved. They use their eyes, words, sounds, gestures, moves, and, of course, their bodies to make us feel like we're with her. Several of the girls in Masturbation Nation 6 do a remarkable job. Although you'll need to watch the movie to see their gestures and moves and hear their sounds, I've transcribed some of their words below.
  • Contestants:
    • Rebeca Linares "Stroke your fucking cock for me, baby!" "You wanna cum in my mouth?"
    • Jennifer Dark: "I would like to know if you want to see my play with myself. Because, if "yes," I have a surprise for you today."
    • Tara Lynn Fox: "You want it inside of me, don't you?"
    • Kaci Starr: "You wanna see me cum, don't you?"
    • Delilah Strong (talks to us throughout): "You like to watch me be a dirty little girl?"
  • Winner and why: Rebeca Linares. Wouldn't you like this hot-little raven-haired slut to beg you to cum inside her mouth?

And the Winner Is:

I'm surprised--and pleased--to say that Janet Alfano wins this round of Masturbation Nation. She's the naughtiest girl--by far--and gives a damned good show! However, five of her slut sisters--Dana DeArmond, Delilah Strong, Jenna Presley, Kaci Starr, and Memphis Monroe--earned a four-way tie for second place. Great job, all six of you!


The DVD-9 disc I reviewed contains a full motion chapter selector organized by girl's name; multiple chapters per scene; a "bonus footage" feature that consists of a 10-minute interview of Tom Byron (the movie's director); a nearly ten-minute-long self-running slide show of pretty-girl, soft, and hard photos of the girls; trailers for two other Tom Byron Pictures releases; ten-minutes of phone-sex ads; and an eight and one-half-minute bonus scene from Masturbation Nation #1. The bonus scene features Sunny Lane and Amber Rayne. It was made with a lot more care than the scenes in Masturbation Nation 6. Unlike the scenes in the present movie, the bonus scene actually has a full-blown strip-tease scene set-up! And, it is much more of a girl/girl scene than the twosome "mutual masturbation" in Masturbation Nation 6. This is an average selection of Extras in today's marketplace. Three stars.

Final Thoughts

The best things about Masturbation Nation 6 include:
  • the gorgeous bodies of Memphis Monroe, Jenna Presley, and Claire Dames.
  • Jennifer Dark's use of her panties as a sex toy.
  • Janet Alfano's eager embrace of all her holes as she strives to give herself the absolute maximum pleasure.
  • the musical soundtrack that accompanies the scenes. Although by in no means profound, the music does add some measure of support to the scenes.
Masturbation Nation 6 could have been better if:
  • the scenes had been longer. There's really not enough time for the girl to rub one out let alone see her strip, talk nasty, and pleasure herself extensively.
  • a more creative and a more extensive variety of toys had been employed.
  • the color balance had been more natural and pleasing to the girls' skin. In some cases, the fleshtones are yellow. People should never be yellow, because that means they have jaundice!
  • the lighting been more sufficient. In some cases, deep shadows hide some of the action and flesh we'd like to see! In other cases, too-abundant light blasts out the picture.
  • the videographer resisted the trite porn (only) habit of angling the camera this way and that during taping. The use of these oblique camera angles, in which it appears that the performers are going to slide off the screen, is not used in mainstream filmmaking or television. Porn videographers need to get over this stupid habit.
  • more interesting locations/sets had been used.
  • all the girls had taken time to strip out of sexy outfits before getting down to business.

Average sex rating: 4.50
Average video rating: 4.00
Average audio rating: 4.00
Average production values rating: 3.40
Extras rating: 3.00
Bonus point(s): 1.00
Overall rating: 3.98

X Critic Pick (4.5+ sex; 4.0+ production values; 4.5+ overall)
Highly Recommended (4.5+ sex; 4.0+ overall)
Recommended (4.0+ sex; 4.0+ overall)
Rent It (<4.00 sex; <4.00 overall)
Skip It (<3.50 sex; <4.00 overall)

Dr. Jay

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