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18 with Proof! Vol. 4

Studio: Cezar Capone » Review by Wind Tunnel » Review Date: 3/21/10

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18 With Proof! #4

A Cezar Capone Joint Distributed by Pulse Pictures
Directed by Cezar Capone with Emily Rigby
Starring:  Abby Lane, Gracie Glam, Katie Michaels, Raquel Diamond & Suzanne Kelly (aka Giselle Ibiza).
With:  Dave Pounder, Dale Dabone, Carlo & Levi Cash.
Runtime:  2hrs 34min
Condoms:  None!
Keywords:  Amateur, First-Timer, Teen, Barely Legal, Miami Porn Machines

Brief Synopsis:  Director Capone presents us with five entrants into his I.D.-wielding-or-else series, in the spirit of many finally legal franchises that will probably outlive us all.  As usual, the takes are all shot in Miami, a breeding ground for porn hopefuls everywhere, and one that Capone insists is the baby step into a long and fruitful career.  But so what?  Let's get to the fucking!

[Scene One]  Abby Lane  (with Dave Pounder)

"I'm gonna fuck my way to the top," Abby admits, slipping out of her close as director Cezar insists.  With her tanned skin bringing her body up to a light brown, pierced nipples and a smidgen of acne decorating her rear (ahh, youth!), a now naked Abby pulls down Dave's shorts and takes to his already-at-attention wang.  She's attentive enough, in turn, but not quite as much once Dave pushes her head close for a deep throat (no dice).  He does hold her head and pushes his rod around the inside of her cheeks, and Abby keeps her eyes closed once the camera veers for a bit of point-of-view action.  The two sit up for cowgirl, with Abby showing off her tattoos as she beats her biscuits like a chugging engine, pumping herself in a backwards arc before turning around for reverse cowgirl.  Bopping away into missionary, she lends a few jumbled encouraging words as Dave does his rightful duty, hitting Abby's high point in a doggy-style bomp and soon flipping away for an unload of his hot white, socked away into Abby's open mouth and shot across her nose.  While she does bring to mind a less enthusiastic version of Allyssa Hall, Abby's work here is not quite a home run, though her chugging along will be a bright spot for many.  Vocal-wise, her attitude seems dictated out of her director's lead less than her own, bringing a bit of the robotic dissonance that devalues the sparks, overall.  Medium is not quite enough!

[Scene Two]  Gracie Glam  (with Dave Pounder) (Director: Emily Rigby)

In a neon string bikini, Gracie indulges in a bit of pre-scene foolishness, doing her best to skateboard in flip flops while pining for a boy to play with.  Once in the bedroom, she asks,"where's my cock?", cuing Dave to sidle up for a blow job.  Gracie keeps her eyes floating on his sausage and up at him, allowing him to push her head down against his crotch for a near-throating - almost, but just not quite.  Turning around, he squeezes Gracie's oodle of squishy curves, her bikini unfurling as the pair veer into 69, somewhat adoringly.  "Can you ride that cock cowgirl?," asks director Emily, to which Gracie gleefully agrees, plopping out a close, lulling beat against Dave's dick, spreading her cheeks with her purple-tipped nails for the camera as they continue.  A sturdy clap raps against Gracie's ass in reverse cowgirl, smooshing her rump against her partner's skin as they both begin to draw mist on their skin.  The two each take turns handling and rubbing her love button of a clit, slowing down as Gracie whips her now sweaty head up and down, tilting her ass out for the ensuing doggy play.  Dave grabs her throat with one hand (not too hard), thumbing Gracie's ass as the camera shifts to pseudo-pov, cracking in a prick taste before the missionary piledriving begins. He skewers her legs, gravitating the spearing into spooning and slapping against her moistened rump cheeks.  And that's just where he pops, coating her beauteous ass (and curious thigh bruise) with a spouting of cream, prompting a "don't tell my parents!" reaction from Gracie.  As her previous scenes have hinted at, Gracie is more than comfortable enough letting go in front of the camera, and this scene is no different.  Having Emily at the helm/behind the camera probably helped as well, and she snags a sturdy array of angles of the truly delectable Gracie as she partners into a sweaty frenzy.  Sure, the intro may have been a little cheesy, but I'd probably take any Gracie, any way that I could find her!

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[Scene Three]  Katie Michaels  (with Dale Dabone)

Wide-eyed Katie keeps mostly mum as director Cezar assails her with questions about the business, her voice so tiny that it's barely a whisper.  Quickly naked, she fiddles around with her soft pinches of skin, showing off both those holes for the camera, and soon displaying her "special skill": a very flexible split across the bed, leaving her bald, meaty pussy draped on the edge of the sheets.  Her oral technique is strictly beginner, though she seems nonplussed in keeping the stroking going once Dale offers her neck a rest as he fingers her pearl.  In reverse cowgirl, Katie balances herself, hands on Dale's ribcage, as she emits tiny heaves of breath with every additional push downward.  A post-taste follows (mostly head, mind you), along with even more reverse action (he cranks from below for more stroking action), flexing her legs out for a more dazzling display.  Katie anchors herself on her partner's shoulders in classic cowgirl, falling almost silent as she slides up and down his silky johnson.  Lying face-up on the bed, she and Dale play with her clit, whispering "put it in" to christen the missionary action.  A few licks later, the two spoon and crank away for a few precious minutes, Dale standing up and jerking his joint over Katie's opened mouth, spilling her half moon of seed in a pair of pushes that coat her chin and drip down to her chest.  As fresh-faced as she is, it's telling that Katie is green in so many ways, though she does show a touch of promise in her eagerness to please, even if she's not schooled enough to really shine through the clutter just yet.  She could, with all of her physical promise and stretchy prowess, turn into a prowling monster of a performer,  though the girl could use a hand or two to show her the way.  Keep on going, Katie!

[Scene Four]  Raquel Diamond  (with Carlo)

Fit and trim and tastefully tanned to the brim, Raquel shows director Cezar her boobs (and their pair of silver barbells through her nipples), more or less going gaga over her cool grey-eyed grin, her many storied tattoos (down her spine, across her right butt cheek, and behind her ear) and those wonderful breasts of hers.  "I always end up having sex with my shoes on," she adds, naked except for those trotters, miming out a bike ride against the ceiling as per her director's command.  "I liked getting throat fucked," she admits, drawing excitement all around - Carlo saunters in soon afterward, somewhat relieved.  After bringing out a cake (for Carlo), the pair french kiss and Raquel falls to her knees to blow him.  He swats her cheeks with his wand, guiding her head and fucking her mouth, uncorking with a cough and a big smile, every time!  She diddles her coinslot as she continues her spit-friendly suck on Carlo, holding down his rod balls deep, coming up for air and proclaiming "that was awesome!".  All the resulting goo that results from that polishing drips down between Raquel's thighs, beginning the slipping in doggy.  It's slow going at first, though Raquel's smooth arch backward causes her to cream all over Carlo's cock, leaving her to coo and cry out like a Japanese schoolgirl.  "Pull my hair," she asks, as Carlo throws bolts her way, leading to a cowgirl session, causing her to squeal and squeak, ramping up to a warbling kettle's worth of twiddling and boogie bouncing that shifts to missionary.  The pair hold each other tight, breaking away only to hit into the other harder and at a faster clip, Carlo kissing Raquel as she mutters out for him to go "harder harder harder!", sucking his fingers in the process.  She gyrates her pelvis as the fucking goes even farther onward, a taste between even more missionary and spooning to follow.  The intensity finally proves enough for Carlo, and Raquel strokes his dick, aiming it at her titties as he shoots a few worthy coats in a dapple.  With a final post-suck, she offers him this bit: "good work, son!".  Down to earth and sexy as hell, Raquel truly knows how to keep her partner in a common jolt, riding the ramp as they do together toward an orgasmic end, always attuned to what they both want - and always getting it!  The chemistry with Carlo is magnificent, and she really does sparkle in every way.  It can sometimes play out rough, though Ms. Diamond is always at the other end of the stick with a smile across her bright face, keen to take more and more until she's satisfied.  It's a wonderfully infectious performance that will reel around your mental strokebook for days - thank you, Raquel!

[Scene Five]  Suzanne Kelly  (with Levi Cash)

Cezar and Levi take to the streets in an effort to enlist new blood, coming up short in every way possible (and somewhat annoyingly keeping the camera pointed below the shoulders of all their intrepid/would-be damsels, no model release in-hand whatsoever), finally finding a little glory by way of Suzanne, who's traipsing along the beach.  A little haggling later, they're back indoors, where the wire-framed girl quickly seizes the moment and curls herself into Levi's pants.  The pawing starts off slowly, with her slipping out of her ruffled panties and Levi grazing the crack of her ass with his tongue, fingering her on the couch, and Suzanne herself helping him out with her long fingers.  She kneels and inhales his wick, spitting and keeping her lips taut for a spell of face fucking, offering a more aggressive attitude as their skins begin to glimmer.  "I'm a bad girl...why don't you fuck me, huh? Huh!?" is what she spouts between tongue tugs to Levi, gripping a support beam as he leans into her in standing-up doggy.  The semi-brutal mood keeps onto the couch, with Suzanne huffing and puffing and shouting as her partner goes deeper and deeper, smacking her ass all the way through.  A reverse cowgirl super-lean (fingers fluttering between both sets of her lips) keeps the party going, and oddly enough, she leads as they switch to spooning, darting his prick directly toward her little cherry.  Suzanne punches Levi while in missionary, tasting his knob and jerking it: "I'll fucking bite that shit off!".  Onto classic cowgirl, her balance is metronomic and results in a small gush of squirt, with a final missionary shafting as Suzanne tugs her fingers between her teeth.  "Fucking come in my fucking mouth, bitch!" she commands, rewards arriving via spray across her face: she spits out the little that douses her teeth.  Spoiled and sweaty, Suzanne is a loose cannon, arriving quietly but leaving a spatter of pain (mostly mental) in her wake.  While I do support enthusiasm in any way, hers feels slightly contrived in its over-the-top sensibility, though for all her rough talk, it plays out with less surprise than you'd expect.

Bonus Features
A Slideshow (3min) scrolls through a few high quality stills, while a Trailer gallery offers four additional peeks (2min each) at related Cezar Capone titles.  The standard weblinks are included, as well as a selectable performer menu by act (Intro/Blow Job/Cow Girl/Missionary/Doggy/Pop Shot).  While not quite an impressive slate of offerings, it all seems better than absolutely nothing.

Audio/Visual Quality
The picture was presented in 1.85:1, 16x9 enhanced for those with widescreen format set-ups, occasionally marred by flecks of extraneous material on the lens (Katie's scene, most notably) and frequent use of post-production zoom (as to blur out the details on the girls' IDs, faces of the innocent and non-porny passers-by, etc.) becomes a headache more than once.  In Suzanne's closing scene, the technique is used quite often, though what Capone is exactly trying to defer away from our sights is truly a mystery (I have my own zoom key, thank you very much).  What with the already hectic nature of that particular pairing, it is a queasy experience to take in.  In terms of lighting, each scene is shot indoors with a kit set-up, sometimes blasting out details, and in Katie's case, shifting the color toward a noxious bend of unbalanced haze.  Likewise, the competent 2.0 channel audio is oftentimes muffled or worn down with outside traffic while indoors (Katie's scene, again), and is completely dependent on the camera's location in respect to the action as it's happening: in other words, not entirely leveled, though never (thankfully) harsh on the ears.  Though, regrettably, the girls' audio is looped here and there to keep the scenes from becoming too quiet, but most viewers probably won't notice.  Overall, a pretty typical set of flaws that easily happen with most gonzo footage, though maybe a little patience with the camera would do all of our stomachs a bit of good.

And Furthermore
18 With Proof #4 delivers exactly that, though the normal dodge and parry is really the flavor here, without too many whoa-dang! moments to offer.  Raquel is a real treat and a heck of a find, sparkling in her scene and is the real highlight of the disc, overall.  While Suzanne certainly has quite a bit to offer (as well as the much-maligned Katie), the polish still hasn't quite touched their cabinets, so to speak, though Gracie gives and delivers some of her best (and earliest!) on the opposite side of the quality spectrum.  If pushed, I'd recommend you Rent It, unless this series serves you well despite all the pock marks mentioned above.  We may never see any of these girls again (perhaps sadly), but even though we keep getting older, they all just stay the same.  Einstein said that, probably.

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