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Reform School Girls 6

Studio: Wicked Pictures » Review by Sean DPS » Review Date: 4/5/10

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Reform School Girls 6
Wicked: Wall to Wall
Directed by Mark Stone

Type: All Sex Vignettes
5.1 Surround Sound
Dolby Digital
Shot and Mastered in High Definition
16 x 9 Widescreen

Run Time: 2hrs and 2 min
Condoms: Yes

Bonus Features:

Bonus Sex Scene with Jamie Elle and Voodo from Reform School Girls 5 ( a decent school girl/doctor scene with some anal thrown in)
Behind the Scenes (27 minute feature, with some interesting interviews)
Photo Gallery
Trailers (6 trailers)
Promo Reel


Ally Kay
Amy Brooke
Ashlyn Rae
Brynn Tyler
Cali Kayden
Victoria White
Nick Manning
Pike Nelson
Randy Spears
Tony De Sergio

Overall Thoughts:

So I basically am going into this movie, not really knowing any of the ladies who are in this film. I figured after reviewing films with ladies I really enjoy, it might be better to do a few with some unknowns to me and maybe get a less biased review. I chose this one because it's a Wicked Picture, which gives me a heads up that it is going to be good, and plus seeing the cover, which was attention grabbing. This is a must see film for fans of natural girls, doesn't look like a doctor hasn't touched any of these girls, and sometimes it's nice to see that. There is also the whole naughty school girl throughout this movie, and who isn't a fan of that stereotype or fantasy. Also some very funny one liners through out the movie, good to see they didn't try and make this a serious film, the comedy was a nice touch. Audio and video are good, nothing too special, it seems like that when a movie is shot in a gonzo style, the high def stuff, doesn't really show, at least in this case, I am sure someone could prove me wrong. As stated in my review, that I was going to give this a RENT rating, but due to the last few scenes, I am going to bump it up to a RECOMMEND.

Before we get things started, we get a trailer for the new Brad Armstrong film called 30 Love, and a teaser trailer for another Brad Armstrong film, The Alibi.

The film starts with the principal of the school, Randy Spears, talking about the stories of the girls who have been sneaking out of the dorms and working/visiting a nearby strip club, which we see flashes of during his speech. He decides to go undercover, by wearing where's waldo glasses and heads to the strip club. The owner is played by the same guy who played our friendly Italian guy in "Snap", this time he plays a gay character. This seems to be shot in a grind house kind of way with a grainy film feel to it. But it's only the parts in between scenes.

Scene One: Brynn Tyler and Randy Spears

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So he arrives at the club and wants a lap dance from the girl who was dancing, he offers her a 100.00 bill and he wants a lap dance. And that's an offer she can't refuse. They go into the VIP room I guess and she begins to give him his lap dance until she finally realizes who he is. Although she acts and dances like it's amateur's night, I still would be ok with a dance from her. It's like watching a Superman skit, no one can recognize anyone while they are wearing glasses. He tells her she is in trouble, and of course if only he could figure out a way to forgive her, well she decides to keep going with the lap dance, until things really start to heat up and she takes it even further. It's almost like he knew this was going to happen. He starts off with some oral on her and from the high pitched noises, I think she is enjoying it. And for you foot fetish fans there is a little foot lovin from Randy while she plays with her pussy. But after so long she has to return the favor and starts to give him some oral until she wants to go for a ride on the good ole principal. So we get some cowgirl in both normal and reverse before she lets him enter her in some spoon action. The scene ends with a money shot in the mouth and most of her face.

Scene Two: Ashlyn Rae and Tony De Sergio

This time we meet the school's disciplinary person and he is going to take care of one of the students who has sneaked out and has been stripping at the club. He tries to figure out why such a good student would do something like that, so he wants her to show him what she does at the club. Lights dim and the music starts and gets a glimpse of her show, and before long he is getting his own private show. She starts off with some decent oral, but it seems she focuses more on the camera than on Tony. But it's not long before she is on his desk and he is returning the favor, mostly with his tongue before he goes for the finger banging, which she really seems to enjoy. Most of the scene involves them fucking in various positions (cowgirl, doggy and spoon) on the desk. The scene ends with a money shot in the mouth. The scene started out pretty hot, but got rather vanilla once the sex got going, but I guess there is only so much you can do with a desk in a scene.

Scene Three: Ally Kay and Nick Manning

Back at the club, we see that yet another girl has been sneaking out, and the owner is worried, but Nick says there is no reason to be worried, he is going to give one of the girls a test run. There is some decent foreplay before all the clothes really come off. But once they do, Nick starts off with the oral that leads to Ally returning the favor, but that is a short lived moment, cause she wants to get fucked. And so we get some cowgirl and reverse cowgirl on the couch, and I just have to say, thanks for leaving the hooker boots on during this scene, very sexy. So the cowgirl leads into some doggy style before he flips her over and continues to fuck her on the couch before we get to the money shot over most of the side of her face, it really looks like she didn't want it in her mouth. Overall, it seemed like he was putting more effort into this scene than she was. The boots was a nice touch, but that was about it for me.

Scene Four: Cali Kayden and Victoria White

Back at the club, two more girls are trying out for a job, but because the principal has been sneaking around he tells the girls they should put on their disguises, and so they put on glasses. Still pretty funny this late into the movie. So he tells the girls to show him what they got. This is most guys fantasy right here, seeing two naught school girls making out, and just as things start to get hot and heavy, he tells the girls to stop, but he leaves them to close up shop after they finish, what a nice guy. And these ladies have some amazing bodies, and for those that girls with piercing there is a little of that for you. They get a decent amount of time in on spanking each other, which leads into some prolonged pussy play by each girl. We get some nice hair pulling as they bring out the vibrator. But one of the girls prefers a clear dildo instead apparently. The girls have a race to see who can cum first and then they both lick the other girls dildo. All I have to say is that if this is the girls act at the club, they are going to have school paid for in about a week, if even that long.

Scene Five: Amy Brooke and Pike Nelson

The scene starts off as she is practicing her dances moves, when he comes in and can't seem to recognize her with those glasses on. She wants to know if he would be willing to let her practice on him, and like any male would answer, he says yes, good idea. This man has the greatest girlfriend ever, with that body and that outfit, he should be on cloud nine right now. But he realizes that if she really wants to make some money, she might have to go a little farther. I really hope this scene continues to sizzle, please don't let it die like most of the other scenes. So her first move to help get better tips, is some very wet oral action. But isn't a fan of just watching so he starts to return the favor (first with tongue and then fingers), does he think he is going to get a tip too. His tip is that he gets to fuck her on the couch, but seems to be some issues due to her being very wet. And what do you know, we get some anal action as he is fucking her doggy style, and she leaves the skirt and nylons on, thanks. And after the long anal part, he tries to get the money shot in her mouth, but it ends up all over, oh well, she doesn't seem to mind. I have to say these last few scenes, especially this one, really made this rental movie turn into a recommend rating.

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