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Coyote Point

Studio: Titan » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 4/5/10

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Production Date: 2009

Directed By: Joe Gage


Dakota Rivers, David Anthony, JR Matthews, Luke Cassidy/Chase English, Scott Campbell, Slade, and Tyler Saint.

Runtime N Rubbers: 2 Hours 39 Minutes. Yes.

Scene One:

David Anthony

The year is 1953. The setting is a small town in Nevada. Horny David Anthony (good-looking with dark hair, beard stubble, and a toned/smooth body) watches neighbor dude Luke Cassidy (cute with a brown buzz cut and toned/smooth body) doing yard work with lust in his eyes.  After telling the sexually innocent dude he'll give him the "straight dope" about sex, David hauls out his big cut cock and begins taking a nice long piss. Luke joins in exposing his clipped pork and lets go with the yellow flow. Shaking off the dew drops turns into jerking hard cocks and both guys are ready for some man-on-man action. Moving their "lesson" inside, David is quickly on his knees stroking a very excited Luke and asking him highly erotic questions. Luke wraps his paw around David's large meat and chows down giving some very tasty head while cradling his new buddy's plump nuts in his palm.

David wants Luke to be his "slut boy" and orders him to "pull my nuts, boy! Yeah, work that sperm pump!" Returning the oral delight, David gets down on his haunches and blows his pal's throbbing dick giving an excellent blowjob. Luke clearly digs the head and fills the living room with heavy breathing and moans. "Do you wanna learn about cumming?"  "Sure". Luke leans back in a chair while David stands in front of him. Both dudes yanking their pork quick 'n lubed. David climaxes first shooting a large thick load all over his buddy's short-sleeved striped shirt. Luke is quick to follow squirting a large wet nut that flies straight through the air. I wonder how Luke is going to explain his cum-drenched shirt? Ha!

Scene Two:

Scott Campbell


Cop Dakota Rivers (handsome with dark hair and a muscular/smooth body) and military guy Scott Campbell (good-looking with brown buzz cut, beard stubble, and toned/hairy body) are hanging out in Dakota's garage slinging back some beers. It seems that Scott's girlfriend has been complaining that his ass is too hairy so the concerned dude asks his pal to check it out. Scott drops his trousers, bends over, and shows off his bum. "Man, it's a jungle in there!" Dakota is more than happy to help out his buddy by slowly rubbing shaving cream on his crack 'n cheeks while teasing him with his index finger. Scott is clearly turned on and begins breathing heavily. Dakota shaves him nice 'n smooth with plenty of hot camera shots.   

Once finished, Dakota yanks his pants 'n boxers down allowing his stiff clipped tool to pop up. He then sinks to his muscular/beefy haunches and munches on Scott's tight bunghole with tasty camera shots of the rimming. The ass eating leads to a hot finger fuck making Scott loudly moan with pleasure and stroke his hard cut cock. After all the butt eating, the guys are ready to try something else. Dakota, already on his knees, lets his wet pink tongue slither around the blood-engorged knob of Scott's meat before taking it down his hungry gullet and giving a mighty fine blowjob. Scott's hungry for some tube steak too and gets down on his pal's boner slowly at first and then sucks like a pro. The dudes then stand facing each other and beat that meat 'n filling the garage with heavy breathing. The sexual tension is so thick that someone could cut it with a fuckin' switchblade, baby!

Dakota squirts a big thick load all over Scott's fist, cock, stomach, 'n brown bush. Scott busts a large load that shoots straight up. Well, gettin' off once is not enough for these horned-up fellas and they need some butt sex to fulfill their lusty desires. Dakota rolls a rubber on, uses spit as lube, and slowly sinks into Scott's tight bunghole from behind for a hot 'n heavy doggy-style fuck! Scott digs being porked filling the air with loud grunts 'n moans and there are plenty of mouth-watering penetration shots to boot! Scott love having his man-chute filled with a hearty dong and Dakota is just the man to give it to him. As John Waters would say, "Get it, Peggy!" To finish their private love session, Scott kneels before Dakota allowing him to shoot a large load on his hairy chest 'n hard nipples. Scott cries out in a long moan/drawl squirting another big load of sex juice.

Scene Three:

Tyler Saint

Wow. The guys of this sleepy little town sure are horny for forbidden man-sex and know exactly where to find it! Pissed off that their dates ditched 'em, handsome Tyler Saint (dark hair and a muscular/smooth body) and his cute military buddy RJ Matthews (short brown and a slender/lightly hairy body) high-tail it to a mysterious house near Coyote Point that's rumored to be a lusty den of sexual free-for-alls. "We don't have to go inside." "We're both getting hot thinking about it, aren't we?" Once inside the house filled with sheet-covered furniture, Tyler finds a black bind fold, places it over his pal's eyes and leads him to a large bed. Completely nude with their clipped cocks hard 'n ready, Luke Cassidy and David Anthony (scene one) enter the room through a curtained doorway.  

Luke sinks to his knees, pulls RJ's large python clipped cock outta his military pants, and blows that thang giving excellent head 'n cramming it down his hungry gullet. Tyler plays copy cat and chows down on David's hard cut dick sliding his mouth up 'n down with expertise. These dudes love having big cocks down their throats! Hot-blooded neighbor Slade (good-looking with dark hair and a toned/smooth body) joins in on the fun switching the action from oral to anal. David fucks Luke's tight hairy asshole doggy-style fast 'n smooth with the other three guys watch and yank on their meat. David pound the heck out of that snug butthole, baby! Switching up, Slade takes over on the butt sex duties slamming his hard uncut tool in 'n outta Tyler's tight shaved man-hole in the missionary position while Tyler and the guys choke their chickens.

Changing up again, RJ gets busy sliding his hot wet mouth up 'n down Slade's pulsing tube-steak giving some very fine head while David fucks screws Tyler in the missionary position. Tyler busts a nut on his stomach while David's cock is still up his asshole. Up next, Slade porks Luke in the missionary position using long 'n smooth strokes with hot penetration shots from behind. The action changes again as Luke sits on Slade's face as Slade eats that tight hairy hole and both wildly pull their pork leading Luke to shoot a huge wet load on his buddy's chest. With his tongue up Luke's asshole, Slade shoots a thick load on his stomach. These dudes never get tired! David slides his big cock up RJ's tight shaved hole in the side/missionary style and uses fast 'n smooth strokes with plenty of penetration shots while RJ jacks off.

Scene Four:


Since they haven't gotten off, RJ, Slade, and Tyler stick around "that house" to get their jollies. JR chows down on Tyler's big beefy cock working his wet mouth up 'n down. Dude definitely knows how to suck a mean dick and Tyler absolutely digs the head filling the air with sighs and heavy breathing. Slade soon enters the room being led by his stiff unclipped pork. JR sees that thang and wants it down his gullet asap, baby! This guy loves that uncut meat and crams it into his mouth making sweet oral love to the throbbing member. These guys are clearly into the man-on-man action and each other! JR switches back to Tyler's hog while Tyler jacks Slade and thumbs that piss slit and pre-cum.

Switching up for some butt sex, JR plays the ol' sink/bounce on Tyler's big dick while Slade watches pulling his pork leaking more pre-jizz. Slade even reaches over and gives JR's long 'n hard cut cock a helping hand milking the shaft and then blows it giving a groovy blowjob. Changing up, Slade fucks JR long 'n smooth in the missionary position with excellent penetration from behind as JR's tight shaved hole clings to Slade's tool. To finish up, the dudes wildly pull pork with Slade busting a nut all over JR's nuts, Tyler dumping thick cock snot on his fist, and JR squirting a large wet load all over his chest 'n stomach.


The movie is shot in HD and presented in wide screen with an aspect ratio of 16:9. The videography is strong providing full coverage of all the action with plenty of close-ups. The picture quality is sharp and clean.


The stereo sound is clear allowing the viewer to easily hear the guy's dialogue as well as all the hot sounds of man-sex!


The disc includes an interactive menu, scene selections, and chapter stops.


LOL! My best friend's mom told us that back in 1950s Montgomery Alabama that there was a house that was rumored to be the "hotspot" for gay men to hang out and drink. That's the first thing I thought of when the hunky dudes in Coyote Point talk about the old house where all sorts of things happen. Director Joe Gage has once again created a sizzling hot movie that drips with sexual tension. I love how each scene is a slow build up to the man-on -action. Strong direction, videography, editing (James Sheridan), art direction (Robert Zachary), cool 1950s-syle music (Orlando Moneyshot, James Sheridan, and mingle-mangle.com), and sexy guys make Coyote Point a Highly Recommended!

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