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Erotic Adventures of Dickman & Throbbin, The

Studio: Other » Review by The Mooninite » Review Date: 4/6/10

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The Movie:


Directed by Jerome Tanner, this XXX spoof of the popular sixties era TV series (and in turn, the DC Comic that it was based on) was shot in 1986 and features some of the more popular performers of the day in prominent roles. The approach here is to spoof the campy, corny, 'POW! BAM! WHIZ' Batman made famous by Adam West rather than the dark, brooding Dark Knight as played by Christian Bale.

When the movie begins, we meet a husband played by Steve Drake who finds himself in a bit of a jam - he's unable to satisfy his frigid wife (Kelli Richards) like she wants him to. He turns to his good friend, Peter North (and his always perfect hair) for help and thankfully he's able to come through for him. You see, Peter's married to Joanna Storm, and Joanna likes to have sex with anyone and everyone. We see her in action as she fucks the brains out of the mailman and out of Mark Wallice. Joanna wasn't always the wily sex kitten that Steve sees before him, however. She was once frigid and cold and unable to really get it on the proper way until Peter called in a pair of 'sexorcists' who operate under the names Dickman and Throbbin.

From there we see our titular heroes burst into action as they show up at a house inhabited by Pat Manning. She's worried that there might be something wrong with her daughter, a super model named Brooke Fields (played by Amber Lynn), who is still a virgin and not showing any interest in sex. Our heroes take care of her problems just as you'd imagine they would, and her initial pleas of 'sex is dirty' are soon overcome by Dickman's smooth talking ways. Amber does a fine job in this scene, the highlight of the feature, taking both Holmes' considerable member and Byron's more realistic appendage with gusto and looking all the world like she's loving every minute of it.

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While this is going on, poor Steve Drake is resorting to gallivanting around town with hookers to get the job done. He teams up with cute Kari Foxx for a one on one training session in what has to be the second best scene in the movie. Foxx rides Drake with almost as much sincere enthusiasm as Ms. Lynn showed in the previous scene, ending it all with a nice facial finish. And unbeknownst to Joanna, Peter's getting some from his secretary (Regine Bardot) on the side. That changes when Peter takes Regine home, however, and learns that his wife has got just as strong a taste for twat as she does for dick as the husband and wife due get it on with their new best friend.

Getting back to Drake's initial problem, he and Kelli are still having problems. Of course, Dickman and Throbbin finally show up to warm this ice queen to her nether regions as Drake basically pays the dynamic duo to tag team Kelli in their own bed - but hey, you've gotta do what you've gotta do. Once the ice starts to melt, our heroes hit her with some pretty impressive double penetration which she seems really into, and by the time they're done, she has been fucked six ways to Sunday. Cut to the next morning, and Drake and Kelli wake up together. His formerly frigid wife has had a sexual reawakening and welcomes her husband to a brand new day by giving him an enthusiastic blowjob and sucking him to a finish as the movie comes to a close.

The Erotic Adventures Of Dickman And Throbbin is definitely on the short side, particularly when compared to today's four hour gonzo compilations. Running just over an hour in length, with roughly ten percent of its running time made up by the opening credits (they look like they were done on a Commodore Amiga Video Toaster - anyone else remember that platform?), the movie manages to cram in essentially nine different sex scenes but like a lot of porno from that era, jumps around from one scene to the next meaning that different people are getting it on at different times. Some people prefer one scene to lead into the next, and in the context of getting into things, that's completely understandable. This film doesn't give you that.

What the film does deliver, is a welcome combination of laughs and genuinely hot sex. Holmes and Byron look absolutely moronic in their outfits but they bring their A game to the sex scenes, as do the female performers. North isn't given as much to do here, though he's as reliable as ever in his two scenes, especially the three- way, while Joanna Storm proves she should have been a much bigger player than she turned out to be by really hitting a home run here. As mentioned, Amber Lynn's scene is the strongest point of the picture and as you watch her here you can completely understand how she got to be the reigning queen of XXX for a good few years straight. Say what you will about some of her later era work but here she's about as hot as a three dollar pistol and is not only fun to look at but plenty enthusiastic about the deep dicking she gets from our titular heroes.



The feature was shot on video more than twenty years ago and it is starting to show its age. Colors are faded and soft and skin tones are just a little bit on the orange side. It's all perfectly watchable and given the source material even understandable, but to say it looks good would be more than a little misleading. It looks like what it is - an old tape source transferred to a DVD. That said, compared to other tape to DVD transfers out there, this is probably above average in that there aren't any tape rolls or tracking lines. Just don't go in expecting the clarity of something shot on film or something made more recently.


The Dolby Digital Mono soundtrack is about on par with the video quality in that it is serviceable but far from great. Dialogue can periodically sound flat and even muffled in spots and in spots the synth-heavy soundtrack is a bit too high in the mix and it drowns out the performers. Thankfully this doesn't happen in every scene, but it does occur a few times and it should be mentioned.


The disc doesn't even have a menu screen - this is as barebones as it gets, folks.

Final Thoughts:

The Erotic Adventures Of Dickman And Throbbin is entertaining, amusing, funny, and actually surprisingly sexy. It's chock full of fucking and makes good use of its cast, Amber Lynn in particular. Western Visual's DVD, however, doesn't even have a menu screen going for it and while the audio and video quality is probably as good as the old tape master would allow for, it's bound to disappoint some. Fans of 80s porn and of Lynn or Holmes will want to check it out, particularly if they're collectors, while everyone else would be best served with a rental first despite the fact that this is a film well worth seeing.

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