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Riley Steele So Fine (Blu-Ray)

Studio: Digital Playground » Review by Sean DPS » Review Date: 4/19/10

XCritic's Advice: Skip It

Riley Steele: So Fine
Blu-Ray Review

Directed by Robby D
Shot in HD
Full 1080p HD
1920 x 1080
5.1 Digital Surround Sound

Run Time: 1 Hr 33 Min
Type: Feature

Special Features:

Bonus Trailers (7 trailers)
Photo Gallery
Chapter Index
Behind the Scenes ( a short 9 minute BTS, with your basic stuff.)

Riley Steele
Kiera King
Madison Scott
Jessica Lynn
James Dean
Tommy Gunn
Mick Blue
Ben English
Scott Nails

Overall Thoughts:

I would like to point out that when I review Blu-ray titles, I am really going to factor in the cost when I make my final judgment. My reasoning, for example this film costs around 40.00 on blu-ray versus 26.00 on DVD. So when I give it a rating, it might not be that high if I feel you can get just as much enjoyment out of the DVD as the Blu-ray. Yeah sometimes seeing great sex in 1080p is pretty awesome, but sometimes you also see every little scar, pimple, etc and that can't be somewhat distracting. A good example, the first scene, towards the end Riley is sweating and her makeup is running, but right when the guys release the money shots, her makeup is redone and she seems to wearing some gold glitter makeup. Some of you may not notice this, and can overlook, but for me, when your watching it in 1080p on a 37 inch Vizio, you will notice it. Or maybe some awesome sex will focus your attention on other things. Does anyone else notice the cover and how it really looks like an American Idol background. So being a DP release, you get the great audio and visual (some minor issues with camera focusing on something else while sex is going one) package, but I have to say the overall sex was kind of boring, didn't really feel any heat from any of the scenes. The scene I was most into, involved Jessica Lynn and that seemed way to short. I hate to say this, but I'm gonna have to give this a SKIP IT rating. But you can also get a different perspective from Dr Jay's review of the DVD version, which he gave a recommend rating.

Scene One: Riley Steele, Mick Blue and Tommy Gunn

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Before the scene gets started, within the first few minutes, somebody says the name of the movie as a line. Sorry, you can blame Family Guy for that. Anyways back to the movie, Tommy forgets about his best friend Mick's birthday and he has no gift. But he thinks that maybe Riley would be a great present for him. She is hesitant at first, but then when Mick comes into the room, she takes off her pants and tells him to come get his present. At first Tommy is just watching but then Riley pulls his underwear down and starts to give him a BJ while Mick gives her some oral. Mick then starts to fuck her from behind as she continues to concentrate on Tommy. But the roles switch as it's finally Tommy's turn to fuck her from behind while she sucks on Mick. They pretty much keep switching positions through most of the scene, but each time Riley is making sure both men are pleased. We do get a little squirting action from Riley as Mick fingers her pussy. The scene ends with both guys landing their money shots on her neck and breasts, apparently she doesn't like it in the mouth.

Scene Two:  Madison Scott and Scott Nails

Madison gets a call from her dad to let he know that he got a flat tire and that he will be awhile before he gets home. His friend, Scott shows up and decides to hang out until her gets there, and by hang out, I mean whip out his dick until she decides to fuck him. So she pulls up her skirt and he pulls down her panties and begins to lick away. Within seconds he is fucking her doggy style, so much for taking it slow. After a short time she is sucking him off and it seems like she is trying to deep throat him, but not having any luck. So it's back to the fucking as she rides him on the chair. I think she really likes giving oral, cause it always seems like to tries to get as many chances to pleasure him that way during this scene. There are a few times where it seems like he is shushing her, which I can somewhat understand, she gets kind of loud during sex. After some more doggy style, we get a money shot in the mouth.

Scene Three: Kiera King and James Dean

She is on the phone ( an Iphone BTW, see Mr Jobs, maybe having adult themed apps is a good idea ) with her mom, when James comes in and he wants to fuck now, and he doesn't care if she is on the phone. He pulls her pants down and starts licking her pussy and she tries to control herself while she on the phone. She ends the phone conversation so that way they can focus on the sexy time. He props her on the counter as he continues to lick her pussy. But it's not long before she is returning the favor to him. He leans her back against the counter and fucks her doggy style as he gets a few ass slaps in. She does a pretty decent job of deep throating him during various times in this scene. They spend a good amount of time fucking on the floor, as she rides him. She sits on his chest, as he fingers her pussy and she jerks him off. They stand up and he fucks her until he pulls out and jerks off on to her belly/pussy area.

Scene Four: Jessica Lynn and Scott Nails

She is the bathroom adjusting herself trying to get all sexy as Scott comes out of the shower. She wants to get a quickie in, but she has to really convince him at first, I mean come on, he just got all clean in the shower, does he really want to get all dirty and sweaty again. But she takes off his town and begins to give him a blow job. He's had enough of that and leans her up against the counter, pulls her shorts and panties down and starts fucking her doggy style. I am not a huge fan of the girls with the real big butts, but I have to say that her ass is about as big as I will go. After some brief oral she is back on top of the counter and he is having his way with her. Well she wanted a quickie and that is what she got, this short scene ends with a money shot in her mouth

Scene Five: Riley Steele and Ben English

Ben is ready to sit down and watch the game, when Riley comes in and has her mind set on other things. She wants to go for a ride, but he won't let her take his car, his prized possession. But she tricks him into letting her drive his car, but instead she wants to take a ride on him. He's got 10 minutes before the game starts. That seems to be enough time I guess. I have to say that I am not a big fan of Riley, but she does look very sexy in that outfit, so I am starting to look forward to this scene. She pulls her down her skirt and then opens his pants and begins with a nice blowjob, during which she ends up taking all of her clothes off. After the blowjob, she climbs on top of him and begins to ride him while he is on the couch. After that she teases him with her ass until he begins to fuck her doggy style on the couch. During this scene we get some examples of how sometimes the naked body can not be sexy and just downright disturbing. The doggy leads back into the cowgirl, like she said, she wanted to go for a ride. And once again the gold dust appears, but a little earlier than last time. Next up we get some spoon action, she guides him in, as he almost goes for the wrong hole. The scene ends, and he is just dripping sweat so a good thing, with a money shot all over her face.

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