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Vintage Erotica Vol. 1

Studio: Other » Review by The Mooninite » Review Date: 4/20/10

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

The Movie:


The good people who run the Vintage Erotica website continue to do great things in terms of preserving the porn of the past and this, the first volume of their (hopefully ongoing?) 70's Porn line, restored from original 8mm negatives and not old tape masters, is proof positive that they're doing their best to keep this stuff around and available. While the content won't likely appeal to those who don't already have a taste for the porno movies and stag films of yesteryear, fans of vintage smut will find much to enjoy here.

Stars like John Holmes, Linda Lovelace and Vanessa Del Rio pop up here and while, like most loops, there isn't really so much a plot or a story as there is a simple set up, it doesn't really matter. So without further ado, here's a look at who does who, and thanks to the back of the box, some info on who put these loops out in the first place (for those of you who, understandably, like to catalogue these things)...

M Series - M#81 & M#82 - Linda Lovelace & Eric Edwards - Parts 1 &2 (1970): When this two parter starts off, the woman with the golden throat is working herself over with a couple of dildos. Eric Edwards and a brunette (no idea who this gal is but she's cute) come into the room and lend a helping hand and Edwards gets to put his member where the likes of Sammy Davis Jr., Al Goldstein, and of course, Harry Reems would later place theirs. A decent effort, and one that proves that Lovelace did indeed have a very special talent even before Damiano would make her a household name.

Playmate - PM#7 - Supercock with John Holmes & Linda McDowell (1971): Linda's got her eye on John, who lives up to the titles name and gives her a good fucking for the camera. Holmes, in his pre-junkie days here, does a great job of getting her going and you can see why he became the star he was.

San Francisco 200s Series - SF#225 - Mr. Foot Long: A rather well endowed black man enjoys some quality alone time with an unknown female performer. Like Holmes, he too lives up to his name and shows his lady friend a good time.

Pretty Girls - PG#81 - Teri From OUI Magazine: Whoever Teri is, she was a champion sword swallower and she does this thing with her eyes as she works over her unnamed and unrecognizable male co-star that will keep you glued to the screen. Teri, wherever you are, thank you.

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Playmate - PM#11 - Wild Beauty - John Holmes & Linda McDowell (1971): Another scene with Holmes and McDowell, it's not quite as energetic as their earlier pairing but it's still got star power to spare. These two are obviously having a lot of fun here, and there's a nice playful spirit to this loop.

The Erotic World Of Vanessa - VDR#3 - A Date With Vanessa - Vanessa Del Rio: The queen of the Latin ladies of porn had her own series of loops and this one shows you what it'd be like if you were lucky enough to take Ms. Del Rio out for the night - and exactly how it would end. She's a porn star, so it's not hard to figure it all out.

Pretty Girls - PG#55 -Nancy Suiter: The second entry from the Pretty Girls Series stars the blonde also known as Candy Summers in a fine scene that shows off her lovely curves and pretty eyes quite nicely.

Party Girl - PY#4 - Tina Russell Makes Friends - Tina Russell & Harry Reems: Who wouldn't want to be friends with Tina Russell. Was there a cuter girl working the 8mm circuit in the early seventies? Maybe, but she's definitely in the top tier. She's got a good energy here with Reems, whose moustache seems to be reaching new heights of insanity and who wears a ridiculous grin on his face for the entire scene. You can't really blame him, he's having a whole lot of fun.

Connoisseur Magazine - CM#8 - Jungle Paul & Tawny Pearl: Blonde haired and blue eyed, Tawny Pearl has a cute girl next door quality to her that this loop, pairing her with the aptly named (a black dude in a pith helmet?) Jungle Paul, dutifully exploits. These two are obviously into one another and having fun, and that makes it a pretty good watch right up to the finish.

Golden Girls - GG#32 - Cry Uncle - Ron Jeremy: A young and svelte Ron Jeremy finds himself the lucky recipient of a fantastic hummer in this loop. There's not much else to say here except that it's amazing how and where he's taken his career since these early days.

Danish Films - DF#7 - Hollywood Pick Up - John Holmes (1973): Holmes is back for his third and final offering in this collection. He picks up and unrecognizable blonde who is walking around a smutty part of California in a red dress. They head back to his place, make out, and fuck. He keeps his 'HAWAII' shirt on while she blows him, because he has style.

The Erotic World Of Vanessa - VDR#6 - Fever Pitch - Vanessa Del Rio: The second loop from Ms. Del Rio is another solid one as she blows a guy in a mechanics outfit atop an orange sofa. He gets naked and slips it in and we're reminded what a powerhouse of fuck she was in her prime.

Pretty Girls - PG#12 - The Starlet: Last but not least, an unrecognizable blonde girl with a shag/mullet hair cut gives some young guy head. They get into bed after that and the camera lingers on a picture of a baby on the wall before we pan down to watch her grind into him.



The loops compiled on this release are all presented in their original fullframe aspect ratio. Taken from old 8mm elements, the content here actually looks better than you might expect it to but it is still a little rough around the edges. Colors sometimes bloom, print damage is frequent though never overpowering, and detail varies from scene to scene. The image is also interlaced, but generally, things looks alright here when all things are considered. Will this be your new go to demo disc? Nope, but it's certainly watchable. The decision to put a watermark in the bottom right corner of the screen from time to time is lamentable, however.


The original loops included here were shot without sound and you're given the choice of watching them that way or with some 'projector sound effects' layered over top to give you that 'watching smut in your basement' vibe. There's not really much to evaluate here. The silent track is.... silent and the other one is simply the clicking of a projector.


While not quite barebones, this release is light on extra. There is a nifty still gallery of box covers from the original 8mm releases that some of these loops were taken from, but there are only a few images here so it doesn't amount to much. There's also a brief restoration demo (1:33) that shows, in split screen, what the elements looked like before and after they were restored for this DVD release - the differences are pretty drastic, which makes the video quality that much easier to appreciate. Menus and loop selection are also included.

Final Thoughts:

More extras are always welcome, especially when it comes to vintage porn, but this is otherwise a pretty solid offering of loops, most of which appear to be appearing on DVD for the first time and hey, they're reasonably well restored at that. If you're not already a fan of vintage smut, there are better gateway drugs but for the loop connoisseur, Vintage Erotica's 70's Porn Vol. 1 comes recommended.

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