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Studio: Vivid » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 5/4/10

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Genre: Alt-Porn

Director: Eon McKai

Cast: Katie St. Ives, Dane Cross, Kitty McMuffin, Sherwood, Charlotte Vale, Aiden Starr, Violet Monroe, Vin Vericose

Length: 94:44 minutes

Katie St. Ives with Dane Cross

Date of Production: 9/28/2009

Extras: For some of you, the unrelated bonus scene from Sugar Town will be the best extra, seeing Tori Black and Julius Ceazher going at it for 21:46 minutes enough to justify additional points. For me though, the 7:23 minute long Behind the Scenes feature was better since it was related to the production, the cast and crew getting additional air time. There was also a photogallery, some trailers, and the usual spam for those that care.

Kitty McMuffin

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Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Eyelashes was presented in anamorphic widescreen color with an aspect ratio of 1.78:1 as shot by director Eon McKai for Vivid with the help of Octavio Arizala. While I am not the best public relations person for this collaboration, I can honestly say that they provided the type of movie they are known for; visually strange with no givens as you would expect from most contemporary titles. That said, there was grain, plenty of soft focus moments, someone always holding a magnifying glass in front of the ladies (as seen on the cover in an albeit exaggerated manner), inconsistent lighting, and a host of other issues most of us "old school" reviewers and fans of adult aren't fond of. As I have been told several times in the past though, Eon and his band of merry followers (not all of them are men) are not trying to cater to us but to a new generation brought up with a distaste of traditional porn and the premises attached. If you are such a person, you will probably enjoy seeing how Eon and Octavio deconstructed the visual elements, the video bitrate of this MPEG-2 encoded flick hovering around the 7.2 Mbps mark when I spot checked it. If you've ever heard the phrase "expect the unexpected", you will feel at home here, the company watermark still located in the lower right hand corner. The audio was presented in the standard 2.0 Dolby Digital English with a 48 kHz sampling rate and 256 Kbps audio bitrate. The music was not the focal point this time and the limited dialogue was primarily a series of grunts, groans, laughs, and moans but it got the message across as to what was going on.

Charlotte Vale

Body of Review: Eon McKai has been routinely hailed as a hero for the next generation of visionaries in porn circles as well as called a series of less flattering names for his works at Vivid. While I don't pretend to understand exactly what he tries to do in every case, he seems focused on trying new things that admittedly do not work all that often for a porn traditionalist such as myself, his claims being that he is refraining for the self-censorship most in the industry engage in. While he has left the company during this time of economic uncertainty, among his works completed before he left was the curious Eyelashes, a short movie that deployed a hand held magnifying glass to spotlight portions of the footage being shot and allow a closer look. I know Eon's apologists will be able to justify every goofy art trick he uses in his movies but frankly, despite a cast containing hotties like Aiden Starr and Katie St. Ives, the gimmick bugged me at times though thankfully less than my toy testing assistant that asked me to "make it stop". The back cover described the movie like this: "A voyeuristic sexperiment of hand-manipulated optics via the mind of Eon McKai. Transmitting and refracting the visual spectrum of perversion, the lens gazes upon the sex act. The warped and twisted images are revealed as the lens wanders to satisfy the minds' perverse curiosity. Take a closer look, past her Eyelashes as we explore a new P.O.V. that was once only in your mind." Here's a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:

Aiden Starr

Scene One: Katie St. Ives, a fetching babe with short hair but nice tits, was up first with moper Dane Cross, the couple pawing each other before she dropped down to slob his knob playfully. There was a sort of POV look here, keeping him around as a marginal fixture but not as obtrusive as usual even when he briefly reciprocated her oral pleasuring. The vaginal screwing showed her in tune with his strokes and the resulting chemistry assisted in making the scene viewable even with the magnifier so painfully present. She actively rode the pecker and he rubbed out a nut of genetic juice to her mouth at the end, the scene closing up quickly afterwards.

Violet Monroe

Scene Two: Kitty McMuffin, a curvy gal wearing an anime-styled purple wig and fishnet stockings, was up next on a couch with shaggy Sherwood, the man dominating her with a series of slaps as he tore off her clothing for greater access to her body. She provided a series of shorter blowjobs intermittently in the scene rather than one long hummer too, licking her own juices off of him between vaginal positions but she did appear to be exceptionally comfortable with the guy with the attendant chemistry you'd expect of that dynamic. My biggest problem with the scene was how serious he appeared at all times, making me wonder if he got off working with her or not. It ended when he came in her mouth, Kitty spitting out his small load of population pudding before continuing to play with his cock orally.

Scene Three: Charlotte Vale, one of the most attractive ladies of the cast as well as pretty prolific, was up next on the black couch in the studio setting with Dane Cross. They kissed and pawed each other, her animal print dress offering scant resistance to his hand as he felt her up and diddled her pantied pussy. She showed a need for seed and then went down on him, the blowjob progressing into some active vaginal riding in her part, Dane pushing her to go further as the gal got off at least once. It was actually a fun scene even though it ended with the usual facial jerked out by his own hand.

Scene Four: Aiden Starr, the curvy babe known far and wide as the most prolific lady in the movie, was up next in a black corset and old fashioned veiled hat as she aggressively blew Dane Cross. Her attention was divided between him and the camera at times but the sheer enthusiasm and passion she displayed were head and shoulders above the others, the reduction in chemistry a fair tradeoff as far as I was concerned. She fingered herself while going down on him, easily taking his small cock inside of her to actively ride. I wish she had a better partner to showcase her skills but she added some desperately needed replay value most of the other scenes lacked for me. The scene finished up with her playing with the mouthful of semen he gave her, Aiden always showing him up.

Scene Five: Violet Monroe, the cute gal featured on the front cover, was up last with heavily tattooed Vin Vericose, the couple doing all the usual acts in the white room with the black couch. She looked up at the magnifying glass instead of his eyes a lot, capably working his pecker as though having had several years of training in a strip club or escorting out of craigslist classifieds, Vin barely reciprocating before the mechanical vaginal positions they engaged in. While I got the impression that they were into each other, it was more subtle than usual and lacked replay value, the two even doing anal acts with ATM as though that might help fix the foundational issues of the scene. The action closed out when he jerked off to her mouth, the steady stream of spew left hanging before the credits rolled.

Bonus Scene: Sugar Town: Tori's our cover girl, and with her hot body, Hitler-mustache bush and bathing suit on loan from Britney Stevens, she's got a great look for the '70s concept. Her bent-dicked partner needs to stop smacking her around though and let the girl do her thing, which she tries to do, struggling to swallow his thick root and ride it with her tiny pussy. The sex is pretty impressive, including an excellent acrobatic mid-air screw that lets gravity aid the deep penetration. Though the sex is quite solid, nothing is hotter than Tori's face as she looks back over her shoulder while getting pounded doggy-style. It's a look that will make you blow your load. (review by Chris Knight)

Summary: Eyelashes by director Eon McKai for Vivid relied too heavily on a continued gimmick that did not work for me yet the pairings were almost always decent enough with the ladies cast most fuckable so I rated it as a Rent It. If you are one of Eon's big fans that probably means it equates to a "must have" release though as the director has long refrained from promising his works to look "cookie cutter clean" like the majority of the industry, the decision is ultimately your own. In short, while Eyelashes treads new ground for the director, it was not a traditional showcase of the ladies so you might want to see it before dropping serious cash, the movie falling into that vast area of personal taste we're all so fixated on.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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