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Senator's Daughter, The

Studio: VCX » Review by The Mooninite » Review Date: 5/6/10

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

The Movie:

Produced by 'Wuldo Gebt' for Metro in 1978 and directed by the ubiquitous Don Flowers (shockingly, this film is his only known directorial credit), The Senator's Daughter finds new life on home video thanks to the efforts of VCX and the Cal Vista Classics line, who continue to dig deep into the wells of porno's past to offer up interesting oddities from the golden age of dirty movies. Now not all of them are winners, in fact, some should have probably stayed deep in the bottom of the well from which they came, but The Senator's Daughter has got some serious star power behind it in the form of the curvaceous Leslie Bovee and lovely Linda West. If that weren't enough, John Holmes and his legendary 'third leg' also star. And for those keeping score, the film also stars Linda Moteurmuth and Buff Lesbos - two of classic porn's finest and most talented performers (??). The Belly High Dance Troup are also noted in the opening credits.

When the movie begins, Leslie Bovee, who plays the titular senator's daughter, is kidnapped by a gang of rough and tumble no-goodniks posing as limo drivers. They toss her in the back seat and off they go to a warehouse where they present her to a sinister looking man with a Russian accent who, with some help from his cronies, forces himself upon the poor young woman. Puzzlingly, there are no penetration shots here, it's mostly just the Russian guy thrusting his pelvis at Leslie and ranting about how he's a real man.

From there we cut to a movie set where John Holmes is giving it to the aforementioned Ms. Moteurmuth. She takes him from behind, blows him, and then takes his thirteen inches missionary style. John pulls out and squirts on her pelvis and we hear the director yell 'cut.' From there, some narration lets us know that a crisis threatens our nation's sexiest secretaries. A guy with an English accent lets the senator woodenly explain that his daughter was kidnapped while on a top secret mission. From there we learn that the government has decided to counter this with a bionic penis - they just need the right person to attach it to. While this is going on, a brunette gives the military guy head under the table.

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As luck would have it, bad luck that is, Holmes' character finds himself the unlucky victim of an accident that finds him in need of some emergency surgery. This is after he wins and dines and actress at Café Lamour. They head back to his place and she gives him head while he drives. The news on the radio alerts us of the disappearance of the senator's daughter and Holmes looks very dapper in his baby blue tuxedo. Just as he's about to blow his load, however, he gets into a head on collision with a truck! He wakes up on the operating table, lucky to be alive, where the nurses are disheartened to learn that the suckee swallowed Holmes' dick and choked to death on it. Wangless, Holmes gets a bionic cock attached to him and now finds himself in the service of the government of the United States. Meanwhile, in a janitor's room, two people who I think are Buff Lesbos and Monique Little get down. He fingers her box and then he fucks her missionary style. He pulls out and jerks off on her and, upset, she runs to find comfort in the arms of another nurse. They have a little fun together on the floor but are soon interrupted by intruding government big wigs.

With Holmes new bionic cock (which can fire a single poison dart) ready to rock - the rebuild it and make it better than before - as well as a bionic arm and a bionic leg installed for good measure, he's off to rescue the senator's daughter from the Russian guy. Holmes tries out his new goods in the pool with a pair of nurses and it seems all systems are go as he takes them both on before getting some quality time in with a different nurse in that same old janitor's closet. She's a pro at giving head and not only looks gorgeous doing it but seems to enjoy it too, which is always a nice touch. She leaves her white stockings, bra and nurses cap on too, so those with a nurse fetish ought to enjoy this one. Once he's out of the office, he's guided to the enemy stronghold where he's to save the kidnapped daughter and get her out alive.

Meanwhile, back at the warehouse/bad Russian guy compound, he's doing bad experiments on poor Ms. Bovee. He's cloned her! Holmes uses his bionic eye to waste a few guars on the outside before using his bionic hand to spy on some chicks getting dressed - hey, that's the daughter! Off he goes, interrupting a guy and a cute, if boyish looking, lady making out in a hot tub. Once inside he does more scanning and we lay witness to some pretty damn impressive laser eye effects and lots of 'woooop booop zap' sound effects. A woman more or less attacks Holmes and gives him another solid blowjob, nicely lit and shot from the side. She finishes him off and distracts him from the task at hand. Back at Mission Control, Nancy Crew takes on her three male coworkers on the table. She gives them head and spreads her legs for them, and they jerk off all over her pelvis, tits and face in a nice, slowly paced three way.

Back at the bad guy compound, however, there's an orgy going on for some reason. It's not made entirely clear why, but they don't really seem to want or need an excuse so let's just go with it. A lot of girls dance around in Mediterranean Belly Dancing outfits and there's a lot of eastern style dancing here that eventually gives way to more sixty-nining than you can shake a stick at. This is a pretty hot scene, nicely shot and nicely lit and the girls all look gorgeous done up with a lot of gold accessories and soft, pretty clothing accessories. Holmes is at the center of all of this and he finishes last as a bunch of woman gather around him and Bovee, who he appears to be doing a fine job of rescuing! He pulls out and squirts a load across her perky B-cups and we get a nice look at her breasts as he rubs his jizz all over her upper torso and kisses her. Mission accomplished!

The Senator's Daughter is ridiculous in every way possible. It's horribly acted, the plot is as dopey as you can get and the effects are bargain basement - but you know what? It's a blast. The movie is probably more effective as a strange cult oddity than as a work of erotic moviemaking but a few of the scenes are pretty steamy, the tryst between Holmes and Bovee that finishes up the movie being the best example. It's probably safe to say that director Flowers is really into oral sex as there's a lot of it here and it's all shot rather lovingly - so those who want the hardest of hardcore should look elsewhere - but as silly and stupid as the whole affair is, it's hard not to have a good time with this one.

The Video:

The Senator's Daughter is presented in a fullframe transfer, which appears to present the film in its original aspect ratio. It looks a bit washed out but is otherwise not bad, though some of the darker scenes and night time scenes get muddy. The picture, like all of VCX's transfers, is interlaced but print damage, dirt and debris are never overly problematic despite some instances of heavy grain. This looks like it was shot on 16mm judging by the grain structure and integrity of the image and for a film made sometime in the seventies, this isn't a bad presentation at all. There are some really minor instances of macroblocking if you put this under a microscope and look for defects but if you're not watching for such digital anomalies, you probably won't even notice them.

The Audio:

The Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound soundtrack is a little muffled and not of the best quality, but again, it's taken from an older source so the limitations of the era's technology are going to be there when that's the case. Dialogue is pretty easy to understand, however, and the background music comes through reasonably clear. There aren't a lot of sound effects used in the film, mostly just some random moaning and groaning during the action scenes and these are handled just fine, as are the talkier bits of the movie. There's very little surround activity here, it's a front heavy mix that doesn't sound too far off from an old Mono track, but 5.1 is what it says on the packaging, on the receiver, and on PowerDVD so 5.1 it is.

The Extras:

Aside from some tacky animated menus, VCX has included four bonus scenes - clip from Private Moments, a clip from Pussycat Ranch, a clip from Take Me Down and finally a clip from Untamed Passions. Rounding out the extras are trailers for Tower O f Power, Only The Best Of Breasts, Sweet Throat, and Private Moments , and the Legendary Tribute montage of vintage adult movie clips as well as some animated menus.


The Senator's Daughter will probably appeal to cult and exploitation aficionados more than it will those wanting full on XXX whack material, but it's still steamy enough in spots to count and on top of that is ridiculously entertaining. The remastered DVD looks okay - not great, but okay - and the recycled extras are getting old but it's impossible not to recommend this one to those who can appreciate vintage porn made with a sense of humor.

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