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Britney Rears 3

Studio: Hustler Video » Review by Dr. Jay » Review Date: 6/14/10

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Genre: Feature.
Director: Will Rider.
Cast: Alana Evans, Hillary Scott, James Deen, Jasmine Byrne, Jenna Presley, John E. Depth, Johnny Castle, Kat, Kurt Lockwood, Marco Banderas, Melissa Martinez, Naomi, Tommy Gunn, Victoria Sweet,
Must-See Girls in Cast: Hillary ScottJenna Presley.
Length: 02:04
Condoms: None.
Bonus: One bonus star for condom-free sex, a second for the cast (which includes Dr. Jay's Must-See Girls Hillary Scott, and Jenna Presley) and a third bonus star for this movie's superb portrayal of the 1970's dance scene (original music, superb sets, wild costumes, and over-the-top hairdos.


Britney's back! Or, maybe I should say, "Britney's Back to the Future!"

In Britney Rears 3: Britney Gets Shafted, multi-award-winning porn superstar Hillary Scott portrays pop icon Britney Rears, assuming the role immortalized by Jessica Sweet. Even though Jessica played Britney to a tee in episodes one and two, Hillary moves Britney's sexual exploits to unexplored heights as she masters John E. Depth's super-sized black dick and takes Kurt Lockwood's rod up her ass. Yep, Hillary Scott really is a superslut! And, she's a damned good actress, delivering her lines flawlessly and believably throughout the many plot-advancing clips in the movie.

Britney Rears 3: Britney Gets Shafted tells the amusing tale of how Britney purchases a time machine (from E-Bay, no less) and uses it to transport herself and gal-pal Jasmine Byrne back to 1974. (Another of Britney's girlfriends, Jenna Presley, isn't interested in breaking the laws of physics. So, she stays in 2006 and fucks around while Britney and Jasmine explore time--and fuck around.)

Fortuitously, Britney and Jasmine teleport themselves into the studio of a TV dance show celebrity named, of course, Shafted. He's the host of a show called "Shafted '74." Britney, who bears a strong resemblance to Shafted's TV so-star Bridgette, soon finds herself in the spotlight on Shafted's show. Britney, being a 21st century pop icon, quickly assumes a 1970's demeanor and is quite a hit as she erotically dances her way into the viewers hearts--and Shafted's pants.

Being on the set of a dance show has plenty of sexual perks for Shafted as well as his crewmembers and cast. Tommy Gunn, the show's director, gets to sample both cute-as-a-button Kat and busty Naomi in a delicious threeway. Guest dancer Johnny Castle enjoys a three-on-one blowjob after the show from cast members Melissa Martinez, Victoria Sweet, and Alana Evans. And, of course the co-stars, Shafted and Britney, celebrate after the show with a first-class black-on-white fuck-fest.

After Britney's pussy and mouth have been pounded hard by Shafted, she uses the time machine to return to 2006--and finds that she forgot to bring Jasmine home with her. So, Britney transports Jasmine back to the present. However, since Marco Banderas' cock is buried in Jasmine's mouth when the time warp initializes, he, too, is transported to 2006. Britney knows the value of a good cock. So, she lets Jasmine finish off Marco before she sends him back to the past.

Meanwhile, Jenna Presley, who wisely decides to stay in 2006 rather than explore the psychedelic 70's, takes her boyfriend James Deen outside by Britney's pool and shares some very intense and aggressive sex with him.

Finally, after a long and tiring day of time travel and pussy-pounding sex, Britney relaxes on her couch. Soon, her boyfriend Kurt Lockwood drops by and all thoughts of relaxation dissipate as Britney gives Kurt her mouth, pussy, and asshole. In this white-hot scene, Hillary Scott proves that she truly is an award-worthy slut!

Britney Rears 3: Britney Gets Shafted is an extremely entertaining spoof. In addition to making fun of Britney's mainstream namesake, the movie parodies lifestyles of the rich and spoiled, celebrities, dumb blonds (Britney expects her cell phone to work in 1974), pop dancers, 70's fashion, 70's hairstyles, and 70's dancing. As one who actually lived through 1974, I can attest to the accuracy--and awfulness--of 70's culture as lightheartedly portrayed in Britney Rears 3. It does a remarkable job spoofing the years of my youth--and I enjoyed the hell out of it! Be sure to put Britney Rears 3 on your must-see list! It's fun, couple-friendly, and sexy. It's definitely worth a watch, especially since it features Hillary Scott, one of the hottest--and cutest--pornstars in the world right now. She's an orgasmic oralist, orgasmic analist, and superslut. And, her sculpted tits are to die for! She certainly possesses star-of-the-year quality.

Check out some photos of the girls in Britney Rears 3 here. Pay particular attention to the photos of superstar Hillary Scott and to the dozens of shots of the girls dressed up in their shagadelic 60's outfits. Enjoy!


Scene One

Scene One
is a boy/girl/girl threeway featuring Tommy Gunn, Kat, and Naomi. Well, it's really not a threeway...actually, Tommy gets his dick pleased orally by both girls but only gets to fuck Naomi. Kat, however, really pulls her weight and helps to give Tommy a memorable experience. Four and one-half stars.
  • Scene Setup: While the crew is prepping to shoot an episode of "Shafted '74," the show's director, Tommy Gunn, takes a couple of dancer "bitches" to his "love lounge," a brightly-decorated and psychedelic bedroom set.
  • Foreplay: As Tommy, decked out in a humongous 'fro, relaxes on his shagadelic bed, Kat, sporting a platinum blond wig, and Naomi strip off his clothes, shove their tits in his mouth, suckle his nipples, and, of course, give his cock a first-class oral workout. While Kat devours Tommy's rod with her mouth and strokes it and his balls with her hands, Naomi straddles his face and fucks it with her pussy. Tommy really enjoys Naomi's pussy and eagerly eats, licks, and tongue-fucks it. Soon, Naomi, too, fills her mouth with Tommy's cock as both girls service him together--the girls take turns licking, stroking, sucking, and swallowing his shaft and suckling and squeezing his balls. Damn, there's nothing like two mouths on one dick! Meanwhile, another couple (threesome maybe) fucks offscreen. Although the other fuckers are never seen, their ecstatic moaning and groaning adds to the orgy-like setting of the scene.
  • Position 1: As Tommy lays on his back atop the multicolored bed, Naomi straddles him cowgirl style, grabs his dick, and shoves it between her labia. Then, she frantically tosses her hot little body up and down as she fucks and grinds him passionately (superb moves, Naomi!). Meanwhile, Kat grabs, squeezes, and spanks Naomi's superb ass cheeks. She also spits on Tommy's rod to provide additional lubrication. Naomi really enjoys herself and screams ecstatically as her pleasure builds inexorably toward orgasm. After Naomi cums, Kats pulls Tommy's dick from her pussy and sucks off Naomi's cum. Then, insatiable Naomi again shoves her pussy down around Tommy's girl-juice-soaked cock for more raucous cowgirl sex that culminates in another screaming orgasm for Naomi.
  • Position 2: Kat and Naomi transition to the 69 position with Kat on the bottom. Then, as Tommy fucks Naomi's pussy doggie style, Kat reaches up with her tongue and licks Naomi's pussy and Tommy's rod as it pistons in-and-out of Naomi. Kat also sucks Tommy's cock clean and spits on it while he fucks Naomi's cunt. And, Kat fingers Naomi's clit, too. Meanwhile, Naomi pleases Kat's pussy with her tongue and fingers.
  • Position 3: Naomi lies on her back for some good old-fashioned missionary sex. Naomi goes fucking wild, gyrating her hips powerfully while Tommy fucks her. Naomi's reward? At least two orgasms that measure six or more on the Richter scale! During this segment, Kat keeps herself busy by fingering and licking Naomi's clit, by repeatedly sucking Naomi's cum off of Tommy's cock, by giving Tommy handjobs whenever he pulls out of Naomi's pussy, by spitting on Tommy's cock and Naomi's cunt, and by encouraging her partners with deliciously nasty talk. Naomi and Tommy repay Kat's kindness by spanking her perfect ass cheeks.
  • Popshot: Naomi and Kat kneel cheek-to-cheek in front of Tommy so that he can plaster both of their faces with a generous load of his semen. Afterward, the girls collaborate to suck and squeeze every remaining drop of cum out of Tommy's cock. Smiling Kat even scrapes drops of semen off of her face and eats it!

Scene Two

After the taping of a "Shafted '74" episode, three of the hot and sexy dancers (Alana "Spit Queen" Evans, Melissa "Sweet Pussy" Martinez, and Victoria "Gorgeous Tits" Sweet) hungrily attack the day's handsome male guest star Johnny Castle--right there on the stage--and give him, in Scene Two, an extended three-girls-on-one-dick blowjob that he'll never forget. Fellatio lovers, get this...the one Caucasian and two Hispanic girls gleefully work cooperatively and individually to please Johnny's spit-lubricated cock and balls with every oral and manual technique known to womankind. At times, all three of their mouths are on his cock at once (absolutely amazing POV footage)! I know you're wondering...Yes, his big cock does get to slide all the way down their throats! And, their talented hands and lips caress every part of Johnny's tingling body, too. Even better, sometimes a girl will sit on Johnny's happy face and fuck it while her gal-pals suck and stroke his rod. Or, a girl will shove her boob in his mouth so he can suckle like a starving babe. Can you imagine Johnny's pleasure? I sure as hell can! Now here's the amazing part...this fellatio-centric scene lasts nearly 20 minutes! I don't know how the hell Johnny held back so long...I don't think I could have contained myself so long with three, count 'em THREE girls pleasuring my cock. Amazing! When he does cum, he showers all three pretty faces with loads of his semen as the girls kneel in front of him and stick out their tongues (superb camera angles and close-ups). Magnanimous Johnny manages to squirt some of his nectar into each girl's mouth--and then she swallows every drop. Bottom line...even though I am normally not a fan of blowjob-only scenes (my motto is, "sex is about the pussy!"), I simply must congratulate Johnny and his three ladies for a (blow)job well done. Although I normally rate fellatio-centric scenes three stars, this one gets four!

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Scene Three

Magnificent Hillary Scott, playing Britney, gets "shafted" twice in Britney Rears 3. Both of these scenes are volcanic and incendiary...and are, by my way of thinking, "must see." Her first pounding is in Scene Three when she takes on--and conquers--John E. Depth's 13-inch cock. Whoa, baby! I bet Hillary's pussy ached after this scene was finished! This scene--along with Scene Six that concludes the movie--proves that Hillary is truly a performer of the year contender! Five fucking stars!
  • Scene Setup: After recording the day's show, Britney chats for a bit with Shafted (John E. Depth) in his office. She tries to explain to him that she's not his co-star Bridgette. Instead, she insists that she's from the future--and even shows him her "futuristic" cell phone. Shafted, as you might imagine, doesn't believe a word...even when she explains the use of her "time machine" that he inadvertently found on the set. Shafted does, eventually, come to believe that Britney is not Bridgette...after he talks with the real Bridgette on the phone. Soon, he admits that Britney's "much finer" than Bridgette...it's obvious that he wants her bad. So, he offers to give her back the time machine if she sucks his dick. Believe me, once Britney gets a load of John's huge cock, she gives him much more than a blowjob!
  • Foreplay: John pulls down his pants and leans back in his desk chair. Hillary drops to her knees and takes his humongous--but not yet hard--cock into her mouth and, using both hands and her insatiable mouth, has him titanium-hard in no time flat: "Damn, Shafted. You've got a BIG dick!" She not only adores his super-sized spit-slippery rod, but also has lots of fun pleasing his balls with her lips. Even better, she manages to take all but an inch or two of his cock down her accommodating throat! Wait until you see the voluminous amount of drool that pours out of her mouth when she slides his dick out of her throat. Talk about an orgasmic oralist! While Hillary orally services John, she strips off her top to reveal her to-die-for tits. Then, she spits on her boobs and uses John's dick to rub her gorgeous mams. I'd give just about anything to change places with John right now! Hillary continues to give extremely slobbery head to John for several sensuous minutes--and talk deliciously nasty--as absolutely superb camera angles and close-ups capture the action. You're gonna love this blowjob!
  • Position 1: Hillary lies back in the missionary position on Shafted's desk and spreads her legs nice and wide to reveal her naturally-hairy, but nicely groomed--pussy. I don't know about you, but I'm glad that Hillary and a few other girls are going "natural and nicely groomed" with their pubic hair. It makes them seem more like "women" to me than "girls." But, I digress. John inches his enormous cock into Hillary's girl-juice-soaked cunt (Hillary demands: "Get that fucking dick in there!") and then stretches her vagina to the max as he fucks her with slow and deliberate strokes. Hillary, who looks so fine that you'd think the Republicans would pass a law against her, encourages John with well-chosen words and ecstatic groans: "You fuck that little fuckin' pussy...Look how big that fucking dick is in my pussy...It's too big for my little pussy, isn't it?" No, Hillary, it's not...you can handle him. In fact, Hillary's insatiable cunt loves being filled with John's cock and immediately slathers it with abundant pussy juice. Hillary's passion builds quickly, and she demands, "I want you to make my fuckin' pussy cum! I WANT MY FUCKIN' PUSSY TO CUM!" So, John does the lady's bidding and bangs her with increasing intensity--while she jacks her clit--until she screams through an orgasm. Afterward, she sucks her pussy cum off of John's dick and then the return to missionary for more nearly-balls-deep pounding. "Yeah," Hillary screams, "fuckin' pound it!"
  • Position 2: John lies back atop the office desk and Hillary mounts him reverse cowgirl style. Once his mammoth rod has bottomed-out in her cunt, Hillary leans back and fucks him frantically, tossing her little body up and down on him at redline speed. Hillary's body--especially her awesome tits and gorgeous pussy--looks so fine during this segment that you might want to freeze-frame your DVD player and enjoy the superb eye candy. Once you restart your player, you'll enjoy Hillary's exceptionally sexy moves as she valiantly tries to force John's cock balls-deep into her vagina: "Oh, fuck yeah! That's good! Oh, my God! I love that fucking dick in my pussy! Oh, that's SO good!" Hillary rides John's cock--like the champion cowgirl she is--until she explodes with yet another screaming and growling orgasm.
  • Position 3: While John remains flat on his back on top of the desk, Hillary turns around and remounts him cowgirl style. Then, she holds on for dear life and enjoys the ride as John fucks her fast, hard, and deep. As John reams her, Hillary's pussy expands little-by-little until it's able to swallow him balls-deep. At last, complete penetration! Hillary literally screams with appreciation!
  • Popshot:Hillary steps off of John and then uses her mouth and both hands, squeezed tight, to stroke his gigantic spit-lubricated cock until he's ready to pop. Then (after one of the only inferior edits in the movie), she drops to her knees to await his load as he jacks himself to ejaculation. When he pops, he showers Hillary's mouth, face, and tits with globs of viscous semen. She then sucks him dry, blows bubbles with his cum, and then swallows every drop.

Scene Four

In Scene Four, hot Latina Jasmine Byrne brings male super stud Marco Banderas back from the 70's so he can get a taste of 21st-Century lovin'. Marco is an amazing performer and gives his 21st-Century girlfriend not one, but TWO loads of cum! This boy/girl scene earns 4.5 stars.
  • Scene Setup: After returning to the present, and discovering that she forgot Jasmine in the past, Britney uses her time machine to zap her gal-pal back home. I don't think that anybody--least of all Britney--is surprised when Jasmine's appears with her mouth stuffed with the cock of a 70's dude. Britney knows that Marco has to go back to the past. But, Jasmine begs, "Can I fuck him first?" Britney relents. So, Jasmine, dressed 70's style with a huge 'fro hairdo, gives equally 70'd-out Marco a fuckin' he'll never forget.
  • Foreplay: Jasmine begins by blowing and stroking Marco's disco-inferno cock. Jasmine really goes wild pleasing him--as if she'd never sucked, swallowed, slobbered on, or choked on a cock before. And, she does a damned nice job stroking his shaft and squeezing his balls with her hands, too. Damn, anybody with a cock is going to be jealous of Marco as extremely well shot footage captures every delectable minute of Jasmine's cock worship.
  • Position 1: Jasmine strips off her clothes, kisses Marco on the mouth, and then straddles him cowgirl style. Jasmine grabs Marco's cock, uses its head to tease her slippery labia, and then slides it all the way into her capacious pussy. Then, she joyfully dances on his rod to force it ever deeper. As Jasmine fucks and grinds Marco, her pussy responds favorably and coats his cock with lots of slippery juice. Damn, her sweet white nectar looks so good! And, her body soon glistens beautifully with sex-induced sweat. Marco really enjoys the ride, squeezes and spanks Jasmine's gorgeous ass cheeks, and roars, "Shit, that's so fuckin' good, baby!" In fact, it's patently obvious that Marco quickly comes dangerously close to popping! Jasmine senses his passion and commands, "You can't cum yet...not until I tell you to!" I feel kind of bad for Marco because, even though she orders him to not cum, she continues to fuck and grind him forcefully. I know she would have made me pop by now!
  • Position 2: Jasmine jumps off of Marco's cock and kneels in the doggie position on Britney's bright pink living room couch. Then, after we get a first-class look at Jasmine's "ass-ets," Marco spanks her butt cheeks and then slides his cock deep inside her cunt. As soon as he's inside, Marco and Jasmine begin to fuck each other deeply with perfectly synchronized strokes. Damn, they look good together! And, it's obvious that they feel damned good, too. Midway during this segment, Marco takes a break to lick Jasmine's spit-drenched pussy, rim her asshole, and spank her pretty butt. Then, as girl-juice flows out of Jasmine's cunt, he pounds her hard while she purrs, "You're gonna make me cum!" After Jasmine climaxes, Marco pulls out and lets her taste her cum by sucking it off of his rod: "I came all over your cock!" This girl-juice-flavored fellatio is scorching, slobbery, and noisy!
  • Position 3: Sweaty and lusty Jasmine reclines on the couch, spreads her legs super wide, and then breaks out into a huge smile as Marco slides his dick back inside her so he can fuck her missionary style. Within seconds, Jasmine is screaming ecstatically as her back arches with pleasure. Even though guys generally do most of the work in missionary, lusty Jasmine wants more: "I wanna fuck you back." So, without letting Marco's cock slide out of her, sweaty Jasmine repositions herself so she can match his thrusts stroke-for-stroke. Awesome moves, Jasmine!
  • Position 4: Marco slides behind Jasmine on the couch so that he can fuck her in the spoon position. Meanwhile, Jasmine jacks her own clit and moans with pure passion. As always, this position allows for excellent camera angles and close-ups so that we can savor Jasmine's vagina as it greedily swallows every inch of Marco's pistoning rod. Marco truly enjoys Jasmine's pussy and comes very close to popping on more than one occasion.
  • Popshot 1: Even though he tries valiantly to hold back, Jasmine's pussy feels too damned good for Marco. So, he has no choice but to pull out of her pussy and release a little bit of his semen onto her outer labia and thighs. Jasmine worries, "You came too soon." It's obvious that she doesn't know Marco's true abilities!
  • Position 4 continued: Once the pressure in Marco's dick has been relieved, he slides his still-hard cock back into Jasmine's cunt and continues fucking her spoon style. Delighted, Jasmine coos, "You got more for me?" Hell yes, he does. In fact, he pounds her so fast, so hard, and so deep that she soon squeals through another orgasm! After she cums, Jasmine spends some quality time pleasing Marco's cock with her mouth, hands, and plenty of spit.
  • Position 5: Once Marco's cock is squeaky-clean and slobbery-wet, Jasmine mounts his still-rock-hard cock reverse cowgirl style, leans back, and then powerfully fucks him with long strokes as she hurls her tight and horny body up-and-down, back-and forth. Believe me, Jasmine is insatiable and I've really got to admire Marco for keeping it up through it all! Again, Jasmine's horny pussy creams all over Marco's cock as she pounds him until she laughs/cries through yet another powerful orgasm.
  • Popshot 2: To finish up, Jasmine drops to her knees on the floor so that Marco can spray her smiling face and fill her mouth with load number two. After his spasms subside, Jasmine uses her hands to squeeze every drop of semen out of his cock and into her greedy mouth.

Scene Five

In Scene Five gorgeous 19-year-young brunette Jenna Presley takes on James Deen in a hard-hitting boy/girl five star scene.
  • Scene Setup: In this aggressive scene, we finally get to see why Britney's girlfriend Jenna Presley wasn't too interested in playing time travel with Britney and Jasmine. While the other girls are going back and forth in time, Jenna takes her boyfriend James outside to a deck next to Britney's hillside pool (Wow, what a pretty vista!). There, on a mountain of colorful pillows and blankets, Jenna has her own kind of fun!
  • Foreplay: After some playful pillow fighting, James lays back on numerous pillows so that Jenna can hungrily stroke, suck, and deep-throat his oh-so-happy cock. Meanwhile, Jenna jacks her own clit. James, on his part, grabs Jenna's dark hair and pulls on it to control her frantic movements. He also grabs her head and pushes it down to force his long penis completely down her throat. Later, when he stands and pulls Jenna to her knees, James powerfully fucks her throat, too. Jenna loves it: "I want you to fuck my whore mouth!" She responds by choking, by spitting huge globs of her saliva on his achingly hard dick, by squeezing his balls, and by sucking his tip so forcefully that I thought she was going to vacuum out his soul (great POV camera work)! Yep, this is some pretty aggressive fellatio! Oral sex lovers are really going to enjoy this segment!
  • Position 1: James and Jenna lie face-to-face on their bed of pillows. Then, James roughly jams his cock into Jenna's oh-so-ready vagina and pounds it extremely hard with redline-speed balls-deep strokes. Jenna loves it: "Oh, fuck yeah! Oh my God, you fuck that pussy so good! Oh my God, it's so fucking wet!" Within seconds, lusty Jenna's mumbling incoherently as her body is overwhelmed with pleasure. Her subsequent orgasm is so intense that I thought she might stop breathing entirely! James, by continuing to ream her hard and deep, never lets her come down from her orgasm-induced high. As a result, she climaxes again in less than a minute (great camera angles)! James loves how her pussy feels when she cums: "Holy shit! Every fuckin' time you cum, you get so fuckin' tight!" By now, Jenna is a simmering pile of super sexed flesh and is reduced to chanting, "Keep fucking me like that!"
  • Position 2: James lies on his back atop numerous pillows and, as his cock stands at attention, Jenna mounts him cowgirl style. As soon as her pussy has swallowed his shaft, Jenna lies down on James' chest so that the two of them can pound each other with powerful strokes. Meanwhile, James grabs handfuls of Jenna's flesh--especially her butt cheeks--and squeezes tight. Jenna, who is a superb fuck, screams out nasty words of encouragement to inflame James' lust. He reacts like you might expect and pounds her even more ferociously as she squeals with delight.
  • Position 3: Jenna turns around on James' body so that they can fuck in the reverse cowgirl position. While James pretty much lies back and enjoys the ride, Jenna hurls her fuckin' insatiable body up and down while screaming so loud that people on the next hilltop must be wondering what the hell is going on. In due course, James takes over the thrusting action and Jenna screams her appreciation: "Keep fucking that cunt! Yeah, just like that! What did I do to deserve such a good fucking cock? Fuck me like I'm your fucking dirty little whore!" Later, Jenna again takes control and grinds his cock with extremely erotic moves.
  • Position 4: Jenna kneels on all four doggie style so that James can fuck her from behind. As James pounds her fast and deep, Jenna encourages him with squeals of delight and lost of naughty talk: "That's the best fucking cock I've ever had! That's the best fucking cock this cunt has ever fucking felt!" Wow, don't you wish your woman would say the same about your cock? In any case, Jenna must be telling the truth because his cock soon causes her to juicy cunt to explode yet again!
  • Popshot: To conclude this incendiary scene, Jenna kneels in front of James. He, in turn, roughly pulls her hair back as he jacks off a voluminous load of semen all over her smiling face. Wow, his spasms keep going and going and going!

Scene Six

Sorry, ladies and gentlemen. I'm not going to tell you much about Scene Six except that it features Hillary Scott (as Britney) and her boyfriend, played by Kurt Lockwood. This scene has everything that her scene with John E. Depth has plus explosive anal sex. (OK, Kurt's cock is not black and isn't 13-inches long!) Damn, ass-gasms never looked so good. I loved every second of this scene! Hillary and Kurt, as a result of their work in this five-star-plus scene, are going on my short list of nominations for the 2007 X-Rated Critic's Organization (XRCO) best couple award. And, Hillary's performance in this scene adds more support to my nomination of her for XRCO female performer of the year. You've gotta watch this scene for yourself. In fact, I'm going to do just that right now.

DVD Perspectives

Video (technical): The conventional 4:3 video is very good--in fact, it's the quality one would expect in a huge-budget release. The special effects are effective without being overpowering, and the video is crisp, sharp, clear, well lit (there are a new overexposed frames in the outdoor poolside scene), nicely color balanced, and free from digital compression artifacts. I liked the camera angles, close-ups, and stability of the camera movements. I would, however, have preferred to see more transitioning footage as the performers move from one sexual position to another. Four and one-half stars.

Audio (technical): Superbly crafted...definitely the caliber you'd expect from an "epic" porn release. Dialog, music, narration, moans and groans...all perfectly recorded and encoded on the DVD at just the right volume. Five stars.

Extras: Few adult movies come with as many useful extras as Britney Rears 3: Britney Gets Shafted! To begin, you'll get a free copy of Britney Rears Wild Back Stage Sex Party (episode one of the series)! I loved that movie, too, and you can read my review of it on this site. On the Britney 3 disk, there are full-motion interactive chapter selectors that let you choose a sex scene or you can choose a girl and then a particular portion of her scene (intro, blowjob, various positions, cumshot). If you choose "Special Features" from the main menu, you can then select "Behind the Scenes," "Britney Rears Trailers," "Slide Show" (10 minutes of great photos), "Trailers" of other Hustler movies, "Sex Talk," (phone sex ads), "Hustler.com" website info., or "Hustler Hollywood" store info. You can also go back to the DVD menu (great graphics). The real meat of the Extras becomes available when you select "Behind the Scenes." Believe it or not, there are SIX BTS featurettes including 50 minutes of conventional behind the scenes footage (blocking scenes, impromptu interviews, wardrobe, behind-the-camera footage, and so on), a very informative interview of Hillary Scott, footage on the making of the music soundtrack, a conversation between Hillary Scott and Leah Luv (including masturbation) on Larry Flynt's private jet and in a limousine, photoshoot video, and an interview with the director and producer. Frankly, there's so much good stuff in the Behind the Scenes that I couldn't watch it all and get this review completed on time! Five stars!

Aesthetics: First class and lots of fun! Paparazzi, private jets, stretch limousines, hillside mansions, dance stages, and stunning outdoor pools were all used as locations for this superbly crafted movie. The sexy and revealing wardrobe--both present day and 70's style--is absolutely perfect as are the psychedelic décor, 'fro hairstyles, and makeup. Even the acting--by everyone with a speaking line--is credible and believable! Director Will Rider deserves major kudos for the visual aesthetics he brought to Britney Rears 3: Britney Gets Shafted. From a musical perspective, Britney 3 also hits a grand slam. Both the incidental music and dance music (much of which was composed specifically for the movie) are perfectly appropriate and do much to support the "spoof the 70's" premise of the movie. In addition, the bass voice of the African-American-sounding male narrator is exquisitely suitable and damned sexy, too. That said, I must admit that I liked the music in Episodes One and Two better. Why? Because of Britney's songs. Who can ever forget "I Wanna Get Laid!" from Episode One and "You Know the Deal!" from Part Two? Truthfully, there is a new song in Britney Rears 3... "She's Britney." However, Britney doesn't sing it (it's sung about her). Instead, she emphasizes her sexy disco dance routines--in fact, all the girls show off their moves in such a way that I bet your cock will rise or pussy drip just by watching them groove. Yep, I really enjoyed watching Britney bump and grind...I just wish she would have sung a new song, too! Five stars.

Final Thoughts 

Average sex rating: 4.70
Average video rating: 4.50
Average audio rating: 5.00
Average production values rating: 5.00
Extras rating: 5.00
Bonus point(s): 3.00
Overall rating: 5.00

X Critic Pick (4.5+ sex; 4.0+ production values; 4.5+ overall)
Highly Recommended (4.5+ sex; 4.0+ overall)
Recommended (4.0+ sex; 4.0+ overall)
Rent It (<4.00 sex; <4.00 overall)
Skip It (<3.50 sex; <4.00 overall)

Dr. Jay

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