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Corruption: Director's Cut

Studio: Sex Z Pictures » Review by Dr. Jay » Review Date: 6/17/10

XCritic's Advice: XCritic Pick

Genre: Feature
Director: Eli Cross

Cast: Alana Evans, Alex Sanders, Annie Cruz, Arianna Jollee, Bryn Pryor,  Derrick Pierce, Herschel Savage, Hillary Scott,James Deen, Jenner, Jerry, Jordan Styles, Kelly Wells, Kylie Ireland, Lexi Bardot, Mark Davis, Rick Masters, Sandra Romain, Seth Dickens, Sophia, Stacy Thorn, Steve Holmes, Tyler Knight, Vixen. 

Must-See Girls in Cast: Hillary Scott.
Length: 04:05
Condoms: None.

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Bonus: One bonus star for condom-free sex and a second for Must-See Girl Hillary Scott.


Corruption tells the lurid tale of a tragically dysfunctional relationship between David Walker Helms, a ruthlessly ambitious senator from California, and his sex slave Natasha (played by Hillary Scott). Helms wants to control everything and everybody around him. Even worse, he wants to be President of the United States and control the world.


Even though the senator is evil incarnate (he needs an exorcist more than he needs electoral college votes), the women around him adore him--or at least hitch their wagons to his rising star. Helms' slave Natasha loves him deeply and naively because he was once good to her dad and saved him from bankruptcy. Natasha will do anything for Helms.


Helms' wife Carolyn, played to a tee by adult legend Kylie Ireland, doesn't really love him. But, she needs him to fulfill her equally overpowering lust for power (think how Hillary used Bill Clinton). However, Carolyn doesn't need Helms for sex. Instead, she eagerly takes on multiple male partners under the nose of her husband--who doesn't seem to give a shit.


Helms' assistant, Perkins (perfectly portrayed by Alana Evans), worships the ground on which he walks and even conspires to rid him of Natasha when she and Mrs. Helms sense that Natasha is becoming a liability. Wait until you see what happens to poor Perkins when Helms discovers that she participated in kidnapping Natasha!


At first, one senses that there's a spark of good in Helms. After all, he adores his sex slave Natasha and even does battle with his wife and assistant to keep her near. However, Helms eventually learns that Natasha has been unfaithful and literally throws her to the wolves. He shows himself to be exactly what he is...evil to the core.


Corruption centers around Natasha and what she'll do to make Helms happy. She endures an enormous butt-plug shoved up her ass by Helms' jealous assistant Perkins. She readily submits to a humiliating encounter with a senatorial colleague of Helms, Paul Gennero (played by Herschel Savage). Despicable Gennero, while unwittingly being videotaped by Helms, orders compliant Natasha to act like a young boy so that he can live out a perverse fantasy to play a priest butt-fucking a young male penitent. Of course, Helms uses the lurid videotape to keep Gennero in line. Natasha also willingly lets herself be raped by Helms' wife Carolyn and a couple of his male goons. And, she submits to the whims of dominants Mark Davis and Stacy Thorn.


As the plot unfolds, Carolyn Helms comes to the conclusion that Natasha has got to go in order to protect Helms from damaging negative publicity. So, she, in cooperation with Perkins, has Natasha kidnapped by a couple of Helms' thugs and taken to a dilapidated factory where she forcefully rapes Natasha. Natasha will not give in to Carolyn's force. Instead, she decides to enjoy herself and, in her words, becomes Carolyn's new "best friend." After Carolyn tires of using Natasha, she gives her over to the thugs who kidnapped her (Steve Holmes and Jenner). Natasha then endures a violent threeway and double penetration. Afterward, the guys leave poor Natasha nude and chained to some machinery in the factory.


Unbeknownst to the senator and his entourage, a reporter named Alan (James Deen) notices Natasha in the background at Helms' public appearances. Alan starts to trail Natasha to see if he can dig up some dirt on the senator. Serendipitously, Alan follows Natasha when Carolyn abducts her. So, he captures Natasha's violation on film, rescues her, and hides her in his home. Natasha pays Alan back by loving him in the only "sweet" sexual scene in the movie. She also falls in love with him. So, Alan's fate is sealed: not only will Helms do anything (including murder) to hide his wife's indiscretions with Natasha, but also he'll never accept the fact that Alan alienated Natasha's affections. Of course, Alan ends up dead.


Natasha suffers greatly because she falls in love with Alan. Even though Helms promises to keep Alan safe--if Natasha will play a submissive to Stacy Thorn and Mark Davis--he ends up dead. Natasha ends up under the permanent "supervision" of maniacal Stacy and Mark.


Once Natasha and Perkins are out of the way, Helms and his wife cruise to his party's nomination for president. To celebrate, Helms throws a decadent orgy during which he remains on the sidelines--bored, it appears--and watches as numerous friends and associates, including his wife, revel in pleasures of the flesh.


Check out some photos of the girls in Corruption here. Pay particular attention to the photos of the girl/girl scene featuring Hillary Scott and Kylie Ireland! Enjoy!



Clocking in at a little over four hours, Corruption is the longest adult feature I've ever experienced. My review, however, can be summed up in two syllables: "Buy it!"

OK, I know you want to know more before you plunk down your money. However, instead of giving you a position-by-position look at the sex in the movie, I'm going to tell you why you should buy Corruption. I simply don't want to give away much of this movie's power. You need to see it for yourself.


Corruption is one of the most significant adult dramas ever made. It may very well be the most significant ever made. However, since I haven't seen every adult drama, I can't say for certain!


If you think of your own movie viewing experiences, you know that there are some films that have really made you think...that kept you up late at night pondering the implications the story has for the world. For me, one such movie was Braveheart. I don't know about you, but there has never been a time that the plot of an adult movie kept me up pondering its implications. I lost two nights sleep thinking about Corruption. It's that powerful!


A couple of themes in Corruption really bothered me. First, if our politicians are anywhere near as bad as Helms, his wife, and his colleagues, we, as a people, are in more trouble than I ever imagined. A second theme that bothered me is Natasha's blind loyalty--and obvious infatuation with--such a bastard as Helms. Why did she have to be so na´ve? She lost everything because of her faithfulness to Helms and her willingness to give up every shred of her respectability to please him.


Corruption marks a truly remarkable milestone for Hillary Scott. Truth be told, a year ago I considered Hillary to be a cute-as-a-button (in her own description of herself) "ass-whore." By that time, she had demonstrated her remarkable sexual prowess and I was proud to nominate her for several X-Rated Critic's Association (XRCO) awards. However, 2006 saw a remarkable transformation in Hillary's performances. Beginning with her superb portrayal of Britney Rears in Britney Rears 3, Hillary began to demonstrate an all-too-rare-in-the-adult-business acting ability. Hillary Scott possesses an extraordinary combination of extreme sexual prowess and very competent acting skills. I predict that she's on her way to hall-of-fame glory.


Hillary's performance as Natasha elicited emotional responses from me unlike any other character in any adult drama I've ever seen. I was furious that she let herself be degraded when she played a little boy getting ass fucked by a despicable senator (Herschel Savage) pretending to be a priest. I cheered for her when she turned a rape at the hands of Helms' wife (Kylie Ireland) into a highly pleasurable occasion--for both Kylie and herself. Seconds later, I feared for her life when one of Helms' thugs shoved a handgun barrel up her pussy (and fucked her with it) to terrify her into submission. And, I choked up with tears when she learned that her lover (James Deen) had been killed by Helm's minions.


Ask yourself the question...has any other adult actress made you feel those kinds of emotions? I doubt it. Hillary Scott is amazing.


In addition to highlighting Hillary's superb acting skills, Corruption also showcases some of her best-ever (and hardest) sexual performances. No matter sexual fetish or position you like, chances are Hillary will do it for you. She gives Helms a blowjob while he prepares for a speech; she gets her asshole stretched to the limit with a butt plug forcefully inserted by Alana Evans; she takes numerous cocks up the ass; she gets DP'd; she participates in a loving encounter with her savior and new boyfriend (James Deen); and, she submits to dominants Stacy Thorn and Mark Davis, takes an anal cream pie, expels the semen into Stacy's hand, and then eats every drop.


Speaking of noteworthy acting coupled with superb sexual performances, I simply have to mention two more women: Alana Evans and adult legend Kylie Ireland. Alana participates in a volcanic boy/girl scene with Tyler Knight. She's aggressive and gets lots of pleasure from the encounter. Of course, Tyler enjoys himself, too. Alana also gets lots of enjoyment when she forcibly rams a huge butt plug up Hillary's asshole. However, Alana's finest moment (for which I'm going to nominate her for the 2007 XRCO Best Single Performance - Actress award) occurs during a solo masturbation scene that simply must be seen to be appreciated.


Kylie Ireland never ceases to amaze me! I've been a fan of hers for about a decade and I never tire of seeing her on my screen. In Corruption, Kylie portrays Helms' overly ambitious wife to a tee. One minute, she's acting like the perfect little hostess and the next she's delivering malicious lines in an utterly believable fashion. Kylie's sexual performances are the hardest and edgiest in the movie. In fact, she not only enjoys double vaginal and double anal penetration by Alex Sanders' and Jenner's cocks, but she also gets vaginally and anally fisted by Sandra Romain in the concluding orgy. Wow. Kylie Ireland is sensational!


Speaking of acting, I simply must mention James Deen. I nominated him for the 2007 XRCO Best Single Performance - Actor award for his portrayal of Alan, the investigative reporter who saves and shelters Natasha before giving up his life for her.


The concluding orgy contains the hardest sex I've ever seen on a commercially-available DVD! I've already mentioned that Kylie gets fisted by Sandra Romain in the scene. However, I didn't specify that Melissa double-fists Kylie's pussy and asshole. Yes, Melissa penetrates each of Kylie's holes with TWO hands! I've never seen anything some close to this in an off-the-shelf DVD!


The orgy, featuring Arianna Jollee, Lexi Bardot, Annie Cruz, Vixen, Jordan Styles, Derrick Pierce, Tyler Knight, Rick Masters, Jerry, and Seth Dickens--in addition to Kylie and Sandra--contains lots of anal fucking, ass-to-mouth (ATM), ass-to-pussy, and nearly unbelievable cum swapping. In addition, both Arianna Jollee and Annie Cruz squirt like fire hoses. And, Arianna Jollee fists her own asshole.


Finally, I'd like to say just a bit about the cast. I've mentioned most of the members--except Kelly Wells, Sophia, Franko del Torro, and Johnny castle who share an incendiary fourway early in the movie--but I've never really mentioned the appropriateness of the casting. One thing I noticed immediately...the performers are about the right actual age to match their characters. Natasha, being a young na´ve sex slave, is portrayed by 22-year-old Hillary. A young girl wouldn't have been appropriate to play Helms' aide Perkins. So, director Eli Cross chose a late-20-something hottie, Alana Evans (great choice, Eli). Of course, it would be unlikely that the wife of a senator would be barely out of puberty. So, Eli chose the incomparable Kylie Ireland. Again, a perfect cast.


I hope this next comment doesn't offend--because it wasn't meant to do so. I also think that Eli is to be applauded for choosing a variety of performers who are not all necessarily Barbie-doll-like perfectly-sculpted toys. The girls, in particular, offer a wide range of body types, breast sizes, hair colors, and so forth. Some have tattoos, some have scars. In other words, they are real women playing real women. I like the honesty, and I particularly like Lexi Bardot's look.


Bottom line...click the link and buy this movie. I don't think you should rent it. You'll want to keep this classic-in-the-making in your own personal library. 

DVD Perspectives

Video (technical): The widescreen video is absolutely superb in every regard. Pay particular attention to the lighting and how it alters the look and feel of each scene. Also, savor the excellent use of special effects, especially when Helms reveals his truly devilish inner self. This movie is not pretty porn cast in flattering light. It's hard core, and the lighting, camera angles, and special effects convey that hardness skillfully. I must also applaud the editing, which is tight and effective, never causes a loss of continuity, and demonstrates the talent of the editor. Five stars.

Audio (technical): Again, the audio is the work of truly talented and skilled artists and technicians. Excellent music and sound effects support the on-screen action perfectly. I especially liked the anxiety-producing sounds and music--perfectly coupled with the on-screen action--that is used when Hillary is being fucked by Steve Holmes and Jenner. Even though the soundtrack is an integral part of the experience, it never obfuscates the sounds of sex. To top it all off, there's a full-length running commentary soundtrack to which you might care to listen. Truthfully, I didn't spends more than a few minutes listening to the commentary because the on-screen action and the "normal" soundtrack were too interesting to me. Five stars.

Extras: Corruption is presented on three DVDs. Discs One and Two each contain two hours of the feature. Disc Three is a chock-full DVD-9 disc containing a 40-minute day-by-day Behind-the-Scenes feature; a 15-minute featurette that chronicles the movie's preproduction stages; 12 minutes of bloopers; a director's cut (extended) look at the opening scene during which Hillary blows Bryn's cock; trailers for Corruption and other SexZ releases; numerous self-running glamour, hardcore, BTW, and production slide shows; and website information. There's also an iPod Download feature that didn't work on my DVD because the required file wasn't burned onto the disc. Five stars.

Aesthetics: Director Eli Cross used absolutely appropriate locations, sets, and props when the movie was filmed. From dilapidated factories to powerboats to elegant bedrooms--each location perfectly supported the action taking place. In addition, the choice of costumes and make-up is appropriate (not always attractive, but in keeping with the plot). As I mentioned under "Audio" above, the soundtrack is as good as any mainstream movie. Five stars.

Final Thoughts

Corruption is the only adult movie I've ever reviewed that received a perfect five-score rating in sex, video, audio, production values, and extras!

Average sex rating: 5.00
Average video rating: 5.00
Average audio rating: 5.00
Average production values rating: 5.00
Extras rating: 5.00
Bonus point(s): 2.00
Overall rating: 5.00

X Critic Pick (4.5+ sex; 4.0+ production values; 4.5+ overall)
Highly Recommended (4.5+ sex; 4.0+ overall)
Recommended (4.0+ sex; 4.0+ overall)
Rent It (<4.00 sex; <4.00 overall)
Skip It (<3.50 sex; <4.00 overall)

Dr. Jay

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