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Ass Addiction 2

Studio: Digital Playground » Review by Dr. Jay » Review Date: 7/5/10

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Genre: Gonzo
Director: Robby D.
Cast: Honey, Jean Val Jean, Mick Blue, Nicara, Rebeca Linares, Sammy Cruz, Scott Nails, Whitney Stevens. 
Must-See Girls in Cast: None.
Length: 02:16
Condoms: None.
Bonus: One bonus star for condom-free sex.


Ass Addiction 2 is a very nicely shot and edited five-scene anal-intensive movie. If that were all, then the movie would be like hundreds of ass-centric movies.

What sets this movie apart are the scenarios in which the sex takes place. Director Robby D. never seems to run out of incendiary ideas about how to set-up and play out sexual situations. Kudos, Robby, for more inventive scenes!

Two of the scenes are, in my opinion, absolutely must see. First, make sure you check out Rebeca Linares in Scene One. Wow! Second, I highly recommend Scene Two, featuring Whitney Stevens, because I think her magnificent breasts are to-die-for! And, her performance is damned good, too.

Nicara's scene, Scene Three, is also top-notch. It would have made my day had it continued with a couple more sexual positions.

One last overall comment...This movie could have been titled, Scott Nails is Addicted to Ass. Although I definitely think Scott is one of the best young male performers in the business today, I get a bit tired of seeing him in scene after scene in the same movie. I wonder if Scott gives director Robby D. a discount for multiple scenes? On the other hand, I've got to admit that Scott never seems to fail!

Check out some photos of the girls in Ass Addiction 2 here. Pay particular attention to the photos of amazing Rebeca Linares and her scorching scene! Enjoy!


Scene One 

Overview: Scene One is a boy/girl vaginal and anal scene set in several rooms in a nice house on an elegant love seat and in and around an animal cage.

  • Commentary: As usual, director Robby D. has outdone himself in Scene One. The scenario (see Scene Setup below) is so fucking inflammatory that it could have only come from Robby's wonderfully twisted mind. As you might expect from the movie's name, the scene is anal-intensive. What you might not expect, however, is the creativity of the sexual positions used by the performers as well as the unusual nature of the props in the scene.
  • Rating: Five stars.
  • Girl (Rebeca Linares): This lusty Latina is a classic beauty with big brown eyes, black hair, medium-sized natural breasts, and a hard body. She has a bald-shaven pussy with puffy labia as well as a firm and shapely ass. And, her long legs are damned attractive, too...especially when she pulls black nylon stockings over her calves.
  • Guy (Scott Nails): What can I say? He's probably the busiest porn stud in the business...for a very good reason. He's well-built, has a huge cock, pops like a volcano, and fucks like a machine.
  • Scene Setup: When the scene begins, Scott Nails is locked in a cage wearing a mask that only reveals his nose and face (he's essentially blindfolded). He's like a pet dog in a cage and exotic Rebeca Linares is his mistress. Rebeca teases him with her hot body (for example, she rubs her low-cut-jeans-covered ass against the cage) and lets him smell her pussy and ass. But, she doesn't let him touch. In short, she teases the hell out of him. Then, when she's sure his lust is enraged, Rebeca leaves the room to prepare her body for sex. When she's out of his sight (we get to watch everything), she changes out of her street clothes and into a very brief matching black and white panty and bra outfit. Rebeca adds sexy black nylon stockings and white platform shoes and then covers herself with a calf-length black leather jacket. Once she's sexy as can be, she returns to the cage to "play" with Scott with stuffed animal toys and, of course, with her scorching-hot body. When Rebeca presses her flesh against the cage, Scott, of course, goes wild with lust, pulls out his dick, and strokes it madly. In due course, Rebeca lets Scott out of the cage so he can literally attack his mistress. As the scene progresses, "pet" Scott becomes the master when his pushes Rebeca into the cage while he fucks her ass doggie style. At the end of the scene, Scott, after he's slathered Rebeca's face with semen, locks her in the cage.
  • Foreplay: Scott initially attacks Rebeca's pussy and asshole with his tongue. He performs superb cunnilingus on her clit and labia, eagerly sniffs and rims her asshole numerous times during foreplay, and slaps her tits with his rigid cock. Rebeca, responding to Scott's lust, gives him a combination hand/blowjob, sucks his balls into her insatiable mouth, and makes jawbreakers in her cheek with his rod. She also uses her black-nylon-stocking-clad feet to stroke his aching dick.
  • Penetrations: Scott gets to plow Rebeca's pussy, asshole, and, of course, mouth.
  • Positions: 1) Vaginal standing doggie (superb camera angles and close-ups); 2) Anal standing doggie (Rebeca's labia wink open-and-closed as Scott reams her asshole); 3) Anal standing reverse cowgirl (Scott cradles Rebeca's legs as he stands and tosses her up and down to fuck her asshole).
  • Girl's Demeanor: Rebeca loves being fucked by her "pet dog" Scott. She engourages him with some hot nasty talk (in both English and Spanish) and moans contentedly and realistically as pleasure consumes her.
  • Scene Highlights: Rebeca's pussy is especially juicy when Scott reams it; Rebeca's pretty ass is the focus of several sharp spanks by Scott; and both Rebeca and Scott please her clit with their fingers as they fuck. During sex, Rebeca takes numerous opportunities to suck Scott's cock clean. And, she eagerly fucks him back, matching his strokes with her own. On the nasty side, Rebeca does ass-to-mouth in both of their anal positions.
  • Girl's Orgasm: Rebeca has a very real ass-gasm when she and Scott fuck in anal standing reverse cowgirl.
  • Guy's Pop: The pop is the highlight of the scene. By the time Scott is ready to explode, he has maneuvered Rebeca into the cage in which he was formerly imprisoned. To show his newfound power, he pops a copious amount of semen through the grating of the cage, onto her face, and into her mouth. Sadly, she spits out the semen. But, her splattered face looks damned good.

Scene Two 

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Overview: Scene Two is a boy/girl vaginal and anal scene set indoors on a bed in a bedroom equipped with a big-screen wall-mounted TV so that the performers can watch porn while they fuck.

  • Commentary: If you haven't seen the star of this scene, Whitney Stevens, you haven't seen the best all-natural teen-aged breasts in 2007 porn! Whitney is really worth a watch...she's a voluptuous girl who likes to get fucked--especially in the ass. So, she's right at home in this anal-intensive scene when she takes Marco Banderas' king-sized rod up her brown eye.
  • Rating: Four and one-half stars.
  • Girl (Whitney Stevens): Nineteen-year-old Whitney is a girl-next-door type with a huge set of hooters under her top. She has mesmerizing brown "puppy-dog" eyes; brunette hair; a soft and cuddly body; a plump and meaty ass just ripe for squeezing; a pierced navel; and a bald-shaven pussy. However, Whitney's best assets are north of her ass. Whitney has the two finest queen-sized all-natural breasts of any teenager I've ever seen. And, her oversized areolas are extremely attractive, too.
  • Guy (Marco Banderas): Marco is a porn stud in high demand because he's attractive (or so I would assume), he has a dependable and large cock, and he knows how to fuck hard and deep. What else can I say?
  • Scene Setup: All I have to say is, "I wish this scenario would happen to me someday!" Whitney, dressed in virginal white panties, is lying on her bed with Marco Banderas watching a porn flick. She's intensely envious of the on-screen girl because that lucky bitch is getting her asshole reamed. Whitney turns to Marco and asks, "How come you don't fuck my ass like that?" Marco, stunned, stares at Whitney's panty-clad ass as she continues, "Come on baby, I'm 19 and nobody's ever fucked my ass!" What more of an invitation does Marco need? Believe me, he's all over her butt and asshole in seconds. In fact, the time he spends squeezing, licking, and, in short, worshipping her ass is some of the bone-stiffening of the scene.
  • Foreplay: Marco begins by spending a great deal of time playing with, licking, fondling, squeezing, and groping Whitney's plump ripe ass flesh as her cheeks are still imprisoned in her panties. In due course, he strips off her underwear and lovingly kneads her butt flesh as we get a close-up eyeful of her asshole and pussy. Wow! I LIKE what I see! Soon, his tongue gets into the action as he wantonly rims her asshole. And, Marco gets to "hump" Whitney's ass cleavage with his still clothed cock. Later, he spends some time licking, sucking, and squeezing her amazing tits. Again, WOW! As foreplay continues, Whitney performs loving fellatio on Marco's cock and gives him a handjob, too. Some of the blowjob was shot POV style so it appears as if Whitney is blowing US. I think the part of foreplay I enjoyed most was toward the end when Whitney sits on Marco's face and eagerly fucks it with her panty-covered cunt.
  • Penetrations: Whitney's vaginal, anal, and oral holes het reamed by Marco during the scene.
  • Positions: Marco and Whitney fuck in: 1) vaginal cowgirl; 2) anal kneeling doggie (great close-ups); 3) anal reverse cowgirl; and 4) anal cowgirl (nice view of Whitney's plump ass cheeks). I liked anal reverse cowgirl the best because Whitney's big boobs bounce delightfully as she eagerly fucks him by bouncing up and down on Marcos' rod. I also really enjoyed the extended "interlude" between vaginal and anal during which Marco lovingly relaxes Whitney's tight asshole using a gorgeous clear glass and cone-shaped butt plug.
  • Girl's Demeanor: Whitney, I think, is a bit too reserved during cunnilingus...I wish she had been more demonstrative and had displayed her pleasure more vocally. However, she really enjoyed being fucked, encouraged Marco with some nasty vocabulary, and moaned realistically as pleasure enfolded her.
  • Scene Highlights: As I mentioned above in "Positions," I think the use of a butt plug by Marco to prepare Whitney's asshole for anal sex is delightful. Other highlights include; Whitney's extremely juicy pussy, her big bouncing tits (especially in anal reverse cowgirl), and the gooseflesh that covered her happy buttocks in anal kneeling doggie. I also like how Whitney took over and essentially fucked Marco in vaginal cowgirl, anal reverse, and anal cowgirl. And, I think that Marco did exactly what I would do while fucking Whitney...he frequently suckled her magnificent tits! Finally, I think it is hot that the couple occasionally looked up at the TV monitor to watch the porn flick while they fucked.
  • Girl's Orgasm: Whitney had an ass-gasm while she and Marco fucked in anal cowgirl.
  • Guy's Pop: Marco pops a generous load onto Whitney's face and into her mouth. Whitney vacuums his cock dry and Marco scoops wayward globs of semen from her face into her mouth. Whitney smiles broadly as she swallows his bounty.

Scene Three 

Overview: Scene Three is a boy/girl all-anal domination scene that begins outside and ends in a sitting room indoors.

  • Commentary: Wow! What a scene! This is a case in which the foreplay is the best part. In fact, the sex, which takes place in only one position (kneeling doggie), takes second place to the overall heat and raunchiness of the scene's scenario and the foreplay. I really like the female star, a woman named Nicara, who is new to me, and wish there would have been more than one sexual position. There's a penalty of one-half star for this reason.
  • Rating: Four and one-half stars. Had the sex continued to another couple of positions, the score would have been a solid five.
  • Girl (Nicara): Nicara is a very cute--and quite attractive--woman with brown eyes accented (initially) with glasses; brunette hair; superb, natural, and large breasts; a pierced navel; a blemish- and cellulite-free traffic-stopping ass; and never-ending and very attractive legs.
  • Guy (Mick Blue): Mick Blue is a nasty son-of-a gun who really knows how to play the role of dominator. And, he definitely knows how to inflame female lust by treating women as "bad girls."
  • Scene Setup: Hold on...because this gets complicated. Nicara, dressed as a schoolgirl, walks up a flight of stairs to the entrance of a hillside home. When she arrives at the door, she checks her appearance and nervously knocks...as if she's afraid of something. Mick Blue answers the door and growls, "You're late!" I guess Nicara was right to be nervous because Mick's pissed. Nicara apologizes and is relieved when Mick lets her into the house. As if she knows exactly where she's going, Nicara heads up a flight of stairs as we follow from butt height and adore her superb thong-clad cheeks. Mick, too, follows Nicara. And, when she reaches a landing, he makes her stop so he can sniff her hair--as if he's checking to be sure she hasn't been smoking or something. Then, he has Nicara kneel on the steps with her ass in the air so he can spank and caress her glorious buttocks and stroke her pussy through her thong. Then, Nicara crawls up the remaining stairs and makes her way into a sitting room (we follow ass high). Once she arrives at her destination, Nicara kneels on the floor so that her "punishment" (and foreplay) can begin. You see, Mick is angry because Nicara has been flirting with guys at school. So, she must be punished. However, Nicara doesn't really think of it as punishment...she likes it way too much! So what happens next is really foreplay (see below) that leads to immensely satisfying sex. If that were the whole scenario, then this scene wouldn't be particularly noteworthy. However, there's a twist at the end--one that involves the exchange of money--that'll surprise you!
  • Foreplay: Mick begins by squeezing and slapping Nicara's tits and ass--a practice he will continue throughout foreplay. Then, he spends some time fondling Nicara's body--especially her ass--before ceremoniously covering her entire face with a mask that blinds her. Then, he handcuffs her, bends her over, pulls aside her thong, and complains that she didn't shave around her asshole. So, he proceeds to pluck her hairs from her flesh as her buttocks break out in gooseflesh. Once he's satisfied, he grabs a Polaroid camera and takes some pictures of her now-clean ass. Then, he spits on her asshole and uses his finger to push the saliva inside as Nicara groans with utter delight. Soon, Mick's finger is replaced with the very large and bulbous dildo that he inches ever deeper into her tight hole. He also twists the toy-and spanks her butt--to increase her pleasure. This is fuckin' hot...especially because Nicara LOVES it! Eventually, Mick forces the toy so deep into Nicara's ass that only the ends remains outside her body. Then, Mick turns his attention to Nicara's tits...he tightly squeezes her hard nipples and slaps her generous breasts (more instant photos are taken during this segment). He also caresses and tickles her hard body and uses a riding crop to spank her hard erect nipples, thighs, and labia. Insatiable Nicara loves every minute--and every sensation! After a while, Mick has Nicara stand and then, while helping her out of her clothes, kisses and squeezes her fine curves and tingling flesh. In due course, Mick uncovers enough of Nicara's face so that she can suckle first his finger and then his enormous cock. She also uses both of her hands at once on his cock (it's that long) as she greedily suckles his tip. And, she deep-throats nearly his entire shaft. Later, Mick bends Nicara over, doggie style, pulls down her thong, and, as the camera zooms in super tight on her gooseflesh-covered ass, he spanks her shapely buttocks with a crop. Nicara's ass truly is addicting!
  • Penetrations: Mick fucks Nicara's mouth and her asshole in this scene. Her pussy remains untouched.
  • Positions: After finger-fucking Nicara's asshole to loosen it, Mick gives her his fingers to suck ass-to-mouth. Then, he goes straight for her asshole and reams it kneeling doggie style. They spend several minutes in this position and never transition to any other.
  • Girl's Demeanor: I fuckin' love her! Not only does Nicara love every minute of her encounter with Mick, but she also shows it by talking nasty ("Take my fucking ass...I'm so fucking bad! PLEASE PUNISH ME!"), by moaning realistically, and by giggling profusely as pleasure overwhelms her.
  • Scene Highlights: The majority of the time Mick and Nicara spend together is in "punishment" rather than sex. So, other than some hard-ass anal sex in doggie, the only noteworthy highlights are Nicara's beautiful bouncing tits as her body absorbs the full impac of Mick's thrusts and when she finger-fucks her own asshole.
  • Girl's Orgasm: By the time Mick and Nicara get to sex, she's so fucking horny that she cums quite soon. Her ass-gasm in kneeling doggie is body shaking.
  • Guy's Pop: Mick pops directly into Nicara's mouth. She sucks him dry, shows us her full mouth, and swallows every drop. Good girl, Nicara!

Scene Four 

Overview: Scene Four is a boy/girl vaginal and anal scene set in a garage.

  • Commentary: Although I am definitely attracted to Honey's voluptuous body (especially her boobs and naturally-hairy pussy) and her overall enthusiasm during the scene, I think that this is the weakest scene in the movie. Honey doesn't cum, and there are very few "highlights" that caught my attention while I watched Honey and Scott fuck.
  • Rating: Three and one-half stars.
  • Girl (Honey): Honey is a cute girl-next door with brown eyes; brunette hair; large tits; perky and hard nipples; a soft and womanly body, and a plump heart-shaped ass. Honey's biggest attraction, so far as I am concerned, is her naturally hairy pussy that is shaven in an oval shape to frame her cunt. In today's almost-every-girl-is-bald environment, it's nice to see a girl go au-naturale!
  • Guy (Scott Nails): Scott's back again...see my appraisal of him in Scene One above.
  • Scene Setup: Scott Nails carries the trash outside to the barrel and discovers a wiggling and writhing garbage bag on the ground. Intrigued, he opens the bag and exclaims, "I can't believe somebody threw out a perfectly good piece of ass!" He then drags the bag into his garage and opens it so that sweet Honey, dressed only in bright pink panties and matching bra, can get out. Scott zeroes-in on Honey's luscious natural breasts and asks, "What are you doing?" "Somebody threw me away...because I wouldn't give up the ass." As Honey and Scott share a smoke, Scott keeps his eyes pealed on her curvaceous body. Honey, too, likes what she sees in Scott and announces, "I'll have anal sex with you if you promise not to throw me away!" Of course, Scott agrees, but I doubt that Honey knew in advance just how big a cock she would soon have up her tight asshole. In any case, foreplay begins (see below) and vaginal and anal sex follows. In the end, Scott reneges on his promise to not throw Honey away because she didn't swallow. Poor Honey. Believe me, girl...I'd never throw you away!
  • Foreplay: Foreplay begins with tit worship as both Scott and Honey squeeze her delectable breasts. Soon, Honey's hands find Scott's massive erection as it presses uncomfortably against the inside of his pants. She further inflames his lust by possessively squeezing his rod through the fabric of his trousers. Later, Honey gives Scott a combination hand/blowjob that features lots of balls gobbling and stringers. In fact, one could say the fellatio is very slobbery! Throughout foreplay, Honey makes hot eye contact with Scott (and with us). And, the camera spends a lot of time focusing-in on Honey's erect and hard nipples for our enjoyment.
  • Penetrations: Scott reams Honey's pussy and her asshole during the scene.
  • Positions: Sex begins in vaginal reverse cowgirl and then escalates to anal sex in spoon and then kneeling doggie.
  • Girl's Demeanor: It's quite obvious that Honey loves to get fucked! She moans realistically and, in short, has a great time with Scott during the scene.
  • Scene Highlights: Since Honey's breasts are so delightful, she and Scott spend lots of time squeezing them during the scene. In addition, those big breasts are absolutely mesmerizing when the bounce joyfully during sex. I also appreciated Honey's very juicy pussy and her enthusiastic pussy-to-mouth cock-cleaning action during vaginal reverse cowgirl. Those of you who delight in anal gapes will be interested to know that Honey's anus is so fucking tight and elastic that it snaps closed immediately when Scott tries to gape her.
  • Girl's Orgasm: There's no evidence of Honey climaxing during the scene. She may have cum on-set, but I sure didn't see an orgasm in the video.
  • Guy's Pop: Scott plasters Honey's smiling face with a copious amount of semen. She gratefully sucks him dry. But, she spits out his bounty.

Scene Five 

Overview: Scene Five is a boy/boy/girl set indoors in a very comfortable bedroom. Various other parts of the house were used during the scene set-up, including the entry foyer and bathroom.

  • Commentary: This is a good threeway that could have been a bit hotter if the guys had double-plugged Sammy Cruz, the female star. Sammy's a very fine performer--and quite an attractive girl, too. Sadly, I didn't see her cum during the scene. That's surprising, because the sex is hot. Perhaps her orgasm got edited out.
  • Rating: Four stars.
  • Girl (Sammy Cruz): Sammy Cruz is an absolutely adorable and extremely cute girl with big brown eyes; streaked brunette hair; natural tiny tits; a very young look; a warm and inviting body; her name (Sammy) tattooed on her tailbone; a superb and very shapely ass; a bald pussy, and long shapely legs. You foot fanatics will really like Sammy's bright red platform high heels.
  • Guys (Scott Nails and Jean Val Jean): Wow, I wish I was Scott Nail's...three pussies in one movie. What a life! Scott is joined by perhaps the most attractive stud in porn (as if I would know), Jean Val Jean. I do envy Jean's great abs. He must spend hours a day working out!
  • Scene Setup: Sammy apprehensively approaches the front door of Scott's house. When he answers, she explains that her car broke down and that she needs help. Can she borrow a phone? Sammy nervously enters the house and waits for Scott to bring her a cell phone. Meanwhile, the camera pans up and down Sammy's torso and never-ending legs for our viewing pleasure. In due course, Jean Val Jean walks into the foyer and introduces himself just as Scott is returning with the phone. Sneaky Scott purposefully gives Sammy a dead cell phone to use so that she'll have to go into his bedroom to use a landline. We follow--at ass height--as Sammy walks through the house to Scott's bedroom...of course, Scott and Jean follow Sammy, too! When they all reach the bedroom, there's no phone...just a king-sized bed that screams out "Hey you! FUCK ON ME!" The guys seduce Sammy by giving her a lollypop to suck...in anticipation of the two dicks she'll soon attack. Of course, everybody completely forgets about the phone as the guys begin to fondle and strip the clothes off of Sammy's hot little body.
  • Foreplay: Foreplay begins with lots of fondling. The guys greedily grope Sammy's flesh while she, in turn, squeezes their cocks through their pants. Soon, groping morphs into tit sucking and finger-fucking. And, the guys generously give Sammy's ass a few mild spanks with a paddle. Of course, all good foreplay must contain some fellatio...and Sammy gives each cock lots of attention with her hands and mouth. Even better, she gobbles both huge cocks at the same time! Sammy doesn't forget that we're part of the action. So, she gives us lots of dick-stiffening eye contact during fellatio.
  • Penetrations: The guys tag-team both Sammy's pussy and her asshole. Sadly, however, they don't plug both of those holes at once.
  • Positions: The guys ravage Sammy's lucky body in seven positions during the scene! In the beginning, both guys plow her pussy in the standing doggie position. Then, Scott gets to fucks her pussy in reverse cowgirl followed by Jean who gets to savor her tits as they fuck in cowgirl. Before moving to anal, Scott gets to ream Sammy's vagina in spoon. Anal sex begins in spoon (Scott) and then both guys use the kneeling doggie position. Finally, Sammy gets her asshole stretched to the max in reverse cowgirl.
  • Girl's Demeanor: Sammy's a great fuck! She really enjoys herself and expresses her pleasure by talking nasty and moaning with realistic and unforced moans and groans.
  • Scene Highlights: Sammy's a nasty girl and repeatedly performs ass-to-mouth (ATM) on the guys' cocks. She even does ATM on both guys at once! WOW! Whenever one guy plows her pussy or asshole, Sammy keeps her mouth busy by blowing the other cock. I particularly enjoyed how Sammy repeatedly makes jawbreakers with the guys' cocks and how she lubricates each rod with lots of her spit. Unwilling to let the guys do all the fucking, Sammy energetically fucks back--especially when she does Jean in cowgirl. Other highlights include: Sammy's asshole gapes beautifully in anal kneeling doggie; the guys give Sammy extra pleasure by repeatedly spanking her gorgeous ass cheeks; the guys pull Sammy's hair as they fuck her; Sammy finger-fucks her own asshole; Sammy's pussy is so fucking juicy that it oozes juice when Scott fucks her asshole in spoon; both guys and Sammy give her clit lots of attention with their fingers; and I simply adore Sammy's gooseflesh-covered flesh when the guys fuck her asshole in doggie.
  • Girl's Orgasm: Even though it's obvious that Sammy has a great time, I never saw her cum. That's a bit unbelievable since the sex is so volcanic.
  • Guy's Pop: Sammy sucks and strokes both cocks at once until the guys are ready to pop. Both bountiful loads get blasted onto her face and into her open mouth. Then, she sucks each rod dry. Sadly, however, Sammy spits out the semen instead of swallowing it. She does, however, massage the cum into her completely-plastered face and neck.

DVD Perspectives

Video (technical): The widescreen video, shot on HD, is very good--even "excellent" when considering that this is a gonzo release. The lighting, camera angles, close-ups, and camera moves are first-class. The videographer (Robby D., I think) knows exactly what we want to see and shows it to us without jerking the camera from place to place or making us dizzy by moving the camera too often. I also liked the editing...there's no discontinuity after cuts. The on-screen video is sharp and clear and shows no hint of grain, noise, or digital compression artifacts. Four and one-half stars.

Audio (technical): The Dolby Digital Sound is very effective. The dialog and sweet sounds of sex are all perfectly audible and are played back at a reasonable and consistent volume level. There's no supporting music. Four stars.

Extras: In addition to a full-motion chapter selector with multiple chapters per scene, you'll find a cumshot recap menu that lets you jump to the pop in each scene; a manually-operated photo gallery; trailers for eight Digital Playground releases; and contact information. This list of Extras is quite weak in today's marketplace. Two and one half stars.

Production Values: As always, Robby D. takes a great deal of care about the visual production values in his movies, even "gonzo" releases like this one. The locations are superior, the use of props and sets within the locations goes far beyond the "let's fuck on the couch routine," and the girls' makeup and wardrobe are very effective. There is not musical soundtrack to evaluate. Four stars.

Final Thoughts

Average sex rating: 4.30
Average video rating: 4.50
Average audio rating: 4.00
Average production values rating: 4.00
Extras rating: 2.50
Bonus point(s): 1.00
Overall rating: 4.06

X Critic Pick (4.5+ sex; 4.0+ production values; 4.5+ overall)
Highly Recommended (4.5+ sex; 4.0+ overall)
Recommended (4.0+ sex; 4.0+ overall)
Rent It (<4.00 sex; <4.00 overall)
Skip It (<3.50 sex; <4.00 overall)

Dr. Jay

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