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Battle of the Stars: Audrey Vs. Kelly

Studio: Metro » Review by Vincent Pierce » Review Date: 5/9/10

XCritic's Advice: Watch On Demand

Genre: All Sex

Director: ???

Cast: Amberlyn Scott, Audrey Hollander, Brandon Irons, Johnny Thrust, Kelly Wells, Mark Ashley, Mark Wood, Melissa Lauren, Otto Bauer, Trent Tesoro, Van Damage

Date of Production: 2010

Length: 2 hrs. 28 mins.

Audio/Video: The audio is excellent. It has great clarity considering it is in DVD format. The video quality is so clear you can see every freckle on Audrey Hollander's body, and it is presented in a fullscreen ratio.

Overview: This is a compilation, or collection of scenes involving Audrey Hollander and Kelly Wells. It is presented as a contest to see which is the greatest porn star in the eyes of the viewer. Each contestant performs different sexual acts for each scene. It's up to you, the audience to decide whether Audrey or Kelly goes home with the title! Of course I'll put my two cents worth in as well, lol!

Scene 1: Audrey Hollander, Mark Wood & Otto Bauer

Audrey Hollander is a fiery redhead with a slim body that's covered in freckles. I have no problem with the freckles, in fact they're kind of cute ... but her breasts seem a little odd to me. It's like she exercises too much??? Anyways, enough of my ranting ... The red hot Audrey begins the scene, almost immediately, with two guys trying to stuff their rather large cocks down her throat. I have to be honest, I was amazed at her deepthroat skills! She took those monster cocks all the way down to the balls, and didn't even gag! Now that is some serious skill!!! The deepthroating lasts for a good bit before one of the guys starts trying to stick a massive butt plug up Audrey's ass. They toy around with the butt plug for a little bit trying to keep it in her ass, which is kind of silly ... The two men then DP Audrey which she really seems to like. You can tell by her intense orgasms that she is into this kind of thing. In the end Audrey is wearing a very large pair of white plastic sunglasses which the guys shoot their loads onto. It would have been a better finish if they had not done the sunglasses bit. Although she does lick the sunglasses clean which is a tad bit better. All in all, Audrey does an excellent deepthroat, but the butt plug part just cheapened the scene.

Scene 2: Kelly Wells, Mark Wood & Mark Ashley

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Kelly Wells, a very lovely blonde, stars in this very intense threesome. To start the show off with a bang, we find her on a brown leather couch with four sets of anal beads sticking out of her ass, and a plug stuck in her pussy! Kelly sucks on one guy's cock, while the other toys around with the anal beads, and plug. I have to say that this was one mixed up mess of a scene. It seemed like a hyperactive sex workout to the extreme! They did a lot of DP, and anal in this scene, but what I enjoyed the most was the deepthroat part. Kelly had a very hard time with the deepthroating, but it didn't stop her. She went all the way down on the guys' massive cocks with tears, and mascara streaming down her face. It was so intense I got horny from watching it! At some points in the scene, between the anal and the oral, Kelly looked like she was about to pass out from the intensity ... The scene was finally finished off with two cumshots, one on her face, and one in her mouth. She gargles the cum a bit (which I thought was ultra hot!), and then swallows it. Kelly's definitely got my vote for the threesome scene!

Scene 3: Audrey Hollander & Trent Tesoro

The hot redhead, Audrey Hollander is up to try and win the title with the rather young looking lad, Trent Tesoro. Audrey is wearing a sexy lingerie outfit with fishnet stockings, and tall vinyl boots. In a way she kind of reminds me of a MILF, because Trent looks a good bit younger than her in this scene. The scene starts, and Trent gives Audrey a little oral attention. Audrey quickly returns the favor with some of her signature, flawless deepthroat action. Trent seems to favor the anal side of sex, as he tends to only do that for most of the scene. Of course they changes positions from doggystyle, cowgirl, and missionary. The highlight of the scene, in my opinion, is the cock sucking. Not only does Audrey do an excellent job, but the director used some unique camera angles which made the oral action so much hotter. Over all, this was a decent scene, but the anal escapades did get a tad redundant.

Scene 4: Kelly Wells & Van Damage

Well, all I can say is that this is one of those porn scenes I wish I could unsee ... To begin with Van Damage's penis has some funky skin color issue which distracts from the action, and secondly Kelly Wells looks like a mad cow both in her expressions, and actions ... In the beginning of the scene we find Kelly immediately thrust into action, finger-banging herself with four of her fingers. After a short session of self-pleasuring, and drooling like a ravenous animal, Kelly sucks Van Damage's cock. I just couldn't keep my eye off of that dudes cock. Mind you, I'm not gay, but it's so freaky ... Aside from all the oddities in the scene, Kelly did her usual extreme gagging on cock bit. At this point the extreme blowjobs are just wearing thin ... There's also a bit of cowgirl riding, and doggystyle sex thrown in the mix. In the end Van Damage shoots his pitiful load onto Kelly's pussy. Kelly will definitely have to improve big time to get my winning vote at this point!

Scene 5: Audrey Hollander, Melissa Lauren, & Venus

This is an all out girls' threesome involving Audrey, Melissa, and Venus. Where to begin??? ... Well, Audrey and the girls begin the fray with a little finger-banging, and then it just gets wild from there! Apparently all three of the girls like it rough as there's a lot of face slapping, and extreme dildo fucking. Let me tell you I've never seen such a variety of dildos in my life! They used one glass dildo for cowgirl riding, one for DP, and one for anal. The three girls were stuffing each other with dildo after dildo for most of the scene. There was also some face-sitting, and kissing thrown in the mix as well. I can't really see where Audreys actions were any better than the other girls' in the scene ... To be totally honest I'm not a great judge at all girl scenes, but if I had to judge ... I'd say Audrey did a pretty good job!

Scene 6: Kelly Wells & Kylie G. Worthy

This scene with Kelly, and Kylie was more of an intimate girl-on-girl experience. They even dressed with pink and white outfits which made it more girly ... The scene starts off with Kelly, and Kylie having a bit of a suck-off with some rubber dildos. I thought it was pretty sexy. I just wish that it had lasted a good bit longer. From that point the two girls play around with each other's breasts. Kelly even takes the opportunity to suck on Kylie's much larger tits. I thought this was also a pleasant addition to the scene. The two girls end up stuffing each other's holes with the rubber dildos they sucked on at the beginning, over and over. That pretty much sums up this scene ... I have to say that Kelly wins my vote for the girl-on-girl scene! She is definitely better at this type of scene than with the guys ... at least she doesn't look like a wild animal in this one ...

Scene 7:  Audrey Hollander, Brandon Irons, & Otto Bauer

This is a very kinky scene starring Audrey, Brandon, and Otto. To begin with we see that Audrey has a butt plug stuck up her ass ... Some random girl enters the scene, and does some kind of strange butt cuff using silver chains. She places one chain around Audrey's waist, and another around her thighs. I guess it adds to the kink factor??? Brandon, and Otto enter the scene soon after. One of them does her doggystyle, while the other tries to force the butt plug down her throat with his penis ... you heard me right ... From there on the Brandon, and Otto mainly do DP in different positions. They even DP her mouth!!! The two guys get pretty deep too! towards the end one of the guys removes the waist chain, and puts the whole thing in Audreys mouth, now that's hardcore!!! In the end her hard work is paid off with a mouthfull of cum, which she gargles. That was an awesome ending! I'd say this is, by far, one of Audrey's best scenes!

Scene 8: Kelly Wells & Bad Bob

At the start of this scene we find Kelly crawling around the floor in an all red vinyl maids outfit! She crawls right up to Bad Bob, and begins sucking his cock. Bad Bob adds a dog chain to her doggy collar ... This is a POV sumbission scene, and Kelly looks like a scolded puppy ... She definitely obeys Master Bad Bob as he has her suck his cock over, and over again ... and as he walks her like a dog through the house. At one point he even does her doggystyle ... the irony ... Bad Bob throws some missionary, and anal sex into the mix. He even uses a butt plug on Kelly too ... After walking her upstairs like a dog, Bad Bob shoots his load onto a clear glass table, and has her lick it up. What a suiting ending! This was probably Kelly's best scene ... in my opinion ...

Extras: The special features include 'More Adult Fun' which is ads for phone chat hotlines ... 'Photo Gallery' which is a slideshow of pictures of the performers in this DVD ... 'Trailers' which are video previews of different DVDs available ... 'Metro Babes' which just advertises the Metro Babes adult website ... and 'GOFLIX' which is an ad for an online Adult DVD store which rents, sells, and offers VOD

Final Thoughts: And now ladies and gents, it's time for the final results ... Who will be our star??? And the winner is!!! ... AUDREY HOLLANDER!!! Audrey won fair and square. Her scenes were more pleasant on the eyes, as opposed to Kelly's, which were quite disturbing at times. Audrey was definitely a hardcore girl, and that really appealed to me. Kelly on the other hand, was like a wild animal to the extreme, which was a bit of a turn off ... In the end who do you think was the worthy winner??? ...

This DVD wasn't all that great, in my honest opinion, although it did have some rather good scenes with Audrey. The picture quality was great, as was the audio ... the extras were mediocre. Putting all of that in account still does not make this a great DVD. One thing that really bothered me was the long advertisements at the beginning, which did not have the option to be skipped. They put the same advertisements in the extras in case someone wants to see them! I mean what's up with that!? I just wanted to see the show!!! At best this DVD is worth a rent.

Final Rating: Rent It.

"I'm the man who coined the phrase "Same Sex Different Dame". If you're gonna produce porn PLEASE go all out, and don't fall victim to retro ruination. Innovation is king!"

- Vincent Pierce 2014 A.D.

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