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Cum Catchers

Studio: Smash Pictures » Review by Dr. Jay » Review Date: 7/10/10

XCritic's Advice: Watch On Demand

Genre: All sex.
Director: Yani Z.
Cast: Alex Rox, Ariana Jollee, Brandon Iron, Dale Dabone, Elise, Ice La Fox, Jassie, Keri Sable,  Kurt Lockwood, Nick Manning, Nyomi Marcela, Sammi Rhodes, Sativa Rose, Selena Silver, Shay Lamar.
Must-See Girls in Cast: Sammi Rhodes
Length: 02:22
Condoms: None.
Bonus: One bonus point for condom-free sex and a second for Dr. Jay's Must-See Girl Sammi Rhodes.


This two-and-one-third hour release features five threeway girl/girl/boy scenes that each culminates in a generous cumshot that is deposited directly into the mouth of one of the darling cuties. The lucky girl then spits the guy's semen into the other girl's mouth and, in some cases, the girls swallow every drop.

I like the premise of this movie: two girls to every guy! Those are damned good odds in my book! In addition, I like to see cum swapping, especially because it is rarely performed. Girls, on the average, get paid more than twice what guys do to perform in sex scenes. Therefore, having two girls in a scene is quite costly. And, since cum swapping requires at least two girls, I have to congratulate director Yani Z. for spending the extra money it cost to make the cum swaps possible.

I also have to applaud Yani Z. for picking such a cute cast. This was the first time I've saw many of these girls and I must admit that they're especially attractive. In particular, you've just gotta see Keri Sable! Wow, what a looker! I met her at the Adult Entertainment Expo in Las Vegas in early January 2005 and, if anything, she's even cuter in person. Too bad she has since retired. 

Each of the five scenes begins with a generous girl/girl segment during which the girls show off their hot little bodies and play with each other. In many cases, the girls have already cum by the time the guy shows up!

Overall, I must admit that I really liked Cum Catchers. I recommend that you rent it.

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Check out some photos of the girls in Cum Catchers here. Pay particular attention to the photos of the adorable Keri Sable and Must-See Girl Sammi Rhodes. Enjoy!


Scene One

Keri Sable and Sativa Rose, dressed in skimpy tops and short-short skirts, begin Scene One by walking across a beautiful hardwood floor to the base of a staircase. Damn, leggy blond Keri is to die for and is just about guaranteed to make your cock swell or pussy drip. That's not to say that Sativa isn't gorgeous as well. She's a raven-haired beauty who would turn any guy's neck. As soon as they reach the staircase, Sativa grabs a handful of Keri's perfect ass while Keri goes straight for Sativa's breasts. Within seconds, they're stripping off each others' clothes and Sativa buries her tongue inside Keri's pussy. Soon, they begin walking up the staircase as the camera captures their fine athletic physiques from below (Keri's ass and legs are unbelievable!). At the top of the stairs, the girls both kneel and really get into each others' bodies, kissing, caressing, squeezing, suckling, licking, rubbing, probing, and finger-fucking one another. Damn, Keri looks so fucking hot as Sativa, who knows exactly the value of what is in front of her, greedily tongue fucks her bald-shaven and puffy pussy. Sativa's more voluptuous body looks superb, too, when she stands while Keri, kneeling before her, eats her pussy (excellent shot-from-below camera work). Once these two darling girls (I'd die to spend the night with Keri!) have each others' juices flowing abundantly, Dale Dabone joins them, rubs his greedy hands all over their fine flesh, and buries his tongue between Sativa's ass cheeks. Then, all three performers kneel in a triangle--face to face--share kisses, and please each other with hands and tongues. Soon, it's time for a little fellatio. So, the girls pull Dale's cock out of his pants to share his bounty and work together to stroke, lick, and suck it and gobble his balls (damn, what's better than two gorgeous girls consuming one cock?). Even though Dale's got a BIG cock and Keri's quite tiny, she's able to deep-throat the whole thing balls-deep (Sativa tries valiantly, but can't swallow it)! Once this oral action has caused Dale's cock to swell and quiver with lust, the girls, hand-in-hand, lead him downstairs where they settle on a tan corner-group couch. After the girls cooperate to give Dale's cock a bit more erotic fellatio, Sativa mounts him and begins to fuck and grind him madly. Meanwhile Keri, sitting on his face, gets her pussy eaten while she, in turn, fondles Sativa's boobs and kisses her mouth. (I was really impressed how the two girls were always involved in the action. Too often, threeways degenerate into a couple fucking while the second girl watches. Not so in this case. Both girls are always busy pleasuring somebody else.) Sativa soon gets so aroused that rivers of her white juice flow from her super-saturated vagina. Of course, Keri's pussy wants some action, too! So, as the scene continues, she climbs aboard him, cowgirl style, and shows off her fabulous ass and high-energy moves as she pounds him hard, fast, and deep. Meanwhile, Dale eats Sativa's pussy as she straddles his face. Later, after the girls work together to suck and lick Keri's juices off Dale's cock and balls, Sativa lies back on the couch so Dale can fuck her missionary style. Keri participates in the fun by face-fucking Sativa, by fondling Sativa's boobs, and by French-kissing Dale. After again demonstrating her considerable deep-throating skills, Keri moves into the doggie position so Dale can fuck (and gape) her pussy from behind while she eats and finger-fucks Sativa's tasty pussy and squeezes her boobs. Keri's body, now bright crimson with lust, quickly ramps up to an orgasm as Dale fucks her harder and faster. Before either girl gets the chance to cum, Dale pulls out and they, again, suck his cock clean. Then, after the girls drop to their knees before standing Dale, Keri commands, "Cum in my mouth!" Dale jacks off as Keri eyes him intently and opens her mouth super wide to accept his load. After Dale deposits almost all his cum on Keri's tongue she, without swallowing, reaches over and spits it onto Sativa's tongue. To finish up, the girls kiss and lick each others' faces clean. This is a very good scene marred only by the lack of a female orgasm. Be that as it may, Keri is fucking gorgeous and well worth seeing. Four stars. 

Scene Two

Selena Silver introduces cute-as-can-be Elise to the world of porn in Scene Two (billed as Elise's first-ever). The girls begin to make out in a bathroom when Selena, looking like a joyful lottery winner, caresses Elise's cute tight body through her bright pink tight tank top. That top is soon pushed aside so Selena can suckle her nipples and lick her belly (Selena looks into the camera with such a wicked smile that I just had to laugh!). Selena quickly finds Elise's pink-panty-clad pussy, and while sharing a playful smile and some very graphic words with us, she begins to fondle, lick, and probe that delightful hole. Selena also spends some quality time squeezing, slapping, and licking Elise's fine butt cheeks. Elise, too, gets into the act when she pulls aside Selena's top and hungrily suckles her pert nipples and kisses her mouth. Elise also slaps and takes big mouthfuls of Selena's firm ass and finger- and tongue-fucks her bald pussy. After a while, the girls stand facing each other, kiss, finger-fuck each other, and squeeze each others' boobs. Then, they walk hand-in-hand to the living room where Nick Manning, reclining on a couch, awaits them. They immediately attack him, fondling and suckling his dick through his pants while he talks nasty to them. The quickly remove his pants and, after enjoying a girl/girl kiss, Selena gives Elise hands-on instruction in the fine art of fellatio. Meanwhile, Selena and Nick carry on a deliciously nasty conversation (I really like how Nick always encourages his female partners with nasty talk). Of course, Selena gets in on the cock sucking, deftly demonstrating jaw breakers, ball-gobbling, and noisy deep-throat techniques to Elise. Of course, the highlight of the fellatio segment is when both girls have their tongues on his dick at the same time! When it's time for penetration, Selena has Elise mount Nick cowgirl style and helps slide his mammoth dick deep inside Elise's tight 19-year-old pussy. Elise rocks her hips back and forth, forcing Nick's cock in and out of her while Selena squeezes her ass cheeks and rims her asshole with her tongue. Selena also keeps Nick's dick nice and clean by repeatedly slipping it out of Elise's pussy and sucking her creamy white juices off of it. As Elise's passion builds, she bangs and grinds Nick's cock harder and faster. After a while, the girls, hand-in-hand, lead Nick upstairs to a bedroom to continue fucking (nice footage of the girls' asses as they ascend the staircase). Once atop the bed, the girls kiss a bit and then Selena gets her first fucking of the scene, missionary style, while Elise squeezes Selena's boobs. Selena yells out with pleasure as Nick thrusts his dick balls-deep in-and-out of her pussy while she helps out by fingering her own clit. Selena cums hard within seconds, screaming in ecstasy as waves of pleasure overwhelm her. Elise gets her pussy pleased, too, when she straddles Selena's face for some intense cunnilingus. Once Selena comes down from her orgasmic high, Elise transitions to the missionary position for some balls-deep in-and-out action. Nick loves Elise's tight 19-year-old pussy and fucks it furiously while Selena fingers Elise's clit. They also spend some time fucking doggie style: "This dirty little slut likes to get fucked!" Nick fucks her so hard that the firm flesh of Elise's butt cheeks jiggles erotically. In due course, after the girls suck Nick's cock clean, the trio transitions again so that he can fuck Selena's tight asshole in the missionary position. While Nick stretches her anus to the limits, Selena fingers her clit and pussy and screams out with pleasure (nice POV camera work). Selena cums again, this time having an "assgasm" that causes her whole body to tremble. After Selena performs some nasty ass-to-mouth on Nick's cock (nice eye contact with us, Selena!), Nick again reams her asshole, gaping it for our enjoyment. Then, Selena rolls over into the doggie position, Elise fucks Selena's asshole with a horsetail butt plug, and Nick again pounds her pussy (Selena does ass-to-mouth on the butt plug). As the scene continues, Elise dons a strap-on and Selena suckles it while Nick continues to fuck her pussy. Then, Selena straddles Nick cowgirl style so he can ream her pussy while Elise, from behind, fucks Selena's anus with the strap-on. All this fucking pays big dividends when Selena cums yet again. To finish this awesome intro-to-porn lesson, Nick shoots his entire load into Elise's wide-open mouth. After Elise turns her cute-as-can-be face to us to show us her cum-filled mouth, she reaches over and dribbles the entire load into Selena's greedy mouth. The girls kiss, Selena shows us her full mouth, and then purposefully swallows. Elise, you had a GREAT teacher. Five stars!

Scene Three

The action doesn't even begin to slow down in Scene Three, which features Ice La Fox, Nyomi Marcela, and Kurt Lockwood. Both girls are exotic dark-haired beauties: Nyomi appears to be Asian while Ice is Hispanic. They both have all-natural firm bodies. Ice has rigid thimble-like nipples and, for a change, Nyomi has a full bush (cropped, but not shaven)! As always, the scene begins with some hot girl/girl tease action. Ice sits atop a stool facing a corner (maybe she was a bad girl?) dressed in a black bra and thong with a coarse-mesh cover up. Nyomi, dressed in a hot black see-through mesh dress, grabs handfuls of Ice's perfect ass, slaps her butt cheeks, and licks her firm flesh. The girls soon begin to slowly strip off each others' clothes so they can suckle each others' boobs, caress each others' curves, kiss each other, and probe each others' pussies with fingers and tongues. Nyomi gets the better part of the lesbian action: Ice goes nuts tongue-fucking her pussy and brings her damned close to an orgasm. After the girls kiss and fondle each other a bit more, Kurt, who's already at full mast, joins them. Smiling broadly, they lick, suckle, and caress his dick through his pants. After his pants become soaking wet with saliva, the girls unzip and open them. Ice immediately takes his hard spit-lubricated rod all the way down her insatiable throat while Nyomi plays with his balls. Nyomi gets to show off her fellatio skills as well when she greedily consumes his dick. After the girls spend several minutes orally pleasing his penis, Kurt begins to finger-fuck each girl's so-tight pussy. Then, they move into a very sexy-looking love triangle: Kurt lies back on a lounge chair and Ice fucks his cock reverse cowgirl style, using extremely hot moves, while Nyomi fucks his face. Ice talks nasty, in both English and Spanish, as she hurls her bejeweled pussy up and down on his dick. Nyomi, not to be outdone, heaves her body so forcefully while fucking his face that her hair flies all over the place! (Again, I am very impressed how both girls keep themselves constantly involved in the action.) Later, the trio transitions so that Nyomi can get fucked, cowgirl style, while Ice keeps Kurt's dick spotless with her mouth. Ice also keeps Nyomi's pussy lubricated with lots of her spit. Meanwhile, Nyomi's high-energy thrusting, undulating, and grinding moves make her blood boil, especially when Ice encourages her with nasty talk. Eventually, Ice, too, gets a chance to show off her cowgirl moves. And, as she fucks and grinds him hard, her delectable Hispanic booty jiggles delightfully. Meanwhile, Nyomi fucks Kurt's face. As the sex continues, Ice gets vaginally reamed doggie style while she, in turn, licks Nyomi's hairy pussy. During this segment, Nyomi also repeatedly sucks Ice's juices off of Kurt's dick and spits into Ice's pussy to add all-natural lube. Later, Nyomi gets some balls-deep vaginal action in the missionary position: while Kurt pounds her, Ice licks and suckles her nipples, talks nasty, and occasionally sucks Nyomi's juices off his dick. Next, in perhaps the highlight of the scene, Ice demonstrates her extremely energetic moves when she and Kurt fuck missionary style: whereas most girls just lie there during missionary, Ice is truly involved sexually as she hurls her body up and down to meet Kurt's thrusts. To conclude this hot scene, Kurt explodes into Ice's mouth and then she, in turn, shares it with Nyomi. The girls kiss to share the semen and move their faces apart to form stringers of cum. After they let the cum dibble out onto Nyomi's tits, they suck his cock dry. Four stars!

Scene Four

Scene Four is another sizzling scene and features yet two more gorgeous girls: blond, blue-eyed Sammi Rhodes (awesome body); and soft-and-cuddly brunette Shay Lamar. When the scene opens, the two girls meet at the bottom of a marble staircase and begin to feel-out one another. Sammi show off her fine ass by rubbing it sensually before squeezing handfuls of Shay's equally inviting butt. Soon, the girls begin to undress each other, kiss, lick one another's bodies, and suckle each others' tits (Sammi's are magnificent!). After quite a bit of sensual caressing, probing, and kissing, the girls back up against a clear glass railing and press their fine asses against it while the videographer captures their beauty from behind the glass (it's a real hot segment...if you like asses and pussies, of course!). Later, the girls get into a lot of mutual pussy rubbing, erotically videotaped from below, and then walk hand-in-hand to an elegant living room where Alex Rox, already nude, awaits them seated on a plush couch (Sammi's body is fucking awesome!). The girls go straight for Alex and the threesome engages in some hot three-way kissing. Then, they begin to compete to see who can give Alex the better blowjob. My choice is Sammi, who deep-throats and strokes his rod and massages his balls while her long blond hair dangles onto his thighs and chest. Sammi then straddles Alex's face, cowgirl style, and strokes his cock a bit more with her hand while he hungrily fucks her pussy with his tongue and multiple fingers. Meanwhile, Shay pleases Alex's cock with her slobbery mouth. Once Sammi's pussy and Alex's cock are both drenched, Alex demands, "Put it in, baby!" So, she slides back and allows Shay to shove Alex's hugely engorged dick into her pussy. Once he's completely inside, Sammi starts to toss her body back and forth while Shay, grabbing handfuls of Sammi's perfect butt cheeks, pushes and pulls Sammi to increase the ferocity of her strokes (excellent teamwork, girls!). Shay also rims Sammi's asshole with her tongue. Believe me, Sammi's bouncing and gyrating big breasts and jiggling ass flesh looks SO good as she and Alex gleefully fuck each other! And, the sex must feel as good as it looks because Sammi constantly shouts for joy! During this high-energy segment, Shay helps out by shoving a finger up Sammi's asshole and by occasionally sucking Sammi's juices off Alex's dick. Abruptly, the action switches: Alex fucks Shay in the reverse cowgirl position while Sammi fucks his face. While Alex reams Shay's pussy at redline speed, Shay looks forward to even more: "I can't wait to have his hard cock in my ass!" However, before Shay can get her butt plugged, Alex takes some time to pound Sammi in the spoon position (Sammi looks so fine that words cannot do her justice!). Again, Sammi's shouts and nasty words reveal the intense pleasure she feels. Even though Shay is not getting fucked at the moment, she stays busy, sucking Alex's dick, probing, touching, and squeezing to increase everybody's pleasure. Then, Alex fucks Shay's spit-lubricated pussy for a while in the doggie position. Once Shay's pleasure engine has revved up to near redline speed, he shares the joy by bending Sammi over a chair and fucking her hard and deep while she shouts for joy. Alex's pleasure soon climaxes when he pops and shoots his first load of the scene onto Sammi's fine butt cheek and thigh. Alex's testosterone level must be very high because after only a few sucks by the girls' mouths, he's ready to continue pounding Sammi's pussy doggie style. Speaking of Sammi's pussy, it's so wet that it not only sloshes when he fucks her, but her juices also splatter all over the camera lens! Alex works himself into an all-over sweat by pistoning in and out of that very juicy pussy faster and faster until Sammi has a screaming orgasm. Afterward, it's Shay's turn again: this time Alex reams her pussy missionary style for a while before inching his cock deep into her tight ass. Once Shay's sphincter has relaxed, Alex fucks her ass balls-deep while Sammi rubs her clit and probes her vagina with her finger: "You're gonna give me an assgasm!" Alex also gapes Shay's anus for our viewing pleasure. Then, to finish up this very appealing scene, the girls lie side to side on the couch. Alex alternatingly fucks each girl's pussy until he's ready to pop for the second time, this time in Sammi's mouth. Of course, Sammi then shares Alex's bounty with Shay. Five stars! 

Scene Five

Scene Five features boxcover-girl Jassie, Ariana Jollee, and Brandon Iron. Although all three of these performers are first-rate, I'm disappointed in this scene because the same sort of three-way fire that was so evident in Scenes One through Four just doesn't materialize in this scene. Sure, the girls are both gorgeous and Brandon is a superb swordsman. In addition, the sex between Brandon and each girl individually is quite good. However, as a threeway it leaves much to be desired. In particular, Jassie really doesn't seem to know what to do when Ariana is getting stuffed with cock. In addition, Ariana always seems to be the one getting fucked while Jassie is too often on the sidelines. This is not to say this is a bad scene: the girls are very alluring; the girl/girl tease segment is very pleasing; the girls do a nice job of fellatio on Brandon's cock; Brandon, as is his custom, goes nuts rimming the girls' assholes; there's good vaginal fun in lots of positions (I particularly enjoyed the girls in 69 while Brandon fucks Jassie's pussy doggie style); and Ariana takes Brandon's substantial rod up her tight ass as juice flows from her very happy pussy. And, Brandon gives Ariana a huge mouthful of cum which she, of course, shares with Jassie. Ariana even eats the cum that drips out of Jassie's mouth and onto the floor. Jassie and Ariana, I love you both. I don't know why this scene didn't seem to click as well as the other scenes in this movie, but it didn't--at least in my opinion. Three and one-half stars.

DVD Perspectives

Video (technical): The video is acceptable and the camera angles are generally effective. There are cases in which only ambient lighting was used and, as a result, the shadows are too dark and the image becomes pixelized. It appears that the camera's automatic exposure function was used because the video often becomes lighter or darker when the image zooms in or out. In addition, there are abrupt and jerky camera motions on numerous occasions. And, you can often see crewmembers and/or equipment in reflective surfaces behind the action. I didn't care for the editing: it's jerky and oftentimes leaves me with the impression that I missed something (like a transition from one position to another). Three stars.

Audio (technical): The stereo audio is uneven, fading in and out (getting louder and quieter) during the action. In addition, several off-screen "directorals" (the director's verbal instructions) were not edited out. Three stars.

Extras: The extras are about normal in comparison to other current adult DVDs. The disk contains an interesting and amusing 15-minute Behind-the Scenes featurette, website promo, self-running slide-show, and previews of six other Smash Pictures movies. It also has a scene access feature that not only allows you to jump to your favorite scene but also choose which position you want to watch. Three stars.

Aesthetics: The locations are rooms in reasonable-looking homes: appealing but not particularly special. The girls' outfits are cute and sexy and their make-up is flawless. The musical soundtrack accompanies only portions of the video and is typical non-inspired porn music. Three and one-half stars.

Final Thoughts

Average sex rating: 4.30
Average video rating: 3.00
Average audio rating: 3.00
Average production values rating: 3.50
Extras rating: 3.00
Bonus point(s): 2.00
Overall rating: 3.76

X Critic Pick (4.5+ sex; 4.0+ production values; 4.5+ overall)
Highly Recommended (4.5+ sex; 4.0+ overall)
Recommended (4.0+ sex; 4.0+ overall)
Rent It (<4.00 sex; <4.00 overall)
Skip It (<3.50 sex; <4.00 overall)

Dr. Jay

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