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Crazy In The Head, Crazy In The Bed

Studio: American Hardcore » Review by Dr. Jay » Review Date: 6/2/10

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Genre: Gonzo
Director: Stoney Curtis
Cast: Ashley Raines, Dirty Harry, Eva Angelina, Lee Stone, Lindsay Lane, Rick Masters, Roxetta, Sierra Sinn, Steven French. 
Must-See Girls in Cast: Eva Angelina.
Length: Length
Condoms: None.
Bonus: One bonus point for condom-free sex and a second for Dr. Jay's Must-See Girl Eva Angelina.


In Crazy in the Head, Crazy in the Bed, director Stoney Curtis succeeds in proving that girls who are just a little loony are wild in bed. Each of the five featured girls tells one or more tales to convince us that she's eccentric in her private life. Then, without much ado, she strips off her clothes and fucks the shit out of one or more guys to prove that she's crazy in bed, too.

Maybe I understated the craziness of these girls. Some regale us with wild and crazy sexual shenanigans. That kind of story is to be expected from porn girls. Others, however, tell how they were arrested or, in one case, charged with attempted murder. Yikes!

Even though it might seem risky to fuck somebody who once beat her girlfriend's head with a padlock, the shear pleasure that can be derived from these girls' passion more than compensates for any danger a guy might risk. Of course, on our side of the screen there's no risk at all--unless you think having an orgasm is risky! I certainly don't.

I think you'll find these crazy girls very pleasing. Examine 'em to see if you agree!

Check out some photos of the girls in Crazy in the Head, Crazy in the Bed here. Pay particular attention to the photos of amazing Eva Angelina and hot-and-spicy Roxetta! Enjoy!


Each of the five pleasantly-long scenes (they average 30 minutes) begins with a little interview during which director Stoney Curtis, behind the camera, coaxes the girl in front of the lens into admitting that she's crazy in the head. Whatever you do, don't skip these intros. Sometimes they're quite funny. Other times they literally unbelievable. However, they're always fascinating.

Crazy in the Head, Crazy in the Bed is a gonzo movie. Director Stoney Curtis, behind the scenes, often gets involved in the scene, cheering when a girl cums or exchanging choice nasty words with the performers while they fuck. It really appears that everybody on the set--performers and director--had lots of fun while the movie was filmed.

Sometimes, I get bored during long scenes. In fact, I just previewed half of another long-scened movie from a different studio and I started wishing the guy would cum and get it over with. The sex seemed so tedious that it truly was tiresome--even though the big-breasted girls were gorgeous. The scenes in Crazy in the Head, Crazy in the Bed are, for the most part, appealing even though they run over the more traditional 20-minute time frame.

Scene One  

Scene One--featuring 19-year-old, all-natural, redheaded, girl-next-door Ashley Raines and Rick Masters--is so fucking hot that I really want you to see it for yourself. To begin with, Ashley, the horny slut, tells how she fucked her little sister with toys. And, she also confesses that she almost got arrested for attempted murder when she was 14! There's no doubt that Ashley carries the craziness of her life into her bed. Her sexual escapes rock! You'll love this scene if you like strong, passionate, and very sexual women who know what they want and aren't afraid to tell you how to please them. You'll also appreciate Ashley if you, like me, adore powerful female orgasms. Wow! I used to think that Chloé's orgasms were the most intense I ever saw. Cytherea, too, cums like a volcano. However, amazing Ashley literally becomes so wild with lust that she stops breathing! And, she creams all over Rick's cock when she cums. Also, if you like nasty-mouthed girls--who like to enrage you with their words--you'll love Ashley. I enjoyed every second of this 32-minute scene. In fact, I was so engrossed with Ashley that I literally sat on the edge of my seat with excitement. Truthfully, even though it's a pretty straightforward vaginal-only scene, I didn't want it to end. Wow! I sure as hell hope that Ashley has, in her private life, a guy who can truly appreciate her passion. If she were mine, I would be in heaven. There's only one bit of advice I'd like to give Ashley: either shave your genitals completely bald or let your hair grow out. Bald, nicely cropped, or naturally hairy is prettier than stubble. Five stars!

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Scene Two

Scene Two is another scorcher. Interestingly, it features another sizzling redhead, Roxetta. I've reviewed Roxetta in only one other movie, Teen Auditions 2. In that review, I stated, "Roxetta is superb and I hope she remains just the way she is as her career progresses." I'm glad to see that her career appears to be moving along quite well. I suppose her huge and tempting hooters are, at least partially, responsible for her sex-cess. However, even better, her enthusiasm for sex, coupled with an almost child-like innocence, is also very appealing. After Roxetta's interview--during which she strips off her clothes (gasp!), confesses to being "a dirty, filthy, bitch," and tells how she had sex in a club's men's room with a guy she met a few minutes earlier while dancing--Dirty Harry joins her and the sparks begin to fly. Roxetta immediately drops to her knees and takes Harry's huge cock into her mouth to suck it greedily while stroking it with her hand (her huge boobs bounce delightfully). Although Harry's cock it TOO huge for her to swallow completely, she does manage to shove at least 90% of it down her capacious throat (great camera angles, including POV). And, between gulps, Roxetta inflames Harry (and us) with extremely nasty commentary--I LOVED it! Meanwhile, Roxetta three-finger fucks her pussy. Eventually, Roxetta decides it's time to move on. So, she shoves Harry down on a white leather couch, climbs aboard him cowgirl style, slides his dick inch-by-inch into her rapidly-expanding cunt, and then pumps him hard while screaming with delight. Roxetta is so fucking horny that her white creamy girl-juice quickly lubricates his shaft from top to bottom. That lubrication makes it possible for her to take his extra-long dick balls-deep. But, she wants even more of him inside her and, as she hurls her body up and down at redline speed, she screams, "Deeper, DEEPER, OH YEAH. That cock feels so fuckin' good up my wet cunt!" Wild and crazy Roxetta often takes opportunities to ravenously suck her juice off his cock. However, she never lets her pussy remain unoccupied for very long. Later, they transition to missionary for more vaginal sex: "You're fucking me senseless...I can't even think straight!...Your dick feels good in me!...I want you to fuck me in my ass, too!" So, after transitioning to spoon, Harry does the lady's bidding. After sliding in slowly and carefully, Harry pumps her ass with very long and deep strokes while she encourages him with nasty talk: "I like my ass getting fucked. It's so fucking nice, so fucking intense, so fucking dirty!" Believe me, listening to her talk this way--combined with the sight of her awesome-looking pussy, asshole, and bountiful boobs--just about made me cum on several occasions (too bad there weren't more close-ups). After several minutes of intense anal sex, Roxetta gets up and sucks Harry's dick clean using truly ravenous ass-to-mouth (ATM). Afterward, they transition to reverse cowgirl--followed by cowgirl--for more anal sex and ATM. Nice camerawork highlights Roxetta's heart-shaped, perfectly-shaped, and blemish-free ass--especially when Harry repeatedly spanks it hard. As the scene continues, Roxetta kneels on the floor, looks directly at you and me, and shouts, "Fuck me in the ass like a dog!" Harry magnanimously straddles her and services her ass for us. Meanwhile, she plays with her labia and clit using her beautifully-manicured fingers and murmurs, "Ohh...ahh...it's so deep...oh yes...it's so fucking deep!" As her passion builds, her vocabulary becomes more intense: "I'm such a filthy fucking slut!" And, to prove it, she spits on us through the camera lens. Then, when Harry spanks her ass sharply, she cums like a volcano, her body trembling uncontrollably (wait until you see her foot quiver as pleasure overwhelms her). To finish up, Harry plasters her face, "Cum on my fucking face...oh God...fuck, yeah, I love it...I fuckin' love it." So do I. Five stars.

Scene Three

In late 2005, when this movie was shot, there were only a few new girls who were so hot--so inflammatory--that I suggest you buy or rent just about any movie they were in. From the perspectives of both looks and performance, you've gotta see, in no particular order, Jenaveve Jolie, Eva Angelina, Missy Monroe, and Nicki Hunter. Scene Three is a very good opportunity for you to see Eva. Frankly, I think she's about the cutest thing to grace the blue screen in a long time. Couple that with her perky attitude and extreme enthusiasm for anything sexual and you've got a sure winner. This scene is no exception. Diagnosed as "crazy in the head" by director Stoney Curtis, Eva is given over to the care of two "doctors" (Steven French and another unknown guy). Believe me...Eva really is crazy in the bed--and the two guys are lucky enough to experience her sexual insanity. The guys begin with an "examination" that includes a strip tease, lots of clit jacking and ass-spanking, and tit worship (if you haven't seen Eva's enhanced tits, you really need to see her state-of-the art rack!). Once she's stripped down to her fishnet stockings, the guys jump in, spread her pussy wide for the camera, and fill her mouth with cock. Soon, insatiable Eva has not one, by TWO cocks in her very accommodating mouth. She also expertly strokes the two spit-soaked dicks and manages to deep-throat most of their length. Meanwhile, the camera zooms in on her magnificent chest as her voluminous drool streams down her curves. And, Eva acknowledges our presence by establishing dick-stiffening eye contact with us while she blows the guys. Believe me, she's an oral maniac! In fact, she readily acknowledges that she'd really prefer to have three or four cocks to please--instead of JUST two! When it's time for sex, the guys fuck Eva's pussy in the missionary (twice), cowgirl (lots of ass squeezing and slapping), reverse cowgirl, and doggie positions. Of course, while one guy's reaming her cunt, the other guy fucks her mouth. Between positions, Eva ravenously sucks her juices off the guys' cocks while jacking her own clit. In addition, whenever she gets a chance--in other words, when her mouth is not stuffed with cock--Eva delights her partners (and us) with her motivating and provocative vocabulary as well as her animalistic groans of pleasure. And, it goes without saying that Eva's fantastic body--especially her awesome tits and meaty heart-shaped ass--looks absolutely superb in each and every position in which she gets fucked. Eva's drenched and perfect pink pussy also looks absolutely outstanding whenever the guys pull out of her to let us savor her mesmerizing hole. I most enjoyed Eva's performance in the reverse cowgirl position because she energetically fucks hard, using lots of extremely erotic thrusting and grinding moves, so that she cums like a volcano (she also cums in the doggie position). She also looks so fucking fine that I literally ached with lust as I watched her. To finish up the scene, both guys plaster Eva's face with their semen. If you like cum-splattered faces (bukkake), you'll adore Eva's soaked face. Five stars!

Scene Four

I had great expectations for Scene Four, featuring Lindsay Lane and Lee Stone. After all, Lindsay's pre-scene interview convinced me that she's "crazy in the head." In addition, the fellatio segment that follows the interview, during which Lindsay manages to completely--and repeatedly--deep throat Lee's massive rod, led me to believe that she's also "crazy in bed." Alas, that's not the case. In my opinion, no chemistry developed between Lindsay and Lee. In fact, their sexual encounter seems much more mechanical than pleasurable...sort of like, "let's get this over and get paid." Why do I say such an uncomplimentary thing? Because Lindsay's moans of "ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah" could have been recorded and looped around and around a million times and there would have been no difference as compared to what we actually hear while she and Lee fuck. Frankly, I think that Lee agrees with me. I almost always enjoy his scenes because his strength allows him to perform in amazing sexual positions and permits him to fuck the shit out of any girl he's with without even breaking a sweat. Not so in this scene. I think he quickly lost interest when he saw that the scene was going nowhere. In fact, he didn't even fuck Lindsay while standing, toss her around, or carry her around the room while fucking her (those are a few of Lee's trademark moves). Sadly, I got bored and couldn't resist the urge to fast forward even though it's a vaginal/anal scene. Three stars.

Scene Five

Things pick up a little in Scene Five when 23-year-old girl-next-door brunette Sierra Sinn takes on Talon. Sierra is a fan of orgies and public sex (she blew her boyfriend in a mall). Sierra convinces director Stoney Curtis that she's crazy. So, he calls upon Talon to examine her. Talon begins by finger-fucking her mouth and soon progresses to nipple squeezing (Sierra has darling tiny all-natural tits), pussy probing with multiple fingers (she licks his fingers clean), and clit rubbing. "Dr." Talon then instructs Sierra to remove all her clothes so he can continue the "examination" by taking her anal temperature with two of his fingers (again, she licks his fingers clean). Things quickly progress to oral sex, and Sierra does a nice job worshipping (and gagging-on) Talon's cock and balls with her mouth while she eyes us through the camera lens (nice almost-POV camera angles). After this perhaps too-lengthy fellatio segment, and foregoing cunnilingus, Sierra climbs aboard Talon so that they can fuck vaginally in the reverse cowgirl position. Sierra does not of the work, hurling her little body up and down while Talon grabs her hips and marvels at her enthusiasm (she's quite a wild fuck!). Sierra's zest rewards her with lots of pleasure as her body begins to glow red with passion. After a quick respite for some pussy-to-mouth action, Talon picks up Sierra and tosses her onto the couch so he can fuck her missionary style while she encourages him with shrieks of delight and motivating talk: "pound this crazy little whore...USE MY PUSSY!" Then, after some deep-throating cock worship, Sierra declares, "I want you to fuck my ass!" So, Talon reclines on the couch and then Sierra mounts him, reverse cowgirl style, and inches her asshole down around his shaft. Once he's completely inside her, Sierra pounds him vigorously, tossing her tiny body up and down--forcing him balls-deep inside her asshole--while jacking her clit (Sierra is a really fine fuck!). To show that she's a nasty girl, Sierra takes breaks from anal sex for ATM and spreads her asshole for some fine gape shots. As Talon continues to pleasure Sierra's anus, they spend some quality time in piledriver (more magnificent gape shots of both her asshole and pussy), spoon (lots of nasty talk: "I fuckin' love your cock in my ass!"), and doggie. They finish up when Talon explodes on her face and in her mouth (she doesn't swallow). Bottom line...although Sierra's a wild and crazy fuck, she didn't cum. Four stars. 

DVD Perspectives

Video (technical): Throughout the movie, the video is sharp and clear and shows no sign of grain or digital compression artifacts. However, the camera work is a bit amateurish (too many jerky movements and too much zooming in and out) and the color balance varies from scene to scene and is often too yellowish. And, the video is often over-exposed (too light). In addition, the editing is frequently abrupt and left me with the impression that I missed something. In particular, I think it is "required" to show the transition from position to position and the insertion sequence after a transition has been completed. These two "requirements" were repeatedly overlooked when the footage was edited. Three stars.

Audio (technical): The audio is quite acceptable but not particularly noteworthy. The volume is just right and you can hear clearly the performers' dialog and their sounds of passion. No obtrusive musical soundtrack obscures the sounds of sex. Three and one-half stars.

Extras: The Extras are pretty basic. There's a self-running slide show; a 16-minute "Outtakes" feature that is really footage captured during photoshoots, behind-the-scenes tomfoolery, and interviews; 41 minutes of trailers that are arranged in a linear fashion so that you cannot jump to the preview you want to see (however, you can use your chapter selector to jump from preview to preview); and website access information. However, perhaps the most useful Extra is the chapter selector: once you select a scene you want to watch, you are presented with a fetish menu that allows you to jump to the beginning of the scene, oral sex, each position, and the pop-shot. Three and one-half stars.

Aesthetics: Aesthetics were not much of a concern when Crazy in the Head, Crazy in the Bed was captured. Other than Scene Three (see the Outtakes feature for more insight), which features cover girl Eva Angelina, there wasn't much concern about costumes (even Eva's red fishnet stockings are torn), make-up, or other aesthetic pleasantries. The locations in which the movie was shot are OK, but not striking. In addition, the girls could have been better made-up. There's no supportive musical soundtrack to evaluate. Three and one-half stars.

Final Thoughts

Average sex rating: 4.40
Average video rating: 3.00
Average audio rating: 3.50
Average production values rating: 3.50
Extras rating: 3.50
Bonus point(s): 2.00
Overall rating: 3.98

X Critic Pick (4.5+ sex; 4.0+ production values; 4.5+ overall)
Highly Recommended (4.5+ sex; 4.0+ overall)
Recommended (4.0+ sex; 4.0+ overall)
Rent It (<4.00 sex; <4.00 overall)
Skip It (<3.50 sex; <4.00 overall)

Dr. Jay

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