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Britney Rears 2

Studio: Hustler Video » Review by Dr. Jay » Review Date: 5/25/10

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Genre: Feature
Director: Will Ryder.
Cast: Barrett Blade, Jessica Sweet, Capri Styles, Eva Angelina, Hillary Scott, James Deen, Jean Val Jean, Jenaveve Jolie, Kurt Lockwood, Nadia Styles, Nyomi Marcela, Sascha, Scott Nails, Seth Dickens, Shy Love, Sunny Lane.
Must-See Girls in Cast: Eva AngelinaHillary Scott, Sunny Lane.
Length: Length
Condoms: None.
Bonus: One bonus star for condo-free sex and a second for Dr. Jay's Must-See Girls Eva AngelinaHillary Scott, and Sunny Lane.


On the heels of her meteoric rise to fame, as chronicled in Britney Rears Wild Back Stage Sex Party, uber-cute Britney Rear's friends, employees, and enemies start to talk behind her back, to rumor, to whisper, and to plot her downfall. Darlin' Britney's alleged offense? Lip-synching!

So, armed with her oh-so-believable persona--and her manager--Britney does everything she can to defend herself against these terrible accusations. She holds press conferences (during which she and one of her dancers [Shy Love] actually fuck Britney's number one fan on the dais in front of a cohort of reporters!) and even creates a music video to show off her real singing voice.

Of course, pornstar/popstar Britney--and everybody around her--is not in the music business for the sake of music. No, she's using music to get laid. Not that there's anything wrong with that! She fucks everybody she can--and makes sure that everybody around her gets as much sex as possible.

To prove to you just how horny Britney really is, here are the lyrics from her first smash single, I Wanna Get Laid. It's her theme song and became a hit when her first movie, Britney Rears Wild Back Stage Sex Party, debuted:

Hey Britney, (Yea) Where You Goin'
I'm about to get laid,

My name is Britney, my tits are real,
All the boys wanna' cop a feel,
My ass is tight and my hair ain't real
Lip syncin' songs, got a record deal.

I wanna get laid
I wanna get laid

All the boys give me such a thrill,
Oops...by the way, I forgot my pill,
I'm really famous, got cash to spend,
Hit me baby in my rear end.

I wanna' get laid

I wanna' get laid

When I am on stage I love to dance
(Hey) buy me a drink and I'll drop my pants,
I'm number one and it's good on top,
Like Paris Hilton says "Oooh that's hot"
(that's hot).

I wanna get laid,
I wanna get laid,
Britney wants to get laid,
I wanna get laid
Britney wants to get laid!

Even though Britney is so perky and full of life, the backstabbing starts to get to her. Just look at the lyrics of her second big song (which debuts in Britney Rears 2: I Wanna Get Laid). See how frustration and desperation are starting to envelop her?

Yea, yea, yea, yea, yea,
Yea, yea, yea, yea, yea,

Hey Britney yea, where you going...
I'm about to do another song.

If y'all didn't know my name is Britney
I wouldn't know a fake tit if they fell off and hit me.
My movies and songs they go Number 1.
I have sex with my bodyguards, cause they are more fun.

Now y'all haters think that I'm lip synchin'
and when I'm on stage y'all say "What is she thinkin'"
I have sex all day, and then all night,
I'm looking for a dildo that would fit me just right.

Y'all know the deal,
Blow jobs for a record deal,
Howard Stern even copped a feel,
he said "Oh yeah those tits are real."

Sometimes I go too far,
Having sex in the back of my car,
Paparazzi follow me all day,
If y'all wanna do me y'all have to pay.

Yea, yea, yea, yea, yea,
Yea, yea, yea, yea, yea.

I've been in the news a li'l too much,
I need a sign on my chest that says don't touch,
I sometimes think my life is a little too hard,
but when I lift my shirt, the men act like retards.(errr!)

I have more money then I can spend,
so why do I have to fake an orgasm?
The porn life for me isn't all bad,
'cause the waste of a good dick would be very sad.

Britney Rears 2: I Wanna Get Laid is a rip-roaring, spirited, loads-of-fun sex-tacular that gives us a peak at what it must be like to live the phenomenal life of a popstar who looks oh-so-like her mainstream namesake.

Besides being loads of fun, Britney Rears 2: I Wanna Get Laid boasts some first-class performers. In addition to cute-as-a-button Britney, the movie boasts the extraordinary Eva Angelina and her pal Jenaveve Jolie, super-nova-on-the-rise Sunny Lane, and luscious Latina Sky Love. Even better, both Hillary Scott and Scott Nails are in the cast. My colleagues and I from the X-Rated Critics Organization (XRCO) voted Hillary and Scott Nails New Starlett and Best New Stud, respectively. Hillary, who gives Seth Dickens a three-on-one blowjob, was also named XRCO's Orgasmic Oralist for 2005 (for good reason!).

One more general comment: I really enjoyed how Britney Rears 2 is an extension of Britney Rears 1. Several of the cast members made the jump from episode one to two. For example, Britney's boyfriend in episode 1--Seth Dickens--becomes her cheating husband in episode 2. In addition, one of Britney's dancers, Nyomi Marcela, appears in both episodes.

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Check out some photos of the girls in Britney Rears 2 here. Pay particular attention to the photos of the incomparable Eva Angelina, juicy Jessica Sweet (Britney Rears), and insatiable "ass whore" Hillary Scott! Enjoy!


Scene One

In Scene One, luscious Latina Jenaveve Jolie really wants to be a dancer during Britney's upcoming tour. Jenaveve is a friend of Britney's and may have knowledge about the alleged lip-synching. So, during Jenaveve's "job interview," Barrett Blade, Britney's dance manager, tries to fuck information out of her. When told that her interview would including "doing" Barrett, Jenaveve readily agrees and kisses him hungrily as she rubs her tight body against his. Soon, Jenaveve's tits are bare--and in Barrett's greedy mouth. He then strips off her clothes, lays her missionary style on an elegant love seat, spits on her pussy, and then multiple-finger-fucks her and squeezes her delectable tits as she jacks her clit and screams her appreciation. Lusty Jenaveve cums quickly. Afterward, Barrett slips his cock into her pussy and pounds her missionary style as her big tits dance in time with his strokes. Jenaveve shows just how much she loves being fucked by screaming ecstatically and by talking naughty: "Your hard cock feels so fucking good!" She also shows her appreciation by eagerly sucking her juices off of his lucky rod and by letting him fuck her throat (nice deep-throat strokes!). She also gobbles his balls while stroking his shaft with her practiced hands and by letting him fuck her big titties. Later, Barrett sits back on the love seat and enjoys the ride as Jenaveve hurls her tight little body up and down on his cock at redline speed. Believe me, Jenaveve looks--and sounds--absolutely superb as she fucks him with true passion. Even better, Jenaveve encourages Barrett to even greater heights of lust as she shouts out deliciously nasty words. During this first-class reverse-cowgirl action, Barrett keeps his hands busy by grabbing handfuls of Jenaveve's superb tits and toned flesh. Later, after a bit of pussy-to-mouth cock cleaning--and some hot titty fucking action--Barrett gets an opportunity to fuck Jenaveve's heavenly pussy from behind--doggie style--as she screams in ecstasy and holds her ass cheeks wide open. Great chemistry develops between Jenaveve and Barrett. He pounds her hard and heatedly--they're a very good team--until she has a world-class screaming orgasm. As the scene continues, Jenaveve continues to display her voracious libido and unending energy as she wildly fucks Barrett cowgirl style (great video of her scrumptious ass!). Jenaveve is a fantastic fuck! After Jenaveve takes a break to suck her cum off of Barrett's cock (he sharply spanks her fine ass during this segment), he probes her pussy with multiple fingers--ostensibly to find evidence of Britney's lit-synching! Then, he spits on it to prepare it to again take a pounding in the missionary position. After a very short amount of mish, Jenaveve lies on her shoulders for some visually stunning piledriver sex. Wow! Everything about this segment is intensely appealing! To finish up, Barrett showers Jenaveve's lovely face and tongue with his cum. She then sucks his cock dry and spits out his semen. Four and one-half stars!

Scene Two

Scene Two is absolutely superb. It features the beyond believable Eva Angelina and James Deen in what may be a contender for best boy/girl scene of the year. Eva tries to get inside information about Britney's lip-synching from James, who works in Britney's manager's office. James assures Eva that Britney's for real. So, to celebrate, Eva gives James a blowjob during which it appears that she's trying to suck every once of James' life force through his cock. Now THAT'S a blowjob worth writing home about! While Eva's pleasing James' cock with spit-lubricated fellatio, he, in turn, fondles--and spanks!--just about every inch of her amazing body with his lusty hands. When it's time for sex, Eva climbs aboard James cowgirl style and shows us all why she deserves to be performer of the year...her enthusiasm, her unbridled joy, her excitement, her lust, her libido, her hunger for sex, and her pleasure quotient are truly insatiable. And, her face, her tits, her abdomen, her ass, her pussy, her legs, her whole body is beyond the scope of words to describe. I adore everything about Eva Angelina. If you haven't seen her in action you aren't watching enough porn! Later, Eva sucks James' dick clean and, after he lifts her up and sets her on a couch missionary style, he fucks her pussy hard and deep while she jacks her own clit and SCREAMS in ecstasy until she cums volcanically. Damn, she's a magnificent fuck! After a disconcerting edit, Eva again gets to show off her hot and sexy moves as she mounts James and fucks him reverse cowgirl style. Again, Eva's performance is stupendous--and her moves are extraordinarily energetic. In the final position of the scene, James gets to plunge his dick in and out of Eva's pussy doggie style. While frantically fucking Eva, James turns his attention to her well-shaped ass, squeezing it possessively and slapping it sharply as it turns bright red. Meanwhile, Eva fingers her own pulsating clit, matches James' thrusts with her own, and shouts out nasty words of encouragement as well as guttural sounds of animalistic pleasure. Superb! Eva's eventual screaming, body-wrenching, and prolonged orgasm is what sex is all about! Afterwards, Eva literally begs for James' cum: "I wanna fuckin' taste your fuckin' cum...PLEASE!" She then sits up and sucks his cock--like a hungry babe would suckle a breast--until he's ready to pop. When he cums, he splatters her face and tits with a substantial amount of semen as she giggles triumphantly. She then, of course, sucks his cock until there's not one sperm left inside. Five stars!

Scene Three

Scene Three is also first rate...and is the first in this movie graced by superstar Britney herself. During a press conference, during which the paparazzi ask about nothing except her deadbeat husband, Britney starts to daydream about her pre-marriage life--and how much she misses it. Soon, she's thinking about an encounter she had with Sascha. In her dream, Britney lies back on a couch listening to her own music while Sascha plays pool across the room. Britney soon summons Sascha to her side so they can cuddle and kiss erotically. Suddenly, Sascha simply must have a taste of Britney's all-natural tits. So, he tugs up her top and voraciously suckles her nipples while squeezing her breasts with his practiced hands. Soon, Sascha turns his attention to her legs and kisses down them, past her thighs, to her inviting twat. As Sascha greedily sucks and licks Britney's pussy and fingers her clit, Britney squeals with delight and soon shudders through her first orgasm of the scene. To keep Britney's pleasure rolling, Sascha wildly multiple-finger-fucks her pussy. Then, abruptly, Britney's on her knees so that she can suck Sascha's already-erect and super-sized dick. Britney wantonly blows and strokes him while squeezing her own remarkably pretty tits. Sascha, too, keeps his hands busy by squeezing handfuls of Britney's fine flesh and by finger-fucking her pussy. During this delightful fellatio segment, great camera angles highlight Brittney's superb mams, especially when Sascha takes an opportunity to fuck them. Britney quickly becomes too horny for mere foreplay. So, she hops on top of Sascha (she hasn't even taken the time to get completely naked) and fucks the shit out of him cowgirl style. Britney's moves are forceful and powerful as she forces Sascha's cock ever deeper into her girl-juice-gushing pussy. Yep, Britney has one hell of a good time as she fucks and sucks Sascha like the wild animal she is. Later, Sascha desperately tears off Britney's panties and then tosses her into position atop the couch so that he can bang her pussy missionary style. Britney's bouncing tits--and feral screams--are fantastic during this sequence. And, her clit-rubbing actions, facial expressions, and naughty words are hot, too! After spending a short while fucking Britney's tits, Sascha turns her over into the doggie position so he can fuck her from behind. In due course, Britney finally takes a moment to strip off all of her remaining clothes--she's really gorgeous when she's naked--and then mounts Sascha reverse cowgirl style. This segment is my favorite in the scene because Britney's body--and her powerful moves--looks so fucking hot. In particular, her bouncing boobs, bald-shaven pussy, and engorged clit are really sights to behold! Britney likes it, too, because she soon experiences an earth-shattering orgasm. Afterward, Britney sucks her cum off of Sascha's cock (nice eye contact between Britney and you and me!) and then straddles him again reverse cowgirl style. However, instead of taking his cock up her pussy, she takes it up her ass! Britney's pussy looks absolutely superb as she frantically fingers it while has asshole consumes all of Sascha's cock. After a terrible edit--in mid groan!--Britney drops to her knees to take Sascha's powerful load all over her pretty--but apprehensive-looking--face. Then, she sucks him dry while smiling at you and me through the camera lens. Five stars!

Scene Four

The winner of a nationwide "I Wanna Fuck Britney Contest" is announced during another press conference at which Britney's manager (interestingly played by her real-life manager and the director of this movie, Will Ryder) powerfully denounces those who believe that Britney lip-synchs during her recording sessions. (Question: If Britney's not lip-synching, why does her theme song include the words, "Lip syncin' songs, got a record deal?") The winner is XRCO's Best New Stud for 2005, Scott Nails. Scott joins Britney and her gal-pal busty Shy Love on the dais and, within seconds, both girls are giving Scott the open-mouthed kiss of his life. There, in front of all the reporters, Britney exposes her breasts so that Shy can gobble them. Then, after an unfortunately abrupt edit, everybody's naked, Scott's on his back on the floor, and both girls are servicing his cock! Talk about the magic of motion pictures! Let me tell you, there's not much of a better sight than seeing Britney suck cock while Shy suckles balls! Too bad they're not mine! Scott really has what it takes for two-on-one fellatio...his super-long cock is big enough for Britney to suck AND stroke while Shy licks his balls and lower shaft. Of course, both girls trade positions during the blowjob so that each gets an opportunity to suck, stroke, and lick. Once Britney has had a generous helping of Scott's abundant "man meat," she straddles his face and fucks it while Shy continues to gorge herself on his cock. (On occasion, Shy relinquishes Scott's cock so that he and Britney can share some sweet 69.) I really enjoyed this segment because I can think of nothing finer than to have a pussy on my mouth and a mouth on my cock! After a while, Shy and Britney change positions so that Shy can ride Scott's face (I LOVE her moves) while Britney blows his cock. Even though Scott won the "I Wanna Fuck Britney" contest, Shy is the first to get a ride on his shaft. As Scott lies back on the floor, Shy straddles him reverse cowgirl style so that he can piston in-and-out of her pussy at redline speed while Britney sucks her tits and rubs her clit. Shy looks absolutely superb in this position...especially her nicely sculpted boobs and chevron-shaped pubic hair. And, her increasingly ecstatic shouts of passion sound damned good, too. After Shy cums violently, Britney pulls Scott's cock out of her pussy and sucks it clean. Then, Scott slips his cock back inside Shy and again fucks the shit out of her. In due course, Britney gets to experience the joy of Scott's powerful and deep strokes as he fucks her reverse cowgirl style. Again, Britney looks super fine in this position--especially when Shy strokes her erect clit while Scott reams her pussy. Britney, Shy, and Scott work together like a well-engineered fucking machine until Britney screams through an orgasm. Then, abruptly, Scott and Britney find themselves in the spoon position. As Scott plows Britney's pussy with long and deep strokes, Shy helps out by fingering Britney's clit, by licking her fine flesh, and by sucking her perfect tits. Shy also gets to suck Britney's girl-juice off of Scott's cock on a couple of occasions. As the scene continues, Shy gets another ride on Scott's cock...cowgirl style. Scott fucks Shy with an incredible amount of energy, and Shy rides him like a champion cowgirl would ride a bucking bronco. One of the highlights of the scene comes next: Shy lifts herself off of Scott's cock and shoves her pussy onto his face so he can lick up his mess (awesome move!). Meanwhile, Britney moves in to worship his cock with her mouth. Once Shy's pussy and Scott's cock are clean, Shy and Britney assume the 69 position. While they're pleasing each other with their mouths, Scott fucks Shy doggie style until she trembles through an explosive and prolonged orgasm. To finish up this fine scene, both Shy and Britney kneel so that Scott can blast both of their faces with an ample amount of cum. Then, each girl tenderly sucks and licks his cock as his spasms subside. Four and one-half stars.

Scene Five

Although I'm not much of a fan of blowjob-only scenes, Scene Five is quite fulfilling. In it, Britney's lazy-assed husband, played by Seth Dickens, gets a three-on-one blowjob by a trio of Britney's dancers: Capri Styles, Hillary Scott, and Nikki Hilton. This hotter-than-normal fellatio-only scene takes place in Britney's recording studio within seconds after she leaves the building! There are a couple of things that make this blowjob scene worthwhile. First, and foremost, imagine three girls on your cock! If two girls are hot, three are incendiary! Even better, the three girls have a hell of a good time sharing Seth's bounty. The energy level is astounding. Have you ever seen a three-way dick-lick! Well, you'll see a damned good one in this scene! Second, although there's no penetration, Hillary Scott, XRCO's Best New Starlett and Orgasmic Oralist for 2005, and Nikki Hilton fuck Seth's face while the other two girls service his cock with their mouths and hands. And, Hillary and Seth enjoy some hot 69, too. At least there's some pussy action in the scene! Third, Hillary Scott is one of the performers! There's a reason my colleagues and I in the XRCO voted her Orgasmic Oralist for 2005. I'm glad she got MY vote. Fourth, instead of being a quickie "wham-bam-thank-you-mam" sort of blowjob, the scene is a full 14 minutes long. Fifth, there's ample opportunity for the girls to share a little girl-on-girl action while they're pleasing Seth. Finally, Seth's generous ejaculation provides an ample amount of semen for each of the three girls. Nikki and Capri get their faces splattered while Hillary's pretty boobs collect her share. Three stars for the blowjob plus one-half star just for Hillary's performance. Three and one-half stars!

Scene Six

In Scene Six, Britney's assistant, Nadia Styles, gets it on with a French journalist played by Jean Val Jean. The scene was captured poolside atop a hill overlooking Los Angeles and a clear blue-sky day. Wow, what a gorgeous setting for hot sex! When the scene fades in, Jean and Nadia are both completely nude...Nadia is reclining on a bench while Jean stands and shoves his cock in her insatiable mouth. Then, in some of the most erotic foreplay footage I've seen in a long time, Jean sprinkles oil all over Nadia's rock-hard flesh and massages it in with practiced hands. Damn, Nadia's glossy and oil-slick body looks hot! While Jean massages Nadia, she continues to worship his cock with her mouth by licking, sucking, and swallowing its spit-covered length (Nadia drools a lot!). While Jean fucks Nadia's throat, he takes ample opportunity to spank and squeeze her perfect small breasts and her superb heart-shaped ass. After this stunningly beautiful foreplay comes to a close, Jean spits on Nadia's genitals; massages oil into her ass cheeks, pussy, and thighs; spreads her super-slick labia wide open for our viewing pleasure; multiple-finger-fucks her vagina; and then rims her asshole. God, this is gorgeous! When Jean is sure that Nadia's ready to get fucked, he lies down on the bench so that Nadia can shove his cock into her pussy in the reverse cowgirl position. Once he's completely inside, Jean pounds her furiously as she begs him to pound her pussy harder and harder (great camera angles). Nadia likes what he's doing to her and exclaims, "Oh, my God! You're gonna make me cum! I like it like that! Do you feel my pussy throbbing? You're making my pussy throb all over your fucking cock." Nadia's subsequent orgasm is so intense that she literally jumps off Jean's cock! After taking a few seconds to regain her composure, Nadia shoves his cock back inside her so that he can continue reaming her with hard, fast, and deep strokes while using his fingers to jack her clit. After a few more minutes of very beautiful reverse-cowgirl sex, Nadia sucks her cum off of Jean's cock (nice deep-throating!) and then transitions to the cowgirl position. Ass lovers--like me--will really enjoy the shot-from-behind footage as Jean thrusts in and out of her pussy while gabbing handfuls of her superb ass flesh. Meanwhile, Nadia finger-fucks her own asshole. After a while, Nadia takes an opportunity to show off her exquisite thrusting and grinding moves as Jean takes a break from fucking and enjoys the ride. Damn, her oily body looks fantastic as she fucks him! Before they're finished with the cowgirl position, both Nadia and Jean fuck each other, each matching the other's moves like a well-tuned machine. As the scene continues, Jean and Nadia transition to spoon. Superb camera work captures the action as Nadia begs, "Put it inside!" Jean does the lady's bidding and not only puts it in, but also fucks with frenzies balls-deep strokes as she murmurs her pleasure. She also takes control of his cock so that she can use it to slap her pussy. Throughout the remaining minutes of the scene, I couldn't help but think how beautiful the two performers are, how superb the setting is, and how effective the camera angles are. To finish up, Nadia sucks Jean's cock and fondles his balls until he's ready to pop. Then, he shoots his load into her wide-open mouth and onto her pretty face. Smiling broadly, Nadia spits his semen into her hand, sucks it back into her mouth, and then blows bubbles with it. Four and one-half stars.

Scene Seven

I must admit that I'm a bit disappointed in the final scene. It is a four-performer scene (b/g/g/g) featuring Kurt Lockwood, Britney Rears and her girls Nyomi Marcella and Sunny Lane. My problems with the scene are: 1) at 12 minutes, it's a bit too short; and 2) ivory-skinned goddess Sunny Lane doesn't get fucked! She spends most of her times masturbating on the sidelines. She does, however, join the other girls to have her face plastered by Kurt at the end of the scene. I don't understand it! Sunny is featured prominently throughout the movie in speaking roles. Why director Will Ryder didn't have sweet-yet-nasty Sunny fuck somebody during the movie is beyond my comprehension. The scene is set poolside at Britney's mansion at sunset. As Britney watches from the pool's coping, Britney, her songwriter (Kurt), and Nyomi share a hot threeway kiss. While they kiss, all three work together to strip off each others' clothes and to fondle each others' bodies. It's really pretty hot--Kurt is a damned lucky SOB! Soon, the girls shove Kurt, naked, onto the deck so that they can attack his cock. Nyomi gets to blow him first while Kurt fingers Britney's pussy. Soon, Britney gets to take oral control of Kurt's cock when Nyomi straddles Kurt's face and fucks it. As in Scene 5, there's nothing better than having a pussy on your face and a mouth on your cock...Kurt's one lucky guy! After a while, Britney steps aside to let Nyomi have another chance to suck Kurt's cock in the 69 position. The girls continue to suck, stroke, lick, and swallow Kurt's drool-soaked cock and gobble his balls for a few more minutes. And, Britney takes an opportunity to fuck Kurt's face while Nyomi blows his cock. Meanwhile, Sunny gets naked and enjoys a little girl-girl action (kissing and tit sucking) with Nyomi and Britney. After an abrupt edit, Nyomi and Britney have exchanged positions: Britney fucks Kurt's cock reverse cowgirl style (she looks scrumptious) while Nyomi fucks his face. As Britney fucks Kurt with increasingly intense strokes, her 100%-natural boobs dance provocatively. And, Britney's extremely attractive pussy looks superb as it swallows Kurt's rod. It also looks especially attractive when both Nyomi and Britney jack Britney's clit with their fingers. Later, Britney lies on the deck, spoon style. Then, after Nyomi spits on Britney's pussy and guides Kurt's cock inside it, Kurt pounds Britney with hard and deep strokes. Too soon, I think, they transition again: as Sunny looks on and offers naughty words of encouragement, Kurt fucks Britney's pussy doggie style while Britney, in turn, eats Nyomi's cunt. Before the scene comes to an end, Nyomi gets a chance to ride Kurt's cock cowgirl style. Rivers of Nyomi's girl-juice ooze out of her vagina as Kurt frantically hurls his cock in-and-out of her. I agree with Sunny when she exclaims, "It looks so good!" It must feel good to Nyomi, too, especially when she finger-fucks her own anus while Kurt fucks her pussy. To finish up, all three girls kneel in front of Kurt as he jacks himself off. Kurt is especially careful to give each girl some of his semen...on her face or in her mouth. Then, in video captured from Kurt's point of view, Britney sucks his cock dry. Three and one-half stars.

The remaining five minutes or so include Britney's new music video that features her theme song (see the Synopsis) and clips from this movie. All the girls participate in the video--and it's quite well done, I think.

DVD Perspectives

Video (technical): For the most part, the video is quite good. The camera angles, close-ups, and lighting are all acceptable. However, there are some color balance issues (the fleshtones are too orange in many cases) and the lighting in some outdoor scenes is overly harsh and contrasty. In addition, I didn't care much for the editing: in many cases, the cuts between clips are abrupt and left me feeling that I missed something important. The video image itself seems a little soft as compared to other movies I've reviewed lately. Perhaps an ordinary digital camcorder was used instead of a high definition model. This softness (pixelization) is not noticeable when the image is played on a conventional TV or at "normal" size on a computer monitor. However, when I set my computer DVD player to full-screen mode, the video is slightly less sharp than other recent releases. Although imperfect, the video gets the job done. Three and one-half stars.

Audio (technical): In most cases, the audio is very good. The volume level is appropriate throughout and both the dialog and moans and groans are completely audible. However, I think that the audio in Scene Four should have been reworked a little. In an effort to make it feel as if the sex scene was shot in front of an army of reporters, the sweet sounds of sex are supplemented with ambient noise of what sounds like a crowd of people having dinner. I think a more realistic soundtrack should have been dubbed in--like shouted questions or other audio that would be more appropriate to a press conference. Not a big deal, but something I noticed. There's no music during the sex scenes. So, nothing really comes between your ears and the delicious shouts and groans of the performers. Four stars.

Extras: The Extras are quite extensive. In addition to the ubiquitous full-motion chapter selector and interactive menus, there's a "Select A Star" feature that lets you jump to a scene featuring the girl of your choice. In addition, there are four Behind the Scenes featurettes (Press Conference [16 min], Photoshoot [six min], On the Set [23 min], and Making the Music Video [19 min]), a 12-minute interview with the director/producer (Will Ryder), and four minutes of outtakes. To prove that porn movies actually do have a plot, a special feature lets you watch a 19-minute version of the movie without sex. The Extras also include Britney's music video; trailers for both Britney Rears Wild Backstage Sex Party and Britney Rears 2: I Wanna Get Laid; a 10-minute self-running slide show; and Hustler Extras (more trailers, phone sex ads, website info, and Hustler Hollywood ad). However, the best extra, especially if you missed episode one, is a full-length sex scene featuring Britney Rears and Seth Dickens. Five stars.

Aesthetics: From a visual perspective, the aesthetics are very pleasing. First class--and rather unusual--locations were used (private jet, limousine, palatial mansion, sound stage, and so forth). Lots of attention was paid to the girls' wardrobe and make-up. I'm a bit surprised that the audio aesthetics are not as good as they are in Britney Rears Wild Back Stage Sex Party. In particular, no supportive musical soundtrack accompanies the sex scenes. However, music does play an important role during the taping of Britney's music video and, of course, during the music video itself. One other thing about the audio. The oh-so-sexy woman who does the voice-overs deserves an award for her smooth, velvety, chocolaty voice. I'd really like to meet her and see if my vision of her coincides with reality. Four and one-half stars.

Final Thoughts 

Average sex rating: 4.36
Average video rating: 3.5
Average audio rating: 4.00
Average production values rating: 4.50
Extras rating: 5.00
Bonus point(s): 2.00
Overall rating: 4.67

X Critic Pick (4.5+ sex; 4.0+ production values; 4.5+ overall)
Highly Recommended (4.5+ sex; 4.0+ overall)
Recommended (4.0+ sex; 4.0+ overall)
Rent It (<4.00 sex; <4.00 overall)
Skip It (<3.50 sex; <4.00 overall)

Dr. Jay

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