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Debbie Duz Dishes Again

Studio: Adam & Eve » Review by Sean DPS » Review Date: 5/9/10

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Debbie Duz Dishes Again
Adam and Eve Pictures

Directed by Jim Malibu

Running Time: 2 hr and 52 minutes

Special Features:

Motion Menus
Bonus Sex Scene (Ava Rose and Charlie Laine from Bree Exposed, 24 minute scene)
YouTube Trailer
Photo Gallery
Dolby Digital Sound
Shot in High Definition
Movie Trailers (8 trailers)
Behind the Scenes (10 minutes, and you get to see her do dishes cleavage cam style and the mystery egg object)
Includes the Original "Debbie Duz Dishes" (Directed by Bob Vosse, 84 minute running time)
 Digital Copy of the Movie


Bree Olson
Riley Evans
Faye Reagan
Nicole Ray
Sara Stone
Evan Stone
Eric Swiss
Kris Slater
Tommy Gunn
Mike Horner
Nina Hartley (non sex)

Overall Thoughts

Before you get to the main menu, you get a extended trailer for " The 8th day", followed by a Dolby Digital Trailer. So this movie is very funny, it's one of those movies who doesn't feel the need to be taken seriously and does a great job with the laughs. Good example, there are 69 chapters on this release, which is not what you would expect for a movie that is only a little over 2 hours long. There is also some very funny dialogue, one of my favorites, I want you to cum on my back in the shape of Hawaii. Evan is great and like I stated in the review, this is what he is made for. There is also some decent sex in this movie, mostly involving Bree, and of course I always enjoy a scene with Faye. I have to say the special features were better than normal, I mean you get a digital copy of the movie, plus they include the original movie that this is based on. So I think overall this is going to be a HIGHLY RECOMMEND movie, you can't beat some hot sex, some funny one liners and all of those special features.

Scene One Riley Evans and Evan Stone

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The movie starts with the three girls (Bree, Nicole, and Riley) trying to figure out some sort of egg thing that they found, while the moving crew brings in their boxes. Their neighbor (Hartley) pops in to introduce herself and shares how she and her ex husband used to leave in this house, but they thought it was haunted. Debbie (Bree) tells her about the loud noises and she leaves quickly. The girl's talk about how the house needs a vaccum cleaner, and guess who is at the door, the friendly vacuum salesman (Stone). Bree decides to let Riley deal with the salesman, while she goes to check out the noises she has been hearing. Now there is some very cheesy dialogue in this movie, but thank god, Evan knows how to deliver it with great comedic timing. This was a role meant for him. So his suitcase is full of sex toys instead of vacuums, so they decide to try them out. He doesn't have any luck at first, but like a good salesman, he doesn't give up, pretty soon she is naked and he is licking away at her pussy with some help from some of his toys. But she want something a little more life-like, so it's time for his penis to make an appearance. She gives him some brief oral before he is inside her. She rides him on the couch for awhile, and like a good salesman, he is still trying to close the deal. Some more oral by Riley is followed by some doggy from Evan on the couch. He spends most of the scene fucking her from behind until he pulls out and we get a money shot over her ass.

Scene Two: Bree Olson and Eric Swiss and Kris Slater **YOU'RE GONNA GO BLIND SCENE**

After that, we get a brief intro of Tommy's character, who loves his Jeep and then back to the house as Bree is directing the movers where to put the boxes. And for doing such a good job, she wants to repay them with letting them fuck her, sounds like an even trade to me. Within minutes she is practically naked and pleasing both men at the same time. Eric is the first to fuck her as she continues to suck on Kris, but Eric has to pull out so he doesn't cum too early. Judging from Bree's Twitter feed, I have to imagine this is a normal day for her, so this is why the scene is so friggin hot in my mind. She screams she wants more during this scene, and I totally believe her. Kudos to you, Miss Olson. Back to the scene, Bree ends up riding Kris, but like a dirty little girl, she makes sure that Eric is still tended to. But to show no favortism, she bounces that amazing ass on Eric as she continues to suck on Kris. There is some hair pulling, some ass slapping and even a little fingering in the ass. They continue to have their way with her until the scene ends with her taking their money shots on her tits.

Scene Three: Nicole Ray and Faye Reagan

Nicole comes in as the threesome is ending and commends her for breaking the new house in. But she is concerned about the kitchen, apparently there is some issues, so guess who is at the door, the very hot Faye is hear to check on the plumbing problem. But there doesn't seem to be a problem, but both girls are frightened by the noises and Nicole tries her best to get Faye to stay, but without very little convincing she decides to stay, but what are they to do to pass the time. They begin to kiss and see where that goes. Nicole gets Faye out of her uniform and begins to please her pussy. Faye really enjoys the attention, but she wants a crack at Nicole. I though for sure this way going to be a great scene for me, but I couldn't get over Nicole and her untrimmed look. Luckily Nicole is right back to working on Faye, as she fingers ( 4 of them) her pussy and she lick her ass, while Faye is leaning up against the counter. As Faye begins to work on Nicole again, first by starting with some biting and them some licking of her back before she heads for her ass, and licks away, while fingering her pussy. Luckily from this position you can't see the forest. Apparently Faye can't cum anymore so she tries to leave, but Nicole wants her to stay for a little while longer to even the score. So does and after she leaves, Nicole gets attacked by the unknown monster.

Scene Four: Sara Stone and Tommy Gunn

We see that Evan has found another person to show his suitcase of goodies too, but she doesn't seem to be that interested, Bree comes up and helps her escape. Sara runs into Tommy and tells her to follow him, they find a secret tunnel that they hope will help solve the mystery of the noises. He tells her that if they get naked, that will make the spirits appear. So they are naked and of course that leads to some sex. She starts off with some oral on Tommy which leads into some nice titty fucking with her very large boobs. Finally she climbs on top of Tommy and rides him, and I mean she really gets into it. After some more titty fucking, she turns around and rides him once again. She is really getting quite the workout here. Next up is some doggy which once again leads to some more oral, she must really like giving it. They move onto spoon until we get a money shot all over her tits.

Scene Five: Bree Olson and Mike Horner

So Tommy bolts after he hears the noises and Mike (nice little tagline for him too) comes into the house to check on the patient, but Bree lets him know that she doesn't need a doctor. He tells her that he played the husband in the first movie and a doctor in this one, and he wonders who he has to fuck to get out of this series, and I guess Bree is that person, he must be thanking his lucky stars right now. He starts off playing with her tits before she bends over and lets him play with her ass and pussy. He gets to finger fuck her a little bit before he licks her pussy until she cums. And she can't let him have all the fun, so she starts to give him so oral. I once again need to point out that she gets screams sexuality in all of her scenes. I find it hard to believe if you do not get excited by watching her in any of her scenes. Kudos to you miss Olson. So continues with the oral on him as she fingers her ass, but then she climbs on top and begins to ride him, and really ride him, like the little fuck toy she is (it's ok she said it). He gets her on her back and literally pounds her pussy hard, and she just eats it up. My god her sex talk is amazing, I was literally thinking she was going to cause him to have a heart attack, he was into it so much. He has her stick her ass in the air so he can get some doggy action going on, this guy is going to try it all, he may never get another shot like this again. He also gets a little finger play in her ass while fucking her. He continues with the doggy until she takes his money shot all over her back.

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