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Crushing On Kleio

Studio: Burning Angel Entertainment » Review by Sean DPS » Review Date: 5/13/10

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Crushing on Kleio
Burning Angel Entertainment
Directed by Joanna Angel

Running Time: 2 hours and 19 minutes

Special Features:

Interactive Menus
Chapter Selection
Slide Show
Trailers (4 trailers)
Behind the Scenes (31 minutes long, some funny footage from behind the scenes, some carol singing while the girls are giving a blowjobs, thumb wars and more)
Web Site Info


Kristina Rose
Mr Pete
James Deen
Mick Blue
Alec Knight
Keni Styles

Overall Thoughts:

So I have the start off by saying this is another solid release from the fine folks at Burning Angel. Some awesome sex, some funny dialogue and even some great music included in between the scenes and during the credits. Sound and picture (shot in a widescreen format) were good, no issues to complain of. The special features are average, but the BTS was very funny and was much longer than most you get in releases from other companies. I have to say that Kleio was amazing in this movie, that small body, and those tattoos and piercing on her nipples, and plus her hair looked awesome no matter what color it was. This movie (6 scenes)has a little variety for everyone, POV, threesomes, some bondage, girl/girl, foot fetish and even some anal. If you are not into girls with tattoos, first off you need to get over it, tattoos are very sexy. So with all of those great things to say, what can I say I dare any of you to watch this and not to be crushing on Kleio by the time you are done, I know it's a cheesy saying, but it makes sense after watching it. So congrats to you miss Kleio, your movie is going to be getting our highest rating of XCRITIC PICK and I cannot wait to see more of you. There are two scenes that I really enjoyed, one for the amazing foreplay, and the other for the very hot sex in a great location.

Scene One: Kleio and James Deen (from POV Punx 3)

The movie starts with a brief introduction about Kleio and how she ended up in this movie. We start with the day she met James Dean. He starts off with a brief interview and we find out that she is really new to the game and his first scene in going to be a POV. After we get some info out of her, the clothes begin to come off and James is ready for her, but be careful she is a biter. She opens his pants and starts with some very nice oral on him. She seems to be getting turned on by this, so she starts to play with herself while still working on James. But enough playing around, she wants him inside her. I have to say that it makes sense that this was the first scene, because the first time you see her, you can pretend you are the lucky bastard who is fucking her right now. As James lays on the floor, she hops right on and begins to ride him, bouncing that ass and receiving a few hand slaps at the same time. But soon enough she is back on the bed begging him to join her, which he does, this time for some doggy action. With that body and the way she moans and purrs during sex, dare I say I am crushing on her already, and it's only the first scene. At this point, she is already panting, and then James mentions her ass, and she then asks what is he waiting for, and he slides it in her ass. The anal continues until he pulls out and she jerks him off and she get a money shot all over face.

Scene Two: Kleio , Mr Pete and Alec Knight (YOU'RE GOING TO GO BLIND AWARD)

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So for her next date, Joanna says that Kleio proved how awesome she was. So as the scene starts, the three of them are sitting on the couch, and they realize that it's 8, and they don't wanna miss Burning Angel Jeopardy and you can soon see that Kleio is more interested in the guys than the show. They continue to answer the questions as she leaves to go make some popcorn. But she is really starting to get turned on by the guys and off comes her underwear. So plays with herself until the popcorn is done and then heads back to the couch and joins the guys. She starts with Alec, as she rubs his crotch with her feet. Then she begins to suck on his cock through his shorts as he begins to play with her ass, all the while Pete is keeping an eye on the TV show. He finally turns around and he tries to leave, but she tells him that there is plenty of room to join in. She continues to suck on Alec as Pete goes for her ass and pussy. The clothes begin to come off and soon enough Pete is fucking her from behind while she still continues to work on Alec. But she can't let Pete have all the fun, so they switch things up and Alec gets to fuck her as she works on Pete. They switch up once again, but this time Pete goes for the ass. After Pete, she climbs aboard Alec and he gets a taste of her ass in some more anal action. But soon enough she is back to getting fucked by Pete, I am starting to feel bad for Alec, she seems to like Pete more. She must have heard me, cause she hops back on Alec and rides him as she sucks on Pete. The fucking continues until the guys release their money shots on her face (and once again it looks like some goes up her nose, that's 2 for 2 so far), and then wipes it all over her face and chest. Amazing sex, and plus you get to learn some trivia about the Burning Angel company. Who says you don't learn anything from watching porn.

Scene Three: Kleio (solo)

So apparently she doesn't masturbate and James is here to get her first time on camera. So she takes off her underwear and finds a corner on the stairwell and begins to finger herself. She seems to be getting turned on, but she also smiles a little bit as James moves the camera in closer. She seems very shy around the camera, but she says that it feels good. He tells her not to give up and to go for it.

Scene Four: Kleio, Joanna Angel(small part) and Mick Blue

The scene starts off with Joanna sitting at her desk complaining about people sending her Xmas presents, when she is Jewish, and someone has sent her some of her own products. But Kleio enters and says that she is her Xmas elf, but Joanna is ok with that. They begin kissing , and the Joanna takes her over to the wall and begins to smack her ass, but then starts to finger her pussy. She makes her crawl up the stairs and then she uses the bondage tape on her, and then she goes off on her. And then we see that Mick, dressed up as Santa is also tied up. He breaks free and them begins to take advantage of her while she is still tied up. He fingers her pussy for a little while before he lets her suck on his cock. But he wants to share more of his Xmas spirit with her, as he fucks her doggy style, while she is still tied to the railing, very hot. After some more oral, he sets her free and she rides him on the couch, as the cat looks on. More oral follows from Kleio, which leads to Mick fucking her in the spoon position. After some more oral from Kleio, Mick does the nice thing and returns the favor to her. But she wants to sit on Santa's lap once more for some more fucking. This continues until he is ready to spread his Xmas cheer all over her face. Once again some great sex with some funny Xmas themed one liners while they are fucking, and Mick looks really funny in the wig.

Scene Five: Kleio and Kristina Rose

The scene starts at the two ladies are sitting on a couch, with Kleio looking very sexy with her 40's hairdo and that black lace top and black pants and Kristina is dressed in some 80's attire. They are waiting for their turn but apparently there is going to be a little of a wait. Kristina doesn't want to wait, she is very horny so the girls decide to make out at first, but it goes way beyond just making out. First their tops come off and then Kristina takes off Kleio's pants and begins to lick and play with he pussy. But Kleio wants to taste Kristina's pussy, so she begins to play with it, as she is bent over in front of her, to show off her ass. They move into a somewhat of a scissor position at first, but they just finger each other at first, but then Kleio sits on Kristina's face and let's her taste her pussy once again. It's pretty easy to see that Kristina is the dominate one in this scene, as she bends her over and pretends she's a man and is fucking her from behind. But she ends up just fingering her in her pussy, but then climbs on top and they begin to dry hump each other. But Kristina sticks her ass in her face, and Kleio begins to finger her pussy as she licks her ass until she makes Kristina cum. And then Kristina plays with her pussy until she returns the favor to Kleio. There is some foot play action from both girls for those of you that have a foot fetish. This scene once again proves that I am not a big fan of the girls with the natural look going around the pussy. I guess I like a closer shave.

Scene Six: Kleio and Keni Styles (YOU'RE GOING TO GO BLIND AWARD)

The scene starts with Kleio outside trying to get some change from people as they walk by. She's not having very much luck as Keni Styles shows up, but he seems to have some new pants, how can they be real homeless people if one of them is wearing nice pants. But they learn that money can't make them happy, they have each other, and are now trying to make each other feel really happy. They begin to make out as he plays with her pussy. But she doesn't want to do it outside so she leads him into a building and throws him up against the wall and begins to ravage him. Her clothes come off and he plays with her pierced nipples before she starts to suck on his cock. He decides to take control and leans her up against the wall and begins to play with her pussy. But soon enough he is inside of her, fucking her up against the wall. After some brief fucking she gives him some more oral, but then he licks her pussy as he is lying on the ground, but then she climbs aboard and rides him on the floor, first in her pussy, but then she tells him to put it in her ass, which he does. But the anal doesn't stop there, she stands up and leans up against the wall and once again he is fucking her from behind. I have to say she must really like sucking on guy's dicks, she spends a lot of time in each scene, making sure they get plenty oral from her. Back to the scene, she tells him to fuck her pussy and once again she is leaning up against the wall and he is fucking away. This leads to yet some more oral, followed by her once again riding him on the floor. They get to please each other as a brief 69 position happens, before the scene ends with a money shot all over her chest.

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