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Darkko's Throat Fucks 2

Studio: Evil Angel » Review by Vincent Pierce » Review Date: 5/17/10

XCritic's Advice: XCritic Pick

Genre: Widescreen, Blowjobs, Deepthroat

Director: Jonni Darkko

Cast: Andy San Dimas, Bobbi Starr, Charley Chase, Chayse Evans, Hunter Bryce, Jasmine Jolie, Jennifer White, Kiera King, Lexi Love, London Keyes, Max Mikita, McKenzee Miles, Melody Nakai, Phoenix Marie, Stephanie Cane, Tara Lynn Foxx, Tia Ling

Date of Production: 2010

Length: 3 hrs. 56 mins.

Audio/Video: The audio is excellent. With the sound not even turned up halfway you can easily hear the gagging, gasping, and slurping sounds each girl makes as they suck major cock. The picture has excellent excellent quality, and is almost as good as Blu-ray. The video is presented in fullscreen.

Overview: This is an all blowjob/deepthroat 2-Disc collection presented in POV fashion. It contains 17 scenes of some of the hottest girls in the industry sucking, gagging, and chocking on cock. Each scene ends with the girl either getting a mouthfull of cum, or a very messy facial. So if your into hardcore oral action you are definitely in for a treat!!


Scene 1: Charley Chase

In this scene we are graced with the presence of the very lovely Charley Chase. From the start of the scene when she calmly states that she is here to do one thing, and one thing only (suck a big cock!), Charley does that and then some!! Constantly deepthroating the massive cock in front of her face, she frequently gags, and slurps sometimes bringing a tear to run down her cheeks. She also does a little ball sucking, and tit fucking too. When it's all said and done she is one sloppy mess. Her beautiful face ends up frosted with one of the thickest loads I have ever seen. Charley looks like she enjoyed the whole thing, even the gooey ending!! Man!! What a way to start off a DVD!! This kind of a scene would make a guy cream in his pants within the first three minutes!!

Scene 2: Chayse Evans

Chayse Evans is a spunky girl (no pun intended). She starts off her scene by stating that the word of the day is 'Imagine'. That the viewer needs to imagine that the dick on the screen is his, and that it's her mouth on the viewer's dick!! That is so sexy HOT!! Chayse does this very hot 'quick lick' to the cock after each suck. She is a very sexy lady by the way!! Chayse is not sloppy when she's sucking cock, but that is fine by me. She also doesn't gag as much as Charley chase did, but her blowjobs skills are still sexy. Aside from the blowjob, Chayse provides a short, but sexy handjob. In the end, she recieves a large, thick load of cum on her nose, and upper lip area. This was another super hot scene, with a smoking hot girl!!

Scene 3: Jasmine Jolie Pt. 1 & 2

Jasmine Jolie is the first Blonde on the Disc. Let me tell you, this girl knows how to Deepthroat!! She starts off the scene lying on a bed letting the guy face fuck her with his massive cock. Soon, though, she takes full control, and constantly deepthroats throughout both scenes. Jasmine even deepthroats to the point of tears, and keeps going. At first I had my doubts about her, but Jasmine delivers in a big way. When it comes to getting sloppy, and messy I think Jasmine Jolie might be the queen. She is constantly spit lubricating the guys cock, and even spits out the guys' loads at the end of each scene. She is definitely one hot blonde cocksucking master!! The great scenes continue to pour forth!!

Scene 4: Jennifer White Pt. 1, 2 & 3

I'm here to tell you guys, that if there was a porn parody for 'Transformers', this pin-up Goddess could be a Megan Fox look-alike!! Just like the scene before, the foxy (no pun intended ...) Jennifer starts the scene off on the bed getting face fucked. Before all of that, though, Jennifer explains that the spoon she is holding in her hand in the intro is going to be used to spoon feed her the cum off of her face. After a lengthy, and smoking hot blowjob session, she does as she said she would and cleans the cum off of her face with a spoon, then swallows it!! That's not all, though as Jennifer goes for another helping of man protein!! She deepthroats the guy like a pro, hardly gagging at all. An occassional tear is seen flowing down her face, which is kind of sexy. In the end Jennifer spits the cum back onto the second guys cock, licks it back up, and swallows it!! This is my favorite scene!! No wonder they had her on for three scenes!!

Scene 5: Lexi Love

Lexi Love has to be one of the messiest female performers I've ever seen. When she is giving a blowjob, or deepthroat throughout the scene, she is constantly spitting on the guys cock. She even plays with her own spit! Halfway through the scene the guys dick is covered in slobber. During some of the Deepthroating parts, Lexi actually gets choked, and coughs a bit. She still keeps her lusty composure though, which makes the whole blowjob/deepthroat experience very enjoyable to watch. Even though I'm not into that messy of a girl, I think Lexi did a very good job!! Lexi ends up with a very respectable facial frosting at the ending of the scene. Nice scene!!

Scene 6: London Keyes Pt. 1 & 2

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From the beginning London has this pouty, innocent girl routine going on which I found very sexy. During the first part she hardly goes deep on the guys cock. She spends most of her time using her hands instead. After a bit of warming up, she does begin to suck more, but I wish she had done more deepthroating on the first guy ... When she finishes the first guy off, she is rewarded with a massive facial that spans from her chin all the way to the top of her head. She laughs about it at the end in a different tone, which kind of cheapened the experience for me ... The second guy she handles a good bit better, constantly going deep on his cock. This scene is rather short compared to the first part. London, again, ends up with a massive facial. This time though it's all pooled around her eye! Despite my the little issues, this was still an excellent scene with a very lovely brunette girl.

Scene 7:  Andy San Dimas

Andy San Dimas pushes throat fucking to the extreme in this scene. Andy is by far one of my all time favorite female performers in the adult industry, and this scene pays homage to her skills. All throughout the scene she doesn't hold back at all!! It's deepthroating to the max!! Each time she goes balls deep resulting in a slobbery, wet mess. At times Andy even gasps for breath, but still doesn't stop. As I've come to expect from watching Andy in other oral sex related films, she doesn't mind swallowing. The ending to this scene is no exception. She takes the entire massive load in her mouth, blows a cum bubble, and then swallows it!! She even licks her fingers clean!! Another awesome scene compliments of Jonni Darkko!!

Scene 8: Stephanie Cane

Stephanie Cane is one of the younger looking girls on this DVD set. She is a brunette with a lovely face. During the whole scene she stays clothed which is kind of disappointing, but I guess since this is a throat fucking video then it doesn't matter much ... Another thing I observed is that Stephanie seemed to be rather sedated, or zoned out. She didn't really seem to be an active participant in the whole thing. She just let the guy pound his dick down her throat over, and over again ... she didn't even gag, choke or moan with delight!! In the end she got a heavy coat of man goo plastered all over her face, and she didn't seem to care about that!! What was up with that!? I'm not totally sure about this scene ... it does have a pretty girl, and she is sucking a big cock, but I'm just not sure what to think???

Scene 9: Max Mikita

Max Mikita is an oriental gal who looks like a MILF. That's not such a bad thing, though, because she is one hot looking milf!! This scene is much shorter than the rest of the videos. It involves Max sucking, and deepthroating cock while lying on the bed, and down on her knees in front of the bed. In the end she recieves an incredibly huge load on her small face, jokes about it a bit, and continues sucking on the guys dick!! A very nice, but short scene!!

Scene 10: Hunter Bryce

Hunter Bryce is an average looking brunette, but that definitely doesn't make her a bad performer!! I'm here to tell you that this girl has some serious deepthroating skills!! That's what she does throughout the entire scene, manic, sloppy deepthroating!! In my book (if I had one) That would make her one incredibly hot girl!! She sucks away at that guy's cock like a starving baby bird!! Even in the end, after the guy has shot his load down his throat she continues to deepthroat his dick in an insane sort of way!! I think she was starving ... for cum!! This scene is definitely on my favorites list!!

Scene 11:  Tara Lynn Foxx Pt. 1 & 2

I think that Tara Lynn Foxx is the hottest blonde female performer on this disc!! She has a french girl look to her. To start oof her blowjob was very subtle, but as the scene progressed she went down deeper, and deeper on the guys cock. One plus I found was that Tara was bare breasted!! I love to see the girl's tit's in oral sex scenes. Tara ends up getting a very big load on her face, and in her mouth. she swallows half of the load, and moves onto the second guy. Keep in mind she still has some of the previous guy's paste still on her face ... The second guy gets very good treatment. Tara deepthroats him alot more than the previous guy, but the thing is that the cum from the other guy has already dried on her face!! I didn't know whether to find this strangely kinky, or disturbing??? Sadly, in the end Tara spits the second guy's load back onto his cock ... I'm gonna have to say I rather did enjoy this scene, despite the nasty aspect of it ...

Scene 12: Kierra King

Kierra King is a naughty little minx who wants to learn how to deepthroat. She states this while looking at a dirty magazine. As short as this scene is, it is extremely hot!! Kierra gets her wish as the guy in the scene has no mercy when he starts to deepthroat her, over and over again!! This girl goes balls deep every single time, and holds her mouth there for extended amounts of time!! Now that's some serious deepthroating skills!! Just between you, and me I think she's had practice ... Kierra ends up with a rough deepthroating lesson, and swallows a load too!! This was a very hot scene, especially with the fact that she was looking at a dirty mag!! That's my kind of girl!!!

Scene 13: Melody Nakai

The final scene of disc one stars a lovely ebony girl named Melody Nakai. She has a youthful appearance, and large breasts. Her deepthroating skills are average, but she still does a decent job. She also gags a bit which is always sexy in a deepthroating video. I also liked the fact that she had her breasts exposed. In the end the guy spills most of his load into her mouth, and a little on her face. I really liked the ending of this one, because Melody plays with the massive load of cum in her mouth, gargles it, and the swallows it, ending up with a satisfied smile on her face!!!


Scene 14: Tia Ling

Tia Ling, another oriental beauty, starts her scene of naked!! With the camera at the angle it is you can tell that the massive cock she is deepthroating is going way down her throat!! The scene is mostly shot in that angle but moves to taping her lying on the bed. She is definitely a cocksucking pro, and states at the very beinning that she is hungry for cock. I believe it too!! After each time she swallows the enormous dick she giggles, and smiles. This scene is hot in it's own special way. It is a short scene, though. Short, but decent!!

Scene 15: Bobbi Starr Pt.1 & 2

Bobbi Sarr is one of those girls that looks like she came from a pin-up magazine. She is an exceptionally lovely brunette, and she is wearing a red bustier, matching panties, and black stockings. She is also wearing some glossy red lipstick which I thought was really sexy. Aside fro her outfit, Bobbi knows how to treat a guys cock!! She has excellent deepthroating skills, and applies them well in these two scenes. At the end of the first part the guy dumps his massive load on almost all of her face, including one of her eyes!! As the second part begins we find Bobbi cleaning the cum off of her face and eating it in front of a mirror. After that she applies a unique deepthroating skill to the second guys cock which was extremely hot!! She deepthroats the guys cock, and balls together!! Bobbi ends up spitting the second guy's load back onto his pelvic region, laps it up, and plays with it. This is definitely among the best scenes of both discs!!

Scene 16: Phoenix Marie

Phoenix Marie is an average looking performer to me. She has blonde hair, and way too much make-up. All is not a loss, though ... Phoenix does have some very good deepthroat skills. The first part of the scene the guys seems to go a bit easy on her. Only occassionally shoving his giant cock down her throat. He als o does it rather gently, and slow. In the end the first guy shoots almost all of his load onto her forehead. She wears the first guy's load while she deepthroats the next guy's cock. When all is said, and done Phoenix is one slobbery, cumsoaked mess!! This scene was just ok ...

Scene 17:  McKenzie Miles Pt.1 & 2

Mckenzie Miles is one of the most sexy blonde out of both discs, in my opinion ... She starts her scene off wearing a bright blue bra, and I forget what else ... hehe, I do like busty ladies!! Don't worry guys, she does remove her bra ... Like the girl before she gets the first guy's massive wad shot all over her lovely face, then she moves onto the next guys cock with the cum still on her!! I don't think I'd let a girl do that to me, but watching it is kind of kinky!! Like the other girls, McKenzie sucks really good!! This sword swallowing nympho takes it like a pro!! You hardly hear her gag, and no tears roll down her cheeks!! There was an ewww part in the final half, her nose started to run which I thought was kind of disgusting ... imagine that, disgusting, after she got all that man paste on her face!! Maybe it's just me??? The camera man does save her some diginity, and changes the camera angle, thank goodness!! The final load is shot in her mouth, and McKenzie looks exhausted after the ordeal ... Good scene!!!

Extras: The Special Features include 'Cumshot Recaps for both Discs', which show the ending cumshots for each scene ... a 'BONUS SCENE With London Keyes, which I won't spoil for the viewer/buyer ... a 'BONUS SCENE With Jasmine Jolie', which I will not spoil either ... 'Interviews', which is a collection of interviews with the performers ... 'Filmographies', which list the films each female performer has been in ... 'Cast List', is a list of the cast members in each scene ... 'Trailers', which are preview clips from different available DVDs ... 'Website', which gives links to websites belonging to Jonni Darkko, and Evil Angel ... also included is a secret music track by Jonni Darkko that can be accessed by a computer!!!

Final Thoughts: From start to finish I was thoroughly amazed at the girls!! Their performances were all exceptional, and for the most part all the girls were exceptionally beautiful ... This is one of those rare DVDs that really deserve a perfect '10'. I do not exaggerate in the slightest. I spent three long days going over this DVD set, and reviewing it. I watched every scene with absolute focus so I could judge it fairly. If there is one Adult video out there worth what it cost, this is it!! It has excellent replay value. The video quality is brilliant, as is the audio. This is actually the first time I gave the 'Extras' a five star rating, and it deserves it!! With the two bonus scenes, the cumshot recaps, the interviews, and the secret Jonni Darkko music track (which I've never seen offered on a DVD!!), the 'Extras', without a doubt, deserve a five star rating!! So spend some cash, and invest in some worthy hardcore adult entertainment!!! I can proudly say That this is a worthwhile 'Xcritic Pick', and I was lucky enough to review it!!!

Final Rating: Xcritic Pick!!!

"I'm the man who coined the phrase "Same Sex Different Dame". If you're gonna produce porn PLEASE go all out, and don't fall victim to retro ruination. Innovation is king!"

- Vincent Pierce 2014 A.D.

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