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Best Of Seasoned Players, The

Studio: Tom Byron Pictures » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 5/17/10

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

The Best of Seasoned Players

Tom Byron Pictures

Genre: MILF, Compilation

Director: Tom Byron

Cast: Nina Hartley, Sean Michaels, Amber Lynn, Tom Byron, Lisa Ann, Ginger Lynn, Shayla LaVeaux, Brittany O'Connell, Teri Weigel, Kelly Nichols

Length: 235:37 minutes

Date of Production: 5/18/2009 (compilation only, not the scenes)

Extras: There was a short interview lasting 10:22 minutes with Tom Byron explaining the popularity and premise of the series. There was also a photogallery and some trailers, surprisingly not including all the trailers to the titles the scenes were taken from.

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Condoms: Some

Audio/Video Quality: The Best of Seasoned Players was presented in a 1.33:1 full frame color offering as shot by director Tom Byron for Tom Byron Pictures in the MPEG-2 codec. The camera work mixed it up this time with a lot of tease footage taken outside by the pool where the natural light definitely enhanced the look of the ladies before they moved inside. The video maintained a bitrate of mid 5 Mbps most of the time, reducing the obvious compression artifacts to almost none and each scene provided solid fleshtones that appeared to be accurate. The composition of the scenes was consistent too with the picture not always optimal (looking slightly faded out at times) but as far as Tom's work is concerned, it was shot with the ladies in mind; making the gals look their best for the most part. The editing was generally decent, but not showing more skill than the last time I checked out one of his movies for review, albeit I wished some of the additional tease footage was left in the scenes instead of left in the extras section of the DVD. The audio was presented in a 2.0 Dolby Digital English offering at 192 Kbps. There was no noticeable separation between the tracks and the dynamic range was limited but I could hear the ladies and the music was not a factor once the scenes started in earnest.

Body of Review: Tom Byron is a world class director brought up in Houston, TX. Over the years, he went from being one of the youngest male performers to a guy known for his love of anal antics (being pegged, rimmed, and otherwise played with), to a director able to hold his own against some highly popular gonzo peers of his. Nowadays, Tom focuses on mostly niche products such as MILFs, his latest release being The Best of Seasoned Players. For those unfamiliar with the series, it typically stars some of the highest quality porn performers, even "stars", who have some experience under their belts. Tom is even known for bringing women back into porn after extended absences, this being a major selling point for fans of their previous work but for me, it is the level of performance quality most of the ladies have as they interact in chemistry-filled scenes with Tom himself that make it a worthy endeavor to keep track of that allows the series to stand out. Here's a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that some condoms were used for those still interested:

Scene One: Seasoned Players #2: Nina Hartley's interview with Tom Byron was very insightful. Afterwards, they act frisky on the couch. The slowness of the action enhances the sexiness of the scene. Her playful and sensuous cock suck is a huge turn-on. Later, Tom applies a lot of lube on Nina's vaginal plaything and asshole in order to shove a glass butt plug into her butthole. Moments later, he sticks his own meaty rod into her love spot. The penile-vaginal moments are tender in nature. The intensity factor rises during their anal doggie activity. Finally, he cums on her face. (review by Apache Warrior)

Scene Two: Seasoned Players #4: Amber Lynn, another star of the 1980's as seen on the middle of the cover (to the left of Ginger; the blond hair and black lingerie looking good), followed suit with Tom Byron, reminiscing about their first scene (that was supposed to go to Traci Lords before that shit storm happened). Amber took her last name due to the popularity of Ginger and some of the porn press tried to make it seem as though they feuded all the time but I never got that impression from the movies they were in. The scene had the pair using a condom and she was surprisingly fit; Tom trying to use Ginger's performance to coax some anal out of Amber. They moved to the bed where Amber blew him like she was on fire, then tossed his salad and gave him a handjob before he fucked her pussy. She was active when on top and they also shared a sense of chemistry together, not surprisingly given the way the industry treats the old school people most of the time (causing them to support each other more). They didn't do anal but she rubbed out his load during the blowjob rather well, making her a solid choice as the second level MILF Superstar of the show.

Scene Three: Seasoned Players #4: Lisa Ann, the curvy brunette seen on the upper right hand corner, was the newcomer of the cast coming in just after Kylie in 1994 as she gave Tom Byron an interview. Lisa doesn't perform very often and last I heard, she was running a successful talent agency for porn gals, providing a demanding Den Mother attitude of her own even though she has no kids biologically. Tom sang her praises and the interesting anecdotes aside, I wanted to see this smoking hot babe go at it with him. He serviced her first and given her seductive look, I could see why he left her in charge. He helped her with her clothing and gave some serious head, spending ample time on her full breasts as she purred in delight. She then blew him in a passionate manner, using her hand to gland combat style as she slobbed the head of his knob actively. I was sure she wouldn't lick his ass (I was right) but she was immediately active during the vaginal ride, her over the top moaning a bit on the heavy side but Lisa still looking great as a result. They boned vaginally in several positions and it was clear that she was still suited for porn, the pair of them getting all sweaty as they moved to the titty fuck that drained him dry and left her face as coated as her chest. Nice!

Scene Four: Seasoned Players #4: Ginger Lynn, the featured blond on the center of the front cover, was up first with some tease and an interview with Tom Byron. I've been watching these to go at it in scenes since before the original New Wave Hookers and this year marks her 25th in the industry so even though she's retired a bunch of times, her fans keep calling her back for more. A true MILF, Ginger was not the scrawny little sexpot she used to be, fleshing out like most of her fans while maintaining her sexy eyes and cute face. The pair commented that she hadn't fucked him on camera for twenty years and made it a sort of celebration to that effect, their personal chemistry noticed from the very beginning; even making it come across as a clash of the titans (Houston vs. Chicagoan or Rumble in the bunghole) though they like each other. She got her digs in on Ron Jeremy (let's just say they have their history together) and the scene was on (with a nod to Mark Kernes from AVN sitting nearby! They went to the bedroom where Tom savored her ass through her red lingerie, brushing it aside to get the real deal before she started giving him head. She also tossed his salad at length, but her hummer was particularly aggressive too. There was an active vaginal ride and plenty of anal as well, Ginger gyrating her hips a number of times just like she used to when she was the Queen of Porn. He gave her a combination anal creampie and jerked off on her ass cheeks, Ginger purring as she tasted his finger and they kissed. Whew!

Scene Five: Seasoned Players #6: Shayla LaVeaux, the older gal featured on the lower right hand corner best known as "Gumdrop" in the Jim Holliday movies, was up last as the highlight act of the show with Tom Byron. She had the same raspy voice and outgoing nature, her stripper business apparently keeping her quite fit as she prepared for her first scene back in years including sex on a bed. The interview and tease outside led to them in the bedroom, the action similar to the other scenes as the formula played out. She pawed his cock and he felt her up, her blowjob going before he savored the taste of the lady. He was ready to begin drilling her though and did not want to wait, a quick lick or two before he began pounding away at her biscuit. They bumped uglies until her jazzed on her face, her open mouth receiving the seed nearly as much as her hair.

Scene Six: Seasoned Players #6: Brittany O'Connell, the gal with the neon red hair centered on the front cover, was up next as she indicated how she was still making porn but out of her home for the internet. Claiming to be better than ever, she said she had not been doing anal in a long time outside of her website work, reminded by Tom Byron of their Rosebud days with Alex. The interview was relatively short and so was the tease, Brittany's desire to be bent over the bed for Tom to spank and eat overwhelming her pleasure centers. Her milky white ass looked good spread wide apart, our director delving into her taint as she gyrated her hips as a sign of appreciation. She showed she was no stranger to wrapping her lips around a hard cock too, licking his nuts and aggressively stroking him off as she blew him. There was a little vaginal plowing taking place but they did not wait long until it was time to do the backdoor screwing, Tom doing most of the work but her loud moans serving as spank bank fodder all the same. She rode best on top of him too, taking her time to accommodate him best but soon bouncing quickly as her erect nipples displayed her desire for more. The scene finished up with her blowing him to completion, laughing as she got her face painted by his population pudding.

Scene Seven: Seasoned Players #7: Ms. Teri Weigel (pronounced WY-gul) is super sexy. After an entertaining interview, they kiss passionately in the bedroom. They caress each other's bodies. It's sweet and lovely. She lays on the bed. He unbuttons her blouse. Tom kisses her pretty pussy and eats her after removing her black panties. Teri looks very beautiful. Next, she sucks his dick with awesome motion and enthusiasm. I really enjoy how she strokes his dick with both hands. Then, she rides him. Ms. Wiegel has a sensational body. Any magazine would sell tons of copies with her in it. The doggie style is a good tease. It starts off slow, but it revs up with more emotion. Finally, he jacks off on her sexy tits. (review by Apache Warrior)

Scene Eight: Seasoned Players #8: While talking about the good ole days of porn, Kelly Nichols and Tom Byron show off their great chemistry together. Afterwards, they kiss and fondle each other. His shirt and pants come off. She sucks his cock with very good technique. It's very sexy at times. Ms. Nichols' eye contact is good. The starlet looks very hot as she lays on her back to take in a guy's cock twenty-five years in the making.. Her facial expressions are a huge turn-on. Then, a doggie fuck occurs. Kelly has a very cute smile. It's very easy to notice that Tom is putting extra effort in his performance on account of the legendary woman. Their reverse cowgirl session is nice. Ms. Nichols really enjoys the sensations that she is feeling when she lays back during the humping activity. A missionary follows. Her joyous face shows the viewer how much she likes this experience. Then, Tom splatters his warm creamy gift on her face. (review by Apache Warrior)

Summary: The Best of Seasoned Players by director Tom Byron had a lot of MILF related fuck for the buck, my rating of Recommended more due to scenes he excluded than those he picked for this opening compilation in what should become a series if the regular series continues to be as fruitful as it has been in the past. Even some of the weakest performers here showed the kind of chemistry they routinely lacked with other men but in terms of "best" performances, he has yet to mine the series as effectively as possible thanks to some sweet work shot under the banner. In short then, The Best of Seasoned Players was a successful attempt to capture a broad selection of solid scenes from the original series, showcasing ladies such as Lisa Ann, Ginger Lynn, Shayla LaVeaux, and others that have long shown staying power in their respective careers so check this one out.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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