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Studio: Latino Fan Club » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 5/18/10

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Production Dates: October-December 2009

Directed By:  Rob Greco

Cast:  Afrikan Prince, Venom, Loco, Nubius, Seduction, and Justin

Runtime N Rubbers: 1 Hour and 37 Minutes. Yes.

Scene One:

Handsome Afrikan Prince (black wave cap, goatee, and a muscular/smooth body) is locked up in the hoosegow 'n writing a letter while wearing plaid boxer shorts with his big clipped dong hanging out. Placing the pen 'n paper down, dude removes his tee shirt showing off that beautiful body. Those preppy boxers are off in a flash and Afrikan Prince has a big ol' boner to contend with. With legs spread nice 'n wide, this horny inmate jacks that throbbing meat 'n rubs those hangy nuts with his right hand for total solo pleasure. Afrikan Prince then spreads his tasty bubble butt cheeks, exposes his tight hairy butthole, makes it pulse, and gets down with some finger fucking with mouth-watering camera shots.  Dude is fucking hot and shoots a thick load of cum on his fist and stomach.  He seals his letter with all that man-juice. How romantic! Ha!

Scene Two:

Still horny as heck, Afrikan Prince (scene one) dreams that he's completely naked and hand-cuffed to a comfortable bed. Dude struggles but it's no use. Venom (good-looking with cornrow braids, goatee, and toned/lightly hairy body) suddenly appears telling dude to "chill....relax." Venom lovingly kisses and feels Afrikan's muscular chest, sucks those hard nipples, and works his way down to the real goodies. He takes his new buddy's hard clipped dick into hand and begins jerking while rubbing the obvious bulge in his own boxers. Venom soon has his own cut cock out and strokes the throbbing boners with highly erotic lust 'n desire. The guys are very into the scene. Dude takes Afrikan's man-meat down his gullet giving some very tasty head as his hot wet mouth slides up 'n down.

The room fills with moans, heavy breathing, and loud sucking sounds. Hungry for a taste, Afrikan chows down on Venom's flesh-tube giving one heck of a blowjob. There are nice close-ups of all the oral pleasure making the viewer feel as if he's right there in bed with these two horny brothas. Venom straddles his pal and fucks his face long, smooth, 'n quick. Switching gears, Afrikan offers up his hot butt and Venom munches down tongue fucking that tight shaved hole with some hot close-ups from the side. Dude is totally into eating that ass, baby! Next up is some tasty finger fucking with nice penetration shots as that rigid digit slides in 'n outta that man-hole.

Venom slides his fat cock up Afrikan's asshole from behind making Afrikan cry out and makes all sorts of noises. I don't blame him! Cries, whimpers, and high-pitched squeals (with pillow biting!) fill the room. Afrikan soon switches positions so he's straddling Venom and riding that big thang with hot penetration shots. The viewer will also get a good look at Venom's big ol' nuts as he grabs onto Afrikan and wildly humps upward to fill that hole. This is some intense man-on-man lovin'! Afrikan beats off while being pounded shooting a thick load of jizz on Venom's chest. Venom strokes off dumping his load on Afrikan's face and in his mouth.

Scene Three:

Nubius (good-looking with short black hair and a toned/lightly hairy body) is laying in bed with his bud Seduction (good-looking wearing a baseball cap, goatee, and toned/smooth body) talking about Afrikan Prince being locked up. The dudes kiss with heavy deep tongues leading to body rubbing, grinding together, nipple sucking, and Nubius munching down on Seduction's tight lightly hairy bunghole. These guys are clearly very into each other and the love making. Hot stuff! There are some excellent close-ups of that pulsing pucker as Nubius spits on it and laps at it with his long pink tongue. The rimming leads to a hot finger fucking with more hot close-ups of Nubius' middle finger sliding in 'n outta that snug chute.

While Seduction lays on his back jacking his own hard uncut tool, Nubius teases that hole by rubbing his turgid clipped tube steak back 'n forth and slapping that starfish with his cock knob. Seduction chows down on his bud's big dick giving excellent head deep throating all the way down to those dark pubes. Mouth-watering! Switching up, Nubius fucks Seduction doggy-style long, fast 'n hard with hot penetration shots from above. Changing to the side/missionary position, Nubius continues to plow his buddy's butt hole. In an interesting position, Nubius screws his friend while standing and Seduction is upside down with his head on the floor. There are more delicious penetration shots from above here. Nubius then pulls pork shooting a nice thick load that Seduction licks to get a good taste. Seduction jacks off working that foreskin back 'n forth and nuts on his stomach.

Scene Four:

Inmate Jeremy (good-looking wearing a black wave cap, light facial hair, and toned/smooth body) is lifting weights as Security Guard Loco (cute with short dark hair and a tall/slender/smooth body) watches. Jeremy has used his allotted 45 minutes and will do just about anything to stay outta his cell a little bit longer. Loco strips down showing off that sexy lanky body, full black bush, and long uncut cock. Jeremy wraps his hand around that big dick and takes the foreskin-covered knob into his hot wet mouth. Dude makes complete oral love to that straining piece of unclipped man-meat taking as much down his throat as possible. Hot! I would love to give that a try myself!

There are plenty of mouth-watering cock sucking close-ups! Jeremy soon pulls off all his clothing exposing his full dark pubes and huge un-clipped meat. Loco strokes the inmate's pork while Jeremy continues to get down on that big thang. Changing gears, Loco pounds Jeremy's tight hairy asshole from behind fast, lubed, 'n hard with excellent penetration shots. Jeremy ends up hunching back demanding more cock up his chute. Switching to the missionary position, Jeremy guides Loco's dick up his bum and the two horny dudes continue to fuck like bunnies with excellent close-up penetration shots from behind. To finish up, Loco jacks off and squirts a huge wet load all over Jeremy's chest 'n neck. What an amazing cum shot! Jeremy strokes himself to climax and shoots a huge thick load all over his fist and bush.  


Solitary is shot directly on high quality video and presented in full screen. The hand-held videography is strong providing full coverage of all the action with plenty of close-ups and allows the viewer to feel that he is really in on the action. For the most part, the picture quality is sharp and clean. There is a little grain towards the end of scene four but not enough to ruin the viewing experience.


The sound is good allowing the viewer to easily hear as the dudes speak and then get down with all their lusty noises of man-sex. The instrumental techno tunes are groovy.


The disc includes an interactive menu, scene selection, and trailers for Pros and Cons 2, Deep Impact, and Laying Pipe.


This rough-around-the-edges smut fest is the latest from director Rob Greco and Latino Fan Club/Real Urban Men Productions. Solitary is filled with smoldering sex between dudes who you can tell are totally into each other and the action. There's plenty of close-ups that will have the viewer's mouth watering as those big uncut cocks are sucked and tight bungholes are fucked. These guys are not pretty boys. They are hot in a real rough 'n tumble way with plenty of scars, bruises, and tattoos. I Highly Recommend!

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