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Robert Van Damme's Anal Intruder

Studio: Marina Pacific Distributors » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 5/23/10

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Production Date: November 2008

Directed By: Gino Colbert and Robert Van Damme


Robert Van Damme, CJ Madison, Peter Axel, Josh West, Nick Capra, Cayden Banks, Antonio Milan, Brodie Newport, Geoffrey Paine, Mike Power, and Dean Tucker

Runtime N Rubbers: 1 Hour and 16 Minutes. Yes.

Scene One:

Cayden Banks (cute/baby-faced with short brown hair and a toned/smooth body) wonders onto private property, strips down, and takes advantage of the soothing hot tub. While leisurely reading a magazine, Robert Van Damme (handsome with short dark hair and a muscular/smooth body) notices the intruder and watches him from the window. Cayden is soon jacking his stiff clipped cock and day dreaming of man-on-man lovin'. Robert makes himself known, leads Caden indoors, and chows down on his dick giving some highly erotic head. Sliding his mouth up 'n down, Robert pleasures his new pal orally and Caden obviously digs the blowjob filling the room with moans and heavy breathing.

Robert deep throats that fucker all the way down to shortly-trimmed pubes. Caden spreads his legs nice 'n wide leading Robert to munch down on that tight lightly hairy asshole with nice close-ups of the butt eating. Switching up, Caden gets down on Robert' s large uncut tool cramming as much as he can down his gullet and giving some groovy head. Robert slides in from behind and fucks Caden long 'n smooth doggy style with hot penetration shots from behind. Changing positions, Robert continues to pound Caden fast 'n hard missionary while Caden jacks his hard prick. Caden busts a hot thick nut all over his stomach followed by Robert beating his meat and squirting a large load on Caden's balls and inside thigh.

Scene Two:

Butch boss man CJ Madison (good-looking with closely-cropped hair, beard, tattoos, and a toned/hairy body) interviews hunky Brodie Newport (good-looking with brown buzz cut, beard stubble, and a toned/smooth body) for an "assistant position". The dudes are soon kissing with deep wet tongues and feeling each other's bodies. These men are totally into each other and the action practically eating one another alive! Hot! CJ hauls out his fat cut cock leading Brodie to sink to his knees and take that thang down his throat gorging himself with that mouth-watering man-pork that turns into a delicious face fucking! Changing up, CJ chows down on Brodie's stiff clipped member giving one heck of a jaw job. "Oh yeah, suck that dick! Suck that cock!"

CJ lifts Brodie's legs up exposing his tight shaved bunghole and begins teasing it by slapping his dong against the pouting pucker. "Oh yeah, open that hole!" With condom in place, CJ slowly sinks his manhood up his new buddy's tight man-chute and fucks him fast 'n hard in the missionary position with plenty of excellent penetration shots from behind and below. Switching to the ol' sink/bounce, Brodie rides that chubby hog with more tasty penetration shots from behind as the dudes fill the room with lust moans 'n groans of deep-rooted desires finally being fulfilled in a way that only two men can understand. To finish up, the guys pull that pork with Brodie squirting a large nut on CJ's chest and CJ cutting loose with thick jizz on his fist. I love that the guys are obviously very at ease with each other and it makes the scene extra hot and fun. They are not simply going through the motions.

Scene Three:

Geoffrey Pain (good-looking with a brown buzz cut, cool sideburns, and a toned/hairy body) and Antonio Milan (good-looking with black hair and a toned/smooth body) head over to Robert Van Damme's house hoping to audition for roles in a porn movie. Under Robert's watchful eyes, the dudes get down with some heavy duty making-out complete with deep soul kissing and hands roaming all over each other. Geoffrey pulls Antonio's uncut cock free from his blue jeans, gives it a couple of strokes, and chows down jacking 'n sucking up a storm much to Antonio's delight. Becoming horny, Robert takes his unclipped tool out and begins playing with himself while watching the audition.

Geoffrey soon has his stiff pierced cut dick out and the dudes watch each other yanking their man-meat. Antonio sinks to his haunches and blows Geoffrey with ease cramming that throbbing dick into his hot wet throat. Geoffrey bends over a lounge chair offering up his tight hairy asshole leading Antonio to fuck him doggy-style with plenty of hot penetration shots from below. It takes a little while for Geoffrey to grow accustomed to having such a big cock up his ass so Antonio takes it nice 'n slow at first and then kicks it up to full speed, baby! The dudes continue to fuck standing up and Geoffrey wildly jerks off shooting a thick load on the ground. Antonio lies back on the lounge chair using two hands to get off and ends up shooting a nice load all over his stomach.

Scene Four:

Josh West (good-looking with short brown hair, beard, and a toned/hairy body), Dean Tucker (nice-looking with dark hair and a toned/hairy body), and Nick Capra (handsome with dark hair and a toned/lightly hairy body) go to Robert's house for some hot 'n steamy all-male fun. The action starts immediately with Dean sucking Nick's fat clipped cock like a man half starved as Nick and Josh make out with lots of deep wet tongue action. Josh quickly has his cubby clipped meat out leading Dean to go hog wild switching back 'n forth blowing those tasty tube steaks like a champ! Dude loves to get his face fucked fast 'n smooth. The guys yank all their clothing off and then get back to the sexin'. Nick takes Josh's big dick down his throat giving excellent head while Dean continues to feast on Nick's slab of man-pork.

These three dudes are completely into each other and the action. They love cock! Lots of loud wet sucking noises, lusty words of encouragement, and moans fill the room. "Slap my face with that big dick!" Josh switches up by spreading Dean's beautiful butt cheeks exposing that snug shaved hole, spits on it, thumb fucks it, and then slams in from behind for a good ol' bang. Changing up, Nick fucks Dean while Dean makes oral love to Josh's prick. This is some wild 'n frantic man-on-man action! The penetration shots become groovy when Dean straddles Josh and sinks down on that huge meat and Nick slides in from behind for a good old-fashioned double fucking! The dudes then take turns drilling that hole doggy-style with a hot tag team. Dean busts a thick nut on the bed while being fucked, Nick cums on Dean's face, and Josh cuts loose on Dean's hairy chest.

Scene Five:

Mike Power (good-looking with a brown military buzz cut and a toned/smooth body with tattoos) and Peter Axel (nice-looking with closely-cropped brown hair and a muscular/hairy body) shoot some pool before their hormones kick in and they begin thinking of other types of balls. The guys start with passionate tongue kissing 'n body rubbing and really get into the groove of thangs.  Peter yanks his trousers open showing off his full dark pubes and big 'n hard cut cock. Mike sinks to his knees, exclaims that he's gonna "gobble that cock", and then does it. Dude knows how to give some mean head and Peter obviously digs it.

Mike plays with his own uncut dick while chowing down on Peter. Peter bends over the pool table and lets Mike eat his tight hairy asshole with some hot camera shots of the rimming. These two are very into the lusty action and each other. After some finger fucking, Mike slides in and drills his new pal fast, smooth, 'n hard in the missionary position with okay penetration shots from above, Changing to doggy-style, Mike really lets Peter have it pounding the heck outta that tight man-hole with hot penetration shots from behind. Peter makes all types of wild animal-like growling sounds while his butt-sex needs are being more than met. To finish up, Mike jacks off working his foreskin while Peter licks his nuts. Mike shoots his load on Peter's face. Peter strokes off while Mike plays with his butthole and cums on his sweaty hairy chest. Intense!


Robert Van Damme's Anal Intruder is shot directly on high quality video and presented in full screen. The videography by Ralph Parfait is good providing full coverage of all the action with plenty of close-ups. Some of the butt sex positions could use better camera shots of the ol' in/out but each scene does contain strong penetration shots in one position or another. The picture is sharp 'n clean.


The stereo sound is clear allowing the viewer to easily hear the dudes as they talk and then get down with all the loud noises of man-to-man sex.


The disc includes an interactive menu, scene selections, and chapter stops. There are interviews with Robert Van Damme (he shows off his foreskin!), Caden Banks, CJ Madison, Brodie Newport, Geoffrey Paine, and Dean Tucker. Also included are trailers for Robert Van Damme's Anal Intruder, Robert Van Damme's Private Party, and Robert Van Damme's Private Party Part 2: The Mystery Continues.


Robert Van Damme's Anal Intruder is a hot 'n entertaining festival of smut. The direction by Gino Colbert and Robert Van Damme is strong providing five scenes of non-stop action. What I found interesting is that all the guys have great sexual chemistry with one another except Van Damme and his co-star Caden Banks. Van Damme is definitely a hot dude and great performer but there was something about the scene which simply didn't "click" for me. The remaining four scenes are sizzling hot and the viewer will feel the sexual tension and compatibility throbbing off the screen. I believe scene five featuring Mike Power and Peter Axel is the best. These two turn into sweat-drenched sex pigs by the end. Fucking hot dudes! As I previously mentioned in the VIDEO section, each scene contains excellent butt sex penetration shots however there are some positions where there are simply no penetration shots or they are from the side. That said the movie is fucking hot and I Recommend.

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