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Bangin' In The 'Burbs

Studio: Combat Zone » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 5/23/10

XCritic's Advice: Skip It

Production Date: August 2009

Directed By: Combat Zone


Levon Horn, Bitty Long, Jack Spade, Justin Blade, Tre-Shagg, Luke Cross, Dru-Blake, and Orion Cross

Runtime N Rubbers: 2 Hours. Yes.

Scene One:

Levon Horn (handsome with a shaved head and a tall/toned/smooth body), while taking a leisurely stroll, hooks up Bitty Long (nice-looking wearing a black wave cap, toned/smooth body). Bitty talks his new buddy into getting some on the down low and the two head to Bitty's pad. Bitty's hot to get into Levon's baggy blue jeans and is soon chowing down on a big fat cut cock giving some excellent head swirling his tongue around the blood-engorged knob and taking that thang all the way down his throat. Levon digs the blowjob and fills the room with low moans 'n sexual mutterings. Bitty takes his time sucking that meat to savor every second and flavor. The guys finally strip down and then go back at it. Switching up, Levon takes Bitty's clipped tool into his mouth and blows that man-pork giving decent head.

Bitty bends over the shiny red vinyl couch offering up his butt 'n leading Levon to slide that large snake up that tight shaved asshole from behind. Dude fucks his pal fast, lubed, 'n hard with absolutely no penetration shots. Switching to the ol' sink/bounce, Bitty rides that big hog quick 'n hard. After what seems like a repetitious eternity of stagnant camera where the viewer can see the penetration from a distance, the director finally decides to show some close-up. Gee. What a novel idea. I must admit the sight of that fat cock sliding in 'n outta that tight man-hole is hot. Changing to the missionary position/side missionary, Levon continues to drill the heck out of Bitty with decent penetration shots from above although there are still too many stagnant medium shots. To finish up, Levon jacks that big hunk o' meat spraying a large wet load all over Bitty's chest and stomach. Bitty pulls pork busting a thick nut on his stomach.

Scene Two:

Jack Spade (good-looking with brown hair and a toned/smooth body) is hanging out at a local park when his horny ass begins cruising Justin Blade (good-looking with a shaved head and toned/hairy body). The guys end up in hotel room talking "dirty" while rubbing their own bulging baskets to heighten the growing sexual tension. After some body rubbing and nipple pinching, Justin gets down on Jacks' large clipped tool sliding his hot wet mouth up 'down and giving a groovy blowjob with some delicious deep throat. In return, Jack chows down on Justin's big cut cock giving it a complete oral workout. Both dudes really love that man-meat, baby! Turned on by all the dick sucking, Justin slides his ebony dong up Jack's tight shaved hole in the missionary position. Jack digs that big slab of meat up his chute but needs Justin to take it "easy". Justin kicks it up a notch fucking faster as Jack strokes his hard cock and loudly moans 'n groans.

There are some okay penetration shots from the side/above. What makes the scene hot is Jack's performance. Dude is totally into being fucked and is quite vocal in his lusty pleasure. Switching up for some doggy-style, Justin keeps on banging his buddy with some nice penetration shots from the side that shows more than the usual from this angle. "Oh that's it, dude! I fuckin' felt that in my stomach! You fuckin' can't get any deeper, dude! Give that big fuckin' dick!" Again, the camera work is much too stagnant on the medium shots showing no penetration. Reaching the point of no return, the guys wildly beat their pork with shooting a huge thick load of cum hitting Jack's chest 'n stomach. Amazing cum shot! Crying out like a boy band singer, Jack dumps thick man-pudding on his fist. "That was fuckin' excellent, dude!"

Scene Three:

Luke Cross (nice-looking with dark hair and a toned/lightly hairy body, beard stubble, and tattoos) wants no part of the survey that Tre-Shagg (good-looking with a shaved head and toned/smooth body) is taking but is definitely interested in some man-on-man fun with him. Easily leading his new pal to a more private place, Luke quickly has Tre-Shagg's big cut cock out and sucks it like there's no tomorrow cramming it down throat. Tre grabs Luke's head and fucks that mouth nice 'n smooth. Luke strips down showing off his dark pubes 'n stiff clipped cock and allows Tre to blow that bone sliding his hungry gob up 'n down providing some good head.

Tre rolls a rubber on leading Luke to sink down and get fucked with hot frontal penetration shots. Luke loudly moans 'n groans filling the room with the lusty sounds of man-action. "You want that tight white boy butt? Yeah, nice 'n easy! Loosen me up with that big black dick!" This is some highly erotic fucking! Switching to doggy-style, Tre continues to screw his pal with no penetration shots. The dudes beat off with Tre dumping thick jizz on Luke's back and Luke shooting a load on his stomach. The actual cum shot is missed and the viewer will only see the aftermath.

Scene Four:

Pizza delivery dude Orion Cross (cute with dark hair and a toned/lightly hairy body) is pissed off when Dru-Blake (good-looking with short dark hair and a toned/smooth body) doesn't have the scratch to pay for hid pie. Frankly, Orion gets stereotypically downright bitchy (huge turn off) but perks up when sex can cover for cash. The dudes are on that same tacky shiny red vinyl sofa from scene one with Pizza Dude going down on Dru's large clipped member complete with loud gulping sucking sounds. Naturally there are no close-ups for a long while since the director seems to be such a fan of the static medium shot.

Switching up, Dru munches down on Orin's tight hairy asshole with lousy side views of the rimming. Dude then sucks Orion's clipped tool providing by-the-numbers head. Changing to butt sex, Dru fucks Orion's tight hairy butthole from behind with no penetration shots for some time. The director finally allow a crummy penetration shot from behind and then some good shots from above but frankly it's a little too little a little too late. Naturally, the rest of the scene contains no penetration shots. Orion blasts his copious man juice on a plastic covered black lounge chair and Dru dumps a small thick load on his stomach.


Bangin' in the Burbs is shot on high quality video and presented 16:9 wide screen.  The videography leaves something to be desired with too many stagnant medium shots and not enough close-ups. Sharp 'n clean.


The audio is clear allowing the viewer to easily hear the dudes as they speak and all the hot noises as they get down on man lovin'.


The disc includes an interactive menu, scene selection and chapter stops, a cum shot review, trailers for Bare Back Mount Him (transsexual gals! These "chix" know how to fuck!), Six Fags Magic Mount Him, and Trannyformers (!) Also includes is a photo gallery of the guys with accompanying music.


Frankly, after watching and reviewing 593 titles, movies like Bangin' in the Burbs are a waste of my fucking time. There is no excuse for such lousy direction/videography when there are thousands of better titles available. Make no mistake; the dudes are hot with Levon Horn, Jack Spade, and Lucas Cross giving excellent no-hold-barred performances. Too bad they didn't have a better production crew. Skip It!

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