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Jersey Score

Studio: Jet Set Men » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 5/31/10

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Production Year: 2010

Directed By: Chris Steele


Joshua Logan, Andrew Blue, Hayden Stephens, Derrick Vinyard, Trent Diesel, Jarred King, Kevin Cavalli as "Pauley G."  and Dean Coxx as "The Stimulation".

Runtime N Rubbers: 1 Hour and 46 Minutes. Yes!

Scene One:

Dean Coxx (handsome with dark slicked-back hair and a muscular/smooth body) is busy admiring himself when Andrew Blue (good-looking with funky spiked brown hair and a toned/smooth body) comes over to ask about a room for rent advertisement.  Dean informs his new tenant that the place has a "big deposit" which is "to get on your knees and suck my cock." Andrew is a bit taken aback but Dean soon has him engaged in talk of work-outs 'n the gym leading to doing naked squats showing off his tight lightly hairy asshole.  Dean continues to compliment Andrew on his toned body while rubbing the guy's hot butt and tight hole. Andrew wraps his fist around Dean's large uncut cock and begins slowly jacking the foreskin back 'n forth over that slick mouth-watering purple knob. Sinking to his knees, dude sucks that delicious unclipped man-meat giving some groovy head cramming as much as he can down his gullet while stroking his own hard clipped dick.  

Dean digs the blowjob and fills the room with heavy breathing and moans while flexing his beautiful muscles. There are excellent camera shots of the oral sex with a variety of angles as Dean fucks Andrew's wet 'n willing mouth. There's a nice little bit of foreskin play when Andrew strokes Dean's skin forward covering the mushroom and licking it. Hot! Dean lays back with his muscular legs spread nice 'n wide and exposing his tight shaved bunghole. Andrew starts off a bit timid but is soon licking that pucker while Dean strokes his own cock. There are some hot rim-job camera shots 'n close-ups here. Switching up, Dean blows Andrew sliding his mouth up 'n down the rigid shaft giving some mighty fine head. Dude bends over once again showing off his butthole leading Dean to spit on the starfish while Andrew reaches back to play with it in excellent close-up.

Dean munches down on that quivering pink man-hole making Andrew loudly moan with pleasure 'n leading to a wild tongue fuck. Dean slides in from behind and fucks Andrew fast 'n smooth doggy-style with excellent penetration shots. Andrew obviously loves being banged filling the air with loud long groans and all sorts of lusty sounds. Switching to the missionary position, Dean continues to drill his new buddy quick 'n lubed pulling all the way out and sliding back in with more hot penetration shots. Dean jacks off working that overhang and squirts a huge wet load hitting Andrew's shoulders, chest, 'n stomach. A fountain of man-juice. Andrew pulls his pork shooting a thick load on his stomach.

Scene Two:

Kevin Cavalli (good-looking with gelled/spiked brown hair and a toned/smooth body) is hogging the bathroom fixing his hair while pissed-off roommates Josh Logan (good-looking with black hair and a toned/smooth body) and Trent Diesel (cute with brown hair and a toned/hairy body) pound on the door. "Don't be jealous you ain't got hair like me!"  Trading insults with some rough-housing lead the guys to push Trent down on his knees while Josh hauls out his big ol' cut dong. Trent sucks that meat down his gullet slobbering all over it 'n giving some good head. Kevin watches the action and jacks his hard clipped tool. Trent switches over to sucking Kevin's prick giving it the same full oral attention as did for Josh. He's soon wildly changing back 'n forth blowing those dicks like there's no tomorrow. Dude definitely knows how to please his roommates' oral needs as the bathroom is quickly filled the heavy breathing, sexual sighing, and loud moans.

I hope Snooki doesn't catch 'em! Ha! Trent is soon naked showing off his closely-trimmed pubes, cut pole, and cool tattoos. He bends over the sink in anticipation of a good old-fashioned Jersey butt pounding! While Trent continues to suck Josh's huge beef, Kevin fucks Trent's tight shaved hole from behind with plenty of hot penetration shots of that dick sliding in 'n outta that man-hole. Switching up, Josh sinks his chubby meat-club up Trent's butthole in the missionary position (with excellent penetration shots from below) and drills him long 'n smooth. 'Oh yeah! Take that fuckin' big dick!" Not to be left out, Kevin fucks Trent in the missionary position while Trent beats his hard tool and shoots a large thick load all over his fist, stomach and inside thigh. While Trent kneels, his buddies stand on either side pulling pork. Kevin dumps thick white jizz on Trent's hairy chest followed by Josh doing the exact same thang!

Scene Three:

The dudes are all hanging out at one of the shore's local watering holes slinging back cocktails called "Fuzzy Butt Holes"! Naturally, the guys show off their hot bodies bragging about their chests, six pack abs, and tans. These dudes live for flexing, drinking, and fucking! Hayden Stephens (handsome with dark hair and a toned/lightly hairy body) catches the eye of Jarred King (cute with short dark hair and a slender/toned/smooth body). After he gets his clock punched for calling his buddy a douche bag, Jarred gets his big cut cock sucked by his preppy new pal. Hayden chows on that dick cramming it down his hungry throat 'n giving tasty head while stroking his own large fat clipped member. Dude sucks a mean dick 'n balls filling the area with loud sucking 'n slurping sounds as he gorges on it like it's the last tube steak available in Jersey. Changing up, Jarred gets down on Hayden's thick slab of man-pork concentrating on the purple knob with fist wrapped around the pulsing shaft. "I like those tight little mouths!"

The guys strip down completely naked and sit on a small stage watching each other beat that meat. After trading more oral fun, the dudes decide to mix thangs up with some butt sex. Hayden sinks down on Jarred's cock and slides his tight lightly-hairy bunghole up 'n down with excellent penetration shots. "Like this ass, Jersey boy?" Hayden clearly digs having his man-chute filled and makes plenty of sexy noises to prove it. Turning around so he is no longer facing his buddy, Hayden gets porked fast 'n hard by Jarred who is like an out-of-control piston wildly humping upward. Hot! The fun continues as Jarred bangs his bud in the missionary position as the two breathlessly complement each other's tight butthole and big cock. Hayden beats off using his left fist 'n working that purple knob until he cuts loose with thick cum all over his stomach. Jarred pulls out, yanks off his rubber, and shoots a large thick load on Hayden's treasure trail.  

Scene Four:

Bartender Derrick Vinyard (good-looking with black hair and a muscular/smooth body 'n heavy tattoos) is ready to close up shot but horny Dean Coxx (scene one) has other plans for his pal. At first Derrick isn't interested as he thinks dude is a "greedy bastard who fucks every piece of ass in the bar." Once Dean uses his sexual mojo, Derrick is all for some late-night man-on-man lovin'! The dudes soon get down with some highly erotic wet tongue kissing 'n body rubbing leading to some hot oral body worship of pecs, hard nipples, and abs. This foreplay is very sexy and quite tender. Derrick sinks to his haunches taking Dean's large uncut cock down this throat giving some truly wonderful head. Dean loves the blowjob filling the bar with heavy breathing and moans. He holds the back of Derrick's head and guides the bartender's mouth up 'n down that throbbing tube steak leading to a hot face fuck. Wanting to provide pleasure, Dean sucks Derrick's big fat clipped dong taking as much as he possible can down his throat while giving some groovy head. Derrick moans 'n murmurs words of encouragement. "Yeah, suck that big cock! Man, I'm glad I didn't kick you out of the bar."

Derrick plants himself on two stools while leaning against the bar and offering up his hot butt. Dean spreads those cheeks exposing a tight pink lightly hairy bunghole and munches down with mouth-watering camera shots 'n close-ups of the rimming. "Yeah, get in there. Get in that asshole buffet." Getting ready to sink in, Dean tells Derrick to "Hold on to that bar with dear life because you are gonna get hammered." Dean slowly slides his throbber up that snug chute with excellent penetration shots from below. Derrick loves it. "Hittin' my prostate!" Dean fucks his bud fast, smooth, 'n hard. Both dudes are very into the action filling the empty bar with loud moans, groans, 'n growls. Switching up, Dean continues to drill Derrick in the missionary position with more excellent penetration shots. Dean squirts a huge wet load that flies everywhere hitting places unknown. Derrick beats off busting a thick nut on his stomach. Dean grabs Derrick's cock to milk out the remaining jizz.  


Jersey Score is shot directly in high definition and presented in wide screen with an aspect ratio of 16:9. The picture is sharp 'n clean.


The stereo sound is clear allowing the viewer to easily hear the dudes as they talk and then get down with all sorts of wild man-on-man sex noises.


The disc includes an interactive menu, scene selections, and chapter stops. Also included is a cumshot review, a cool model gallery slideshow with publicity photographs of the guys, and previews for Getting Levi's Johnson, Pizza Boy Gangbang, Jason Adonis: Unseen, Carjackers, Tackle, and Big Dick Society II: Dicktemized.


Chris Steele is one of my favorite directors and Dean Coxx is one of my favorite dudes working in adult entertainment.  Together, they create a great parody of a certain MTV cheese fest which is now called Jersey Score. Strong direction, excellent videography by Anthony Duran, and hot energetic performances by the entire cast makes for a sizzling viewing experience. As mentioned, I love me some Dean Coxx and have been a fan for a number of years. Here he plays cocky Jersey Shore resident "The Stimulation" with just the right amount of chest-thumping humor and big-dicked eroticism. I Highly Recommend!

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