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Vamp Vixens

Studio: Other » Review by Vincent Pierce » Review Date: 6/3/10

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Genre: Fetish, Vampires

Director: Sean Brookland

Cast: Lilith V. Eve, Rachael Reckless, Micah Moore, Kalynn Parker, Blair Couvillion, Heather Powell, Tana Miller, Olivia & (Host) Luna Moon

Date of Production: 2010

Length: 75 mins.

Audio/Video: The audio seems a bit dated for some reason, and basically has trance music throughout. The video quality seems to fit the theme of the vampires, as it is dark and barely lit, but overall it's ok.

Overview: This is an erotic 'vampire' themed DVD. It is what I would call softcore (or rated X). It does not actually show insertions/penetrations, or any upclose views of the human anatomy. There are some breasts shown, as well as bare female butts, but that's about as hardcore as it gets. The DVD is hosted by Luna Moon with a foreword before each scene. Also each scene is graced by a trance style music (no vocals). So if you're into sexy vampire ladies, and erotic/sensual sex this might just be the DVD for you ...

Scene 1: "Flanked Flesh"

The scenes don't even tell the performers' names, so I'm not gonna even pretend I know them ...

This scene takes place in a dark tattoo studio. Our vampires here are a bald male, and a gothic female vampire with different strands of colored threads braided in her hair. I know you are probably wondering how real do the teeth look, and I have to be honest ... they look pretty darn real!! The vampire couple begin the scene with a little foreplay. The guy tends to the lady vampire first by licking her downstairs region. There are no close-ups of this act. Afterwards the lady vampire sucks the guys cock, but you can't see anything, because her darn hair's in the way!! The sex in the scene is really slow, and intimate. It is paced to an equally slow, and quite mesmerizing trance music. The two vampires only do a couple of positions including cowgirl, and doggystyle. Throughout the sex acts there are no close-ups of any kind. They literally skip the penetrations, and there was no cumshot!! What was dissapointing the most was that the scene ended before the sex was over!! I guess that's what you get when a DVD is rated 'X'??? As an 'X' rated scene, it was still kind of pleasant.

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Scene 2: "Warehouse Screamers"

In this scene we find three vampires, two females, and one male. The scene takes place in a warehouse as the title suggests. The female that's involved in the sex vampire is a lovely, and busty brunette. The other female vampire is also a brunette. She is wearing a victorian style corset, and sits aside from the action playing with herself as the other two vampires get it on. The sex scene starts off with the vampires rubbing against each other in a very lustful way on a mattress that is on the floor. It's not until a good bit later that the pair of vampires do a little cowgirl, and doggystyle sex. I should also not that the so called 'screaming' was more like a primitive growl, lol!! Once Again you can't see the female vampire suck the guys cock, because her hair got in the way. What really bothered/distracted me the most was that the female vampire's tits looked messed up!! It looked like a boob job gone horribly wrong. Also the scene ended as the first one did, while the two vampires were still at it. This was not an enjoyable scene at all!!

Scene 3: "Schoolgirl's Night Out"

This is a lesbian threesome scene. Two of the female vampires were brunettes, and one was a blonde. All three of the 'ladies of the night' were dressed in a short miniskirt, and whithe dress shirts. Also all three ladies' bodies were adorned with tattoos. In fact I couldn't keep my eyes off of the blonde vampire girl's large Buddhist tattoo that covered her entire back, butt, and part of her legs ... it was so mesmerizing ... This lesbian oriented scen was about as softcore as you could get. There was a lot of touching, and feeling going on. Most of the time they were just kissing each other's bodies. The only nudity shown was their breasts, and that wasn't until much later in the scene. During one of the parts where the blonde haired vampire kissed the other girl, one of her fangs came off!! I tought it was pretty funny, but the kept there composure and went on with the show. The only really 'sexual' part was when the two brunette vampire girls rubbed their pussies together. This was an ok scene, but to be honest I'm not really into lesbian sex.

Scene 4: "Porn Store Amour"

This scene is easily my favorite. It stars a very sexy black haired female vampire, and a buff guy vampire with punk styled hair. The scenario is that these two vamps wanted to go rent some porn from the local adult DVD store, and ended up having sex right in the middle of the store!! Who wouldn't want to see to vampires getting it on in the middle of a porn store!? The sex in this scene is still as mild as it was in the other scenes, but you do get to see more of the female vampire's body. Sadly, though the cocksucking part is less than satisfying, as you can't really see the female sucking anything ... The sex still has a lusty appeal to it, and the female vamp's expressions as she's getting pounded in doggystyle, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, and missionary positions shows that she is really enjoying it!! When she licks her fangs it's so sexy-hot!! At the end of this scene it appears that the guy vamp came inside of the female??? At least there was closure to the scene. I hate to be left wondering how it ended ...

Scene 5: "Nursin' Bite Wounds"

This is a nurse fetish scene. the female vamp is wearing a sexy white, and hot pink nurses outfit. She has hot pink/red, punk style hair. Her body is almost entirely covered in tattoos, which is kind of sweet!! The backdrop is a dark hospital room lit by candle light. The two vamps have sex on the examining table/hospital bed? I have to say, this is another awesome scene, and the tattooed female vamp makes it even better!! The pair of vamps get it on doing it doggystyle, cowgirl, and even missionary on/over the examining table/hospital bed. The sex is hot, and the girl's moans of pleasure add to the heat!! The pair of vamps/performers have great chemistry in the scene. This is by far one of the best scenes, if not the best scene on the desk!!

Extras: The extras include 'Also From the Brookland Bros' which shows other DVDs available by the Brookland Bros.

Final Thoughts: This is a unique DVD that deals with the vampire fetish in a softcore way. Overall I'd have to say it was not the best DVD I've reviewed, but also not the worst. I have to take into consideration that this DVD is rated 'X', unlike the usual 'XXX' DVDs I usually review. That being said, it was alright ... I'd say this would be more of a couples' adult DVD. There were two scenes at the end that I really enjoyed. Also I have to note that the vampire fangs made the vampire effect more realistic. If you are looking for blood there was none, just a little playful biting. The female vamps were all very sexy, and very appealing to the eyes, even the tattooed ones. With all of those factors put into consideration I can easily recommend this DVD. Sometimes it's nice to break away from the hardcore.

Final Rating: Recommended!!

"I'm the man who coined the phrase "Same Sex Different Dame". If you're gonna produce porn PLEASE go all out, and don't fall victim to retro ruination. Innovation is king!"

- Vincent Pierce 2014 A.D.

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