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Joanna Angel's Lights Out, Lezbos!

Studio: Burning Angel Entertainment » Review by Sean DPS » Review Date: 6/6/10

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Joanna Angel's Lights Out, Lezbos!
Burning Angel Entertainment

Directed by James Dean

Running Time: 2 hours and 10 minutes

Special Features:

Interactive Menus
Chapter Selection
Slide Show
Trailers (4 trailers) Behind the Scenes (32 minute feature, with some BST guitar playing, masturbation outfits, cat issues, someone really loves her Chef Boyardee, and more)
Web Site Info


Joanna Angel
Violet Monroe
Azrael Arden

Overall Thoughts:

Well when you combine the lovely ladies of Burning Angel, with the humor of Joanna Angel, and we get to see what happens when a group of girls have to survive when the power is out in their apartment complex. It was nice to see a few faces in this movie, well new for me. Each girl is a great example of the kind of stuff that Burning Angel brings to each of their movies. The mixture of beauty, with some tattoos and piercing, is a great combination. I have to commend them once again for a great BTS feature, with all of the songs and showing us the long days that go into making a movie. There was no issue with the audio or video, it doesn't seem to shot in HD, but you know what, it doesn't matter, the sex was still good. You don't always have to shoot in HD. Having said al of that I am going to give this a  RECOMMEND rating, with the hot lesbian action and the humor, this movie is definitely worth adding to your collection.

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So it's a normal day in the Burning Angel world, Joanna is all ready to try out a new toy and feel the best orgasm she has ever felt. And Sami, in the next apartment, is in the shower cleaning herself off, but soon decides to please herself a little bit too, kind of killing two birds with one stone kind of thing. In the next apartment we see Asphxia and Azrael making some food, but apparently they getting really horny when they make a meal, as they begin to kiss and fondle each other. Asphxia starts off fingering her pussy and even gets a little tongue action in there. But Azrael wants a turn, she starts off with her tits and then says it's her turn to eat, as she begins to play with her pussy. She seems to prefer the two finger and a little tongue way of eating. After she is done eating, she bends over on the counter and lets Asphxia play with her nice ass while eating her out. But we go back to Joanna's apartment as she finally gets rid of Violet and now it's time to check out her new toy. She warms herself up by using her fingers on her pussy, and even a finger in her ass. After a pretty long warm up session, she goes for the ultra toy and as soon as she plugs it in, the power goes out.

Back to Sami as she is getting out of the shower, but her power goes out as she is about to use the hair dryer. Next we are back with Asphyxia and Azrael, they are still at it, when the power goes out, and they freak out about their food they were making. So they decide to head over to Joanna's apartment. But we see that Sami gets there first and Joanna and her begin to kiss and make out on the couch. Joanna starts playing with her pussy and seems to be finishing the job, that Sami started in the shower. After Joanna is done, Sami helps Joanna take her shorts off and begins to please Joanna's pussy. But as soon as Sami stops to catch her breath, Joanna flips around and stuffs Sami's face in her ass. But like a good neighbor Joanna returns the favor as she stuffs her face in Sami's ass. She finger bangs Sami, and still is able to finger pussy at the same time, now that's a talented lady. But in the middle of their session there is a knock on the door. It's Asphyxia and Azrael trying to save their food, but they spill some of it on Joanna as they enter Joanna's apartment.

As they are cleaning off the food, they start making out in the bathroom, kissing at first, but soon Joanna is fingering her pussy. She turns her around and fingers her ass, before she pulls out a toy and fucks her ass with it, while she continues to play with her pussy. But Joanna must have gotten jealous cause she uses the same toy on her ass, and still continues to pleasure Azrael's pussy. But Azrael decides it her turn, as she starts to play with Joanna's pussy, while Joanna continues to use the toy on her ass. They end with some more kissing as they finger each other until Azrael is about to cum. Back at the couch, Asphyxia hears the girls and is upset, but then realizes that Sami is kind of hot and well you know what happens next. Soon enough Sami is going down on Asphyxia, and we find out that ironically she likes to be choked while having sex. After Sami gets a taste, Asphyxia has her bent over and her face in Sami's ass, until she starts to finger bang her pussy. Asphyxia is the dominant one in this scene and really seems to take control when she is on top of Sami. She sits on Sami's face and lets her play with her pussy.

Violet returns and wonders what is going on, the lights are off and these two girls are fucking on her couch. But Asphyxia takes one look and pounces on her and let's her join in the fun. And pretty soon their two way, is now a three way. They do a great job of pleasing each other and making sure that no one is left out in the fun. But as stated earlier, Asphyxia seems to be the leader of this crew as she kind of directs the girls what to do. She sits on Violet's face and Sami's plays with Violet's pussy, so like I said, no girl is left out. But during the sex, the girls find Joanna's new toy and her and Azrael come into the living room.

She tries to explain to them that she needed something new, and she asks the girl what they use, and each girl holds up their toy of choice and begin to masturbate while Joanna looks on and masturbates to them. But after about 5-10 minutes of watching the girls masturbate with the toys, she says she can do a better job. So she starts off with Azrael, as the other girls start to play with each other. After fingering Azrael she moves onto Violet, which she uses three fingers on her pussy. Next up is Sami, for her she plays with her pussy while pinching her nipples. And last but not least, is Asphyxia, who she plays with her huge breasts at first before she goes to her pussy. She doesn't stop until she cums for her. And next up, Joanna tells all the girls to turn around and she goes down the line once again, as she plays with their pussy and ass. She uses two fingers in Violet's ass until she cums for her. She continues down the line working on each girl, while the other girls continue to please themselves. The power comes back on, and all the girls leave her, so she tries her toy again, but what do you know, the power goes out once again.

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