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Smiths, The

Studio: Digital Playground » Review by Dr. Jay » Review Date: 7/3/10

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Genre: Feature.
Director: Robby D.
Cast: Kortney Kane, Scott Nails, Jennifer White, Mick Blue, Kayden Kross, Tommy Gunn, Manuel Ferrara, Riley Steele.
Must-See Girls in Cast: Kayden Kross.
Length: 01:38
Condoms: None.
Bonus: Two bonus points: one for condom-free sex and the second for 2010 Dr. Jay's Must-See Girl Kayden Kross.


The Smiths is a five-scene boy/girl feature that highlights the remarkable bodies--and sexual performances--of two of Digital Playground's most desirable contract girls: Kayden Kross and Riley Steele.

Kayden plays the uptight, conservative, "anal-retentive Republican," and frigid "all work no play" wife of Manuel Ferrara. Manuel is a high-powered executive for a firm that specializes in ferreting out and blocking porn sites from their clients' internet systems. Kayden, who is quite duplicitous, makes everybody think that she's a manager for a document destruction company and that she simply must put in long hours each day--from early in the morning until well into the night.

Kayden never has sex with her husband, Manuel. As you can imagine, he goes nuts as his sexual needs go unfulfilled. It's even harder for him since he spends all day searching for porn sites in order to block them. His sexual frustration escalates rapidly as there seems to be sex all around him...a hooker comes by once a week to give the guys "glory hole" blowjobs in the men's room and one of his colleagues, Mick Blue, fucks one of the female employees in his office. Poor Manuel even starts to imagine all of his female colleagues walking around the office stark naked. Come on. Be honest. Wouldn't you enjoy seeing all the women in your office walk around naked? Things get so bad for poor Manuel that he even imagines his wife naked and masturbating while seated at their dining-room table! And, he has vivid dreams about being pleasured by his sister-in-law Riley Steele! But, even though his colleagues offer him "stress relief" and try to set him up with other women, Manuel is gallant and remains true to Kayden.

One morning, while the Smiths are "enjoying" a desultory breakfast, Kayden's perky sister, Riley Steele, bounds into the house and begs to use their internet connection since she forgot to pay her bill. Kayden and Manuel, who obviously don't care much for Riley, begrudgingly allow Riley to "work" from their home.

Later that day, Manuel returns from yet another demoralizing day at the office and hears some noises coming from one of the guest rooms. Imagine Manuel's surprise when he sees that Riley is actually a webcam girl who spends all day double-fucking her holes on-line to create just the sort of content Manuel works to purge from his clients' networks!

Manuel immediately puts a stop to Riley's performance and has a long heart-to-heart talk with her. During that conversation, Riley spills the beans...Kayden is a pornstar, too. So, instead of heading out each day to work hard in a terribly demanding and very conservative job, Kayden actually spends her days fucking guys like Tommy Gunn. Manuel even learns that Riley and Kayden's mom fucks on camera. What a revelation to Manuel!

When Kayden returns home later that day, she confesses everything. But, she says that fucking on camera is "just work" and that she loves Manuel. So, to prove it, the two of them have the hardest and most fulfilling sex of their lives.

To prove that being a porn star is "just work," Kayden invites Manuel to come to a shoot the next day. So, after leaving his job early, he shows up at the set and is blown away when Kayden invites him to participate in a scene. Manuel jumps at the chance and soon has his lucky penis deep inside his sister-in-law Riley's pussy. All's well that ends well!

The Smiths has a very cute and believable plot, boasts two absolutely superb sex scenes and two good ones, benefits from Kayden's excellent acting ability, and benefits from a very fine cast--both male and female.

On the other hand, The Smiths suffers from director Robby D's insistence on using washed-out (desaturated) and poorly color-balanced video. I've complained bitterly about this on numerous occasions. See, for example, my commentary about the video in Robby D's Jesse Jane Dirty Movies. Frankly, I'm tired of chastising Robby for this. However, even though he's a superb director and definitely knows his way around a camera, he's never going to earn five-star "Video" scores from me so long as he continues to make the girls in his movies look sickly. I must admit, thankfully, that the color does improve--in both balance and saturation--in Scenes Four and Five. The color in Scenes One through Three, however, really sucks.

Check out some photos of the girls in The Smiths here. Pay particular attention to the photos of the incomparable Kayden Kross and heart-stopping Riley Steele! Enjoy!


Note to readers: My reviews are provided in two parts. This web page provides you with an overview of the scene's setup and action as well as my ratings for sex, video, audio, and production values. A separate Word document checklist details the foreplay activities, positions, pops, and features of each scene...as well as the calculation of each scene's ratings. The checklist for The Smiths can be downloaded here. You'll need a password. It's drjay2010.

Look for scenes and movies with a 4.5 or higher (A) sex rating and at least 4.0 (B) in video, audio, and production values. Those are my favorite scenes and I'm quite certain that you'll like them, too.

Scene 1

Scene Type: Boy/girl.
Performers: Kortney Kane, Scott Nails

Scene Set-up/Plot/Scenario: After a great deal of plot development, during which we learn about Manuel's long-running dry spell with his wife Kayden, Manuel finds himself in the men's room with his friend, Scott Nails. While the guys drain their bladders, Kortney Kane, playing a hooker named "Wanda," boldly walks into the restroom, opens the stall door, and sets up for "business." "It must be Wednesday!" exclaims Scott. "It's Wanda's Day," corrects Manuel. Scott begs Manuel to stick around to let out a little steam. True-blue Manuel declines, citing his loyalty to his wife. Scott, however, feels no such compunction, whips out his fully-erect dick, and thrusts it through a glory hole conveniently drilled through the stall's wall. Of course, professional Kortney, immediately grabs it and gives his dick an animated combination hand/blowjob. After a while, Scott joins Kortney inside the stall. The two make out for a while (nice kissing and tit worship), strip off each other's clothes, enjoy some lust-inducing and tasty cunnilingus and lots more fellatio, and then fuck animatedly in reverse cowgirl. Finding the stall too confining, Scott and Kortney soon move out into the main area of the restroom. Kortney bends over the sink and Scott fucks her pussy furiously from behind in standing doggie. The scene ends with an open-mouthed facial and then Kortney sucks Scott's dick dry. The scene, however, does not result in an orgasm for Kortney. Even hookers deserve pleasure, Scott.

Foreplay: Mutual stripping, kissing, titty sucking and squeezing, hair pulling, caressing/groping, handjob, fellatio, stringers, balls gobbling, cunnilingus, clit jacking.
Vaginal Positions: Reverse cowgirl, standing doggie.
Anal Positions: None.
Girl cums: None.
Pop: Open mouth.

Sex rating: 2.70
Video rating: 4.50
Audio rating: 4.50
Production values rating: 4.40

What I Liked Most:

  • Kortney Kane has a very fine body. Her nicely-sculpted and perky tits are in-your-face, her never-ending legs are delectable, her firm ass is perfectly shaped, and her hard and firm belly is the stuff of dreams. Her big blue eyes are mesmerizing, too.
  • The storyline, plot-development, and acting leading up to the scene are all top-notch. During the plot development, Kayden takes a shower and we get to see water sluice off her magnificent body. And, during a daydream sequence, we get to watch Kayden, completely nude, fondle herself and masturbate at the kitchen table.
  • I enjoyed the anonymity of the glory-hole blowjob that begins the scene. In fact, the whole scenario in which the scene is set is scintillating.
  • Kortney plays her role as a hooker quite well. She excels at the use of naughty language and enthusiastic groaning.
  • Kortney gives Scott two very nice blowjobs and makes sexy stringers from her mouth to his dick.
  • Scott kneels at Kortney's feet and gives her pussy sweet cunnilingus as she groans with pleasure.
  • Kortney's juicy pussy liberally coats Scott's pistoning rod in reverse cowgirl.
  • Kortney's big in-your-face tits bounce joyfully in reaction to Scott's thrusts in reverse.

What Could Have Been Better:

  • Kortney never came close to orgasm during the scene. In fact, the majority of the scene revolves around the selfish pleasure of Scott Nails' cock. To me, sex without my woman cumming is a day without, well, sex!
  • The color balance is really unpleasant. Kortney's flesh looks sickly rather than healthy, pink, and vibrant.
  • There's no anal pleasure whatsoever. At the very least, Scott could have licked Kortney's asshole!

What I Didn't Like:

  • There are only two sexual positions used during the scene...reverse cowgirl and standing doggie. I know that the men's room set is confining. But, Scott could have at least picked Kortney up and tossed her body up and down to fuck her while standing.

Scene 2

Scene Type: Boy/girl/anal.
Performers: Jennifer White, Mick Blue

Scene Set-up/Plot/Scenario: Manuel's sexual frustration escalates as the poor guy "sees" sex all around him...both metaphorically and literally. Figuratively, his mind sees his busty female coworkers strutting around the office bare-assed naked as their large and perky tits, beautifully-manicured pussies, and well-toned bodies thrill and stimulate him. Literally, he walks into his colleague Mick Blue's office and sees him getting it on with Jennifer White. Of course, Manuel quickly makes his escape and closes the door. But, we get to watch as Mick bends Jennifer over his desk and ravenously gobbles her pussy, rims her asshole, and spanks her ass cheeks from behind. Jennifer eventually repays him orally by sucking and swallowing his big cock with her insatiable "dirty little slut" mouth. She even suckles his lucky balls while she strokes his titanium-hard and spit-lubricated rod with her hands. Meanwhile, he strokes her hair. After some brief kissing, Mick bends Jennifer over his desk and goes directly for her asshole in doggie. As Mick plows Jennifer's asshole balls-deep, she groans with passion and demands that he "fuck that asshole" and "spank me." And, her fine titties get into the "swing" of things by bouncing and gyrating delightfully. As the scene unfolds, Mick fucks Jennifer's pussy in mish and then takes another opportunity to ream her asshole in spoon. To end the scene, Mick jacks off onto Jennifer's tits. Actually, he fills her cleavage with his semen as she thoughtfully squeezes her fine breasts together. Afterward, she sucks his cock briefly and massages his cum into her flesh.

Foreplay: Kissing, tit squeezing, hair pulling, handjob, fellatio, deep-throat, stringers, balls-gobbling, cunnilingus, rimming.
Vaginal Positions: Missionary.
Anal Positions: Standing doggie, spoon.
Girl cums: Yes.
Pop: Tits.

Sex rating: 4.45
Video rating: 3.50
Audio rating: 4.50
Production values rating: 4.20

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What I Liked Most:

  • Jennifer White is a very attractive young woman with a voluptuous body, fine natural-looking breasts, rich brunette hair, an inviting ass, and mesmerizing eyes.
  • The storyline, plot-development, and acting leading up to the scene are all top-notch.
  • Mick, as is his custom, does a nice job eating Jennifer's pussy and rimming her asshole during foreplay. He makes her groan ecstatically.
  • Jennifer is enthusiastic during the scene. And, she motivates Mick with her nasty vocabulary.
  • Jennifer's natural-looking boobs bounce delightfully in reaction to Mick's thrusts...especially in doggie.
  • This is an anal-intensive scene: Mick gets to plow Jennifer's asshole in both doggie and spoon!
  • Jennifer takes her pleasure into her own hands, so to speak, and frantically rubs her clit while Mick pounds her pussy in mish. Jennifer experiences a sweet orgasm as a result!
  • Mick takes time to eat Jennifer's pussy during breaks between sexual positions.
  • Jennifer's pussy is extremely wet and juicy while Mick fucks her asshole in spoon. You can see puddles of girl-juice inside her gaping hole!

What Could Have Been Better:

  • The lighting leaves much to be desired. Much of the action is hidden in shadows.
  • The video color balance and saturation are awful. The picture looks like sepia-tone instead of color.
  • Transitioning footage is missing between sexual positions.

Scene 3

Scene Type: Boy/girl.
Performers: Kayden Kross, Tommy Gunn.

Scene Set-up/Plot/Scenario: While Manuel sits home alone one evening staring at his warmed-over dinner, Kayden calls him and tells him that she's going to be home super late. As they're finishing up their conversation, one of her crew members interrupts her with a two minute warning (of course, Manuel doesn't understand the meaning of his words because he doesn't yet know his wife is a porn star). Kayden hangs up, walks through a doorway, struts past several couples fucking for the camera in assorted sets, and walks into a bedroom set. Meanwhile, Manuel, at home, hears some noises coming from down the hall, goes to investigate, and finds his sister-in-law Riley double-fucking herself with toys for her webcam show. Thus, Kayden's duplicity begins to unravel. Back on the set, Kayden, dressed in a heart-stopping black fishnet outfit, gazes lustily into Tommy Gunn's eyes as he sits on a bed and beholds Kayden's beauty. The director calls "action," Tommy stands, and then Kayden drops to her knees to give him a world-class stringer- and gag-intensive hand/blowjob. She even double-fists his cock! If you're a guy, you're going to wish your penis was in Kayden's oh-so-capable care! If you're a woman, watch Kayden and learn! As the scene unfolds, the siren song of Kayden's pussy is too much for Tommy to ignore. So, he tosses her onto her back atop the bed and gives her some of the best cunnilingus and finger-fucking I've seen in a 2010 boy/girl scene. He even tears an opening in the crotch of her mesh outfit to get better access to her genitals. Kayden loves his technique, screams and pants with delight, erotically undulates her quivering body, rolls her body over and over again, and cums at least twice! Tommy soon slips his cock into her extremely-well prepared pussy and fucks her in kneeling doggie, reverse cowgirl, a second round of doggie, and orgasm-inducing spoon. To end the scene, Tommy shoots his voluminous load all over Kayden's shapely ass cheeks as she giggles with unmitigated delight.

Foreplay: Tearing of clothes, spanking, hair pulling, handjob, double-fisted handjob, fellatio, deep-throat, stringers, balls-gobbling, cunnilingus, finger-fucking.
Vaginal Positions: Reverse cowgirl, kneeling doggie, spoon.
Anal Positions: None.
Girl cums: Repeatedly.
Pop: Ass cheeks.

Sex rating: 4.60
Video rating: 4.50
Audio rating: 4.50
Production values rating: 4.50

What I Liked Most:

  • Kayden Kross, who's one of my 2010 Dr. Jay's Must-See Girls. I love her pretty face, flowing blond hair, perfect ass, heart-stopping gorgeous tits, and superb body. Even better, I love how her face betrays her insatiable lust.
  • The outfit that Kayden wears in this scene is, to say the least, revealing! Whew!
  • The storyline, plot-development, and acting leading up to the scene are all top-notch.
  • There are very well-executed special video effects during the scene set-up footage.
  • The musical soundtrack during the scene set-up is extremely effective.
  • Tommy gives Kayden some of the best cunnilingus I've ever seen in a boy/girl scene. I'm not sure if it is all the result of Tommy's talent or if Kayden simply loves to have her pussy eaten. In any case, I, for one, would give almost anything to have my face between Kayden's legs!
  • Kayden, too, is a champion at oral sex. She gives Tommy an outstanding combination hand/blowjob during foreplay and does ravenous pussy-to-mouth during sex. She even erotically gags on his huge and oh-so-lucky rod!
  • Kayden is an extremely demonstrative fuck. Her words, sounds, and movements scream out her intense sexuality.
  • Kayden is also extremely appreciative of Tommy's actions. Her body quivers and shakes and continuous ecstatic shrieks escape her mouth. If all women enjoyed sex as much as Kayden, men would never have time to make war!
  • Kayden does lots of the fucking. And, when she does her moves are so incredible that they simply defy explanation. You've got to see Kayden fuck to appreciate her! Just wait until you see her in reverse! She even manages to show off her sexy and powerful moves in doggie!
  • Kayden increases her own pleasure by frantically stroking her clit while she and Tommy fuck each other.
  • Tommy sharply spanks Kayden's ass cheeks and fingers her asshole during doggie.
  • Kayden's tits bounce beautifully in response to Tommy's frantic thrusts.
  • Tommy's cock redlines when he pounds her frantically in spoon. He makes her body convulse through another amazing orgasm.

What Could Have Been Better:

  • The color balance and saturation are really unpleasant. The picture looks like sepia-tone instead of color.
  • Transitioning footage is missing between sexual positions.
  • There's very little anal pleasure. Although Tommy massaged Kayden's asshole with his thumb, he could have licked it, too!

Scene 4

Scene Type: Boy/girl.
Performers: Kayden Kross, Manuel Ferrara.

Scene Set-up/Plot/Scenario: Back at home, Manuel grills Riley about her porn-actress career. Riley spills all the beans. So, Manuel not only learns that Riley fucks for a living, but so do his wife and his mother-in-law. Manuel takes it hard. So, when Kayden finally gets home, Manuel launches into her with his hurt feelings and thoughts of betrayal. Eventually, Kayden confesses to her pride in being a porn star and that's she's fucked three guys at time. Then, in response to Manuel's revelation that he never cheated on her, Kayden explains that "It's not cheating if it's on camera. It's just work." Manuel is still incredulous. So, he stalks into his bedroom. Kayden follows him, knowing how much he feels betrayed, and forcefully sets out to show him that she loves him. She grabs his head and pulls it toward her for intense and passionate kisses that soon morph into feral fondling and groping, mutual stripping, ravenous and multiple-orgasm-inducing cunnilingus, rimming, ass spanking, deep-throat-intensive fellatio, double-fisted handjob, and out-of-this world 69. Sex begins in cowgirl as Kayden ecstatically screams and groans while fucking and riding his pistoning cock like the champion cowgirl she is. After a bout of insatiable pussy-to-mouth and more explosive cowgirl sex, Manuel gets on top and powerfully fucks Kayden through an amazing orgasm in missionary and then they roll onto their sides for boisterous spoon-style sex that gives Kayden a nearly unbelievable screaming orgasm that certainly made her day. As the scene continues to unfold, Kayden and Manuel make superb use of reverse cowgirl (Kayden screams through two more amazing orgasms), another bout of missionary, incendiary doggie (Kayden shows off her amazing moves, and enjoy another boisterous cowgirl ride (during which Manuel pistons in-and-out so fast that his cock blurs on the screen). To end this wild and intensely satisfying scene, Manuel shoots his voluminous load directly into Kayden's wide open mouth. Not wanting to waste a drop, she sucks him dry and swallows. Then, they cuddle like new lovers. Fucking outstanding scene!

Foreplay: Mutual stripping, kissing, spanking, tit sucking and squeezing, hair pulling, caressing/groping, handjob, double-fisted handjob, fellatio, deep-throat, cunnilingus, clit jacking, 69.
Vaginal Positions: Missionary, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, kneeling doggie, spoon.
Anal Positions: None.
Girl cums: Repeatedly.
Pop: Open mouth; she sucks him dry and swallows.

Sex rating: 4.95
Video rating: 4.50
Audio rating: 4.50
Production values rating: 4.30

What I Liked Most:

  • I've already extolled Kayden Kross and her drop-dead-gorgeous body in my review of Scene Three. My perception of her is even better after watching Scene Four!
  • The storyline, plot-development, and acting leading up to the scene are all top-notch. I am particularly impressed with the acting prowess of both Kayden and Riley.
  • The musical soundtrack during the plot development is excellent. Musical chords perfectly sync with the actors' moves, facial expressions, and words. This type of customized musical soundtrack is rare in porn and very much appreciated.
  • The cunnilingus during foreplay is incendiary. As in Scene Three, Kayden truly loves having her pussy eaten. Manuel Ferrara pushes and licks all the right buttons and reaps many rewards as her body convulses with untold pleasure. Any man who gets to eat Kayden's pussy is in for a trip straight to heaven!
  • As in Scene Three, Kayden's fellatio skills are outstanding. Her deep-throat ability is even more impressive given Manuel's huge penis size.
  • Kayden and Manuel enjoy sweet 69 during foreplay. I so love 69 that I'm always pleased when couples use it during sex scenes.
  • Kayden is aggressive in getting what she wants from Manuel. She uses her words, sounds, and moves very well to inflame his lust so he will, in turn, give her everything he has. Believe me, there will never be another dry spell in the Smith's household!
  • Absolutely volcanic chemistry between Kayden and Manuel. Of course, Manuel has been on such a long dry spell that his pent-up sexual frustrations cannot help but explode. On the other hand, Kayden now feels free to let her husband know that she's not uptight and conservative, how much she enjoys sex, and how much she loves him.
  • As in Scene Three, Kayden's moves are fucking amazing. Her body's moves are poetry--albeit ribald--in motion!
  • Manuel mildly chokes Kayden's throat during cowgirl to increase her pleasure.
  • Kayden and Manuel kiss a lot while they fuck. Manuel also pleasures Kayden by spanking her and pulling her hair.
  • Kayden's orgasms are strong, long, and often. Damn! I can't imagine anybody who wouldn't want to experience her pleasure when she cums so explosively!
  • Kayden takes her own pleasure into her well-practiced hands when she vigorously strokes her erect and sensitive clit while she and Manuel fuck vaginally.
  • Manuel fills Kayden's mouth with his semen at the end of the scene. Awesome Kayden sucks him dry and swallows.

What Could Have Been Better:

  • Although the color saturation is a bit weak in this scene, at least the color balance is flattering to Kayden's skin.
  • Transitioning footage is missing between sexual positions.
  • There's very little anal pleasure. Although Manuel rimmed Kayden's asshole, I wish he would have probed it...at least with his finger!

Scene 5

Scene Type: Boy/girl/minor anal
Performers: Riley Steele, Manuel Ferrara.

Scene Set-up/Plot/Scenario: The next morning, Manuel heads off to work while Kayden reports to a shoot. About midday, Kayden calls Manuel and asks him to leave work early so he can come to her set and check it out. When he arrives at the location, the director quickly introduces himself and thrusts a script into his hands. Manuel, surprised that he's actually going to participate instead of watch, is reassured when Kayden kisses him and reminds him, "It's just a job." He's even more surprised when he finds out that he's going to "work with" his sister-in-law Riley. "It could have been my mom," teases Kayden. The director calls "places," and then Kayden escorts Manuel to a living-room set in which Riley, dressed to thrill, sits on a brown leather couch and touches herself and demands, "Give me that big dick!" Manuel joins Riley on the couch, kisses her hungrily, ravenously suckles her nipples, spanks and squeezes her ass cheeks, and rolls her on top of him so that she can hump his leg while he tugs her tiny thong deep into the recesses of her ass cheeks. Riley's and Manuel's lust soon begins to boil and, as a result, Manuel tugs aside her panties to have unbridled access so he can eat her pussy and rim her asshole. Meanwhile, Riley squeals with delight and fucks back. Manuel voraciously eats Riley in doggie and missionary and then he finger-fucks her asshole as she fucks back passionately and fingers her swollen clit and pink labia. He also eats her pussy while finger-fucking her asshole. Manuel gives Riley an orgasm and then she repays his kindness by giving him an energetic blowjob that features deep-throating, jawbreakers, and stringers. And, she uses her practiced hands to give him a handjob and double-fisted handjob. Sweet! Before the couple moves on to sex, Manuel gradually and erotically finishes undressing Riley's fabulous flesh. He also kisses and licks her body. Then, she straddles and fucks him with amazing moves in cowgirl. Riley fucks and grinds him frantically and Manuel, in turn, responds by thrusting in-and-out of her at redline speed. Riley screams with pleasure as her passion builds and then lifts herself off of him so that she can do pussy-to-mouth on his cock and lick his lucky asshole. Then, she mounts him in reverse, slides his cock into her pussy, and then clamps her feet around his dick as it thrusts in and out of her. As the scene continues to unfold, Riley and Manuel also fuck vaginally in kneeling doggie. During this segment, Riley continues to show off her sexy moves as Manuel plunges balls-deep in-and-out of her pussy and spanks her pretty ass cheeks while she strokes her own clit. Later, Riley again rides Manuel in reverse...this time his redline-speed fucking combined with his frantic stroking of her clit causes her to cum like a volcano all over her spit-soaked pistoning dick. Before this fine scene comes to and end, Riley jacks Manuel's cock with her feet until he's ready to pop. Just in the nick of time, Riley drops to her knees and presents her pretty face to him...a pretty face that is soon plastered with his semen. She sucks and deep-throats him until every drop of semen has been pumped out of his penis.

Foreplay: Mutual stripping, kissing, body licking, masturbation, spanking, humping, tit sucking and fucking, hair pulling, caressing/groping, handjob, double-fisted handjob, fellatio, deep-throat, jaw breakers, cunnilingus, finger-fucking, anal finger-fucking, clit jacking, rimming.
Vaginal Positions: Cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, kneeling cowgirl.
Anal Positions: Anal finger fucking in missionary.
Girl cums: Repeatedly.
Pop: Facial.

Sex rating: 4.80
Video rating: 5.00
Audio rating: 4.50
Production values rating: 4.50

What I Liked Most:

  • Riley Steele is a stunning beauty. Check out her face, gorgeous hair, and get-lost-in-them eyes. This shot highlights her perky tits and perfect never-ending legs and thighs. And, this photo reveals her capacious pussy and ravenous asshole both stuffed with toys. Wow! What a woman!
  • Riley's outfit for this scene is hot and provocative. It really shows off her fine curves.
  • The storyline, plot-development, and acting leading up to the scene are all top-notch.
  • At long last, the color balance and saturation are perfect. The video in this scene is virtually perfect in every regard.
  • Excellent chemistry develops between Riley and Manuel during this scene. Once Manuel comes to grips with his wife's and sister-in-law's occupation, he takes full advantage of the situation.
  • Riley sits in Manuel's lap and humps him while he tugs her panties deep into her ass cleavage and spanks and squeezes her butt cheeks.
  • Manuel, as in Scene Four, shows off his outstanding pussy-eating technique when he licks and finger-fucks Riley through a massive orgasm during foreplay.
  • During foreplay, Manuel also finger-fucks Riley's pussy and her asshole while she, in turn, erotically fucks back and strokes her clit.
  • Riley's fellatio technique, is, to say the least, gluttonous. She acts as if she hasn't had a cock in her mouth in months. Or, it might simply be that she's always wanted a chance to have her brother-in-law's cock in her mouth!
  • I have often said in recent reviews that Riley Steele's fucking moves are among the best in the business. Although her Digital Playground "sister" Jesse Jane is still the champion fucker, Riley is gaining on her
  • Riley rims Manuel's asshole. That really shows off her naughty side. Of course, Manuel tastes Riley's taste anus with his tongue, too.
  • Those of you with foot fetishes will enjoy seeing Riley stoke Manuel's cock with her feet.
  • Riley masturbates during the scene.
  • Riley gets to cum twice during the scene...once during cunnilingus in foreplay and again during boisterous reverse cowgirl.
  • At the end of the scene, RIley takes numerous blasts of semen onto her face (damn, it looks pretty!) and then sucks and deep-throats Manuel's cock until it is bone dry.

What Could Have Been Better:

  • Since Riley stuffed her own asshole with a dildo during her webcam show and since Manuel finger-fucked her anus during foreplay, I really would have liked to see some cock-in-ass action.
  • This scene could have been a little longer. The sex is so hot that it's a shame that the scene has to come to an end.


The DVD-9 disc I reviewed contains a full-motion chapter selector, multiple chapters per sex scene, a contact information screen, a ten-minute behind-the-scenes (BTS) featurette, a manually-operated photo gallery of pictures from the movie, a four-minute self-running slide show (same photos as the photo gallery), and trailers for eight Digital Playground movies. The BTS focuses on Kayden Kross (because this was the first movie she shot for Digital Playground as a contract star) and contains footage of on-set-tomfoolery; impromptu interviews of Kayden Kross and Riley Steele; random clothed and naked shots of the girls hanging around the set; video of the girls being made-up and having their hair done; shots of the cast and crew planning the scenes; behind-the-camera footage of the crew capturing the action; video of the still photo shoots; and shots of the "extras" walking around the set with their tits and asses hanging out. This selection of extras is below average in today's marketplace. Two and one-half stars.

Final Thoughts

The best things about The Smiths include:
  • Digital Playground contract girls Riley Steele and Kayden Kross. Both of these girls are beautiful beyond words. And, they are both top tier (top 1%) porn star performers. I particularly like Kayden's obvious and very real enjoyment of sex. God, to be able to fuck her, to hear her, and to feel her cum would be a lifetime dream come true! Riley, on the other hand, has some of the best fucking moves you'll ever see. I never get tired of watching her ride dick. I think we can all agree that it would be even better if that dick belonged to you or me!
  • Kayden's acting ability. I first realized how world-class her portrayals are when I reviewed her work in The 8th Day. Although Kayden's role in The Smiths is not as comprehensive as that in The Eighth Day, it is challenging. Kayden has to play a duplicitous woman who appears on the surface to be an uptight prude while actually earning her living as a porn star. Kayden carries out this duplicity perfectly. I believe that good actors should make us believe that they are not acting. Kayden does this brilliantly in every role she plays. Kudos, girl!
  • the cute, twisted, and captivating plot. This is not a movie that you'll want to skip through the plot to get to the sex. Watch and enjoy every second.
  • the production values. The locations, sets, wardrobe, make up, and hairstyling are all excellent. I also appreciated the musical soundtrack that nicely supports the plot development. It would have been nice had the music extended into the sex scenes as well.
  • the non-sex supporting cast. Manuel's office is chock full of gorgeous girls who always dress to thrill and occasionally prance around stark naked. Too bad the whole bunch of them didn't get involved in a no-holes-barred orgy!

The Smiths could have been better if:

  • the color balance in Scenes One through Three were more flattering to the girls' skin. The lighting makes the girls look gaunt and sickly.
  • the color saturation in Scenes One through Four would have been stronger. The colors are dull and lifeless and the resultant video appears more of a sepia-tone than full color.
  • transitioning footage had better tied-together all of the sexual positions.
  • a bit more attention had been paid to the girls' assholes.
  • the office-full of busty and gorgeous female "extras" had gotten involved in a full-blown orgy with the cast.
  • more extras had been included on the DVD.

Things I didn't like about The Smiths include:

  • the lack of a sufficient number of sexual positions in Scene One. Although there is no set "minimum" number of positions in a sex scene, I do think that two is insufficient. I like to savor a woman's body from as many angles as possible...and Scene One didn't allow me to get to know Kortney as intimately as I would prefer.

Average sex rating: 4.30
Average video rating: 4.40
Average audio rating: 4.50
Average production values rating: 4.38
Extras rating: 2.50
Bonus point(s): 2.00
Overall rating: 4.42

X Critic Pick (4.5+ sex; 4.0+ production values; 4.5+ overall)
Highly Recommended (4.5+ sex; 4.0+ overall)
Recommended (4.0+ sex; 4.0+ overall)
Rent It (<4.00 sex; <4.00 overall)
Skip It (<3.50 sex; <4.00 overall) 

Dr. Jay

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