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My Oldest Fuck 2

Studio: Red Light District Video » Review by Bill The Hobbyist » Review Date: 6/7/10

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

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My Oldest Fuck #2 - Redlight District
Running Time: 2:23
Condoms: None
Director: Maestro Claudio
Cast Ally Ann, Evie Jaclyn, Ivy Winters, Jennifer White, Kandi Milan, Dirty Harry, Herschel & Ron Jeremy
The Movie
Most guys my age have that fantasy of being with a much younger girl, but not feeling like in a land of make believe, but that feeling of reality.  This movie was mixed with both.  The scenes that portrayed more reality, not only were the strongest acting scenes, but the sex in most of them was very good. Even though a few scenes were week this movies is still worth renting to watch Jennifer White, Ally Ann and Ivy Winters have sex with older guys in helping those of us in that age bracket to enjoy the fantasise.  Legendary Ron Jeremy and Herschel Savage do great jobs playing their roles and showing these young girls what a experience can do.
Scene #1 - Kandi Milan & Dirty Harry
The scene was a bit disappointing in the acting there was to much over kill of the with the role playing of a little girl and old guy. I got tired of hearing that baby talk and the word Mister used repeativly. The babyish talk by Kandi & Dirty Harry took much reality out of it.  The scene came across more as a high school skit than a true real experience. Kandi's sexual performance was average as I have seen her do much better in other scenes before. Kandi does bring the scene to a great ending as usual with a nice pop shot into her mouth.
Positions: Blowjob, Cowgirl, Rev. Cowgirl, Doggie, Cum In Mouth
Scene #2 - Jennifer White & Herschel Savage
Both Jennifer & Herschel do an excellent job in both the acting and sex in bringing this to real life.  Jennifer was so smooth in playing the part of that young girl being seduced by an older guy. See played it so well, with her hesitations, lines and facial expressions.  Herschel who I have been watching since he first started years ago delivered great acting and sex as always. The sex was very good and just watching Jennifer's perky, stand up 34C's with her great nipples is always a certain turn on for anyone. The scene concludes with a great pop shot directly into her mouth and after playing with the cum with enjoyment, slides every drop down her throat for a fantastic swallow. A money shot you will certainly rewind and watch several times and be sure to have the lube and tissues handy.  The entire scene flowed so natural both non sex and sex giving a great sense of reality.
Positions: Blowjob, Cowgirl, Missionary, Rev. Cowgirl, Doggie, Cum In Mouth, Swallow
Scene #3 - Ally Ann & Dirty Harry
As usual Ally provides and excellent performance both in acting and sex. Her role as a slutty teenager who would do anything to have a party with her friends fit her perfect. Dirty Harry was much better in the role he played than that in scene 1. Ally does a great job seducing the older guy and Dirty Harry's confusion and hesitation was great as Ally took charge.  The sex was fantastic.  Ally sucked him with passion and enthusiasm, her facial expressions made it all more real. While being fucked her moaning, screaming and gripping of the sheets, just says "Fuck Me Please & Harder Too".  The sex had not one dull moment and as Dirty Harry delivered the load into her mouth again she took it with that "Give It To Me" look on her face. She then finished by playing with the cum in her mouth and by twirling her finger around it which was very hot.  I loved the ending where Dirty Harry falls down having a heart attach, which is something all older guys worry about when fucking a hot young girl. Ally plays it out well by not even paying attention to it, cause she had to go get ready for her party. Excellent scene overall.
Positions: Blowjob, Cowgirl, Missionary, Rev. Cowgirl, Doggie, Cum In Mouth
Scene #4 - Evie Jaclyn & Herschel Savage
This being only Evies second shoot and that her personal sex life is mostly with girls, showed in her overall performance.  Herschel does a great job playing a rich old guy looking to take care of a young girl in exchange for sex.  The strongest part of Evie's performance was when Herschel was going down and fingering her.  If She kept that up during the entire sex scene her performance would of been great. The rest of the time you could see she was nervous, just going through the motions and not sure what to do next.  She even had a though time riding cowgirl.  The pop shot was a turn the side cheek, with a look of you can only cum here.  When he did cum, you could see her flinch and her facial expressions were certainly telling me she did not enjoy it or want it at alll.  I think as more scenes are shot, she will do better, but for now this was one that was so hard not to hit fast forward and move to the next.
Positions: Blowjob, Cowgirl, Rev. Cowgirl, Doggie, Facial
Scene #5 - Ivy Winters & Ron Jeremy
Another classic scene with Ron Jermey.  Ron actually plays himself and Ivy is a young girl in the neighborhood who finds out he lives there and decides to come and find out for herself.  Ivy does a great job as that young girl who would love to fuck the legendary Ron Jeremy and really shows it with so great fucking and enthusiasm during the scene. Ron, encourages her to kiss, which she does and was nice to see some french kissing as so many scenes don't include that anymore.  Even though the scene was short and had limited positions Ivy was still hot in every aspect. Of course Ron was sure to include his famous line "Boobies, Boobies, Boobies", as he took of Ivy's top and began sucking on them.
Positions - Kissing, Blowjob, Doggie, Missionary
Audio & Video - Both were clean, clear and very crisp.  There was some very good clear well focused close up shots.
Behind The Scenes - Contains a few short interviews, but the bulk of it was nothing more of a video of the girls doing their still shots.
Cum Shot Recap - A good recap of each scene and with some of the cum shots scenes hot, makes it worth watching.
Photo Gallery - Good quality pictures, good number of shots, but nothing more than the norm you see in most.
Final Thoughts
If you enjoy young and old mixed, have that fantasy of being with a younger girl then there are several scenes that deliver it. Even though the movie includes some legendary guys, seeing them in two back to back scenes was a bit much.  There are some weak moments in the movies, but for the strong scenes it makes it worth renting.


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