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Prime Cups Vol. 8

Studio: Evil Angel » Review by Vincent Pierce » Review Date: 6/18/10

XCritic's Advice: Watch On Demand

Genre: Naturally Busty, Oiled, Big Boobs

Director: Raul Cristian

Cast: Candy Strong, Carol Gold, Frank Major, Jessica Moore, Laura, Lauro Giotto, Lucy, Mugur, Nancy, Sabby, Sylvia Black

Date of Production: 2/2/2010

Length: 2 hrs. 57 mins.

Audio/Video: The audio is excellent, as I have come to expect from 'Evil Angel' DVDs. The video quality is excellent, and extremely clear. You can see the blemishes on the performers' skin in great detail. The video is presented in a widescreen format.

Overview: This DVD contains seven lengthy scenes of oil soaked boobs, and naughty sex. It has some of the loveliest, and naturally busty ladies in the porn industry ready to oil up for your viewing pleasure. If you are a fan of naturally busty women like I am, then I think you're going to enjoy the show. The DVD is over three hours long so there's plenty of oily boob footage to enjoy!

Scene 1: Sylvia Black

This scene starts off with Sylvia Black self pleasuring herself for a good, long time. To begin with she caresses her body in front of the camera as she takes off her black sports bra, black mini skirt, and pink panties! After that bit of teasing, and when all of her clothing is removed, she oils her massive natural boobs up. She even oils up a bit downstairs (If you catch my meaning ...). When she is nice and oiled, Sylvia decides to add a whip cream topping!! I thought that was really sexy!! She rubs that in as well. The next thing you know Sylvia is surrounded by three naked guys. They really put it to her!! It's like the Kama Sutra of foursomes. They change positions frequently, and their is a lot of anal sex, and I do mean a lot!! In the end two of the guys shoot their loads onto Sylvia's Tits, but one guy shoots his in her mouth!! She spits the cum back up, but in a rather sexy way. This scene would have been good in my opinion, if they hadn't of shown an 'extreme' close-up of Sylvia's asshole at the end. It's one of those things I wish I could unsee ...

Scene 2: Candy Strong

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Candy Strong starts the scene off just as Sylvi Black did, teasing and self pleasuring herself. She is also wearing a similar outfit, except it is all white. Candy looks a lot like the MILF type. One thing that did bother me a little was the surgery scars on her breasts being shown during the close-up shots. It seems like they could have chosen different camera angles or something ... After the teasing bit, Candy oils up her large breasts, and her pussy (I'm not sure why all of the sex was anal???). She is soo joined by an already naked guy, and they do some anal missionary, anal spooning, and even anal cowgirl!! For the finale the guy shoots his massive load all over Candy's boobs. The camera focuses on the cumshot mess for a bit before she licks it a little, and then rubs it in like sun tan lotion!! This scene wasn't all that bad, but I could have done with out seeing the implant scars ...

Scene 3: Nancy

Nancy starts her scene of wearing a black strapless sports bra with flame designs on it, and matching very short shorts. The flames suit her well as Nancy has one of those 'perfect' bodies. Her breasts are naturally busty, and pussy is perfect as well!! As in the previous scenes, she gropes, and fondles herself. She even fingers herself at one point. Soon after oiling only her tits, Nancy is joined by an already naked guy. The action starts off with a lot of sucking, and tit fucking. Soon though they are doing missionary (which they do a good bit), and a little cowgirl. The guy shoots a large load of cum onto her lovely tits, and the camera focuses on the mess for a bit. Nancy does sample a taste with her fingers which I thought was hot, and she even licks a breast once!! This was a really good scene. It is far better than the previous two ... if they only would have put similar quality into the previous scenes as they did this one ...

Scene 4: Laura

Laura is another one of those extremely beautiful girls with a perfect package. She has some very nice all natural tits, a nice ass, and pussy. She starts her scene off dressed in a black mesh see-through top with a hot orange bikini underneath. As soon as the outfit comes off Laura oils herself up big time!! She covers her breasts, and lower region with a large amount of oil. Sadly to my dismay, her scene is a solo one. Theres not much action unless you count her playing around with a glass dildo. What a waste! I would have loved to have seen her with a guy, or guys ... Anyway, all was not a loss. The scene ended with a whip cream topping. Laura covered her lovely tits with a massive amount of whip cream and rubbed it in. There's something I find rather kinky, and enjoyable about watching her rub that whip cream in ... Overall this scene was lacking. I felt that it could have been so much more.

Scene 5: Jessica Moore

Jessica Moore is a rather pretty blonde with hot, and very large natural breasts. In this scene she is dressed in an outfit similar to Nancy's, only it's solid hot pink. The backdrop for this scene is an indoor swimming pool area. In fact all of the sex takes place on the side of the pool! It's the same routine as the other girls'. First Jessica does a strip tease, then she oils her boobs really good. Next the guy enter, butt naked, and the pair start off with some intense oral sex. Jessica gets down to business with some serious deepthroating, and cocksucking. After that she does some cowgirl, doggystyle, and missionary positions with the guy on the side of the pool! This was an ok scene. The sex lasted a good bit longer, and the ending was really good. She ended up takung a cumshot on her breasts, and licked the cum off of her fingers!! To top that off, she didn't spit it back out!!

Scene 6: Lucy

To start off, Lucy looks a lot like Nancy ... maybe they're twins??? Lucy starts the scene off wearing a black checkered see-through top, and black panties. To be totally honest when I first saw this scene, I was thinking "It's going to be more of the same ...", but was I dead wrong!! Man!! This has to be the hottest scene on the disc!!! Lucy oils up like usual, and plays with herself a bit ... then she brings out a cucumber!!! She fucks herself with a cucmber!!! So hot!!! She even does a titjob with the cucumber ... Just when I thought it couldn't get any better she brings out a squash, and fucks herself doggystyle with it!!! Talk about putting your veggies to a good use!!! This is by far my favorite scene. I love it when a director adds a little spice to the DVD!!! It's always good to see something new. Watching the same old thing over, and over gets dull.

Extras: The extras include a 'Photo Gallery' which is a slideshow of pictures of the performers ... an 'Extra Scene' with the extremely hot, and busty Carol Gold!!! ... and 'Websites' which show links to some websites related to this DVD.

Final Thoughts: I'm not much of a picky guy when it comes to porn involving busty women, but this was a bit of a let down. For the most part  it wasn't the women that was the problem, but more so the scenarios. Only one or two of the scenes peaked my interest which is less than half of the total amount of scenes. The fact that one of the scenes seemed to focus on one of the girl's asshole, more than her breasts bothered me the most. I thought this was supposed to be a booby movie??? At best this DVD, in my opinion, is only worth renting.

Final Rating: Rent It

"I'm the man who coined the phrase "Same Sex Different Dame". If you're gonna produce porn PLEASE go all out, and don't fall victim to retro ruination. Innovation is king!"

- Vincent Pierce 2014 A.D.

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