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Seven Minutes In Heaven: Coming Out

Studio: TROUBLE Films » Review by Garnet Joyce » Review Date: 6/12/10

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Genre: Queer, Indie, BDSM, Gonzo

Director: Courtney Trouble

Cast: Sarah Lee Sinful, Carson, Tina Horn, Puck Goodfellow, Sophia, Joline Parton, and Jae

Length:120 minutes

Production Date: 8/18/2009

Extras: There is a photo gallery that is just under 6 minutes long. They are mostly shots from the movie as well as some posed shots taken in the photo room. There is no music that goes along with this slideshow which I found to be odd given Courtney's love of music. The shots are often grainy except when taken in the photo room. Lots of hot shots though.

There are also trailers for Roulette, Nostalgia, and Speakeasy.

Safer Sex: Condoms and gloves used

Audio/Video Quality: Lots of awesome music, which is what Courtney is known for. Overall the sound is pretty good. When the moans are loud there isn't any distortion and I'm not plugging my ears. When the dirty talk is soft I cannot understand it though. This is a major complaint I have with a lot of pornography. I really wish that they would make subtitles of the dirty talk for those of us who are hard of hearing or deaf. In an inclusive queer porno you'd think they would think of that.

The video quality is mostly pretty well done. The exception is any scene shot in the bathroom. The lighting in that room is very poor and it looks like they tried to brighten it up post filming. The result is a couple of very grainy oddly colored sex scenes. But this is indie porn so you can't expect any high definition or fantastic lighting. However, it is shot in widescreen.

Overview: Seven queer folks are gathered in a house for sex and a sleepover. What results is the first queer gonzo porn. There is no plot or script. Everyone fucks the way they want to and it gets filmed (with the illegal parts like fisting taken out for DVD distribution). The action starts with a game of spin the bottle to get everyone warmed up. This quickly results in a small makeout orgy followed by people breaking off into twos or threes or sometimes even more. Sex starts happening all over the house and you can even hear moaning from other parts of the house as you watch each scene. What's not to love? On top of all that, I found every single person in this film to be smoking hot. That has never happened before! I would totally have sex with every single one of them. I'm going to try really hard to have this review not break down into a bunch of "OMG SOOOO HAWT!" But believe me, it is.

Characters: I don't usually do this, but because there is so much overlap of actors between each scene I thought it would be useful to describe a bit about each one of them first.

Sarah Lee Sinful- Gorgeous black cis-woman with long wavy hair. This is her first time doing porn and she seems a little shy.

Carson- Super adorable hipster type white cis-woman with short dark hair that often ends up in a bit of a mess. She has a bit of an aggressiveness to her that I really dig.

Sophia- Beautiful tall muscular black cis-woman with an amazing smile and a fro. This is her first time, but she does not let that hold her back one bit.

Puck Goodfellow- An adorably funny white trans-man with a wide variety of cocks for your pleasure. You can't help but want to run your fingers through his curly locks and tell him something funny to see that sexy smile.

Tina Horn- A fiesty curly haired white cis-woman who knows herself and her sexuality. Put her in a house with sex going on everywhere and you will see her trying to join in with everyone. Also, she has an amazing booty.

Jae- A sexy fat brown cis-woman with a "48 inch ass." She likes it soft and hard.

Joline Parton- This stunning curvy red-headed white cis-woman with facial piercings looks like a work of art. This is her first time doing porn and she looks like she's loving it.

Scene 1: Sarah Lee Sinful and Tina Horn

Sarah starts off by giving Tina a lapdance. Pretty soon the action progresses and Tina is making Sarah beg to fuck her pussy. Which, thankfully for us and Sarah, Tina does. At one point Sarah just grabs Tina's arm and does the fucking herself. Both of these ladies are drool worthy. Sarah with her chocolate skin, curvy body, and sensual expressions and Tina with her aggressive sexuality, round booty, and sillyness.

Scene 2: Jae and Joline Parton

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These are the two bigger ladies of the shoot and they are both amazingly beautiful and sexy. God it is hard to not just be like "OMG HAWT." I told you this was going to be difficult. Anyhoo ... I feel like chubby girls always try to cover up their tummies in porn. Like we just don't want to see that part of them for some reason. I'm happy to report that neither of these ladies does that. We get to see all of them!

This scene feels a bit softer than most of the other scenes. There's a lot of slapping and flogging and whatnot in the other scenes, but this one feels less BDSM focused and more soft and slow. It's nice to get a little softer in between all the slapping otherwise the slapping loses it's power.

In this scene Jae and Joline get each other naked, kiss a lot, and fuck. It should be mentioned that I love the way that Joline cums. Delish!

At this point in the porn several of the actors go outside for a smoke break. Ew! Not sexy and now everyone smells bad! I wish they hadn't included this. I guess it's just part of the realism. Other breaks between scenes include makeout sessions, chatting about how revolutionary queer porn is, and eating pizza. I prefer all of these above smoke breaks. Great for those of you who think smoking is sexy though!

Scene 3: Carson and Puck Goodfellow with a guest appearance by Tina Horn

In this scene we get to see Carson beating Puck with a crop and telling him exactly how she likes her cock sucked. This is the first time Puck has sucked cock and he does a great job even if he doesn't always follow directions well. But following directions isn't all it's cracked up to be when you can get smacked around when you don't. Then Tina shows up and Puck sucks her cock too while Carson holds Tina from behind. After a few minutes, Tina proclaims that that is enough and walks out of the room.This is oh so Tina. There's also some pretty amazing one handed double cock stroking in this scene.

Scene 4: Sophia and Tina Horn

This scene starts with Sophia putting her cock on in front of a full length mirror, laying down on a bed, and stroking her cock. Then Tina walks in, as she tends to do, and tells Sophia that she's beautiful. The two start kissing. They're both strapping and spend most of the scene stroking their own cocks while staring at each other. This scene was a bit odd to me. I mean I can enjoy some silicone cock stroking, but this just didn't do it for me. Although I did love when Tina crawled on top of Sophia to titty fuck her.

Eventually Sophia takes her cock off and breaks out the Lelo Gigi for some fun times. She fucks herself with the toy while stroking Tina's cock until she cums. This is probably my least favorite scene, but it still ends well. 

Scene 5: Carson and Joline

This scene takes place in the bathroom which is the only place in the house with absolutely awful lighting. The bathroom scenes are really the only reason I can't make this film an XCritic pick. Damn you bad lighting!

After watching this flick I have such a crush on both of these women. They are so gorgeous and so my type but in completely different ways. Damnit, there I go again just going on and on about hotness.

Anyways, there's kissing, tit slapping, spanking, and Carson finger fucks Joline. It's so intense that Joline has to bite down on a rolled up washcloth while Carson works her magic. Then out comes a Lelo Iris (they loved the Lelo in this flick! Can you blame them? Awesome toys!) which Carson uses to push Joline over the edge.

I was really hoping that Joline sitting on the edge of the tub facing inwards was a safety measure for some massive squirting, but alas there was none.

Scene 6: Sophia and Puck

Sophia and Puck are in the photo room. I've left most scenes in the photo room out of this description because it's often a lot of talking and a little bit of goofing off. They're totally worth watching, but there's already so much to talk about in this movie! This scene doesn't contain any fucking, but there is a really hot makeout session between these two that starts with some berries and ends with the two on the ground and Sophia almost completely naked. Very intensely hot.

Scene 7: Tina, Jae, and Joline

Tina dons some black leather gloves with which to smack Joline's ass better. At first, Jae just sits by and watches, but soon enough Jae strips down, braces herself on the bookshelf, and receives a proper flogging from Tina. But what fun is that when you have two sexy ladies who want to be beaten? Jae and Joline get on the floor next to each other with their asses up in the air and Tina shows her master flogging skills by beating both women's asses at once. Although they are soon too distracted to continue because there is a gangbang going on in the room right next to them. All three stop and take in the sights.

Scene 8: Truth or Dare (Whole Cast)

All that sex will make you really hungry I'm sure so the cast breaks for pizza. But when you get all of these sexy folks into one room you know something is going to happen. A game of truth or dare breaks out which results in Carson eating pizza off of Tina's ass, Tina giving Puck a pizza blowjob and Joline being on the receiving end of everyone kissing and stroking her. Joline looks like she's in heaven!

Scene 9: Sophia, Carson, Sarah, and Puck

This is pretty much a gang bang scene. Puck, Carson, and Sarah are all strapped and they all get a piece of Sophia. For being in her first porn, she's seeing a hell of a lot of hot action. It's difficult to even describe all the action, but Sophia takes it all like a champ. She's giving blowjobs, getting fucked in a number of different positions, having her tits sucked, a hitachi on her clit. Puck and Carson take over most of the work on Sophia while Sarah watches and masturbates on the sidelines. Although Sarah does do a bit of work on Sophia as well.

It's all so hot that Puck has to jerk off as well. He pulls down his cock and strokes his genitals. Then the foursome pairs off Carson fucking Sophia and Puck fucking Sarah. Sarah cums and then Sophia. Both cum pretty damn hard and everyone looks all blissful and worn out afterword.

Scene 10:
Carson and Tina

We're back in the horridly lit bathroom for this scene. Too bad too because these two are both so aggressively sexual and the chemistry is awesome. Plus they're wearing leather jackets! Carson in black and Tina in white like some battle between good and evil. Or maybe that's just a bit too deep for porn.

There's some passionate making out and face, tit, ass, and pussy smacking. So amazingly hot, but wait a minute here. There's harp music in the background? WTF!?! Seriously? Why? This music does not belong in this scene! These are two women going at each other and there are harps? Odd.

Anyways, Carson finger fucks Tina and goes 4 fingers in. You know they totally had to cut the fisting out because there had to be some here. They're both so into it that they're sweating like crazy and the leather jackets have to come off. Tina then lays in the tub with Carson between her legs. Carson fucks Tina with both hands (8 fingers, no thumbs) hard until Tina cums.

This scene should have been so perfect if it wasn't for the bad lighting and harp music.

Scene 11: Puck, Joline, and Jae

This scene starts with Joline straddling and making out with Puck while Jae tends to his boots. Joline then rips Puck's shirt off and drags a sharp looking knife over his body.

Satisfied with the job she's done on his boots, Jae removes them and tends to Puck's feet.

Puck then fucks Joline in a number of different positions while Jae watches from a chair and masturbates. Joline cums and then looks blissful and exhausted. This is starting to become a trend as all players start to become warn out from all the sex and orgasms.

A naked Puck then lies on the floor while the two sexy ladies service him. There's kissing and genital stroking. But Puck doesn't tend to take things lying down well. He has to be bringing pleasure even when he's getting it. He finger fucks Jae's pussy. There's some more cumming and some more blissed out exhaustion.

At this point the whole cast wanders in to all take a nap on the floor; a sea of naked post-orgasmic sweaty bodies.

Final Thoughts: I love this porno. All of the players are super hot and have amazing chemistry with each other. This is seriously the first time I've ever watched a porn where I thought every single person in it was totally doable. The sex is real and unscripted. This is pretty much what happens when you put a bunch of sexy queers in a house and tell them to go at it: tons and tons of sex. You also get to know the actors a bit as well as they talk to each other and to the camera. These are all beautiful, political, intelligent people who love sex and it shows. Unfortunately, the bad bathroom lighting means I can't make this an XCritic Pick like I'd like to do. Instead, I highly recommend it. You should really own this flick. I know I'm glad that I do.

Read more of my ramblings at AskGarnet

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