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Yes, You Can Pay Me in Cum!

Studio: Vince Vouyer Unleashed » Review by Vincent Pierce » Review Date: 6/15/10

XCritic's Advice: XCritic Pick

Genre: Gonzo, Cumshots, Barely Legal

Director: Vince Vouyer

Cast: London Keyes, Ashlyn Rae, Melanie Rios, Valerie Rios, Zoey Bennett, Rhianna Ryan

Date of Production: 2010

Length: 90 mins

Audio/Video: The audio is excellent. It even has some nice up-to-date teen oriented background music. The picture quality is very good. The video is also presented in a widescreen format.

Overview: I'm not sure if anyone else will notice this, but this DVD is actually a spoof/parody of a recent gum commercial. Aside from the porn aspect of the DVD the 'catch phrase' is almost the same as in the commercial (except for what the girls get paid with ...). The girls in the scenes are looking to make some money for various reasons, but in the end the guys always ask if they can pay in cum, and the girls always gladly accept saying "Yes you can pay me in cum! I love cum!" ... That's what makes this DVD ultra sexy along with the barely legal girls that this DVD is all about, of course ... So if you like ultra horny barely legal girls who don't mind getting paid in cum, then I believe you'll thoroughly enjoy this DVD!!

Scene 1: Ashlyn Rae

19 year old Ashlyn Rae is working hard at Mr. Strokes place to earn money for a pretty pink dress that she saw. She starts the day/scene off by giving her boyfriend a POV blowjob, and letting him give her a nice messy facial. She meets with Mr. Strokes and he gives her a ride to his house so she can get her long list of cleaning chores done. When the work is through, and Mr.Strokes arrives back home he offers Ashlyn 'cum' instead of pay ... In his own words he asks her could he pay her in cum!! Ashlyn's response is "Yes! You can pay me in cum! ... I love cum!" ... Then the two get down to business. Ashlyn has to work as hard for her payment of cum as she did cleaning Mr. Stroke's house! Not only does she suck his cock, but they also do a wide variety of sexual positions. There's some doggystyle, missionary, spooning, reverse cowgirl, and in the end Ashlyn recieves a large payment of cum. she looked very satisfied too! This was an awesome scene! Ashlyn is one of the hottest adult/barely legal performers I have ever seen, and her soft tone of voice adds to her sexual attraction. Bottom line, This is one of the most awesome beginning scenes on an adult DVD that I have ever seen!!!

Scene 2: London Keyes

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19 year old London Keyes is awoken from her sleep by her boyfriend. Apparently she likes to sleep with no panties! Like the previous scene she has a little fun before she goes off to work for Mr. Stevenson. She does some sucking, deepthroating (with gagging), doggystyle, and even a titjob!! This lasts for a good bit longer than Ashlyn's intro scene. Her boyfriend ends up giving her a very messy facial!! Then it's off to Mr. Stevenson's house ... He tells London he wants her to clean the shed ... She then asks him if if he has a place she can change ... When she's changing the scene turns into a slo-mo erotic type scene with perky teen music. After London gets through with the shed, she goes to ask Mr.Stevenson for her pay ... Mr. Stevenson's reply is the same as Mr. Strokes, "Do you mind if I pay you in cum?" ... London's reply is, "I love cum!!" ... The scene moves to the bedroom where she almost immediately begins deepthroating, and gagging on Mr. Stevenson's cock! The pair do  a lot of different positions including doggystyle, missionary, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, and a good bit of balls deep deepthroating! After recieving cum all over her mouth, she looks up at Mr. Stevenson, and asks (with a big messy grin on her face) "Can I come back next week?" Another superb scene!!!

Scene 3: Rhianna Ryan

19 year old Rhianna Ryan begins her scene in Mr. Miller's office. She is desperately looking for work, and he asks her to organize his files. After two hours of work Rhianna is ready to get paid. She patiently waits for Mr. Miller to show up, but he's running late. His son shows up looking for him, but instead finds Rhianna anxiously waiting to be paid. He boldly asks her if she wouldn't mind being payed in cum, and with giddy voice Rhianna states that she loves cum ... Soon Mr. Miller's son, and Rhianna are getting it on right there in the office!! She begins by sucking his cock (which she does rather poorly), then the pair do some doggystyle, missionary, and cowgirl style sex positions. Rhianna ends up getting paid with cum all around her mouth by the son of the guy who was really supposed to pay her ... but don't worry, because Mr. Miller shows up to straighten out the mess ... He ends up paying her in cum too!! Rhianna Sucks Mr. Miller's cock in POV style, and gets paid in cum for a second time!! The good scenes just keep on cummin'!!!

Scene 4: Zoey Bennett

18 year old Zoey Bennett is a masseuse. Her boyfriend comes to her work at the beginning of the scene wanting 'more' than a massage. Reluctantly Zoey gives her boyfriend an oily handjob, and sucks his cock until his cum explodes on her face ... Next enters a pervy over-the-hill looking dude, naked!! He reads the signs saying 'No Sexual Massage', and 'Tipping is not a place in China'. This dissapoints the old perv a bit since he was so looking forwad to that sexual massage ... Zoey enters the room to perform the massage, and notices the guy is butt naked so she covers up his anatomy with a small towel ... As soon as she starts the massage, the pervy dude starts saying all kinds ogoofy stuff  trying to get Zoey to give him some sexual attention ... Eventually Zoey gives into temptation (or maybe her lack of sense), and the two get at! The pervy guy pounds away at her with his massive cock, and his saggy old man balls (ewwww!). Theres some oral sex, doggystyle, cowgirl, and reverse cowgirl positions throughout the scene. In the end the old perv shoots his wad onto Zoey's face, and she seemed to really enjoy the 'tip'!!! This is one of those comical, but sexy-hot scenes that'll get your blood boiling, and I really enjoyed it!!!

Scene 5: Valerie Rios & Melanie Rios

18 year old Melanie Rios starts the scene off with her boyfriend. She is prettying up in front of the bathroom mirror with no panties on when her boyfriend decides to get him a little action. At first Melanie is a little reluctant to give in, but she quickly starts sucking away at her boyfriend's massive cock. From there it leads to some doggystyle of the bathroom counter, and ends with Melanie getting a very large facial cumshot!! Next we find Melanie, and her friend, 19 year old Valerie Rios riding into a car garage in a sports car with Mr. Money!! The girls are looking to make some cash, and offer to clean Mr. Money's car ... After the two girls finally get done doing their job, Mr. Money tries to pull a fast one on them by paying them in fake money. The girls argue, and complain a bit, but when Mr. Money asks them if they wouldn't mind being payed in cum, the girls gladly reply "We Love Cum!!" ... and then it's on!! ... All the sex was between Melanie, and Mr. Money (which was a dissappointment). Valerie did get naked but was more of a spectator, and she didn't even share the cum at the end ... I think she may have been a Lesbian ... Despite the big let down of Valerie, this scene was still really good!!

Extras: The extras include a 'Bonus Scene' starring Lily Labeau ... a 'Photo Gallery' with pictures of the performers ... 'Cumshot Recap' which shows the end results of each scene ... 'Behind the Scenes' which shows some of what went on in the making of the scenes ... 'Trailers' which shows four preview videos from the 'Vince Voyeur Unleashed' series ... and 'Web Access' which shows links to Vince Voyeur's website, and one related to the DVD.

Final Thoughts: From beginning to finish this commercial porn parody has high quality entertainment written all over it!! The scenes, and performers are full of lively energy. In all truth I couldn't find a flaw with it. All of the girls were incredibly beautiful, and their performances were not over-the-top, or overly exaggerated. The video is rich, and the background music in the scenes isn't annoying at all, in fact it's kind of catchy. The scenarios for each girl are very interesting, and well written ... Well, I guess what I'm trying to tell you is that this is '100%' all the way an Xcritic Pick!! If you have the cash and your into this kind of thing it's definitley worth it!! Btw, if you were wondering who I thought the best girl was, it was definitely 'Ashlyn Rae'!!!

Final Rating: Xcritic Pick!!!

"I'm the man who coined the phrase "Same Sex Different Dame". If you're gonna produce porn PLEASE go all out, and don't fall victim to retro ruination. Innovation is king!"

- Vincent Pierce 2014 A.D.

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