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Cum Drippers 9

Studio: Vouyer Media » Review by Dr. Jay » Review Date: 7/17/10

XCritic's Advice: Watch On Demand

Genre: Gonzo
Director: Vince Vouyer
Cast: Abbey Brooks, Angel Black, Arnold Schwarzenpecker, Carolyn Reese, Gia Corday, Isabella Dior, James Deen, Joe Blow, Joe Rock, Kyle Stone, Leah Jaye, Mike Hash, Redd Foxx, Sean Michaels, Steve Taylor, Steven French, Steven Taylor, Todd Driller. 
Must-See Girls in Cast: None.
Length: 02:56
Condoms: None
Bonus: One bonus star for condom-free sex.


Cum Drippers 9 is a six-scene vaginal cream pie movie with a couple of twists. First, two of the girls are brand new to the business (Angel Black and Carolyn Reese) and one is almost new (Redd Foxx).

Three of the scenes are threesomes while three scenes are twosomes. In all three of the twosomes, the girl gets her pussy creamed with one load of semen. That's to be expected in a cream-pie movie. However, the remaining scenes feature multiple-stuffed cunts. Gia Corday, in Scene One, gets her pussy creamed with two loads of cum...one immediately after the other. Leah Jaye, after being creamed by her two guys, gets a bonus treat of two more loads of cum deposited by guys who magically appear as a result of her plea: "I'm a greedy girl, I want some more!" The highlight of the movie, however, is Isabella Dior's five guy cream pie! Now, you might have seen movies in a series named Five Guy Cream Pie. In those movies, each guy fucks the girl until he pops. Then, after a cut (during which I assume the girl cleans herself up), another guy plows her to completion. This goes on for five guys. However, the girl's pussy doesn't become fuller and fuller as the scene progresses.

In Isabella's scene in Cum Drippers 9, the five guys pop in (or, in one case, on) Isabella's pussy and the cum accumulates to a massive quantity. When all that semen flows out, Isabella is definitely an astounding mess! I hope she was on the pill when that scene was captured!

As a cream-pie junkie, I really enjoyed watching veteran performer and director Vince Vouyer coach his new and more experienced girls to stuff their pussies with ever increasing amounts of cream stuffing. This is sex the way it ought to be.

Check out some photos of the girls in Cum Drippers 9 here. Be sure to check out Isabel Dior's and Leah Jaye's cream-filled pussies. Enjoy!


Scene One 

Overview: Scene One is a boy/boy/girl threeway set indoors in a living room (for the sex and some of the scene setup) and outdoors (for some of the scene setup). It features cute brunette Gia Corday, Steven Taylor, and Joe Blow.

  • Commentary: This is a good solid threeway scene that culminates in a two-guy creampie.
  • Rating: Four stars.
  • Girl (Gia Corday): Gia is a 24-year-old newbie with brunette hair and brown eyes. She's very cute, has enhanced-looking medium-sized tits with perky hard nipples; a hard body with sculpted abs; a shapely, firm, and blemish-free ass; an exceptionally-attractive bald-shaven pussy; long and pretty legs; and nicely pedicured toenails and manicured fingernails. Yes, she's a very sweet piece of eye candy!
  • Guys (Steven Taylor and Joe Blow): Both the guys are ordinary-looking men with big cocks. I'm not 100% sure which guy is Steven and which is Joe. So, I apologize in advance for any mistakes in my commentary.
  • Scene Setup: Initially dressed in a miniscule black thong, matching bra, and a frilly black garter belt, 24-year-old Gia dances provocatively for us. The dance was shot indoors and outdoors in a garden and the footage was skillfully stitched together to create a very effective music-video-style tease performance. Next, we follow Gia up a staircase to a nicely furnished living room where she chats with director Vince Vouyer. They talk about Gia's new career (she's only fucked one guy on tape before) and then Gia takes a couple of minutes to introduce herself to us while Vince worships her tight body with the camera. Then, Vince welcomes Steven Taylor and Joe Blow (their erect dicks are sticking out of their open zippers) to join Gia and foreplay begins. Gia confesses that this is the first time she ever fucked two guys at the same time.
  • Foreplay: Gia, before she even gets undressed, gives the guys lap dances as they sit side-by-side on a couch. This is very titillating footage since the guys' cocks are already hard and are sticking out of their open zippers. Gia can give me a lap dance like that any day! Gia soon stands and begins to blow and stroke Joe Blow's cock while Steven licks and finger fucks her pussy and rims her asshole.
  • Penetrations: Vaginal.
  • Positions: The guys basically take turns fucking Gia's pussy: 1) standing doggie (Steve); 2) spoon (Steve); 3) missionary (both); 4) cowgirl (both); 5) reverse cowgirl (both); 6) standing doggie (Joe); and 7) missionary (both guys as they cream her pussy).
  • Girl's Demeanor: Gia is a good performer and uses some nasty language to betray her feelings and inflame the guys. She moans realistically during sex, too. I'm disappointed that I didn't get to see her cum.
  • Scene Highlights: 1) The guys redline as they pound Gia's cunt in missionary and reverse; 2) Gia fucks back...using very sexy grinding moves...in cowgirl and reverse cowgirl; 3) Gia keeps both guys' cocks happy by blowing one while fucking the other; 4) Steve spanks Gia's pretty ass while fucking her in doggie; 5) Gia sucks her own juices off of the guys' cocks; 6) The guys plow Gia balls-deep in reverse and cowgirl; 7) Gia squeezes her own breasts and nipples in missionary and reverse; and 8) Gia's clit becomes the center of attention when she and the guys jack it during doggie, spoon, missionary, and reverse. Of course, the best highlight of the scene is the double cream pie at the end!
  • Girl's Orgasm: None.
  • Guys' Pops: Steve pounds Gia's pussy in missionary until he fills it with semen. Then, after he pulls out, a little bit of cum dribbles out. Then, Joe shoves his already-spasming rod inside her cum-filled hole and lets loose. When he pulls out, a river of cum flows out, down her thighs, and between her butt cheeks. Then, nasty Gia shoves two exquisitely manicured fingers into her cunt and scoops out more guy juice. Gia even massages the semen into her outer labia as the camera zooms in so tight that her vagina fills most of the wide screen. Sweet!

Scene Two 

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Overview: Scene Two is a boy/boy/girl all-vaginal threeway featuring Leah Jaye, Steven French, and Joe Blow. It is set indoors in a very nicely furnished living room on the floor, on diner-like chairs, atop a glass table, on a Persian carpet, and on a plush couch. The scene, of course, culminates with a cream-filled cunt. Of course, both Steven and Joe fill her up. However, unexpectedly--and very effectively--two additional guys magically appear at the end of the scene and pump their loads into nasty Leah's cunt. The resultant mess is absolutely stupendous!

  • Commentary: I fucking love Leah Jaye! She's an extremely nasty British girl who loves to fuck and talk nasty. This scene would have been even better had Leah used her insatiable lust to make herself cum. Even without I female orgasm, the scene still earns a solid four-stars.
  • Rating: Four stars.
  • Girl (Leah Jaye): Twenty-year-old Leah is an amazing, nasty, and oh-so-horny slut who's really worth a look. With her clothes on, she's a girl-next-door with brown hair and eyes. However, when she strips...damn, she's amazing! She has natural large breasts; a tailbone tattoo; an extremely accommodating bald pussy; puffy labia; nicely manicured nails; long and shapely legs; pierced navel and upper lip; and an endearing smile. Even though Leah's body is very attractive, her demeanor is what makes her stand out. I especially love her extremely naughty British-accented vocabulary and the easy way she banters back and forth with Vince and the other guys.
  • Guy 1 (Joe Blow): See description in Scene One above.
  • Guy 2 (Steven French): Steven's a solid male performer who doesn't seem to mind having hair on his body (most porn studs tend to shave too much, I think). Steven uses his king-sized--yet bent--cock to great advantage...especially when he's reaming nasty Leah.
  • Scene Setup: While standing, squatting, and lying on a beautiful hardwood floor, Leah shows off her still-clad--but damned fine--assets. She jiggles her thong-clad ass and finger-fucks her pussy. Then, she and Vince tease each other about a print that Leah finds hung on the wall--it is a cartoon-like drawing that really looks like Vince! Later, sexy Leah walks around the room as Vince keeps the camera focused on her hot body that is, for the moment, clad in sexy black hose, miniscule pink skirt, transparent black-and-pink panties, and a tight-fitting black blouse that barely covers her tits. As Leah patrols the room, she happens upon a ling-sized black dildo standing erect atop a glass table. Without missing a beat, Leah hikes up her skirt, pulls aside her panties, and fucks the toy with her tight pussy. She also jacks her own clit and talks deliciously naughty to us as she pleases herself with the toy. This footage is super hot and is, alone, worth the price of the DVD! Later, Leah and Vince carry on a delightful conversation during which we learn lots about this "dirty bird," her sexual exploits and how she loves being a cum dripper. As this hot scene setup comes to a close, Leah strips off her thong, stands, and announces, "Who wants a hand job?" Obviously, Steven French and Joe Blow are up to the task!
  • Foreplay: As Steven and Joe sit on diner-like stools across a small table from each other, Leah drops to her knees, helps release both cocks from confinement, and then gives both guys simultaneous hand jobs punctuated with bouts of balls licking and gobbling. Wow! She's very talented. Soon, the handjobs morph into slobbery fellatio as she pleases both dicks with her mouth. While blowing the guys, she takes their king-sized dicks all the way down her capacious throat! When Leah's ready to move on to sex, she crawls across the hardwood floor to a couch and demands, "I want one cock in my mouth and one in my pussy!" Yes, ma'am!
  • Penetrations: Vaginal.
  • Positions: The guys take turns, sometimes round-robin-style, fucking Leah's pussy. In order, they fuck her: 1) kneeling doggie (Steven); 2) missionary (both guys); 3) kneeling doggie (Steven); 4) cowgirl (Joe); 5) reverse cowgirl (both guys round-robin-style); 6) cowgirl (Steven); 7) missionary (both guys pop inside her in the missionary position).
  • Girl's Demeanor: Amazing. Leah's an insatiable slut with a deliciously nasty vocabulary that's a real turn on: "Pound my fucking cunt!"
  • Scene Highlights: There's a lot to like about this scene. I particularly enjoy how fucking juicy Leah's cunt is when they begin to fuck...indeed, rivers of white juice flow from her pussy! I also like Leah's insatiable energy (especially when she fucks the guys in doggie, cowgirl, and reverse and when she grinds the guys in reverse); her bouncing tits; her hugely gaping pussy; how she sucks her juices off of the guys cocks; and how she frantically jacks her own clit as the guys fuck her. I also appreciate the guys...especially when they fuck her balls deep in missionary and reverse, when they pull her hair, and when they squeeze her delectable ass cheeks and breasts.
  • Girl's Orgasm: Sadly, even though Leah's an amazing fuck, her body never rewarded her with an orgasm.
  • Guys' Pops: Leah lies in missionary as Steve pumps his load inside her. Then, an enormous flow oozes out of her cunt. "I want some more!" So, Joe jacks himself off until he's ready to explode and then slips his tip inside her at the very last second. As you might imagine, an even bigger flow erupts from her over-stuffed cunt. However, Leah's not satisfied: "I'm a greedy girl! I want some more!" So, two additional sperm donors (I've been told they're Mike Hash and Joe Rock) step up to the plate and add their bounty to Leah's jam-packed vagina. The result is a fucking amazing mess. I really think they ruined the couch...that much semen flowed out of her and onto the fabric! However, even after Leah sees the copious mess, she's not satisfied...she uses two of her beautiful fingers to scoop even more "spunk" out of her cunt. Wow!

Scene Three 

Overview: Scene Three is a boy/girl all-vaginal encounter captured indoors in a living room atop a couch. It features Angel Black, a brand new girl, and Steven French.

  • Commentary: Angel is an adorable girl and a very enthusiastic fuck. I'm impressed with her first-ever scene...especially because she chose to do a cream pie! I'm disappointed that Angel never came during the scene. However, I'm pleased that she had a fucking lot of fun!
  • Rating: Four stars.
  • Girl (Angel Black): Nineteen-year-old Angel's a girl-next-door with half black and half white heritage. She's cute, has mesmerizing brown eyes and brunette hair, and has a very attractive smile. Angel has natural small breasts with perky hard nipples; pierced nipples, tongue, and navel (you gotta love a girl who gets her nipples pierced!); an absolutely superb and blemish-free ass (she calls it her "black" part!); an exceptionally-attractive bald-shaven pink pussy with fleshy inner labia; long pretty legs, and nicely manicured fingernails.
  • Guy (Steven French): See Scene Two above.
  • Scene Setup: Angel crawls across a hardwood floor dressed in a tiny black and turquoise thong and matching bra. She also slaps her gorgeous ass. In due course, while Angel is bending over doggie style, Vince, brandishing the camera, catches up with her and, while shooting her face from between her legs, begins to chat with her. Angel quickly confesses that she's a video virgin...but doesn't seem to be afraid to show off her hot stripper's body. While Angel and Vince talk, she plays with herself by blissfully stroking and finger-fucking her gorgeous pussy with pretty manicured fingers. Angel tells about the time she had an anal threesome with her manager and his girlfriend. And, she confesses how her first sexual experience was in her friend's parents' bed--with a totally random guy! In due course, Vince senses Angel's need to have a cock in her mouth. So, he gallantly provides Steven French.
  • Foreplay: Steven chats and fondles Angel's fine flesh and admires her young pussy. Angel then masturbates for him--and for us--before taking Steven's completely flaccid cock into her talented mouth. Believe me, Steven's rod reacts instantly and grows erect. When he's hard, Angel greedily shoves him all the way down her throat! And, she gobbles his balls and makes jawbreakers with his rod, too! Meanwhile, Steven pulls on Angel's hair and reaches around to spread her ass cheeks wide so we can enjoy her pretty pussy and tight asshole. And, he helps her remove her thong and bra...she has pierced nipples! Then, Angel kneels on a couch, spreads her butt cheeks, and announces, "I want your dick in my pussy! And, I want you to cum inside me!" Have there ever been sweeter words? But, before Steven penetrates her, he watches as she sensuously fucks her own hole with her pretty fingers. When Steven realizes that she's ready, he slips his cock inside and the bliss begins!
  • Penetrations: Vaginal.
  • Positions: Steven enjoys Angel's pussy in five positions: 1) kneeling doggie; 2) cowgirl; 3) reverse cowgirl; 4) kneeling doggie; and 5) missionary.
  • Girl's Demeanor: I really like Angel's enthusiasm...she seems really excited to be "on the job" for the first time. She's an enthusiastic fuck, screams out her pleasure, and talks nasty to motivate Steven (Is it tight enough for you?...I'm a 19-year-old whore!...Fuck my 19-year-old pussy!). Bottom line...she loves it!
  • Scene Highlights: The best thing about the scene is Angel's easy smile...her face beams her ecstasy! I also liked seeing Angel's super-juicy pussy, especially when Steven gapes it in cowgirl. And, I liked Angel's enthusiastic moves when she fucks Steven in cowgirl and reverse and how she voraciously sucks her own juices off of his rod after doggie and reverse. Angel's voluptuous ass also captured my attention...especially when Steven squeezes it in doggie, when it jiggles, and when he slaps it in cowgirl. Even though Angel's all-natural tits are small, they bounce delightfully...especially in cowgirl. I must say I also appreciated Steven's redline-speed in-and-out thrusts in cowgirl, how he pulls her hair in doggie, and how he spits on her juicy pussy.
  • Girl's Orgasm: None. What a fucking pity!
  • Guy's Pop: As Steven pounds Angel's cunt in missionary, she exclaims, "I want you to cum right now. I want some cum in my pussy. I feel it! Oh, fuck yeah!" When Steven's spasms diminish, he pulls out and, when Angel sits on the edge of the couch, a torrent of cum explodes out of her gorgeous pussy and onto the floor. "I feel it dripping out!" Then, Angel uses her fingers to scoop out some and then licks her cum-soaked fingers clean. Angel's a real cum dripper!

Scene Four 

Overview: Scene Four is a boy/girl twosome shot indoors in a living room atop and around an ottoman. The scene features 27-year-old--yet brand new to the business--Carolyn Reese and first class stud James Deen.

  • Commentary: This is Carolyn's first-ever sex scene and I'm impressed. In fact, she's the only girl in this movie--so far--to actually cum during her scene! Perhaps it's because Carolyn is a woman instead of a girl. She obviously knows how to please herself as she pleases her guy. I like that. And, even though Carolyn only gets fucked by one guy (in contrast to the multiple guys other girls in this scene get), the culminating cream pie is bountiful.
  • Rating: Four and one-half stars.
  • Girl (Carolyn Reese): Twenty-seven-year-old Hollywood make-up artist Carolyn Reese, is a girl-next-door type with shoulder-length platinum blond hair and blue eyes. She has 100% natural large tits that are freckled, jiggly, and look especially fine when she bends over in doggie. They also have perky hard nipples framed by larger-than-average areolas. In addition, Carolyn has a very shapely and firm ass that is completely free of blemishes and cellulite and a shaven pussy that is crowned by a triangular wisp of pubic hair. Her legs are long and shapely, her feet are pretty and have pedicured toes, and her nails are impeccably manicured. Carolyn sports a discrete tattoo above her left ankle. All-in-all, her soft and womanly body is ripe and oh-so-inviting.
  • Guy (James Deen): James is an ordinary-looking guy (no offense, James) who has a large cock that he knows how to use to the fullest. James is sought after in adult movies because he's good with women. And, his pops are always more than generous.
  • Scene Setup: Carolyn, dressed in bright blue and yellow panties and a lacy white top, dances provocatively for us and then crawls across the floor to tease us with her curves. Then, she reveals, "I came here to get fucked. This is my first video scene!" Later, Vince asks her what a 27-year-old woman likes to do to a cock: "I like to suck it, lick it, ride it, and drool on it." She also confesses, "I'm an exhibitionist, so I like people to watch. I like to be naked. I get off on people watching me."
  • Foreplay: When James approaches Carolyn, he finds her bent over doggie style. He reaches down to stroke her pussy and finds it's already juicy and. So, he thinks, "why not?" bypasses foreplay entirely, shoves his already-rigid rod into Carolyn's twat, and fucks her.
  • Penetrations: Vaginal.
  • Positions: James and Carolyn fuck vaginally or orally: 1) standing doggie; 2) throat fucking (perhaps to make up for a lack of fellatio in foreplay, Carolyn gives James an extended blowup/handjob made even hotter by her gorgeous manicured fingers); 3) missionary; 4) spoon; 5) reverse cowgirl; 6) cowgirl; 7) standing cowgirl (James stands and tosses Carolyn up and down on his cock); and 8) missionary.
  • Girl's Demeanor: It's obvious that Carolyn is having the time of her life with James. She even inflames him with nasty talk: "I want that fucking cock in my mouth," "I love that cock," and "FUCK THAT PUSSY!"
  • Scene Highlights: I particularly like how Carolyn fucks James in missionary, cowgirl, and reverse cowgirl and how she uses erotic grinding moves to fuck him in cowgirl and reverse cowgirl. I enjoyed savoring Carolyn's tits...especially when she and James squeeze them and when James slaps them. Of course, they're natural, so they bounce beautifully and constantly during sex. I also like Carolyn's juicy and inviting vagina. Damn, it really is soaking wet--even before sex begins! And, it looks fine when James gapes it. Even better, tight close-ups highlight her clit--it swells beautifully as her lust intensifies. Finally, I liked the attention paid to her ass. James can't resist its lure and spanks it frequently throughout the scene.
  • Girl's Orgasm: Carolyn is the first girl to climax so far during this movie. Damn, I enjoyed her orgasms, especially the one she experienced in missionary.
  • Guy's Pop: "I want you to cum in my pussy!" Responding to Carolyn's plea, James pounds her relentlessly in missionary until he explodes deep within her. Then, he pulls out of her well-banged, gaping, and bright pink pussy as the first wave of his semen flows out of her. Then, she sits up and uses her vaginal muscles to expel the rest. Wow! What a flow! "It feels good...nice and wet dripping out of my pussy!'

Scene Five

Overview: Scene Five is a boy/girl all-vaginal twosome shot indoors in a richly furnished living room atop a couch. It features Redd Foxx and Sean Michaels and culminates with a creamy internal popshot.

  • Commentary: This is a good strong scene during which Redd shows off her insatiable lust and sexy moves as she does everything in her power to swallow Sean Michael's enormous dick with her mouth and pussy. Redd is a very demonstrative and enthusiastic fuck. However, I'm disappointed that she never came herself during the scene...she screams with ecstasy, but doesn't climax.
  • Rating: Four stars.
  • Girl (Redd Foxx): Twenty-three-year-old Redd is a very attractive African-American with red-brunette hair (hence her name); hypnotic brown eyes; large natural tits crowned by very responsive, erect, and proud nipples; a simply superb, plump, and shapely ass (what a booty!); a bald pussy; a tattoo on her abdomen; and a navel ring. Frankly, Red has a LOT going for her. But, I think I fell in love with her primarily because of her bouncing natural breasts and her big brown eyes...a man could easily get lost in Red's eyes.
  • Guy (Sean Michaels): Sean is a legend. If you haven't seen him use his humongous black cock to drive women out of their minds, you haven't been watching enough porn.
  • Scene Setup: As Vince and his friend Sean chat to catch up with each others' lives, Sean introduces his "new" girl, Redd Foxx. I've already written about Redd and was very impressed by her work in Internal Eruptions. Redd does a little tease sequence for us--and shows off her amazing booty--then spends a couple of minutes introducing herself while talking with Sean and Vince. It's worth listening to...don't fast forward because Sean shares some important "porn wisdom." The best part of the set-up comes toward the end when Redd lies across Sean's lap--ass up--so that he can caress, squeeze, spank, kiss, suckle, and worship her amazing ass flesh. Damn, I'd give almost anything for Redd to lie across my lap like that!
  • Foreplay: This is definitely the best foreplay in Cum Drippers 9! As Redd lies across Sean's lap, he worships her superlative ass flesh. Then, he grabs a huge black dildo, lubes it generously, and then fucks Redd's pussy with it using thrusting and twisting motions that drive her crazy. This is the first time in this movie that any male performer has paid attention to a girl's pussy during foreplay! Later, Redd gives Sean a slobbery and admiring blowjob. Redd can't swallow him completely--he's too fucking big!--but she tries hard and swallows about three-fourths of him. She also uses her hands to stroke him skillfully.
  • Penetrations: Vaginal.
  • Positions: During fellatio, Redd announces: "I wannt feel some dick!" So, she mounts him cowgirl style and lets him slide his rod into her cunt until it bottoms out. Then, she takes over as the aggressor and fucks the shit out of him while he lies back and enjoys the ride. Later, Sean spends some time eating, licking, and tongue-fucking Redd's glistening pussy. Then, they fuck in missionary, kneeling doggie, and reverse before returning to missionary for the cream pie.
  • Girl's Demeanor: Redd's an insatiable slut and fucks like a wild woman on speed. She screams with ecstasy and her screams are real. And, she encourages Sean with inflammatory talk: "Gimme some of that dick! You want some of this black ass? Come get it. I'M READY!"
  • Scene Highlights: The best part of the scene is Redd's enthusiasm and her hot, sexy, and energetic moves...especially in reverse cowgirl. Reverse was shot from two angles...looking at Redd's pussy from the front and watching her ass from Sean's point of view. Redd's moves from Sean's POV are intense! I also enjoyed how well Redd and Sean move together...they're like a well tuned fucking machine. Other highlights include: Redd's bouncing breasts--especially when Sean squeezes them--and her hugely erect nipples; Sean's spanking of Redd's perfect ass; Redd's oh-so-juicy and gaping pussy; and watching Sean's immense cock bottom out in Redd's pussy..
  • Girl's Orgasm: Lots of screaming, but no climax.
  • Guy's Pop: "I want you to cum inside me. I want you to nut inside me. I want to feel it in me!" In response, Sean furiously pounds Redd in missionary. Redd can't wait, so, she fucks him back to increase his pleasure. Soon, Sean erupts deep inside Redd. Then, she sits up so his semen can flow out of her. And, she uses her pretty manicured fingernails to scoop out more semen and eat it.

Scene Six

Overview: Scene Six is a boy/boy/girl threesome featuring Isabella Dior, Steve Taylor, and Steven French. At the end of the scene, three additional guys...Todd Driller, Arnold Schwarzenpecker, and Kyle Stone add their loads to those deposited by Steve and Steven. The scene is set indoors in a beautiful living room (great wood floors) on a chic white leather couch.

  • Commentary: Featured last, this is the best scene of the movie! It's a great scene that ends with the most beautiful and sloppy cream pie I've ever seen...even gooier that Leah Jaye's in Scene Two. Four guys actually pop inside Isabella...one guy, perhaps unwilling to stick his cock into a semen filled cunt, pops between her labia.
  • Rating: Five stars.
  • Girl (Isabella Dior): Isabella is an adorable 19-year-old vivacious brunette with dancing brown eyes. She has a sweet face, tiny tits, perky nipples, and a bald-shaven pussy. She has tattoos on her lower left abdomen, on her right breast, and on her right arm. Best of all is her bubbly and endearing personality.
  • Guys (Steven French and Steve Taylor): See my comments in Scene One and Two.
  • Scene Setup: As 19-year-old Isabella walks into the room, she, in a cute little-girl voice, exclaims, "I'm dying to get fucked." She gives us a little tease dance and then chats with Vince. This is a great interview...because Isabella is a true slut and possesses an awesome lust!
  • Foreplay: Isabella fucks herself to orgasm with a dildo while waiting for the guys. When they arrive, they fondle her hot and vivacious body and squeeze her tits and nipples. She soon goes down on their cocks. While she eagerly blows them, they use the dildo on her pussy.
  • Penetrations: Vaginal.
  • Positions: The guys take turns plowing Isabella's pussy: 1) missionary (Taylor); 2) kneeling doggie (both guys); 3) cowgirl (both guys); 4) reverse cowgirl (both guys); 5) kneeling doggie (both guys); 6) missionary (French); 7) kneeling doggie (round robin--French then Taylor then French then Taylor); 8) missionary (both guys plus three more for the pops).
  • Girl's Demeanor: Isabella is an insatiable whore and simply can't get enough. She's vocal and screams realistically as pleasure overwhelms her body. She also likes to taunt the guys: "It's SO good! Oh, I love your cock!"
  • Scene Highlights: The best part of this scene is Isabella's enthusiasm, especially when she fucks the guys in cowgirl and reverse. She pounds them hard, fast, and deep with sweat-inducing energy! I also liked how she keeps her mouth busy while being fucked. She licks a guy's balls, deep-throats his rod so deep that she gags, and even sucks on a dildo if there's no cock readily available. In addition, I enjoyed watching the guys spank her butt, seeing Isabella and the guys jack her clit with their fingers, and watching the guys redline when they fuck her. Isabella's juicy pussy, which gapes delightfully, is sweet eye candy, too.
  • Girl's Orgasm: Isabella cums repeatedly during the scene...during foreplay (with the dildo) and twice during separate bouts of doggie. I love to see girls cum and really enjoyed Isabella's orgasms.
  • Guy's Pop: "I want you to cum in my pussy! I want you to cum in me, PLEASE!" The guys can't resist. So, they fuck her missionary style and pop...Steven French first, followed by Steve Taylor. Then, three other guys step up to the plate and pump her full of even more semen...two inside and one on her labia. "Oh, it's SO wet!" exclaims Isabella. Indeed. Tight close-ups highlight the incredible mess as rivers of semen flow from Isabella's cunt. I hope she was on the pill when this scene was shot!

DVD Perspectives

Video (technical): The 16:9 video is about average for a gonzo-style movie. The image is generally overexposed (too light) and the color balance setting caused the girls' flesh to appear too yellow. Some of the edits are abrupt and caused me to think that I missed something important. In addition, I don't care for the videographer's frequent moves from one acute angle to another. It's dizzying! In addition, the videographer didn't seem quite sure what to show us, so he moved --and zoomed in and out--frequently. All-in-all, the video seems a bit amateurish for my taste. But, it gets the job done...especially when the camera zooms in tight on a cum-filled cunt! Three stars.

Audio (technical): Again, the audio is average for a gonzo flick. I assume that the audio was captured with a camera-mounted microphone instead of with a boom. As a result, it's a bit hard to follow some of the "dialog" during the interviews because director Vince is behind the microphone (he voice is muted) while the volume-level of the girl in front of the mike is much higher. Some music accompanies the girls when they dance provocatively during the scene set-ups. However, no music obfuscates the raw sounds of sex. It's not the most professional audio...but, like the video, it gets the job done.

Extras: The DVD, in addition to full-motion chapter selector, has a "Stroke Selector" that allows you to choose which girl to watch; 40 minutes of behind-the-scenes footage (including impromptu interviews); a 16 minute bonus scene featuring Abbey Brooks (a blond with beautiful big tits) as she masturbates, fucks herself with a dildo, and gives Kyle Stone a handjob until she makes him pop on the outside of her vagina; a 19 1/2 minute self-running slide show; trailers for three Vouyer Productions releases; and website access information. This is an above average array of extras...especially because of the hot bonus scene and BTS. Three and one-half stars.

Production Values: I am pleased to say that the visual production values are quite nice. The scenes were shot in very attractive locations and use sets within the locations in a much more creative way than the all-too-common "let's fuck on the couch" routine. I like the girls' outfits. However, I think that the make-up (especially Carolyn Resse's) could have been done better. There's no integral music soundtrack to support the on-screen sex. Four stars.

Final Thoughts 

Average sex rating: 4.25
Average video rating: 3.00
Average audio rating: 3.00
Average production values rating: 4.00
Extras rating: 3.50
Bonus point(s): 1.00
Overall rating: 3.75

X Critic Pick (4.5+ sex; 4.0+ production values; 4.5+ overall)
Highly Recommended (4.5+ sex; 4.0+ overall)
Recommended (4.0+ sex; 4.0+ overall)
Rent It (<4.00 sex; <4.00 overall)
Skip It (<3.50 sex; <4.00 overall)

Dr. Jay

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