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Babes Illustrated 14

Studio: Metro » Review by Dr. Jay » Review Date: 7/30/10

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Genre: Feature
Director: AnnMarie
Cast: Alexa, AnnMarie, Felecia, Jenaveve Jolie, Jennifer Luv, KSEX-Daisy, Lola, Mikayla. 
Must-See Girls in Cast: None.
Length: 01:41
Condoms: NA.
Bonus: None.


AnnMarie directs this all-Latina cast in an all-girl extravaganza that will leave lovers of lesbian sex gasping for breath! A first-class female cast, including Lola, lesbian superstar Felecia, Jennifer Luv, Jenaveve Jolie, KSEX-Daisy, Alexa, Mikayla, and, of course the indefatigable AnnMarie, leave no holes unexplored as they lick, probe, and fuck each other into ecstasy.

Veteran girl/girl legend Felecia (love those nipples!) and Jennifer Luv play a monogamous lesbian couple whose sex life leaves something to be desired--at least for Felicia. Even though Jennifer is quite happy shoving toys of various sizes up Felecia's tight asshole, Felecia is "so over it." In any case, to get themselves back on track, they go on a weekend retreat sponsored by a sex therapist--AnnMarie--who specializes in female couples. While in therapy--with five other girls--Jennifer and Felicia discover that they're really not right for each other. In fact, Jennifer hooks up with Mikayla while Felecia and Ann Marie fuck happily ever after.

Sucker that I am for hot female-on-female sex, I found AnnMarie's directorial debut to be hot and mischievous. And, the all-Latin cast adds to the veggie "spice." In addition, the one-and-only on-screen performance of KSEX Radio's "Daisy" is also a treat.

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Check out some photos of the girls in Babes Illustrated 14 here. Be sure to check out the numerous photos of director AnnMarie. Damn, she lookts SWEET in this movie. Enjoy!


Scene One

Once Felecia and Jennifer Luv arrive at the sex clinic, "Dr." AnnMarie shows them to their room, which, as luck would have it, is equipped with a complete selection of Phallix glass toys. AnnMarie instructs the girls to relax for an hour and tells Felecia to come alone for her first session after they rest (it's obvious that AnnMarie already lusts for Felecia--as I know I do!). Jennifer immediately grabs one of the toys designed for butt fucking. Even though Felecia doesn't relish the idea of a yet another toy in her ass, she acquiesces because it will make Jennifer happy. The girls begin by kissing sweetly. Then, Felecia strips off Jennifer's top and goes wild by squeezing her perfect boobs and sucking her inviting nipples. Soon, Jennifer reciprocates by pulling up Felecia's top to reveal the nipples that have cause more hard-ons and dripping pussies than any in history! Of course, Jennifer can't resist sucking those magnificent thimble-sized nipples and her attention soon has Felecia smiling radiantly. After the girls peel off their remaining clothes, Jennifer lies back on their bed and spreads her legs wide. Felecia mounts Jennifer, missionary style, and, while Jennifer heaves with pleasure, Felecia suckles and squeezes Jennifer's fine breasts. Felecia also kisses and licks down Jennifer's abdomen to her bald spread-wide pussy. Girl-loving Felecia beams with joy as she licks and multiple-finger-fucks Jennifer's gorgeous pink vagina, tickles her clit, and suckles her labia. Jennifer reacts instantly, tossing her arms behind her head and erotically undulating her body while Felecia eats her. Felecia orally pleases Jennifer for several delicious minutes (awesome camera angles highlight both girls' fine bodies!) then begins to loosen her own asshole using her finger--she knows that Jennifer will soon shove a toy deep inside! Felecia's expert pussy-luvin' technique eventually pays big dividends when Jennifer's experiences a back arching orgasm. Afterward, the girls kiss and Felecia murmurs to Jennifer that her ass is ready. Smiling triumphantly, Jennifer bends Felecia down, doggie style, spits on her asshole, and eases a beautiful red glass toy past her sphincter and deep into her anus. Jennifer then begins to fuck Felecia's ass with long, slow, and deep strokes while Felecia fingers her own pussy to add to her pleasure. Even though Felecia said earlier that she's "so over" anal sex, her body betrays her real feelings as internal heat causes her body to glisten with sweat. Jennifer really wants Felecia to have an orgasm. However, Felecia just can't cum anally! So, after having to beg Jennifer to try something else, Felecia rides Jennifer's face while absolutely outstanding camera angles capture not only Jennifer's spread-wide legs and pussy but also Felecia's perfect hourglass body as she grinds her pussy against Jennifer's tongue. Believe me, pause your DVD player at about 15 minutes into the movie for some of the sweetest eye candy you'll ever see! After a couple of minutes, Jennifer adds her fingers to the mix, finger-fucking Felecia's vagina while simultaneously licking her clit. This additional action soon increases Felecia's pleasure to the breaking point until she cums with spasms of ecstasy; "See sweetie, that's how I like it...Thank you!" The girls kiss and cuddle as the scene fades to black. Five stars.

Scene Two

At the appointed time, Felecia goes to meet "Dr." Ann Marie for her first counseling session. However, randy AnnMarie (don't you just love her!) already has another patient--Jenaveve Jolie--engaged in "therapy" in the pool. Damn, both AnnMarie and Jenaveve look so fucking hot as they kiss, hug, fondle, undress, suckle, lick, squeeze, and probe each others' bodies (according to the behind-the-scenes feature, this is Jenaveve's first girl/girl scene). Jenaveve's boobs look so fucking inviting that AnnMarie can't keep her hands--or mouth--away from them. For that matter, neither could I! When Felecia arrives for her appointment, she's shocked to find her therapist in the midst of a tryst with another patient. AnnMarie invites Felecia to join them, but Felecia protests that it would be cheating. Nonsense! It's part of the therapy! Felecia is quickly convinced, jumps into the pool, grabs and squeezes Jenaveve's boobs, and allows Jenaveve to pull aside her bikini top fondle and suckle her breasts. Meanwhile, AnnMarie takes charge of Felecia's pussy by licking it--first through her thong panties and then fabric-free. In due course, the three girls make a love-train: AnnMarie, in the lead, gets her pussy serviced by Felecia's fingers and tongue as Jenaveve, in the rear, eats and finger-fucks Felecia. Later, the girls transition so that, while AnnMarie and Felecia are in the 69 position, AnnMarie and Jenaveve can French kiss. Of course, AnnMarie and Felecia also service each others' pussies. Felecia drives AnnMarie wild and, to prove it, AnnMarie exclaims: "She eats GOOD pussy!" Jenaveve, too, gets to deeply probe Felecia's tasty pussy with her tongue and fingers. In due course, AnnMarie grabs another beautiful glass toy--this clear dildo is encircled with colorful spirals--and uses it to fuck the shit out of Jenaveve's pretty bald pussy while Felecia, seated a few feet away from the other girls, expertly fucks herself with another attractive toy. Felecia divides her attention between her own dripping toy-fucked pussy and the magnificent girls in front of her. In particular, Jenaveve's fine breasts are spellbinding. Meanwhile, AnnMarie skillfully wields the toy, twisting it in-and-out of Jenaveve's pussy while simultaneously stimulating her clit with her thumb. Later, after Felecia has moved into the doggie position so she can fuck herself more forcefully until she cums, Jennifer Luv walks outside and sees her girlfriend with two other girls. Furious, she stalks away to seek her revenge. Unfazed, AnnMarie grabs Felecia's dildo and sucks the cum off of it while continuing to fuck Jenaveve with the other toy. Then, using her now-clean dildo. Felecia fucks AnnMarie to orgasm just as Jenaveve succumbs to the pleasure wrought by AnnMarie's toy (the two girls cum almost simultaneously). To finish up, the girls share a three-way kiss. Five stars!

Scene Three

In a fit of rage, Jenaveve's girlfriend, Alexa, confronts AnnMarie: "did you just fuck my girlfriend?" AnnMarie retorts: "No one forced her into anything. She wanted it. And besides, it's not cheating if you both do it!" Alexa, responding to that convoluted logic, succumbs to AnnMarie's wiles and, within second, the two girls are having a little revenge sex--on Alexa's condition that they videotape their encounter to be used as a present for Jenaveve. "That's what I'm here for," purrs AnnMarie. So, as the camera captures everything, AnnMarie tugs Alexa's top until her breasts, crowned with pierced nipples, pop out in all their glory. AnnMarie squeezes Alexa's boobs and strokes her body, paying special attention to the tender flesh between her legs. Soon, the girls share a sweet kiss as Alexa's pierced tongue probes AnnMarie's voracious mouth. Then, mesmerized by the piercings, AnnMarie returns her attention to Alexa's boobs and suckles them for a bit. At AnnMarie's direction, Alexa, clad only in a black thong, stands so that AnnMarie's wicked tongue can lick her ass and penetrate the warm tender flesh between her cheeks. As AnnMarie continues to please Alexa, she has her lie back on a couch and spread her legs wide so that she can go down on her so-inviting pussy. AnnMarie gently spreads Alexa's labia with her fingers and then uses her tongue and fingers to stimulate her clit and probe the depths of her vagina. The cunnilingus becomes increasingly intense as AnnMarie spits on Alexa's pussy and licks it faster and with more force. Gorgeous Alexa truly enjoys the attention and looks as if she's truly in heaven, especially when AnnMarie multiple-finger-fucks her saturated pussy! Again, AnnMarie takes control: "Flip over, I wanna see your ass." Obediently, Alexa obeys and kneels doggie style on the couch so AnnMarie can, in effect, worship her fine ass flesh and tongue- and multiple-finger-fuck her (literally!) dripping pussy from behind. As Alexa's body writhes and undulates with pleasure, wicked AnnMarie's face beams with triumph...you gotta believe that AnnMarie really likes pleasuring these girls! AnnMarie's wicked and oh-so-skilled fingers soon cause Alexa to cum as streams of her juice flow out of her pussy. Afterwards, the girls kiss and then it's time for Alexa to please AnnMarie. So, without even bothering to discard her denim skirt, AnnMarie straddles Alexa's face so Alexa can eat her panty-less pussy--gently at first, but with increasing fervor. AnnMarie groans with obvious pleasure as Alexa's pierced tongue and pretty fingers stroke and probe her pink pussy. Meanwhile, to keep her tongue busy, AnnMarie tongue-fucks Alexa's still-soaked pussy 69 style. AnnMarie, whose orgasms always seem to have short fuses, quickly begins to quiver, grimace, and roll back her eyes as pleasure builds inexorably toward orgasm. And, when she does cum, it's one of the most genuinely real orgasms I've seen in a long time! To finish up, the girls kiss and talk about how much Alexa's girlfriend Jenaveve is going to like the video they made. Four and one-half stars.

Scene Four

Seeking revenge, Jennifer Luv scouts the clinic grounds to find some fine flesh to fuck. She happens upon AnnMarie's assistant, Mikayla, who is relaxing by masturbating outside on a cushioned bench. Gorgeous Mikalya really gets into it, her body heaving and swelling as the pleasure caused by her fingers courses through her body. Just as Mikayla is really getting into herself, Jennifer, looking sad and dejected, notices Mikayla, sees what she's up to, and declares, "It looks like you can use a hand!" She's certainly straightforward, isn't she? So, without further ado, she begins to caress Mikayla's hard belly, strip off her clothes, work her fingers into her wet pussy, kiss her on the mouth, and squeeze and suckle her all-natural breasts. Mikayla quickly reacts, undulating her body and arching her back in response to Jennifer's knowing--and quite effective--touch. Once Mikayla is completely nude, Jennifer has her bend over--an excellent position to show off the extensive multi-colored tattoo on her back--licks her ass, and finger- and tongue-fucks her bejeweled pussy while fingering her clit. Meanwhile, Mikayla groans and shouts with real appreciation. Then, to demonstrate just how nasty she is, Jennifer spits on Mikayla's pretty asshole and rims it with her tongue. After Mikayla screams through an orgasm, the girls transition to 69 so that they can simultaneously eat each other (it's SO beautiful to watch two gorgeous girls in 69!). Believe me, Jennifer's pussy looks fucking fantastic as Mikayla spreads it wide with her fingers so that her tongue can penetrate more deeply. And, Jennifer's fleshy labia look so fine, especially when nasty Mikayla bites and suckles them. Once Jennifer's pussy is sufficiently soaked, Mikayla grabs another gorgeous glass toy (this one is ribbed purple transparent glass and looks like it would make a pussy feel so good!) and uses it to fuck the shit out of Jennifer's oh-so-happy vagina. During this segment, Mikayla occasionally slaps Jennifer's ass and Jennifer fingers her own clit while an angelic look of pleasure beams from her face. After Mikayla makes Jennifer cum, they switch positions again so Jennifer can plug Mikayla's pussy with another gorgeous toy. Just as Jennifer is ready to slip it into Mikayla's wet hole, Mikayla stops her: "Wait! What are you doing? Don't stick it in there, STICK IT IN MY ASS!" Well, it looks like Jennifer found a girlfriend who also has a proclivity for anal sex! Mikayla bends over into the doggie position and then Jennifer eases the toy past her sphincter and fucks her with deep, slow, and twisting motions that cause Mikayla to gasp for breath. Jennifer fucks her harder and faster until Mikayla screams through an ass-gasm. Afterwards, Jennifer sucks Mikayla's ass off the toy and the girls, both ecstatically happy, kiss deeply. Five stars.

Scene Five

Scene Five is really two scenes in one. AnnMarie goes outside to counsel another lesbian couple, KSEX Daisy and Lola, about their sexual problems. After listening for a few minutes, she gives them some instructions to follow. She watches her patients carefully for a while to make sure that they are following her orders and are getting along OK. Then, she slips inside her house to take one of the prettiest baths you'll ever see. While in the tub, she masturbates skillfully using a submersible vibrator. AnnMarie's ability to burn up the screen, even totally by herself, is quite amazing and very pleasing to watch--especially when she cums like a volcano.

Outside, Lola begins to pamper Daisy by sensuously feeding her a creamy pastry (it's so hot to watch Lola seductively stick her cream-covered finger into Daisy's greedy mouth!). Then, they share the cream in Daisy's mouth by kissing. Meanwhile, the girls erotically fondle and undress each other and lick each others' bodies. Lola quickly becomes the dominant one when she literally attacks Daisy's pretty natural boobs with her mouth. Soon, Lola kisses her way southward while slapping Daisy's perfect ass flesh. In due course, Lola has Daisy sit back on a stool, spreads her legs wide, grabs another creamy pastry, smears most of the cream on Daisy's quivering pussy, and feeds her the rest (it's fucking hot stuff!). Of course, Lola greedily laps the cream off of Daisy's pussy (damn, girl/girl sex is so awesome!). Once she's devoured the cream, Daisy gorges herself on Daisy's large, very fleshy, and oh-so-pretty labia (her pussy really is magnificent). Lola also tongue-fucks Daisy's vagina and rims her asshole while inflaming her passion with Spanish words (excellent camera angles and close-ups). Later, Lola has Daisy lie down on the grass and straddles her, 69 style, so the girls can eat each other: "Que rico!" Again, Daisy's superb pussy looks so fine as Lola licks, probes, fingers, and caresses it. And, it looks EVEN BETTER when Lola grabs yet another striking glass toy (this one is double-ended) and fucks the saturated depths of Daisy's pussy with fast twisting motions. Daisy loves the sensations, her body quivering and her face contorting in ecstasy as Lola fucks her. As the girls continue to please each other, they transition so that their pussies face each other close enough so that the double-ended toy can be inserted into both of them. While Daisy holds the toy at its center--to control it--the girls hurl their bodies back and forth to fuck each other with the toy. They gaze at the toy as it disappears into both of them and Lola exclaims: "Oh my God, look how good that looks!" She's right! Daisy, in particular, really gets into it, thrusting her body faster and faster, forcing the toy deeper and deeper into her pussy while Lola approvingly watches the action. Sensing that her partner is not getting enough pleasure, Daisy slips her end of the toy out of her pussy, grasps its slippery shaft with her hands, and rams it in and out of Lola's pussy until she makes her cum. Afterwards, Lola repays Daisy's kindness by powerfully fucking her pussy until she, too cums with a body-wrenching orgasm. Then, Lola sucks Daisy's cum off the toy and the girls kiss sweetly. Five stars. 

DVD Perspectives

Video (technical): The video is pleasing, usually well color balanced, generally well lit (some footage is a bit too dark), composed of enjoyable camera angles, and competently edited. The image is digital-sharp and doesn't display any compression artifacts. Three and one-half stars.

Audio (technical): The main problem I really have with Babes Illustrated 14 is the background noise during the outdoor scenes. Three scenes were shot in a very pleasant hillside yard, in and around a sparkling pool. However, the hill must have overlooked a freeway or other well-traveled highway because the ambient noise is excessive. This could have been improved by employing the proper use of boom mikes so that the moans and groans would be audible while cutting down most of the distracting background noise. In addition, there's even a hissing sound in the background during the dialog and sex indoors. And, the volume level fades in and out during the scenes. There's a typical porn-music soundtrack that, thankfully, doesn't interfere with the sounds of sex. Two and one-half stars.

Extras: There's a nice collection of usable extras including ten minutes of behind-the-scenes footage, 11 minutes of interviews of the girls (also shot behind-the-scenes), a manually-operated photo gallery, and six-minutes of coming attractions. There's also the ubiquitous website and phone-sex advertisements. Four stars.

Aesthetics: The location used for filming the movie is very nice, both inside and out. The only problem is the outdoor background noise I mentioned in "Audio" above. The girls were nicely made-up and wear attractive and appropriate clothing (until, of course, they get naked!). I was very impressed by the toys used by the girls: they're gorgeous glass toys provided, according to the credits, by Phallix Glass (www.phallixglass.com). If you're a woman--or if you really want to please one--I suggest you check out Phallix's website and see what beautiful toys look like! The musical soundtrack is common upbeat porn music that doesn't add to--or detract from--the on-screen action. Four stars.

Final Thoughts

Average sex rating: 4.90
Average video rating: 3.50
Average audio rating: 2.50
Average production values rating: 4.00
Extras rating: 4.00
Bonus point(s): 0.00
Overall rating: 3.78

X Critic Pick (4.5+ sex; 4.0+ production values; 4.5+ overall)
Highly Recommended (4.5+ sex; 4.0+ overall)
Recommended (4.0+ sex; 4.0+ overall)
Rent It (<4.00 sex; <4.00 overall)
Skip It (<3.50 sex; <4.00 overall)

Dr. Jay

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