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My Plaything: Lexi Belle

Studio: Digital Sin » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 6/16/10

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

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My Plaything 2.0: Lexi Belle

Digital Sin

Genre: Interactive Sex, Simulator, Lexi Belle Showcase

Director: Eddie Powell

Cast: Lexi Belle, Justice Young, Anthony Rosano, Jordan Ash, Carlo Carrera, Pike Nelson, Bill Bailey

Length: ~180+ minutes (depending on how you qualify clips and their alternatives)

Date of Production: 2010

Extras: The third disc was devoted to extras, including five unrelated scenes starring Lexi Belle from her past endeavors with the company. The sum of the scenes was a nice cross section of her work for them and it lasted about two hours, a few of the scenes described below in detail (scenes from Double Play #5, Stuffin' Young Muffins 8, Fresh Outta High School 5, "Addicted 6", and "Ashlynn Brooke's Lesbian Fantasies 2"). There was also a 9:20 minute long Behind the Scenes feature emphasizing Lexi Belle's role in the production and interviewing her (the moose slippers adorable by the way). I did not find any trailers or DVD-ROM content as the disc suggested it had but those were not advertised on the box cover so I gave it a pass in that regard.

Sexy Lexi Belle

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Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: My Plaything 2.0: Lexi Belle was presented in a stunningly clear anamorphic widescreen 1.78:1 as shot by director Eddie Powell for Digital Sin, using the MPEG-2 codec on this standard definition version. The video bitrate hovered around the 5.2 Mbps area when spot checked (on the high side for the genre) and there were typically two camera angles deployed for most of the footage, essentially doubling the visual appeal for most or at least providing more choice for the picky types out there. The clips seemed suited for Lexi's aural skills helped keep the show flowing better than some of her peers have done in the past, the lighting strong to minimize the video noise and other visual problems some titles get. The audio was presented in 2.0 Dolby Digital English using a 48 kHz sampling rate and 192 Kbps bitrate, most of the material not drenched in music though my biggest complaint was how certain passages were not mixed loud enough (to make the aural levels consistent; an ongoing issue with the series). In any case, the entire technical side of the production was an upgrade over most titles in the genre, only slight issues popping up infrequently thanks largely to Eddie's in-depth participation. One quirk worth noting was that every now and then, a clip from the multitude on the discs would appear to be a goof (like one of them where Lexi blew her mope and then it eventually showed some behind the scenes footage after a horribly lengthy wait) but they were few and far between.

Body of Review: Eddie Powell is the most technically adept director working at Digital Sin these days, his expertise utilized on a great many of their porn parodies and evident in almost all of their massive selection of compilations. His latest dedicated project is My Plaything 2.0: Lexi Belle, the youthful hotty finally gracing a triple disc showcase of her sexual skills, portraying a nice gal, a naughty one, and a whole disc of scenes from previous efforts with a BTS to top things off. Having watched many of these sex simulators over the years, I found that the upgraded "2.0" version the company brags about is actually more than marketing hype too, the clarity of the visual elements combining with the appeal of the individual starlet to make each of these a "must have" for fans of the specific volume their star is in. I'm not going to waste your time breaking down every sex act but will give a quick overview below, keeping in mind that consumers either love or hate this type of movie with little middle ground to speak of. The boxcover described the movie like this: "The next generation in the My Plaything series is here! Real pop shots! Real orgasms! Over twice as much footage as before! This 3 disc set showcases Lexi Belle like never before. All the elements that made the My Plaything series an international best seller are here and enhanced. One of the world's most beautiful women is yours for the taking. 8 completely different settings will guarantee your total satisfaction. Spend some time with Lexi and immerse yourself in her world. This is Lexi Belle. This is My Plaything 2.0." Here's a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:

Director Eddie Powell had the best view of Lexi Belle

Okay, the third disc is merely the extras disc as mentioned above. The first two discs contain the new footage shot by Eddie and company, two camera angles for each of the sex acts included. The settings for each portion of the two discs varied from a locker room shower to a bed to a home gym to on top of a motorcycle with her outfits changing from traditional school girl outfits to black lingerie to workout clothing and cheerleader costume. On the first disc, Lexi Belle generally acts more ladylike and demure while she lets it hang out a touch more on the second disc but the separation is less pronounced than on the last title in the series I reviewed. There seemed to be a lot more tease this time, from the acts she did herself to those with an unseen partner (the males credited to the production included Young, Anthony Rosano, Jordan Ash, Carlo Carrera, Pike Nelson, and Bill Bailey), a plethora of toys used in addition to her fingers. Sexually, the action was limited to blowjobs and vaginal penetration on both of them but she knew how to pour it on when the time was right, the biggest upgrade from the older versions of the series being that there were a lot more male popshots, their wads of genetic juice and population pudding shot out all over her, even swallowed on command as needed.

While some scenes showed Lexi truly into the sex acts, others showed her performing for the camera, my initial guess being that she shared more personal chemistry with some of the men than others, a few of them hung like horses while others were small enough that I make them look modest by comparison. In any case, the camera angles appeared to be nicely aligned this time with few of the synchronization problems a few of the older titles had, allowing fans into close ups to get a lot of them while the rest of us could watch from both angles, most of the clips provided seeming to last over two minutes. If you seek a show that can go on as long as you like, the various clips used to allow you the ability to customize the action as you see fit, Lexi as great as ever when it comes to turning on the heat.

Bonus Scene: Double Play #5: Last up to bat are Lexi and McKenzee and though the best wasn't saved for last this scene was very nice. The girls have a fair amount of teasing time as they played with each other prior to their male counterpart coming in. Like Ashlynn and Lindsey, Lexi and McKenzee hardly ever pull themselves away from each other. There's just something about a threesome where the people involved share their attention that makes it instantly better in my opinion. Squirt fans will love this scene because both girls spray all over the place (though Lexi takes the cake). (review by Harry Johnson)

Bonus Scene: Stuffin' Young Muffins 8: Peering outside a window, Lexi ruffles her own feathers with her hands, soon bringing out a miniature pink vibrator to assist her with fulfilling her daydreams. Pulling down her thin veil of panties, Lexi finds Mark's grip over her ass cheeks, leading to a blow job as she continues to flutter at her crotch with her free hand. Leading her to the couch, Mark props her legs up to nosh away at Lexi's pussy, teasing her asshole with his tongue. Missionary and full-on pile driver action follows, with Lexi pausing the action to take a swing of Mark's sopping wet trunk. She mashes as much as her opened mouth can allow, turning around to offer Mark a spell of doggy. Lexi twists to show her face as she's fucked, mounting Mark's wand in standard cowgirl afterward. He spends a bit of time thrusting furiously from below, but soon hands over the beat to Lexi, who bounces out at a steady pulse. After a little reverse cowgirl and spooning, Mark shoots his load into Lexi's open mouth and chest. Lexi, who at first seems a little restrained, lets herself go into Mark's grapple, combing her effort out in little pert blasts of interjection and squeal. Seeing her contort herself for maximum enjoyment (for all of us) was a plus, as was her steadfast effort to get both herself and Mark off in a blaze of glory. Thanks, Lexi! (review by Wind Tunnel)

Bonus Scene: Fresh Outta High School 5: Lexi Belle, a cutie studying by the pool outside on a glass table, wore her uniform proudly as she fussed at Mr. Pete for disturbing her studies by mowing the lawn. She complained about how he distracted her in other ways too, talking about the times he mowed with his shirt off; clearly wanting him to take it off for her to enjoy him as eye candy this time too. They started pawing each other and went inside to the living room couch where she straddled him and removed his cock from his pants. Doing what came naturally, she jerked him off with a twisting motion as she sucked him off and continued to do so as he slapped her fleshy ass (giving her a wedgy along the way with her panties). He snacked on her crack too, elevating her temperature in the process as she appreciated the way he readied her; the couple bumping uglies in no time after that. She was a passive rider until she was on top of his lap, going balls deep once she was ready for him, with her puffy pussy looking ripe for the plucking as the scene continued onward. She lost it and went into her zone as they pushed forward, eventually taking the facial really well as she looked for more semen. Wow!

Summary: My Plaything 2.0: Lexi Belle by director Eddie Powell for Digital Sin is the latest sex simulator allowing fans to control just what a starlet does (within usual parameters of a "rail based" simulator), sexy Lexi Belle a great choice for the production to showcase so I rated it as Recommended or better for those wanting to try it out, the triple disc movie a virtual "must have" for anyone that considers themselves a fan of the youthful lady.  In short, while I would have liked more options (and a true second camera angle on the naughty disc version of her ass tease) making use of specialty touches, My Plaything 2.0: Lexi Belle was definitely a winner for what it set out to do, the director again showing his technical prowess as he proves my longtime belief that he is one of the best in the jizz biz. Nicely done!

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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