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Fuck Me In The Bathroom Quadrupled

Studio: Burning Angel Entertainment » Review by Sean DPS » Review Date: 6/19/10

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Fuck Me In The Bathroom...Quadupled
Burning Angel Entertainment

Directed by Joanna Angel
Running Time: 2 hours and 25 minutes

Special Features:

Animated Menus
Trailers (4 trailers)
Behind the Scenes (23 minute feature, with some great interviews and footage from behind the scenes, vaginas of steel, the rules of 20 questions, some extra time with James and Indigo, and more
Picture Gallery


Phoenix Askani
Katie St Ives
Holly D
Vanessa Naughty
James Deen
Brian Street Team
Alec Knight

Overall Thoughts:

Before I get into the movie, I would like to comment on the very pretty Indigo who graces the cover of this film. Her red hair is very familiar to Lola from Run Lola Run, which is a good thing. I can't wait to see her in action, and that is just from seeing her on the cover. So sex in the bathroom, I am not sure why, but the thought of having sex in a bathroom is sexy, maybe it's the randomness of it. But anyways after seeing this movie, I am sure you will agree, that it is pretty hot. They do a nice job and making it seem real, with the trouble trying to find a position that works, and the fact that most of the bathrooms seem life some that you have come across at some point in time in your life. So another great Burning Angel release, with a great mix of hot ladies, some amazing sex, and even a little humor in to keep things fun. There were no real issues with the audio or video in this movie, other than a few moments where the audio had trouble and the blurring of the shoes. And plus I always enjoy the behind the scenes footage, it really seems like they are a close family and they have fun doing what they do. So I am going to give this movie a HIGHLY RECOMMEND rating, great job once again.

Scene One: Indigo and James Deen

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Indigo and James are in the bathroom making a drug deal, and it's apparently James's first time buying drugs. He doesn't have enough money for the drugs, so she gives him the option to fuck her for drugs, tough decision if you ask me. They start with some heavy kissing as the clothes start to come off. James starts with her pussy, while fondling her amazing breasts. She finally gets James's pants off and starts off with a blowjob, while she sits on the toilet. After the blowjob, he begins to fuck her on the toilet, and she wraps her legs around him, just making sure he doesn't stop fucking her. She has a hard time staying on the toilet seat, so she stands up and bends over and James goes at her doggy style. They keep slightly changing up positions due to the small space they have to work with, but it's ok, you understand why. James gets a little hair pulling in there during the scene. The scene really heats up as James fuck her while she is pressed up against the wall. She takes a break and gives him some more oral before she sits on his lap and rides him as he sits on the toilet seat. She then kneels on the seat and takes it some more from James, doggy style. He continues to fuck her until he cums on her face.

Scene Two: Katie St Ives and Brian Street Team

We start off with an interview with Katie about her experience fucking someone in the bathroom. We fast forward to Joanna in the bathroom and she hears some moaning coming from one of the stalls. And she finds out it's Katie giving Brian a blowjob. They tell her that either she should join them or leave, she leaves, but when Katie and Brian decide to follow her, they don't get very far and they start to kiss and the clothes come off. The blowjob continues, until she climbs on top of him in the stall and begins to ride him, so very sturdy toilets if you ask me. But then she braces herself against the wall and he continues to fuck her. I guess someone is wearing some brand name shoes, the blurring is a little distracting. He finger fucks her pussy as she is still propped up against the side of the stall. After a few position changes in the stall they decide to take things outside the stall, to make it a little easier. After some more oral from Katie, she props herself up on the sink and Brian fucks away. She flips over and he continues to fuck her while she is on the sink. She ends up back up against the side of the stall and he fucks her until he cums on her face and body. Joanna comes in and tells Brian he doesn't know what he is doing and she immediately is going down on Katie. The girls start kissing as Joanna keeps playing with Katie's pussy until she cums. I guess she showed him.

Scene Three: Vanessa Naughty and Mr Pete

First we get a interview with Vanessa by Joanna, about the site and if she ever had sex in the bathroom. On to the scene, Vanessa is working on her makeup and Pete is working on her. She is worried about her makeup, and for some reason she thinks it will look right if she gives him a blowjob. She gets some deep throating in and Pete even does a little face fucking. She takes off her dress and then leans up against the wall and Pete begins to fuck her from behind. It looks like in this scene, they have a bigger bathroom to work with. She flips over and she continues to get fucked while she is sitting on the chair. I have to say the knee high socks and the wrist guard is a great combo for her, very hot. She moves over to the tub, and Pete continues to fuck her from behind, until she cums. She likes it when he sticks his finger in her ass, so he does, I am thinking this is going to lead somewhere. And from watching this scene I am taking a shot in the dark, and saying she really likes to get fucked from behind, considering that is the position they are in for most of the scene. She does end up sitting on his lap and riding him for a bit. He gets her from behind and continues until he cums inside her pussy. And apparently now her makeup is perfect.

Scene Four: Holly D and James Dean

Once again we get an interview with Holly, and she tells about her experience having sex in a bathroom. Bonus points for the accent, I am always a sucker for a lady with an accent. We cut to the scene and a group of people are playing 20 questions and apparently James is really good at it. BUT Holly beats him at his own game and he leaves for the bathroom, so she goes to check on him. And apparently he is turned on, and her top is off in seconds. Her pants come off next, she sits on the counter and James is going down on her. She wiggles with excitement, and then James stands up and begins to fuck her on the counter top. I have to say that this is a pretty fancy bathroom. She next gives James a blowjob, but after she is done, she's up against the wall and James is fucking away. We get a cut back to the group outside wondering if they should wait for them or keep playing the game. She moves over to the sink and James continues to pound away as she scream with excitement. After some more oral from Holly, James sits on the toilet and she rides him. She continues to moan with delight as he has her pressed up against the shower door. And in a weird move, they hop in the tub and she lays on top of him as he fucks her from below. But they are soon out of the tub and she is back on top of the counter. They even play a little 20 questions during sex, and the scene ends as he cums on her face.

Scene Five: Phoenix Askani and Alec Knight

The scene starts off with an interview with Phoenix and once again she asks about the whole sex in bathroom thing. On to the scene, Phoenix has a new boyfriend and she still hasn't seen his cock, she needs to figure out a way to fuck him. She goes to meet him and he is very busy and he can't be out too late. She can't take it, she takes off her panties and begins to play with herself as he cleans his brushes. She tells him to forget about his art and fuck her, it takes him awhile, but he is soon going down on her, as she sits on the toilet seat. She is finally getting what she wants, she opens his pants and starts off with a nice blowjob, with some deep throating. She is enjoying it so much, that she starts to play with herself while she does it. Her dress comes completely off and he begins to fuck her as she sits on the toilet. Next up they switch positions as she rides him as he sits on the toilet. After some more great oral from Phoenix, she's back on the toilet getting fucked. These two seem to really have some good chemistry between the two of them, and you can feel it in this scene. She goes for another ride until he cums in her mouth and on her chest. After she gets what she wanted, he says he has to go, but she says didn't he just paint her with cum. He agrees and then they out to grab a bite to eat.

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