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Sex Slaves of Satan 2

Studio: VCX » Review by The Mooninite » Review Date: 6/23/10

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The Movie:

VCX has a pretty sizeable library of classic filth so it's not surprising to see them reach into those vaults from time to time and repackage some of that material in compilation form - which is exactly what they've done with this release, the sensationally titled Sex Slaves Of Satan. Keep in mind that the occult and supernatural cinema were a big deal in the seventies, with hits like The Exorcist and The Omen raking in assloads of cash and whenever a trend proves profitable, it stands to reason that a pornographic cash in will soon follow. That said, this is a decent collection of clips from some of VCX's classics - but rarely do any of the clips have anything remotely resembling an occult twist (scene one and scene six being the exceptions to that rule). Some of them are a bit on the rough side and maybe a bit kinky, but they're hardly Satanic in the literal sense.

But hey, who am I to digress? What we have here is a decent collection of oddball seventies and eighties clips. Without further ado, here's a look:

Scene 1 - Angel Above, Devil Below: The film tells the story of a teenage girl named Randy (Linda York) who lies in bed one night reading 'The Necronomicon' (the packaging puzzlingly describes this as an 'erotic book') while her mother and the handyman, played by Robert Bedford and curvy brunette Starlyn Simone, get it on rather loudly in the next room. Bedford, sporting a nice 'BOB' tattoo on his arm, eats Simone out and then she gives him head. He gets on top of her and fucks her missionary style and then she rides him cowgirl style. All the while Randy is fingering herself and then fucking herself with a black candle. As Randy climaxes, the devil himself (Lamar Gilbert according to the credits) appears at the foot of her bed wearing a black rimmed hat and looking kind of like Robert Mitchum in The Night Of The Hunter. The devil fingers Randy and wants to have sex with her. A tarot card moves mysteriously down her sleeping body under its own power but when she awakens from her trance-like sleep, ol' scatch is gone. That's what you get for reading evil books and masturbating, kids. Let that be a lesson to you.

Scene 2 - Angel Above, Devil Below: This clip cuts to a scene where George (Robert Bedford) the handyman has shown up in the house of the possessed girl. He ties the nurse to the table and gags her before cutting off her dress with scissors, taking down her pantyhose and spreading her legs. He plays with her tits and then has a beer while he eats her out. He climbs on top of her and sucks her tits while he fucks her.

Scene 3 - Easy: This scene from Easy stars Jessie St. James. She's jogging when we meet up with her but soon arrives home where she finds an uninvited guest giving her the look over. He makes her strip and plays with her pussy a bit and then bends over and makes her jerk him off while giving him a rim job. She rides him reverse cowgirl and then he makes her suck his cock while he fucks her face fairly hard. He finishes in her mouth.

Scene 4 - Call Girl: In this brief scene, a man (Gabril Pontello) is in an attic somewhere, whipping a blonde chick that won't make love to him. She changes her mind and sucks his dick. He fucks her missionary style on the table and then pulls out and shoots his load onto her pelvis and the scene ends.

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Scene 5 - Saturday Night Special: In this scene, a guy named Frank (Jamie Gillis) is planning a heist with some pals. They intend to rip off a Mr. Greentree and arrive at his office where they force him to open the safe and gun point and fill him full of lead when he can't get it open. They then proceed to rape a blonde office girl on an orange leather couch while some strange psychedelic music swells up in the background. Gillis goes crazy here, making all manner of fucked up faces and looking rather terrifying as he forces himself on this poor girl, the eerie music making the scene more than a little bit freaky

Scene 6 - Bacchanale: This is a scene from the Amero Brothers' classic surrealist porn masterpiece starring Uta Erickson. In the scene, Uta heads into a room and there are hands coming out of the wall (pre-dating a similar scene in a certain George A. Romero zombie movie by a few years!). She sees herself naked, blood running down her breasts, and then she sees herself in hell in a scene not unlike something out of a Coffin Joe movie. She then sees a man in a coffin. She approaches him and strokes him off until he finishes.

Scene 7 - Two At Once: This clip, from the Burt Trumbull film, stars French porn goddess Brigette Lahaie and it begins when she's driving off with her man after some sort of incident in which a big, burly bearded guy tried to attack them. They pull over once they've escaped and she shows him her amazing breasts. Intrigued by their amazingness, he plays with them a bit and they make out. She gives him head, lucky bastard, and she rides him cowgirl style, her blonde locks shaping her face and tits perfectly. The bearded guy comes back and takes her to an RV of some sort where her gets rough and fucks her hard from behind. He flips her over and lifts her legs up and pounds away at her, and them jizzes onto her mound.

Scene 8 - The Joy Of Fooling Around: This is a lesbian scene from the Swedish film, The Joy Of Fooling Around. Two unidentified girls get it on, a bit roughly I might add, on a rocky European shore. They start with some kissing before going down and doing some quality pussy eating.

Scene 9 - Visions Of Clair: This scene from Visions Of Clair stars the gorgeous Annette Haven, one of the prettiest women to ever work in the adult film industry and a true beauty to this very day. She gets naked and dances with another woman and once they start touching and kissing one another soon find themselves getting into some heavier stuff. Annette's tits get sucked and her pussy gets eaten by her equally attractive dark haired playmate, while in another room a blonde woman undresses and does some sort of ceremonial dance with a dagger. Annette returns the oral favors with her friend and goes down on her and they kiss quite passionately.

Scene 10 - Vista Valley PTA: This scene, from the 1981 Anthony Spinelli directed classic, cuts to a scene where Jessie St. James is heads over to Richard Pacheco's place. She's a teacher and he's a student. He talks her into showing him her tits. She obliges soon enough he's got her against the wall, his pants are down and he's fucking her pretty hard. He lays her down and goes at it a bit more gently next, rubbing her and soon enough he pulls out some honey and puts some in her pussy before going down on her. He flips her over and fucks her from behind and blows his load on her ass cheeks, unaware that his dad, John Leslie, is watching. Leslie and his friends have taken some pictures of the two while they were going at it. They've set her up, telling her to take her rules and regulations and get out of town. She realizes she's caught, and they tell her that they want to fuck her. She resists and he tells her if she says no one more time they're going to hurt her. With no choice, she says yes, and John Leslie, John Seeman, Ken Scudder and Lee LeMay all drop their pants and take turns getting their cocks sucked by Jessie until they've all spunked into her mouth and onto her face.

None of these scenes are as long as modern stroke film fans are going to be accustomed to but some of the material here still manages to tighten the pants despite its age. How well each scene will work for you will obviously depend on your appreciation and/or admiration for specific performers but there is some hot stuff to be found within the thirteen chapters of this DVD. At one point in time this material might have proven shocking to the raincoat crowd checking these films out in the theaters where they were first displayed to the public. Time, however, has a way of dulling the impact of this type of thing and now what was once dangerous comes off as unintentionally humorous. The cheap production values, hammy acting and goofy sets associated with porno of this era is all on display here and as such this compilation has more camp value than stroke value. That said, it's a fun collection and one that seventies smut aficionados will absolutely enjoy but with these scenes all taken out of context, half the time you're really going to have no idea what's going on in any of them unless you've seen the features they were taken from. And if you have those, you don't need this.



As is common with compilations of older material, the video quality varies from one scene to the next. For the most part, things look pretty good but you have to keep in mind that VCX was obviously working with old tape masters here so expect to see some roll here and there as well as some constant softness. The image is interlaced, unfortunately, so sawtooth artifacts will be present for those with progressive scan setups. Color depth and accuracy varies with a few scenes looking a little too red and a little too dark but this compilation at least looks as good, if not better, than your average seventies porno release.


The clips on this compilation are presented in Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound, surprisingly enough. Really, though, mono would have been fine as the rear channels make a weird sort of reverb noise when they're active at all (which isn't often) . All VCX has done here has spread the single channel recording out to all five channels of your home theater setup. It doesn't make anything sound any better, in fact, it makes it sound a little worse. That said, reverb aside, the dialogue is clear and the levels are properly balanced from scene to scene even if the menu screen is a little louder than the feature content.


Aside from some animated menus and a scene selection option, VCX has supplied trailers for Easy, Angel Above, Devil Below, Bacchanale, and Vista Valley PTA. A brief still gallery, the same Superstar Tribute that's been popping up on other recent VCX releases, animated menus and scene selection are also included. There's also a single bonus scene included from Sex Wish, it's the opening salvo in which Zebedy Colt rapes C.J. Laing on the couch while her husband, Harry Reems, is at work.

Final Thoughts:

While there's really nothing Satanic about Sex Slaves Of Satan 2 it's still a fun collection of campy clips from vintage roughies the likes of which we don't see made in this modern age. The quality isn't great but it's acceptable enough and this collection comes recommended for fans of vintage material with a darker twist. If you've already got the features from which these clips have been taken (each one available from VCX, and some in nicely remastered editions at that) you won't need this disc but for the curious it's not a bad time killer and as such, worth a rental.

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