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Shameless Amateurs Vol. 4

Studio: Shane's World » Review by Bill The Hobbyist » Review Date: 6/27/10

XCritic's Advice: Skip It

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Shameless Amateurs Volume 4 by Shane's World

Director: Rick Shameless

Release: April 29, 2010

Genre: Armature, Oral

Cast: Amy, Arielle, Brie, Chayse, Jana, Jaylyn, Jen, Kayla, Roxy, Rucca

The Movie

I for one enjoy good amateur movies, cause they can bring to life some things that are not seen in Mainstream Adult Movies. But then there are good amateur and then there are bad amateur movies. This one falls into the bad category. Here you will see one guy on his adventures so to speak, who picks up girls to give him head and head is about all your going to see. I think today any guy with a video camera, a decent size cock and knows some girls who don't mind sucking dick on camera, thinks he's good enough to shoot porn even he is not. Most of the girls are not much to look at with the exception of a few and he himself is kind of a jerk. The one thing you will see is allot of decent natural swallowing. The scenes are pretty redundant, almost to the point I wonder if breaking down the scenes were worth it. But, I figured what the hell, break them down a little so you know what to and not to expect.

Scene 1 - Rucca

This is the old mile high club shoot. On a plane, some flashing and into the bathroom for some head. There is allot of non-sex footage and the only thing you will see is dick sucking. Ruccca is not much to look at and reminds me of that slut who because of her looks tries to be sexy and is not very well at it and it just didn't work for me. She does however takes a load right on her tongue and swallows every drop.

Positions: Oral

Scene 2 - Arielle

Arielle comes by his house, does some tit flashing in the garage, gives head until when deep inside her mouth with lips wrapped around his cock she takes his load and swallows every bit. Next while in the shower another blow job starts and moves to the bed where she takes a facial this time.

Positions: Oral

Scene 3 - Jana

Here's another two cum shot scene. He picks Jana up at her house and heads to the beach. Jana is not a knock out model, but has one of the better bodies and with her actions and sassy looks makes her kind of cute. While in the car, he pulls off to the side and gets some quick head where again lip locked around his cock, Jana too takes the load in her mouth and swallows it up. After the beach, back at his house another blow job and full load while his cock is inside her mouth. I guess she does get her filling for the day.

Positions: Oral

Scene 4 - Amy

Amy's scene is one of the few scenes you will see more that just giving head. Fully nude on her hands and knees while sucking him off, she gets a very good finger fucking that really gets her off quite well and at a few points she couldn't concentrate on blowing hin as she was finger fucked. A blonde with big tits, she takes the load all over her chest.

Positions: Oral

Scene 5 - Jaylyn

Here we find him picking up Rucca the girl from the first scene and her friend Jaylyn at the airport. Back at the room, they send Rucca off (thank goodness). They start in the shower and remain in the bathroom as she gives some fairly good head. Jaylyn, one of the sexier ones with great big melting eyes and with her mouth wide opens takes the pop shot right into her mouth with a smile.

Positions: Oral

Scene 6 - Kayla

Kayla has a nice booty, fake looking boobs, but large eraser type nipples, but not much in the face to look at. She arrives at his house were they pretty much get right into it. She works on sucking him off with not much excitement and opens her mouth real wide to take the his cum.

Positions: Oral

 Scene 7 - Brie

This scene starts right off with her nude, on her knees, stroking and sucking cock. Brie does give a nice sensual slow blow job, not like most of the other girls where they were just working to get him off. This scene had some of the better close ups and you can see Brie is enjoying it. This is one of only three scenes you will see a glimpse of pussy. She didn't take it in her mouth and it looked as if she didn't really want it that way, so a load was laid on her face.

Positions: Oral

Scene 8 - Chayse

Heading back from the beach, we get lots of pussy shots in the car as she masturbates. with fingers going inside. Chayse has semi puffy nipples and a cute face compared to most. Back at the house, as all the others, the blow job and another fully inside the mouth load of cum that you can tell in this one, she likes it. The scene ended with a cute line. When done blowing his load, he asked Chayse "What would you like to do now" her reply was "How about you eat my pussy"

Positions: Masturbation, Oral

Scene 9 - Roxy

Roxy's scene was not much to write home about. She has big brown nipples and braces. Guess every amateur movie needs a girl with braces. They start playing around on the bed as she gives him some average head and he rips a load all over her tits. That's about it.

Positions: Oral

Scene 10 - Jen

Not much to say about this scene it was only six minutes long. Jen starts off fully nude, gives a quick blow job. Takes a load on her boobies. The End.

Positions: Oral

Scene 11 - Rucca

Here we are blessed with another scene of Rucca, NOT. The same girl who did nothing for me that started the DVD off, ends it too. So boring, but wow, does she think she is hot, with her hairy bush he asked her to grow and her big tits. After sucking him, she takes the load with mouth wide ope and swallows it completely

Positions: Oral

Extras: None

Video and Audio: Yes this is amateur movie so to speak and should not be expected to be of the quality of Mainstream Adult Movies. But, come on, today's equipment you can buy for everyday Joe, is pretty top notch. I would guess from the quality of the picture and sound, this is some video cam the guy got for his birthday when he was a kid years ago.

Final Thoughts

The over all DVD was lame. Seeing the same guy in all eleven scenes got to be to much, especially being the jerk he was. If there were more better looking girls mixed up with different guys and at least a few scenes throw in some different sex than just blow jobs, well then maybe it would pass. But for all that it isn't, personally I would pass it by, which is what I had wished I done.


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